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Chapter 536: Breakthrough


Lan Jiao saw Lin Feng’s eyes twinkle and understood that he had something in mind, he wasn’t a prisoner of his personal feelings, he had a plan but he just wasn’t telling her what he intended to do.


She was from Dragon Mountain, she had seen and heard a lot about the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu and how cruel it was, she knew that a human life there was considered as nothing. n.o.body cared about others’ lives, especially about the lives of those whose cultivation level wasn’t high enough. n.o.body would care about them if they died. People would let their body rot away from home.


“Where do you want to go now? I know the city relatively well, I can show you some other places, just tell me what you want to do,” said Lan Jiao while looking at Lin Feng.


Lin Feng looked pensive for a while and then said, “Just wait for a short while, I first want to try and drink those bottles to improve my cultivation, and then we can go and walk around again.”


“Alright, no problem, let’s go, I’ll stay with you,” said Lan Jiao while nodding. 


All the cultivators who had come from Xue Yue had only spent a short moment in the Virtuous Dragon Residence and had then gone for a walk in Celestial Dragon. It wasn’t easy to leave one’s country, so they couldn’t miss the opportunity. 


In the Virtuous Dragon Residence, the atmosphere was particularly calm. Lin Feng arrived in the courtyard where he had chosen to stay. He walked through a long corridor and arrived inside of the courtyard. He immediately took out the nine bottles. 


Those nine bottles contained nine different sorts of liquor.


“What is the difference between all those bottles?” Lin Feng asked Lan Jiao. 


“You already tried the soul spring liquor, how did it feel?” asked Lan Jiao.


“I still haven’t used it,” said Lin Feng while shaking his head.


“You swallowed it and prevented it from flowing by using your pure Qi?” asked Lan Jiao. 


Lin Feng nodded, “Since it’s a fine liquor, it wouldn’t have been appropriate to use it a moment ago.”


“You planned everything, you’re good. Now you can let it flow and you will see.”


Lin Feng nodded and let the alcohol flow. His pure Qi moved and in a flash, the alcohol started flowing through his body. 


In the blink of an eye, Lin Feng had the feeling that he could sense his soul in a much more distinct way than usual, it seemed like his vitality was also particularly acute.


“Practicing in such circ.u.mstances will inevitably be very favorable,” thought Lin Feng. He was stupefied, that soul spring liquor was purifying his soul and consciousness. Everything became very clear. The effects were similar to those of his celestial spirit when he released it.


“How comfortable! My vitality and my soul feel so pleasant,” said Lin Feng to Lan Jiao. 


Lan Jiao nodded and said, “Indeed, those nine sorts of alcohol all have different effects but are very useful. That soul spring liquor can purify your soul and make you perceive everything more distinctly, besides, it also improves the speed at which you can swallow the Qi of the earth and the sky as well as the speed at which you can make it rotate. There are also some liquors which can help you increase your cultivation level or increase your vitality, in short, those liquors are extremely valuable and can help a cultivator break through to another cultivation layer.” 


Lin Feng’s eyes were twinkling. The alcohol of the fifth floor of the Celestial Palace Restaurant, the Hot Unit liquor, had extremely powerful effects, he had already understood why that alcohol was extremely powerful. All those liquors were incredibly efficient. Besides, combining them together could help a cultivator break through to the next cultivation layer, that set of liquor was definitely a treasure.


People of Celestial Dragon, except for the first time when they went to it, had to pay extremely high prices to get the liquor of the eighth floor, only the first time was free. Lin Feng was also guessing that making those liquors wasn’t easy, so the price was understandable.


However, Tang You You had immediately handed over those nine bottles without batting an eye, she was extremely decisive and persistent. 


Lin Feng sat down cross-legged and drank all those liquors. He drank all of them like water, if other people had seen him, they would have been extremely angry and thought that he was wasting those treasures because he hadn’t savored them. He had immediately downed them in one gulp. 


When those nine liquors mixed together in his stomach, Lin Feng shook his hand and in a flash, he was surrounded by purity stones.


“Crrrr…..” Lin Feng gnashed his teeth and felt as if his internal organs and blood were boiling. His blood, his pure Qi, physical strength and his strength of the Herukas all started boiling and rolling in his body. 


