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Chapter 532: The Beauty of the Tang Clan


Lin Feng was speechless, Lan Jiao liked to cause problems.


Besides, she had said that people from Dragon Mountain could see other people’s cultivation level with a  glance, that was incredible. They could immediately know if they could compete with others or not. 


Unfortunately, that technique was unknown in Xue Yue. 


Those three guards glared at Lin Feng, one could see that they despised Lin Feng. Lin Feng wasn’t from Dragon Mountain and he didn’t even know what the Celestial Eyes technique was. They didn’t need to be scared of him. 


“Since you are together, I will first take care of the girl and then I will come take care of you. The Celestial Palace is not a place where you can come to cause trouble!” Shouted the guard of the eighth floor. Immediately after, he looked at Lan Jiao again and his hand started moving at full speed creating a hurricane around it. 


“Get down from here!” Shouted the old man at Lan Jiao. His hand was about to reach her but instead of moving, she remained motionless and closed her eyes, she looked like she was waiting to die. 


“You’re crazy!” Shouted Lin Feng at Lan Jiao. He transformed into a beam of light, and in a flash, arrived next to them. 


“Stop!” Shouted the two other guards when they saw Lin Feng arrive. They immediately released some physical strength and moved towards Lin Feng. 


“Get lost!” Shouted Lin Feng while releasing some monstrously deadly Qi which immediately enveloped their bodies. Their facial expressions drastically changed in the blink of an eye. 


How strong. That deadly energy was scary. 


“Bzzzz….” A buzzing sound emerged in front of them, they were stupefied. Lin Feng pa.s.sed by them at the speed of light. They didn’t have any time to react.


“Bzzzzz….” Another buzzing sound spread in the air, the two guards turned around and saw that Lin Feng had blocked the old man, whose hand was in Lin Feng’s palm and had stopped moving. He was only one step away from Lan Jiao but couldn’t move forwards anymore. A strong wind was making Lan Jiao’s hair float in the air. 


The guard of the eighth floor was stupefied and blankly staring at his own fist in Lin Feng’s palm. 


The young man in front of him had only broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer and could stop his punch with the palm of his hand only? How?


“Get lost!” Shouted the old man furiously, he couldn’t believe his eyes. He then released a monstrous pure Qi out of his hand, a strong wind was blowing all around. 


Lin Feng looked at him in an ice-cold way and said, “Get lost.” 


Then, Lin Feng released some monstrous physical strength in his fist, crackling sounds spread in the air and the guard of the eighth floor sensed a terrible pain in his hand. His bones were cracking and that physical strength spread into his body. He couldn’t block it and his body immediately flew away, he crashed onto the wall. 


“Cough cough!!” He coughed violently and blood splashed out of his mouth. There was even more blood than a moment before when Lan Jiao coughed blood. He was fixedly staring at Lin Feng. What a terrifying physical strength. Lin Feng hadn’t even used pure Qi strength but had managed to make him fly away. Was he really of the third Xuan Qi layer? 


The two other guards were also stupefied. Lin Feng was very strong. 


They didn’t know that Lin Feng’s attack was heartless. Before arriving in Dragon Mountain, Lin Feng had practiced his rotation of the Herukas’ strength skill. He had made his body even more resistant and powerful. His strength could now make even more rotations, four thousand. He could easily crush cultivators of the fourth Xuan Qi layer. 


Lin Feng hadn’t even used his entire strength at that moment.


“Hehe.” Lan Jiao giggled and grabbed Lin Feng’s arm, Lin Feng was puzzled.


“Your Excellency, you can enter the room of the eighth floor but she can’t, she’s too weak.” Said the guard of the eighth floor. Lin Feng had injured him and thus proved that he could enter that area.


“I am his wife. We are obviously entering together,” declared Lan Jiao naturally. Lin Feng was stupefied. Since when was Lan Jiao his wife?


The guard looked startled, he didn’t know what to do. But then a voice spread in the air.


“Let them in,” said that voice in a soft, natural and indifferent way.


The guard of the eighth floor was stupefied, he then nodded and said to them, “You can enter, both of you.” 


Lin Feng and Lan Jiao glanced at each other, Lan Jiao was smiling in a resplendent way while she dragged Lin Feng inside the room of the eighth floor.


The top floor was different from the other floors. There was only one gigantic table there. People would sit in circle together at that table on that floor. Some people were already sitting and all had a gla.s.s of alcohol in front of them. 


“Third Xuan Qi layer and first Xuan Qi layer!” When Lan Jiao and Lin Feng entered, the crowd glanced at them for a second to see their cultivation level, they were surprised. 


Even though they were surprised, it didn’t last long, that cultivator of the third Xuan Qi layer had defeated the guard of the fourth Xuan Qi layer. It was rare but not that unusual. They didn’t believe Lin Feng was too strong.


Lan Jiao, apart from her beauty, was insignificant in their eyes though. Lan Jiao’s cultivation level was too low. 


Lin Feng glanced at them, those people were all very young and all had sharp facial expressions. Their Qi was incredible, they had all broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer at least. There wasn’t a single weakling. 


A person in particular caught Lin Feng’s attention, it was a young girl. She looked cold, elegant and educated, she was probably the member of a wealthy and n.o.ble family. She was extremely beautiful while sitting on the main seat, she certainly had a lot of influence. 


She was from the Tang Clan, she was one of the three most famous young cultivators of Celestial Dragon: Tang You You!


Tang You You glanced at Lin Feng and Lan Jiao and said, “Qing Meng Xin, did she ask you to come?”


Qing Meng Xin was a girl from the Cosmic Pavilion, she was the strongest cultivator of the Cosmic Pavilion. She was also one of the most outstanding young cultivators of Celestial Dragon, just like Tang You You. 


“Did Qing Meng Xin ask her to come?” Asked the crowd while looking at Lan Jiao. The crowd was curious, especially seeing how she had come with an unknown person, Lin Feng.


“We’re both from the Cosmic Pavilion.” Said Lan Jiao but Tang You You didn’t believe her. Tang You You asked indifferently, “Is it that simple?” 


“Who do you think asked me then?” Said Lan Jiao.


“At least, I know that you both practice the same skills. If you weren’t related at all, she wouldn’t have given you that skill,” replied Tang You You while looking at Lan Jiao. The crowd was astonished, Tang You You could see what kind of skill Lan Jiao was practicing, how amazing!


Lan Jiao looked at Tang You You. She had already heard about the prodigious daughter of the Tang Clan. Tang You You could see her skills at first glance. 


“Your Excellency, where are you from? Even though you are not a weak cultivator, my Celestial Palace is not the best place to cause trouble.” Said Tang You You while looking at Lin Feng. People who dared force the way like that were rare.


“Lin Feng, from Xue Yue,” replied Lin Feng. The crowd was stupefied. Lin Feng was from Xue Yue, a country under the jurisdiction of Dragon Mountain. 


“Are you going to partic.i.p.ate to the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu?” Asked Tang You You. She was also going to partic.i.p.ate to the Great Compet.i.tion so she knew about it. She planned to compete with the other geniuses. 


Lin Feng nodded and in a flash, everybody’s facial expression drastically changed.


The young man who had forced the way into Celestial Palace was going to partic.i.p.ate to the Great Compet.i.tion… They would have never thought such a thing… And he was so young. 

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