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Chapter 558: The Stand At the Market

The Cosmic Market was filled with people as it was bustling and lively. It was like this everyday. People who had great things could simply come and sell their things if they wished.

Therefore, there were many goods there. Lin Feng spent a few hours circling around, apart from celestial magic fungus and sanguine soul gra.s.s which were the main ingredients of the divine water pills, Lin Feng needed some other things which were not difficult to find. He could also subst.i.tute those ingredients with other things anyways, they weren’t the problem. 

However, if he didn’t find the two main ingredients, even he found the rest, he wouldn’t be able to concoct the divine water pills. 

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the color of the sky, the sunlight was gradually was gradually becoming less intense. The setting sun in the west was already orange. If Lin Feng didn’t find the two ingredients, his day would be wasted.

Lin Feng glanced around him and saw that someone was leaving a stand leaving an open s.p.a.ce for another seller. In a flash, Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled, he looked pensive.

A short moment after, Lin Feng smiled indifferently.

His silhouette flickered and he landed on that open s.p.a.ce. He shook his hand and a few clothes appeared in front of him.

“Crrr.. Crrr..” He tore those clothes apart and sat down cross-legged on them. After that, he shook his body again and in front of him appeared some medicinal gra.s.s, a white light was twinkling around those specks of gra.s.s, it contained some extremely pure sun Qi. 

Then Lin Feng put that gra.s.s on some other pieces of torn clothes. 

“Huh?” At that moment, some people sensed the extremely pure Qi of the gra.s.s Lin Feng had just put in front of him which drew their attention. They were stupefied.

“What a pure sun Qi! If I could eat it, it would be great for my cultivation!” thought people. They looked extremely greedy. 

When they saw how young Lin Feng was, they looked even greedier.

Lin Feng seemingly didn’t notice that people were staring at him in a strange way. He had his eyes closed and was sitting cross-legged. Surprisingly, Lin Feng had closed his eyes and was looking calm and relaxed.

“That guy…” Many people had sharp lights twinkling in their eyes. Some of them even used their celestial eyes to see Lin Feng’s cultivation level. Lin Feng, even though his eyes were closed, could distinctly perceive that people were inspecting his cultivation level because it made his soul shake. 

People liked precious goods. What Lin Feng had put in front of him were some specks of nine suns gra.s.s… it was extremely valuable, obviously, it drew people’s attention. 

“Nine suns gra.s.s, this is nine suns gra.s.s!” People stopped not far from him, even though there were many things on the market, such precious goods as nine suns gra.s.s were rarely displayed outside on the ground on the open air market! 

“He has only broken through to the first Xuan Qi layer?!” Thought some people who had just inspected his cultivation level, they were stupefied. Lin Feng was courageous, he had only broken through to the first Xuan Qi layer and dared put nine suns gra.s.s in front of him and on top of that closed his eyes! Wasn’t he scared that people could come and steal them? 

But at that moment, n.o.body tried to steal those specks of gra.s.s. Even if Lin Feng was stupid and was doing such a thing, everybody was well aware that the first one to steal it wouldn’t necessarily be the winner, they might not be able to keep it for a long time. If they stole it, other people could steal them too. 

But at that moment, a long-bearded man who was holding a stand next to Lin Feng moved towards him and crouched down. He smiled at Lin Feng and said, “Young man, this is my s.p.a.ce.” 

“Your s.p.a.ce?” said Lin Feng while opening his eyes and looking at the middle-aged man with the long beard. It was a free market, once someone had left a s.p.a.ce others could take it freely but at that moment, this long-bearded man was telling Lin Feng that it was his. 

“Indeed, it is mine. You are sitting on my s.p.a.ce. But I can leave it to you in exchange for your specks of gra.s.s.” said the middle-aged man. Lin Feng looked at him in a strange way. That market didn’t have allocated s.p.a.ces, people could choose an open s.p.a.ce as they wished.

It was free before Lin Feng arrived… But since Lin Feng had taken out those specks of nine suns gra.s.s, some people were trying to find excuses to get them. 

