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Chapter 555: No Difference!

“Boom boom boom!” The bear paw collided with the wild and brutal hand. A cloud of dust arose from Hei Sha’s hand (Note: Hei Sha means “black sand/black dust which is why dust is arising from his hand). He sensed a monstrous physical strength invade his hands and arms as well as the rest of his body. 

“Die!” Shouted Hei Sha. Surprisingly, some dust, as sharp as a blade, emerged out of his mouth and moved towards Wu Qing. 

“Roaaarrr!” Wu Qing roared like a ferocious wild beast and opened his gigantic mouth. He looked particularly hideous at that moment, like a lion in a frenzy. His roar also sounded like that of a lion. Even his face had a strong resemblance to a real lion. 

As Wu Qing roared, his voice made the sharp dust disperse. He then raised his gigantic paw and attacked Hei Sha again. Hei Sha turned into a light beam and moved backwards while groaning. 

“Tap tap tap….” On Hei Sha’s beam of retreat was a mark, from that mark, one could tell that he had been struck by a terrifying physical strength.

Everybody was astonished while staring at Wu Qing. Wu Qing had a clear advantage over his opponent, he had even managed to make Hei Sha move back. 

Lin Feng was staring at Wu Qing, what was that strength? Why did he have a bear paw and a lion face? 

Was Wu Qing’s spirit a bear spirit or a lion spirit?

Those who knew Wu Qing weren’t surprised. He was the third high-official of Xue Yue, he was extremely strong, people from Dragon Mountain couldn’t humiliate him as they wished.

“People from Dragon Mountain humiliate us but I really don’t know what makes them think they can,” said Wu Qing while staring at Hei Sha move back. Then, Wu Qing moved back to his original position as if nothing had ever happened. 

Hei Sha looked deathly pale and glum. He had lost. 

A moment before, he had acted in a very arrogant way but now he was defeated by a cultivator from Xue Yue, how humiliating. 

“Hei Sha, you need to go back and practice more,” said Qin Chuan at that moment. Hei Sha had been defeated. He had lost face not only for himself but for everyone from Dragon Mountain. They had come thinking they would be able to humiliate the cultivators from Xue Yue but in the end Hei Sha had lost, he hadn’t managed to humiliate anyone, instead, he had been humiliated himself. Hei Sha had been hit which forced him to retreat. His entire body was shaking and twitching, the humiliation was hard to digest for him. 

“Qin Chuan, did you want to compare your strength with Lin Feng’s? If you want to fight, you can fight now and see how strong the one who defeated Yuan Tong is,” said someone to Qin Chuan. Everybody turned their heads and looked at Lin Feng.

“Indeed,” said Qin Chuan while nodding. He looked at Lin Feng in a provocative way and said, “Lin Feng, will you dare to measure your strength with mine?”

“It’s a stupid reason, I’m not interested, you all came here for that?” said Lin Feng indifferently. They were all astonished, what did Lin Feng mean.

Lin Feng had a cold grin on his face and said slowly, “You came from so far to gather here, not to defeat us or learn from us, but to prove how strong you were, am I right? 

“I’m sorry to disappoint you but I’m not interested in measuring my strength with you guys.” 

Qin Chuan wanted to use Lin Feng to show others how strong he, Qin Chuan, was but Lin Feng didn’t feel like playing with him. 

Lin Feng turned around, jumped up into the air and started to leave. He didn’t pay attention to those people anymore. 

A genius?

Did geniuses need to do such things as to prove to others how strong they were? Authentic geniuses would do their best at the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu and everyone would naturally see how strong they were. 

These pointless spars were only meant to prove to others and to themselves how strong the cultivators from Dragon Mountain were, and to make them feel superior.

Besides, Hei Sha hadn’t even won against Wu Qing, so they wanted to fight against Lin Feng even more. They wanted to defeat Lin Feng to regain face, especially Qin Chuan. 

They looked at Lin Feng and they were stupefied, Lin Feng wasn’t going to fight?

Lin Feng had surprisingly refused. 

Qin Chuan looked at him coldly, he had come all this way to Xue Yue’s cultivators’ residence, he had to fight against Lin Feng, he wouldn’t let him go. 

When Qin Chuan thought about it, he immediately jumped into the air and began to chase after Lin Feng. 

At the same time, he released an ice-cold energy which enveloped Lin Feng’s body. 

“Whether you want to fight or not, isn’t up to you!” said Qin Chuan aggressively. A strong wind appeared around him, he was staring at Lin Feng while releasing some battle energy which surrounded Lin Feng’s body. 

Pure Qi, then, began flowing in his body, even if Lin Feng didn’t want to fight, Qin Chuan would force him to. 

Ice-cold lights were twinkling in Lin Feng’s pupils, after a while, he stopped, abruptly turned around and glared at Qin Chuan which made him shiver. Lin Feng’s pupils looked terrifying. 

“Four-thousand rotations of Heruka’s strength!” thought Lin Feng. A jet-black liquid started flowing in the veins of his arm, it was the terrifying strength of the Herukas and it was condensing in his fist. Lin Feng’s fist then bombarded the atmosphere towards Qin Chuan. 

It was creating strong winds all around and it was lacerating the atmosphere. It seemed like s.p.a.ce and time were being crushed. 

Qin Chuan looked stupefied. He hadn’t thought that Lin Feng would suddenly attack. He had no time to react. 

A terrifying wind was blowing in his face. Qin Chuan moved back at full speed, he was trying to dodge, because he had a feeling that if Lin Feng’s fist were to reach him, it would definitely be able to injure him. 

“Wind!” shouted Lin Feng closely following Qin Chuan. His terrifying fist filled with the strength of the Herukas was putting too much pressure on Qin Chuan and the strong wind was making his hair flutter. 

“Get lost!” shouted Qin Chuan while releasing some pure Qi. Lin Feng was fighting now, was there a difference between them? Lin Feng’s strength and speed were astonishing. 

“Destroy.” Qin Chuan raised his hand trying to block Lin Feng with his pure Qi. He could see Lin Feng’s ice-cold facial expression which meant he wasn’t going to give up. Lin Feng seemed to have the advantage at that moment and Qin Chuan didn’t have time to react. 

Qin Chuan’s pure Qi was whistling, he was fixedly staring at Lin Feng. 

“Nine scorching suns!” shouted Lin Feng loudly. A gigantic dazzling sun appeared in Lin Feng’s left hand and bombarded the atmosphere. His speed was unimaginable. Lin Feng had only one goal at that moment, he didn’t want to give Qin Chuan any opportunity to attack. 
The crowd was astonished while looking at those two fighters. They were monstrously fast. The spectators had the impression that they were hallucinating. However, it became clear that Lin Feng wasn’t going to give Qin Chuan any chances!

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