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Chapter 531: Rushing to the Top Floor!


Lin Feng glared at Lan Jiao, she really liked to cause him trouble.


When the two people who had just humiliated Lin Feng heard Lan Jiao, they laughed in a mocking way and said: “Someone who downs a gla.s.s of extremely strong liquor like water is a moron, there are no other words. He didn’t die because he’s lucky.”


“Lin Feng, you heard them clearly, they’re insulting you again.” Said Lan Jiao while smiling.


Lin Feng shook his head, poured some more liquor in his gla.s.s, and immediately downed it without hesitation. Some bubbling sounds emerged from his stomach. 


His internal organs felt like they were burning. By drinking the liquor like that Lin Feng was making his physical strength flow at full speed and it made him satisfied. 


“So pleasant.” Said Lin Feng while exhaling some burning Qi. His strength was flowing through his body, it felt extremely pleasant. His body was becoming stronger, the stronger the liquor, the better for his body. 


Lan Jiao was speechless when she saw Lin Feng, as expected, he wasn’t an ordinary man. 


Lin Feng looked at the gla.s.s made of jade, it was empty. He then immediately poured some more, Lan Jiao was stunned. He then immediately downed it again.


“Burp, burp!” Lin Feng burped and his face turned even redder. His cheeks, ears, nose, his entire face was red.


Besides, the pure Qi and the Heruka’s strength were boiling in his body, they were flowing at full speed. Lin Feng had the impression he was going to start burning. 


“Oh my G.o.d, so good!” Exclaimed Lin Feng. Lan Jiao could sense the scorching hot Qi flowing out of his mouth while he was talking. That Qi even hurt her face. 


“He’s insane…”


Lan Jiao was speechless. Everybody was also blankly staring at him. That guy was scary.


Those who had just insulted Lin Feng were also stunned. They didn’t dare say anything anymore. If they had drunk like Lin Feng, they would have died. Their internal organs and blood vessels would have burnt and caused their deaths. However, Lin Feng felt good and loved it. There was a problem though, they could now understand that Lin Feng’s cultivation level was higher than theirs, much higher!


Those two people stood up, they wanted to leave. They lightly stepped on the floor in order not to draw Lin Feng’s intention.


“Cough, cough.” Someone coughed, which made those two sneaking suddenly feel tense and nervous.


“Stop.” Said Lin Feng in an ice-cold voice. Their heartbeats suddenly accelerated.


“Go back to your seats.” Lin Feng demanded. Those two people looked even more nervous. They didn’t leave, they went back to the table where they had been sitting a moment before.


“You want to leave without apologizing?” Said Lin Feng while slowly turning to them and looking at them in an ice-cold way. 


If they had insulted him only once, Lin Feng wouldn’t have said anything. He didn’t like conflict so he wouldn’t care. But after Lan Jiao had talked, they had insulted him again, there were limits to his patience.


“We are ignorant, Your Excellency, we didn’t offend you on purpose, we just wanted to remind Your Excellency to be careful when drinking that liquor that way.” Said one of them trying to make Lin Feng believe that he hadn’t meant to offend him. Lin Feng was just smiling coldly though. He couldn’t believe some people were so shameless.


“Oh, very good, so you can give me some tips now.” Said Lin Feng coldly.


“We would never dare, Your Excellency, the way you drink it is the right way. We made a mistake, we were wrong.” Said that person. 


“Indeed.” Nodded Lin Feng. “Since you didn’t know, you two, down a gla.s.s of that liquor, just like I did.” 




Those people were speechless, drink it like Lin Feng?


They pulled a long face, they were scared and trapped, what could they do?


“Quickly, I don’t have time to waste!” Exclaimed Lin Feng in an ice-cold way while releasing some terrifying ice-cold killer Qi which enveloped their bodies. They had the impression that they had landed in h.e.l.l when they sensed that terrifying Qi. 


What a terrifying energy. Lin Feng was a lot stronger than them, he could kill them in the blink of an eye if he wished.


