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Chapter 547: What Do You Want To Do?

The second elder and Huo Yun were afraid of infuriating Yuan Tong so they wanted to deliver Lin Feng to the Yuan Clan. 

“Father…” said Huo Shi Yun with hope in her eyes. She hoped that her father wouldn’t agree with the second elder and Huo Yun. They were shameless.

“Shi Yun, don’t say anything.” Said Lin Feng suddenly. He was smiling coldly. Deliver him to the Yuan Clan?

How ridiculous, way too ridiculous! 

Lin Feng turned around and looked at Huo Yun and the second elder. He looked extremely fierce and tough, “Which of you is strong enough to capture me?” 

Lin Feng then made a step forwards and released some ice-cold Qi, it was piercingly cold.

Huo Yun started shaking and asked Lin Feng, “What are you doing?” 

“What am I doing?” 

Lin Feng smiled coldly and said, “I am not the slave of your clan, I helped you kill your enemies and now you want to capture me and deliver me to the Yuan Clan, so what should I do?”

Huo Yun was stepping backwards and staring at Lin Feng while remaining vigilant. 

“Slap!” Lin Feng immediately slapped her face which projected her body backwards. She nearly fell down on the ground with the mark of Lin Feng’s hand on her face.

Lin Feng didn’t want to hit a woman but that one was too shameless, she made Lin Feng feel sick.

“You dare hit me?!” shouted Huo Yun furiously while touching her cheek. 

“Slap!” Lin Feng slapped her face again which made her fall down on the ground. 

Blood splashed out of her mouth. Her cheek felt like it was burning. She raised her head and looked at Lin Feng who was standing in front of her. He wasn’t even looking at her.

“If you dare say anything again, I will kill you. I’m sick of hearing your voice.” said Lin Feng while releasing some deadly energy which surrounded her body. She had the feeling she was suffocating, she was shaking from head to foot. She was about to say something but just gulped down in the end. 

Lin Feng wasn’t a member of the Huo Clan, he would definitely kill her. He had killed people from the Yuan Clan and would also kill them if they offended him. 

The crowd was blankly staring at Huo Yun on the ground and Lin Feng standing in front of them. 

The young man who Lin Feng had just saved didn’t regard Lin Feng as an enemy. Lin Feng was right to slap her, she was disgusting. 

Lin Feng had saved the Huo Clan and she wanted to hand him over to the Yuan Clan, was she really a member of the Huo Clan? Everybody could see that she was just thinking about herself and wanted to save her own life. Lin Feng had been right to slap her twice, everyone hoped that it was painful. 

At that moment, the second elder arrived in front of Lin Feng and looked at him in a furious way. He then released some fire energy which contained some deadly energy.

“You want to die.” said the second elder in an evil way. 

“I want to die?” said Lin Feng in an ice-cold way. He made a step and didn’t say anything else, with such people, Lin Feng didn’t feel like talking. 

“Boom!” A terrifying fire appeared in Lin Feng’s hand and immediately moved towards the second elder. Lin Feng’s fire also contained some deadly energy. Lin Feng had immediately attacked without hesitation.

The second elder started his nine suns skill. His hand shook, and suddenly, what looked like the sun appeared in his hand. 

“How could he resist my cosmos-burning sun with his nine suns skill…?” thought Lin Feng. The nine suns skill was based on flame energy whereas Lin Feng’s cosmos-burning sun took its source from the real sun. It had a monstrous explosive power.

“Boom boom boom!” The two hands collided and flames exploded. Lin Feng was moved back five steps while the second elder only moved back of two steps.

“There is a huge different between my level and yours. You want to die so I will help you, I will then deliver your corpse to the Yuan Clan, that will suffice as well.” said the second elder in a cold and detached way. He moved both his hands and at that moment, five suns appeared in his hands. He abruptly raised them and those suns moved towards Lin Feng bombarding the atmosphere.

“Destroy.” said Lin Feng in an ice-cold way. The sun shone upon his body and he released an incredible and terrifying fire. 

