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Chapter 585: The Gift


Jun Mo Xi nodded at Lin Feng and said, “Miss Tang, prepare those hundred bottles but first put ten bottles on the table please, I also wanted to taste some.” 


“Alright.” said Tang You You nodding. She knocked on the table and said, “Ten more.” 


Immediately after, ten bottles appeared. Tang You You gave the first five to Lin Feng and the rest to Jun Mo Xi. She was surprised, she didn’t understand why Jun Mo Xi was so excited at that moment… 


“I will also try some!” thought Jun Mo Xi smiling. He raised one bottle while looking at Lin Feng and then downed it, just like Lin Feng! 


“Such a good drink makes you feel good!” said Lin Feng laughing. He then offered two bottles to Yun Fei Yang and downed a bottle too. The fire in his body kept burning and flowing at full speed. 


“Since you all feel that good, I will also have some fun.” said Yun Fei Yang smiling. He then took what Lin Feng had given to him. 


All the men were becoming rude, they were getting drunk together. 


Only Di Long looked glum. What was wrong with Tang You You and Jun Mo Xi?? Why were they as rude as those pieces of trash?


“I hope you won’t get dead drunk to the point where you cannot even stand up.” said Di Long coldly while looking at Lin Feng. Lin Feng glanced at him, his eyes were filled with flames. 


“Today, Miss Tang didn’t invite you to fight!” said Jun Mo Xi to Di Long in a firm and calm way. Di Long shut his mouth and turned red when he saw how discontent Jun Mo Xi was.


Jun Mo Xi was the first person in Dragon Mountain, without getting angry, he could scare anyone to death. 


His calmness and indifference were extremely scary and would oppress anyone. 


“Today, I invited all of you because you are the most outstanding disciples of our three countries. I want you to enjoy the alcohol and become stronger with it. Then, at the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu, you will all dazzle!” said Tang You You . She added, “Have some great alcohol!” In a flash, the tables moved and nine bottles appeared, nine bottles of the alcohol appeared in front of each person!  


Everybody was astonished, nine bottles were there. A set of nine bottles of liquor… Was Tang You You crazy? Or the Tang Clan?


People were staring at the alcohol with twinkling eyes, it seemed like the Tang Clan wanted everybody to be friends with them. 


After all, Tang You You wanted those outstanding cultivators to drink. Even though she didn’t have them buy the drinks, if they remembered her and the Tang Clan, they would feel grateful and wouldn’t forget the role the Tang Clan played in their success.


Lin Feng smiled slightly. The Tang Clan really knew how to do things, in his previous world, he would have never been able to afford such expenses. 


“Almost everybody has tried those liquors but an entire set of nine bottles will make your cultivation level drastically increase in favorable circ.u.mstances.” 


“I knew that those nine liquors, if used together, could make someone break through to the next cultivation layer. I hope that I, Cui Wu Ming, will be as lucky!” said Cui Wu Ming while putting the bottles away. Those nine bottles had to be drunk in favorable circ.u.mstances to make a cultivator break through to the next culti
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vation layer, so they were, of course, not going to drink them there…. in such a place, they would never break through to the next cultivation layer. 


They all looked impatient, Tang You You had invited them to offer them a gift… What a wonderful thing… 


Everybody put their set of bottles away, even Di Long, he stopped causing trouble and stopped looking furious. Those liquors would improve his cultivation, and cultivation was the most important thing for him in life.


He just needed to become stronger, fighting Lin Feng would happen sooner or later anyway. For example at the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu, fighting against him wouldn’t be a problem. He would even be able to kill him and make him pay for the humiliations from a moment before.


Lin Feng was smiling wryly while looking at those bottles.


Those nine bottles were indeed extremely useful, they could make cultivators break through to the next cultivation layer. 


Unfortunately, he already used those nine bottles once so now the effects wouldn’t have much effect on him. Therefore, he wouldn’t use them, but for the others they would be extremely useful.


Of course, he had obtained all those bottles and even if he didn’t need them, it was a great thing. He would be able to give them to someone else and help them increase their cultivation level. 


“I already used those bottles and those liquors are priceless… I can give them to my new little sister though, thus, everybody who is here will have obtained a set of liquors.” 


Jun Mo Xi moved his hands and in a flash, all the bottles which were in front of him appeared in front of Xiao Ya! Everybody was astonished!


n.o.body had expected that he would do such a thing. He was giving such a wonderful treasure to someone whom he had seen for the first time, he was such an incredible person. 


Lin Feng was astonished too, why was Jun Mo Xi so nice? He hadn’t only given him a hundred bottles but he was now giving Xiao Ya those nine bottles. 


“Thank you big brother!!!” said Xiao Ya sweet and innocently while smiling. Immediately after she glanced at Lin Feng and started drinking a bottle! Everybody was astonished.


What a naive and cute girl, surprisingly, she started to drink there…. 


“Brother? Since you’re calling me brother, I will give you another present!” said Jun Mo Xi while smiling. His eyes twinkled, his sleeve trembled as a jade appeared.


“It’s a small thing.” said Jun Mo Xi, that jade then landed in front of Xiao Ya, she was smiling in an innocent and naive way. She was so happy, she loved that world.


Xiao Ya looked at the jade and she was astonished again, it was a bit cold.


“A Pure Saving Jade!” Some people were astonished. That was a treasure, a real treasure… Jun Mo Xi had offered her a pure saving jade… 


Everybody wished they had such. A treasure…


A pure saving jade as the name indicated enabled a cultivator to save some pure Qi in a stone. And then during a battle, if they had no more pure Qi, they could use the pure Qi of that jade immediately, it was similar to a pure healing pill.


However, pure healing pills, after having been taken, were gone… Whereas pure saving jades could be used over and over again. In order to know how much pure Qi could be stocked in the jade, one had to look at its shape and characteristics.


“Hee hee!! I’m so happy, thank you!” said Xiao Ya while smiling. She immediately took the jade of a lace and put it around her neck as a necklace, it looked good on her.


Jun Mo Xi smiled and said,”Good, now it’s yours, I hope you will never lose it.” Then he looked at the crowd which made them shake, those who had bad thoughts immediately tried to think about something else. Jun Mo Xi, even though he wasn’t talking, was saying, using his eyes, that they better not touch the jade.


“Bro, how do I look?” asked Xiao Ya while looking at Lin Feng. 


Lin Feng smiled in a warm and gentle way while caressing her head and said, “You look beautiful, it’s perfect for you but now I want you to finish drinking the eight other bottles of alcohol…” Lin Feng was talking and pointing at the eight other bottles. 


“Aa…” Xiao Ya opened her mouth, she stared blankly. She just wanted to try, could she drink eight bottles?


“Aa what?? Hurry up and drink everything!” said Lin Feng. She had to use those liquors properly.
“Oh. Alright.” said Xiao Ya while nodding and immediately drank the eight other bottles, everybody was speechless, Xiao Ya was very lucky.

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