It was very painful, after having swallowed the soul spring liquor, he could perceive everything much more clearly but it was extremely painful as if his body had been about to break apart. 


His blood vessels dilated and his bones started undergoing various modifications. Every single part of his body was changing, his blood was burning, but that pain didn’t make Lin Feng feel like giving up, it didn’t make Lin Feng lose his vigor either, it was stimulating all his senses. He could sense each part of his body, everything felt more real than ever.


A terrifying fire started burning on Lin Feng’s body, it was his Cosmos-Burning Sun skill. The purity stones around him began to move towards Lin Feng’s body at full speed and penetrated into it. 


Lin Feng forgot about the pain and immediately started practicing cultivation. 


Lan Jiao was next to him, silently looking at Lin Feng practice. At that moment, she felt extremely hot, the ambient temperature abruptly rose, it was all because of Lin Feng’s practice. 


She put her hand on her forehead to protect her eyes from the sunlight and then raised her head to look at it. The sunlight was shining upon Lin Feng’s body and it was particularly dazzling, she then followed those rays of sunlight with her eyes and saw that they were all aiming at Lin Feng’s body, incredibly, there was a sun pattern on Lin Feng’s body, Lan Jiao was stupefied! 


“He’s attracting the strength of the sun…” Lan Jiao was astonished. Lin Feng was practicing a skill which could attract the strength of the sun and was able to use it. The sun pattern on his body started burning in an insane way, it looked like a little sun, that little sun and the real sun enhanced each other’s beauty.


“Sun skill…” Lan Jiao’s face suddenly looked magnificent, that was an authentic sun skill.


Those who practiced sun skills could swallow sunlight and use its strength. 


Similarly, those who practiced moon skills could also attract moonlight and use its strength.


Sun and moon skills were extremely valuable skills, since their efficiency increased as the cultivator’s cultivation level increased.


Lin Feng was practicing precisely such a skill, besides, it seemed like the strength he was borrowing from the sun wasn’t that strong, maybe his sun skill still hadn’t reached its peak. 


Terrifying flames were burning all around Lin Feng’s body. Lin Feng’s heart and soul were making that strength flow in his body at full speed but soon, those flames started to grow weaker and weaker, Lin Feng felt extremely good. 


Pure Qi was flowing faster and faster in his veins. His formidable strength of the Heruka began rotating with increased speed. Lin Feng felt full of vitality and vigor. He could sense everything clearly, it was very pleasant.


The pure Qi of the earth and the sky from the purity stones kept moving into his body and revolving. Around Lin Feng’s body appeared a resplendent light, at the same time, the pure Qi, which was in the atmosphere, started moving into his body and into the small flames around him. 


After practicing that skill for a long time he moaned with pleasure. He then opened his eyes and took a deep breath while inhaling some pure Qi through his mouth and nose. At that moment, all of the pure Qi penetrated into Lin Feng’s body and merged with his sun Qi.


“Pfeww…” Lin Feng exhaled and spat out some fire which emitted small subtle sounds. Lin Feng stood up and clenched his fists. He felt overjoyed, he then gradually made that fire disappear but the Qi was still burning. 


“Sun skills are extremely strong… Each time I break through to the next cultivation layer, it becomes incredibly more powerful…” whispered Lin Feng. He could sense that his sun skill was becoming increasingly more powerful. His sun Qi and physical strength had become much stronger as well.


Considering that fact, each time Lin Feng broke through to the next cultivation layer, he became much stronger than other cultivators who also broke also through the same layer, all thanks to his sun skill. 


“As expected, you made a breakthrough,” said Lan Jiao, she looked delighted. Those nine bottles of liquor had helped Lin Feng break through to the next cultivation layer. Lin Feng would already be able to feel way more confident at the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu.


“I broke through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer,” said Lin Feng while smiling and nodding. Breaking through to the next cultivation layer was, each time, like penetrating into a new world. Each time a cultivator broke through, he was at the beginning of that new cultivation layer which meant that their cultivation wasn’t very stable, but now Lin Feng had immediately broken through to the middle of the fourth Xuan Qi layer which meant that his cultivation was already stable! 

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