“Go.” Lin Feng’s terrifying flames flew in the air and collided with the five suns.

The atmosphere was filled with flames, it was scorching hot. The temperature kept increasing. 

“Seven suns!” shouted the second elder furiously. He released seven dazzling suns around which were embers floating. 

“Eight suns!” shouted the second elder who looked exhausted and another sun appeared, it then swallowed the seven other suns. It was dazzling to the eyes.

“You hid your strength, so what? Now you will die!” said the second elder in an ice-cold way. Qi kept flowing around his body. It was astonishing. 

Unfortunately, that young man had come to help the Huo Clan but he would have to die there, what a pity. 

But the second elder was really terrifying. 

Many people were sighing with emotion, when they saw that the second elder’s attacks were becoming more and more powerful.They pitied Lin Feng for he wouldn’t be able to block them. The nine suns skills was extremely powerful, releasing eight suns was already terrifying, but nine was even worse. 

The second elder wanted to kill Lin Feng so he was going to release the full nine suns. 

“Lin Feng!” Huo Shi Yun was shaking. If the second elder released the nine suns, the attack would reach its peak, it had an explosive power. Although Lin Feng was strong her uncle was also powerful, he wouldn’t be able to block nine suns… He would die.

Huo Shi Yun threw herself at Lin Feng and moved in front of him. Everybody was astonished. 

“Shi Yun, move away!” Lin Feng grabbed her and threw her away into the distance. At the same time, he released some flames of killer energy which started burning in his hand.

“I forgot to tell you that I was just playing with him a moment ago!” said Lin Feng when saw that Huo Shi Yun was worried about him and wanted to protect him. She shivered when she heard him, then she looked at Lin Feng’s hand, he was bombarding the atmosphere with his sun Qi. 

In Lin Feng’s hand, a pure Qi sword slowly condensed, it was a scorching hot sword.

The sun was shining upon Lin Feng’s pure Qi sword, it seemed like the sun was condensing in it. People’s hearts were pounding. 

Playing? Lin Feng was playing with the second elder? What else could he do? Did he know stronger attacks?

“Oh yes, your nine suns skill is very powerful!” said Lin Feng sarcastically while smiling coldly. His cosmos-burning sun skill was a sun skill, it was really like the sun. It could destroy any moon skill and perhaps any other skill. 

The nine suns skill was a fire skill, it had nothing to do with the cosmos-burning skill. 

“Hmph.” The second elder looked worried and groaned coldly. He moved his entire body and a terrifying fire rose up. It was dazzling, the crowd could barely open their eyes. 

A ninth sun appeared and swallowed the eight other suns, it seemed like the entire area was illuminated by that attack.

Lin Feng looked cold and detached while staring at that nine suns skill. His pure Qi sword was becoming sharper and sharper, a sun appeared on it suddenly, it became a sun sword.

It was filled with a terrifying determination, it seemed like it could burn anything. 

“Nine suns, kill!” Shouted the second elder furiously. His gigantic sun then moved towards Lin Feng at full speed. 

Lin Feng arrived next to the second elder and raised his hand with his great radiant sword.

His great radiant sword was a sun sword, it was as dazzling as the sun if not more, it then collided with the nine suns.

“Crrrr… Crrrr…” That terrifying sword was filled with determination and with the strength of the sun, the nine suns immediately got lacerated as the second elder looked desperate and terrified. 

That sword contained the strength of the real sun. 

A horrible shriek spread in the air and blood splashed. the crowd opened their eyes and saw the second elder’s body fly away. His two arms had been cut off. Lin Feng hadn’t killed him, he had cut off his two arms. 

Lin Feng made another step and arrived in front of the second elder. He put his his foot on his chest. Lin Feng wasn’t looking at him, he despised him. 

“Second elder, you used your celestial eyes to inspect my cultivation level, when I did the same to you, you felt humiliated because you thought that you were a great and amazing cultivator. Now, I want to ask you, what are you in front of me? Nothing.” said Lin Feng in an ice-cold way. Everybody was astonished. 

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