“Well, shouldn’t I give you your s.p.a.ce back then?” said Lin Feng while smiling coldly.

“No need, I can lend it to you. I don’t even want you to pay me, that nine suns gra.s.s will be enough.” said the middle-aged man with the long beard. He looked extremely greedy. 

He wanted to get that nine suns gra.s.s.

“Is that so?” asked Lin Feng while smiling coldly, “I’m sorry, I am keeping it and I will not give it to you.” 

“You have no choice, since you’re using my s.p.a.ce, you must give it to me!” demanded the middle-aged man while leaning forwards, getting ready to pick up the specks of gra.s.s. He was looking at Lin Feng aggressively. 

Lin Feng had only broken through to the first Xuan Qi layer, nothing more, wasn’t it a waste for such a person to possess nine suns gra.s.s? 

The crowd looked at Lin Feng in a mocking way, they were interested, there was finally someone who couldn’t control himself anymore! 

Indeed, Lin Feng had only broken through to the first Xuan Qi layer, he didn’t deserve to have such a precious item. He surely wasn’t able to protect it. 

“I must give it to you? What if I don’t?” asked Lin Feng. 

“If you don’t, I will take it myself.” said the man while smiling coldly. He made a step forwards and looked at Lin Feng who remained calm and unperturbed. The man couldn’t help but grin. 

“Come and take it then.”

The middle-aged man then stretched his hand and was about to to grab the gra.s.s in front of Lin Feng. In a flash, a monstrously powerful Qi emerged and many people around were suddenly oppressed, including the man’s arm. 

“Get lost!” the middle-aged man then used his other arm to try and punch Lin Feng, he was trying to prevent Lin Feng from blocking him. 

Lin Feng looked at him in an coldly as a light emerged.


“Ahhhhh…..!” Immediately, a sound spread in the air and the man gave a horrible shriek. Both his arms were hanging loose in the air, the bones and muscles of his arms were completely crushed. Someone had raised him into the air, Lin Feng was holding him by the clothes at his back. 

“Huh? What’s going on?” Many people’s pupils shrank. Some hadn’t even seen clearly what Lin Feng had just done. They only saw the middle-aged man try to punch Lin Feng and in a flash, he had given a horrible shriek. 

“With such a pathetic strength you think you can steal other people’s treasures? Try to use your brain to think intelligently.” 

Lin Feng shook his hand and a sound spread in the air. Lin Feng threw the middle-aged man away in the air. How miserable.

The gra.s.s was still in front of Lin Feng, it hadn’t moved.

“I advise to everybody not to try to steal my nine suns gra.s.s again, I will not be that indulgent next time.” threatened Lin Feng coldly. Immediately after, his Qi dispersed and he said again, “If someone wants the nine suns gra.s.s, they must exchange it with something. I want to exchange it for celestial magic fungus or sanguine soul gra.s.s.” 

“Celestial magic fungus or sanguine soul gra.s.s!” People were stupefied. Lin Feng wanted to exchange that gra.s.s against other precious treasures. Besides, it seemed like Lin Feng was hiding his real strength, he had been able to throw away that man in one attack. 

“No matter if it is nine suns gra.s.s, celestial magic fungus or sanguine soul gra.s.s, they are all extremely precious. However, if used independently, nine suns gra.s.s is the thing that has the most advantages for one’s cultivation. Therefore, he would still be losing something in such a transaction.” 

Many people were thinking about that, but in any case, they didn’t have any of the things Lin Feng wanted. After realizing that, they remembered they didn’t have those things so they wouldn’t be able to obtain the nine suns gra.s.s.

However, the news that Lin Feng had some nine suns gra.s.s spread quickly in the market. More and more people knew about it which was precisely Lin Feng’s goal. If someone needed nine suns gra.s.s, they could exchange it for sanguine soul gra.s.s or celestial magic fungus. 

There were so many people in the market still, someone would inevitably have some of those things… 

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