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PMG Chapter 592: Heroism

Chapter 592: Heroism
“Pfewww….” While Lin Feng was glancing around, some whistling sounds spread outwards in the air. 
Lin Feng raised his head and saw some jet-black lights in the sky, he was stupefied. 
That was a terrifying Qi, a terrifying killer Qi. When Lin Feng saw those black lights, he had the feeling that that Qi could influence people’s determination. 
Many people looked there, they were stupefied, that Qi was way too strong. 
“Coffins, those things are coffins.”
Those pitch-black things in the sky were becoming distinct in the field of vision of the crowd, people started shaking. That black cloud was actually composed of gigantic coffins…
“The Tian Sha Sect from the Black Wings Empire…” Many people narrowed their eyes and realized that those coffins looked like those of the Tian Sha Sect from Black Wings, coffins were the symbols of their sect. The Tian Sha Sect had arrived and other people from Black Wings would probably arrive sooner or later as well. 

“People from the Tian Sha Sect… Here you are again…” thought Lin Feng. Back then, in Celestial River, he had seen some, they wanted to steal the heavenly green dragon cauldron… They had traveled across a huge distance to go to Celestial River in Xue Yue. Those people traveled in coffins and their Qi was extremely evil. 
Those coffins were flying in the sky, abruptly stopped and then started landing.
“Boom boom boom!” Those coffins then brutally crashed onto the ground emitting loud sounds. The crowd looked in their direction, it seemed like death had fallen. 
“Xue Sha, why are you still hiding in there? Are you dead or alive?”
A voice spread in the distance. People raised their heads and saw a livid silhouette approach, that person moved over a kilometer with each step, in a flash, he arrived in the sky above the crowd.
“What a strange person" thought the crowd. That person seemed dead, the Qi of a dead tree was emanating out of him. 
Besides, he had just p.r.o.nounced a name… Xue Sha! 
It was the best disciple from Black Wings, Xue Sha! 
So that person was Ku Yao Tong, the Dead Tree! 
When people realized that, they looked at him and realized that they were right. He had black eyes and seemed dead. 
“Kacha!” A sound startled everybody. 
“Kacha, kacha!” Some coffins started opening themselves, the crowd gulped down while staring at those coffins. They were wondering what kind of person Xue Sha of the Tian Sha Sect was. 
“Boom boom boom!” Suddenly, the sound of a loud spread in the air and startling people to death, their hearts started pounding violently. A terrifying Qi rose up in the air, it was black. Finally, the Qi slowly dispersed and a young man appeared.
He looked quite handsome but in that handsomeness, there was something scarily animal, wild, murderous. 
His pupils looked terrifying, bloodshot. 
“Xua Sha from the Tian Sha Sect, Ku Yao Tong the dead tree.” 
Two people came out of the crowd made of Magnolia people. A young man and a young woman, that young man was carrying seven ancient swords, it was Qi Qing Jian Ling Xiao, and the girl was carrying an ancient zither, Liu Yu Qin Yu Xiao Xiao. 
They were outstanding and dazzling cultivators. 
When they saw Xue Sha and the dead true, they couldn’t help but move forwards. 
However, Jun Mo Xi remained indifferent and remained aside, he didn’t go and face those people. 
Whistling sounds kept spreading in the air and piercing through people’s eardrums, the sun was blotted out and there were only coffins in the sky, a sea of coffins. They were all emitting whistling sounds, other people from the Tian Sha Sect were following Xue Sha. 
Besides, behind those coffins, there was a huge crowd and an army of ferocious wild beasts, the Black Wings Empire had arrived in Mi Cheng.
There was Dragon Mountain, Magnolia and Black Wings, three empires had arrived and one was still absent, the Firmament Empire. 
“I heard that Di Ling has the firmament blood, he is extremely strong, n.o.body can stop him. This time, everybody expects him to be the winner. I wonder what he looks like.” Thought some people. Di Ling had the strength of the firmament blood, he had amazed everybody in the Firmament Empire. In other regions, everybody knew his name, he was extremely strong and powerful.
“There’s Ba Ga Yan Yu Mo as well. It is said that he is monstrously powerful, that he is the strongest one and probably will be the winner, we’re just waiting for those two.” 
Even though the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue hadn’t even started, everybody was already terribly excited.
They would finally have the opportunity to see the strongest people from the four great empires, especially those eight people who were authentic geniuses, their names were famous in every corner of the Xue Yu Region. Those eight people were going to be those in control of the region in the future, and would maybe even reign over the Continent of the Nine Clouds. Maybe their cultivation levels were going to increase drastically to become Zun cultivators. 
They would see find out who would have such a future.
Lin Feng was still there, he was glancing at the people on the stage and his eyes were twinkling.
Those people were real geniuses, Lin Feng felt heroic, high-spirited, he was going to battle against those people, why couldn’t he be there with them? Admired by everyone, applauded, he was down the fighting stage and n.o.body admired him, he was quiet, n.o.body knew him, and n.o.body wanted to kill him anymore at that moment. Lin Feng had to become stronger and walked further on the path of cultivation. 
However, Duan Wu Dao’s name was famous everywhere, he was one of those eight dazzling cultivators in the region of Xue Yu. When Lin Feng was still in Xue Yue, he had never realized that Duan Wu Dao had such an influence abroad. He had had to go out to realize that. 
Besides, at that moment, two horses ran into Mi Cheng through its gate. 
Those two horses were red like blood, on those horses, there were people in armors, they were wearing ancient bronze masks, they looked fierce and tough. 
“We arrived in Mi Cheng. I don’t know if Lin Feng came with the people from Dragon Mountain or not.” Said one of that person while looking at the crowd. They looked excited, they had needed one month to come to Mi Cheng by horse. They had been traveling days and nights, from Xue Yu to Mi Cheng, they had arrived at the perfect moment, the compet.i.tion could start anytime. 
“He must be there already.” Said the other after a while while glancing at the crowd from under the mask. 
“Here, at the moment, no matter if people are foreigners or local, they are all extremely strong. For us, in Xue Yue, people of the Ling Qi layer are very strong and those of the Xuan Qi layer are monstrously strong, but here the Ling Qi layer is considered as miserable, and there are tons of cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer. 
“Yes, Han Man, even though we’ve broken through to the Xuan Qi layer, we’re less than nothing here.” 
“Haha, Po Jun, that’s what I want to see. We will feel spirited next to those incredibly strong cultivator. I don’t how strong Lin Feng is now… He’s going to partic.i.p.ate to the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu so he must have broken through the middle of the Xuan Qi layer already…!” Said Han Man while smiling wholeheartedly. 
They had traveled across a monstrous distance to Mi Cheng. Liu Cang Lan had told them to come to see Lin Feng, at the same time, they would be able to see outside and explore the world. 
Liu Cang Lan had taught them how think by themselves, he had taught them how the world was and that they had to be open-minded, leaving was the only way to become much stronger.
If they stayed in Xue Yue forever and never left, if they never saw how vast the world was, if they didn’t authentically strong cultivators, they would never become stronger. 
“Let’s go, let’s find our fellow, Lin Feng.” 
“Eeeeya!” The two Chi Xie horses then galloped at full speed on the huge road of Mi Cheng. 

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