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PMG Chapter 589: The Humiliation

Chapter 589: The Humiliation

In the sky, the clouds were rolling because of the wind provoked by the flapping wings of the beasts.

From Dragon Mountain to Mi Cheng was a total of 224,000 kilometers, even on those beasts, they needed seven days to arrive.

Many people were sitting on the ferocious wild beasts, or standing and using pure Qi to protect themselves from the wind, while some didn’t need to do anything because their corporeal body was strong enough to resist the wind. 

Lin Feng looked at Xiao Ya and then put her behind him, so that the wind wouldn't affect her.

But n.o.body was feeling too bad, after all, they were all extremely strong and powerful, even though there was a strong wind in the sky, it couldn’t hurt them, besides, they also knew that Lin Feng’s body was extremely strong, he had drunk ten bottles of Hot Unit without any problem, so that violent wind couldn’t do anything to him. 

“Flap Flap!” The sounds of wings fapping and the wind were mixing. Lin Feng slowly turned his head and looked at a ferocious wild beast which was near him. He could recognize that person, the warlord Di Long. 

Di Long was looking at him in an evil way, with an evil smile.

Lin Feng looked at Di Long and smiled in a deep and meaningful way, Di Long couldn’t guess what Lin Feng meant.

“Lin Feng, you have an extremely strong corporeal body but your pure Qi doesn’t even have the strength of the Xuan Qi layer. If you didn’t have a ferocious wild beast, you wouldn’t be able to walk in the sky and would fall down and die, right?” Said Di Long with a smile yet not a smile on his face. It sounded like he was threatening him. 

Lin Feng looked at him with a resplendent smile and said: “Try and see.” 

“Try?” Di Long smiled in a cold way. Lin Feng was extremely brave, he was surprisingly telling him to try… 

“We’re in the middle of the crowd and we’re all going to Mi Cheng together… I cannot kill him but I can try and scare him a little…” Thought Di Long while glancing around. He felt like bursting into laughter. He thought Lin Feng was ridiculous.

When Lin Feng saw Di Long’s smile, he remained vigilant. 

“Flap flap!” A gigantic wind brushed away on Lin Feng’s body. The beast which Di Long was riding was streaking through the sky and moving towards Lin Feng at full speed, its claws were twinkling. 

If that beast got too close to Lin Feng and Xiao Ya, they would fall down and die.

“Get down!” Shouted Lin Feng at the black wind hawk which immediately moved down. Di Long’s beast just pa.s.sed above their heads, it had nearly made them fall down. 

“Huh? Some people are still fighting?” Thought the crowd surprised, they were getting excited to see a battle. 

Traveling in the air was so boring! A battle would entertain them, even if Ruo Lan Shan had told them not to fight, it was only between two people, and those watching weren’t doing anything wrong.

“Let’s play together.” Said Di Long, then his beast moved back and moved towards Lin Feng again. Even though the beast was flying in an acrobatic way, Di Long wasn’t moving at all on its back. 

“I have no time to play with you.” Said Lin Feng while smiling coldly. His resplendent smile had disappeared at that moment, his face was filled with coldness. 

“Eeeeyaaaaa!” The beast was about to arrive above Lin Feng’s hand, if Lin Feng dodged, he would fall down, which was Di Long’s goal.

“Even an animal dares cause troubles!” Lin Feng looked ice-cold and shouted: “a.s.shole!” 

Then, he used the strength of his soul to attack the beast which then emitted a sharp sound. 

Lin Feng had swallowed the Wu Zhen’s shaman spirit in the past, if he had taken it out, he would have been able to control the beast, but he instead used it to scare it. 

Lin Feng’s soul was so strong that when facing Xuan beasts of lower levels, he had no problem influencing them. 

“Get lost!” Lin Feng bombarded the atmosphere towards that beast which had no more determination to attack. 

“Boom!” Under that monstrous physical strength, the beast emitted a shout of agony and moved away. 

“Stupid animals dare provoke me?” Said Lin Feng coldly. Then Lin Feng’s black hawk moved backwards and grabbed that beast with its claws and threw it away. 

Di Long pulled a long face, his feet shook and he jumped off the back of the beast, then he started running in the sky. He looked extremely glum. He had wanted to humiliate Lin Feng and kill his beast and in the end that’s what was happening to him. He had no beast to sit on anymore…

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d!” Shouted Di Long furiously. He then stepped on his spear and used it to surf in the sky, but he started moving towards Lin Feng again.

“Xiao Ya, can you stand the wind or not?” Asked Lin Feng. 

“Bro, no problem.” Replied Xiao Ya. Lin Feng nodded and made a step forwards, he walked on the tail of the black hawk and stared at Di Long coming towards him. 

“Stop.” Shouted Lin Feng suddenly, the black hawk suddenly stopped in the air, and Di Long was arriving at full speed, in a flash he was in front of Lin Feng. 

He only saw Lin Feng make a step forwards, walk in the sky, and his fist bombard the atmosphere. Fist shadows suddenly appeared in the air. 

Di Long’s face changed drastically, he was moving too fast and he hadn’t thought Lin Feng could walk in the sky, in a flash, he would collide with Lin Feng, he condensed some pure Qi and his spear moved towards Lin Feng. 

“Get lost!” Shouted Lin Feng in an ice-cold way and his fist collided with the pure Qi spear which immediately broke apart and disappeared. Lin Feng’s fist was still moving forward, it was bombarding the atmosphere and it then crashed onto Di Long’s fist. A terrifying physical strength rushed forth making Di Long shake from head to toe, he had the feeling that his arm was broken. In a flash his body flew away like an unstrung kite. 

“Eeee….” Lin Feng’s beast was moved back and caught him in the air so Lin Feng landed back on its back and it then clapped its wings moving towards Di Long. 

“Boom boom boom!” The black hawk immediately hit Di Long with its claws and made him fall down. Then, the black hawk stopped following him, turned around and moved forwards. 


Di Long shouted furiously while falling down, he initially wanted to show how strong he was and in the end, he had ended up humiliated by Lin Feng and a beast, he had shown n.o.body how strong he was. 

He then tried to stabilized in the air, created a pure Qi spear and stepped on it. However, all the silhouettes had become small black dots in the air! 

He hurried up and finished condensing his pure Qi spear, then he tried to catch up with them, if he didn’t manage to catch up with them, when would he arrive in Mi Cheng…?

At that moment, Lin Feng was standing steadily on the black hawk and he looked amused, he then sat down and smiled in a resplendent way as if nothing had happened. 

The crowd was also looking at Lin Feng, they were amused, Lin Feng had managed to defeat Di Long who was extremely strong. Amusing. 

In the distance, Di Long was surfing in the sky, this time, he didn’t go and provoke Lin Feng, instead, he jumped on a ferocious wild beast on which there was someone from Dragon Mountain. 

He then looked at Lin Feng in an ice-cold way and said: “You will pay for that at the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu.” 

“You can only blame yourself.” Said Lin Feng in a despising way. Di Long pulled a long face, he could indeed only blame himself, he had wanted to humiliate Lin Feng but it hadn’t worked. 
“Don’t worry, at the compet.i.tion, I will give you an occasion but I can tell you that your trip to Mi Cheng is a one way trip, you will stay there forever.” Said Lin Feng in an ice-cold way while releasing some deadly energy. Everybody was stupefied, Lin Feng wanted to kill Di Long??? 

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