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Chapter 563: The Strong Young Man


Lin Feng glanced at the slim young man, his eyes were limp He looked like a wealthy aristocrat.


“It’s the sanguine soul gra.s.s you want.” said Li Hen when she heard the young man. She was still fixedly staring at Lin Feng.


“There are such rude people even here…” said Lin Feng in a low voice but the woman didn’t care. She moved towards Lin Feng at full speed.


“Give it to me!!!” demanded the woman while stretching her hand towards Lin Feng. In a flash, a strong wind emerged out of her soft and delicate hand which made Lin Feng’s clothes flutter.


“Hmph!” Lin Feng groaned coldly. He wouldn’t have thought that this woman would be so audacious. He shook his body and started his cosmos-burning sun skill. A scorching hot pure Qi sun fire started flowing in his hand which resisted the woman’s wind. 


“Get the h.e.l.l out of here!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. His sun fire was burning and emitting subtle sounds in the atmosphere. In a flash, Lin Feng and the woman’s hands collided causing a m.u.f.fled sound to spread in the air.


Lin Feng felt some moon energy emerge out of the woman’s hand while he was releasing his sun energy. When Li Hen sensed Lin Feng’s fire energy, she had the feeling her hand and arm were burning.


“Give me that sanguine soul gra.s.s!” said Li Hen while making a step forwards and releasing some terrifying moon energy. Lin Feng abruptly moved backwards to dodge but Li Hen didn’t move at all. 


“Go!” Shouted Lin Feng coldly. His pure Qi sun fire then spread in the atmosphere and moved towards Li Hen’s hand destroying her moon energy.


Li Hen just moved her hand and in a flash her sleeve got burnt by Lin Feng’s attack, on top of that, the scorching hot Qi penetrated into her arm and easily hurt her.


“How tenacious!” Thought Lin Feng stupefied. Li Hen looked extremely cold and tenacious. She didn’t look like she wanted to give up. 


Lin Feng looked at her in a colder and colder way. That sanguine soul gra.s.s had been so difficult to obtain and she wanted to steal it from him, he would never let her do that.


He condensed some scorching hot pure Qi sun fire, Lin Feng’s arm was surrounded by flames. In Lin Feng’s arm, under the fire, the black physical strength of the Herukas was flowing. Lin Feng condensed all that strength in his arm. 


At that moment, Li Hen moved again throwing herself at Lin Feng using the same moon attack, it seemed even stronger than before.


“Get lost!” Lin Feng made a step forwards and trampled on the floor, the entire palace was shaking. Each step he made caused the palace of the third area to vibrate. His arm was surrounded by energies. The pure Qi fire had some black lights twinkling in it. 


“Boom boom boom!” A rather loud m.u.f.fled sound spread in the air, with the strength of the Herukas and the terrifying pure Qi sun fire, Lin Feng could easily make a cultivator of the sixth Xuan Qi layer fly away. Li Hen’s body was violently shaking as she was projected backwards to her initial position. She still didn’t look resigned to give up though. Her arm was hanging loosely as if she were paralyzed. How could Lin Feng be so strong?


Lin Feng was staring at her in a calm and detached way. Energies were still flowing in his hands.


Customers of the third
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area were all interested and were all watching the battle. Lin Feng’s Qi belonged to the fourth Xuan Qi layer and Li Hen’s Qi belonged to the the sixth Xuan Qi layer. After the first punch, Li Hen had had the advantage, but then after the second attack, Lin Feng had taken over the battle. Lin Feng, who was of the fourth Xuan Qi layer, had surprisingly managed to bombard Li Hen and make her move back. 


Li Hen still looked at Lin Feng in a cold way she didn’t want to give up. She wanted to keep fighting.


“Li Hen, that’s enough!” At that moment, the n.o.ble looking young man was shouting, Li Hen’s Qi then weakened.


The n.o.ble looking young man walked next to Li Hen and slightly nodded at Lin Feng, “I’m very sorry, my little sister is irritable because I really need some sanguine soul gra.s.s Don’t be mad at her.”


Lin Feng remained silent, that young man really looked elegant and educated. 


“Your Excellency, you are quite strong. I know all the geniuses of Celestial Dragon, you are not from here, are you? You’re probably from Xue Yue, right?” said the n.o.ble looking young man while smiling. Surprisingly, he had immediately guessed that Lin Feng was from Xue Yue.


It seemed like he had done some research, there were so many geniuses in Celestial Dragon, it was impossible for him to know all of them… How could he know that Lin Feng wasn’t from that city?


“Indeed, I am from Xue Yue.” said Lin Feng while nodding.


“Are you Lin Feng from Xue Yue?” asked the n.o.ble looking young man. Lin Feng was astonished, how strange, he wouldn’t have thought that that person would know his name! 


“Indeed, I am Lin Feng.”


“As expected, I’ve heard about you. You’ve defeated two geniuses of Celestial Dragon already.” said the n.o.ble looking young man while smiling. He added, “An exchange of blows might lead to friendship, for example today, we met because my sister was rude to you. Please forgive her. We will meet again soon. It was fate that made us meet today.” said the young man, he then turned around and looked at Li Hen, “Let’s go now.”


Li Hen lowered her head and said, “Alright.”


Li Hen and the young man left together. Lin Feng looked at them and felt strange. Were they really siblings? Li Hen was so aggressive and brutal, and masculine but the young man looked delicate and educated. They didn’t look like siblings. Actually, that girl gave Lin Feng the impression that she was his servant! 


If that girl of the sixth Xuan Qi layer was his servant, then how strong was that young man and what was his social status?


Lin Feng turned around and looked at the old man. The old man was looking at him with a resplendent smile on his face.


“Not bad. You’ve only broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer and you can defeat cultivators of the sixth Xuan Qi layer, you’re extremely strong.”


Lin Feng ignored the old man’s praise and asked, “Mister, aren’t there rules here? Why didn’t anyone come to intervene? Why did she attack me and n.o.body said anything?” 


“Young man, you have to understand that rules can be violated sometimes. You saw how strong that girl is… And that young man, can you guess his cultivation level?” asked the old man smiling.


Lin Feng shook his head and said, “No idea.” 


“He’s doing the same as you, he’s also hiding his real cultivation level. But when you see people’s vigor and vitality, you can guess how strong people are. Therefore, the first time I saw you, I didn’t believe that you had only broken through to the first Xuan Qi layer… That young man is full of vitality and vigor, from head to foot, his cultivation level is even higher than mine…” explained the old man while shaking his head and smiling. He looked a bit sad too as if he thought he was too old. That young man had already surpa.s.sed him…


Lin Feng was surprised, higher than that of the old man?


Lin Feng had looked at the old man’s cultivation level, he had broken through to the seventh Xuan Qi layer, which already counted as the top of the Xuan Qi layer… But that young man was stronger than him.. 


He probably had a high status in Celestial Dragon, that was why n.o.body had prevented the battle from happening. Such people could break the rules. 


“Mister, thank you for telling me these things.” said Lin Feng politely. He didn’t continue to ask questions. Lin Feng couldn’t buy the things in that area anyway, unless an exchange with his nine suns gra.s.s was possible. 


But he could also keep nine suns gra.s.s for himself, it may become useful. 


When Lin Feng left the Palace of the Cosmic Market, it was dark outside. With the lights inside of the palace, Lin Feng hadn’t guessed that it would be so late.


But even though it was already dark, the market was still animated, there were so many people.


Lin Feng had already obtained what he needed so he didn’t need to stay there, that was already great. He started leaving and after a short time, he had left the market.
But a short time after he left the market, Lin Feng had the feeling that he was being followed and he didn’t like that feeling. 

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