Other people also sensed his energy, they were happy that they had said nothing when Lin Feng had drunk his gla.s.ses in one gulp. That guy was clearly extremely strong. He could have even gone to higher floors. 


But they had never seen him before. It was probably his first time in the restaurant. 


Finally, under Lin Feng’s oppressive Qi, those people just put a purity stone of higher quality in the cleft and some Hot Unit liquor appeared. They grabbed it but their hands were shaking.


“Drink!” Shouted Lin Feng in an ice-cold way. Then, those two people drank the alcohol in one gulp.


“Aaahhh…..” One of them put his hand on his chest, his body was burning, he was going to burn.


“Achoooo!” Blood immediately splashed out of the other’s head, and his face was entirely red.


Lin Feng looked at them in an ice-cold way, but he was actually surprised. That alcohol was really strong, it was dangerous for cultivators of the first Xuan Qi layer.


“Lin Feng, let’s go to the eighth floor. There is some amazing liquor there.” Said Lan Jiao while smiling at Lin Feng. Lin Feng glanced at her, the eighth floor was reserved for cultivators of the fourth Xuan Qi layer at least, he had only broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer… 


“They are not that rigid. If you show the guards that you are strong enough, more precisely your fighting abilities, you will be able to get in.” Explained Lan Jiao while smiling. Immediately after she started running, she looked like she was floating over the ground. She was running but looked like a flying b.u.t.terfly, besides she was extremely quick. 


“Come!” Shouted Lan Jiao. Lin Feng followed her to the flight of stairs.


“Stop.” Shouted a voice. Someone was running after Lan Jiao on the flight of stairs, and Lin Feng could see them from behind. He was astonished.


“That girl…” Lin Feng was speechless. Lan Jiao had just broken through to the first Xuan Qi layer, and it hadn’t been a long time, she could only stay on that floor… But surprisingly, she was running towards the eighth floor. 


Lin Feng made a step and chased after them too. Very quickly, he disappeared from the people’s field of vision.


“Eighth floor…” Whispered the people on the fifth floor. They were astonished. When they heard Lan Jiao, they understood that that young man with whom she was had the fighting abilities to go to the eighth floor, they were astonished. How scary. 


In the flight of stairs, silhouettes were flickered. Lan Jiao pa.s.sed by the sixth floor but didn’t stop, she continued running, pa.s.sed by the seventh floor. Immediately a guard came out to attack her but missed her.


“Lin Feng, hurry up!” Shouted Lan Jiao. She then arrived on the eighth floor and finally stopped. She was stuck at the top of the building.


When Lan Jiao arrived at the top, there was an old man, the guard of the top floor. Besides, on Lan Jiao’s other side there were two silhouettes, the guards of the sixth and seventh floor. They were angry at Lan Jiao. That girl was too audacious, she had surprisingly forced her way to the top floor.


“Go back.” Shouted the guard of the eighth floor furiously. He immediately raised his hand which bombarded Lan Jiao’s body. 


Lan Jiao tried to dodge but failed and blood splashed out of her mouth. 


The guard of the top floor had broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer, having broken through to the fourth Xuan Qi layer or defeating him were the two only ways to get in. Lan Jiao was obviously unable to get in. 


“What a stupid b.i.t.c.h, she surprisingly dares rush to the top floor.” Shouted that person furiously while getting closer and closer to Lan Jiao. She was encircled.


“You’re not coming to help!?!” Said Lan Jiao when she saw that Lin Feng was walking so slowly. 


When the three guards heard Lan Jiao, they turned around and looked at Lin Feng, they were stupefied.


“A cultivator of the third Xuan Qi layer… What makes you think you can come to the top floor?” Bawled the guard of the top floor furiously. Lin Feng was stupefied, that person could surprisingly determine his cultivation level at first glance. 


“In Dragon Mountain, many people practice the Celestial Eyes technique… They can thus immediately determine someone’s cultivation level, at first glance.” Said Lan Jiao who knew why Lin Feng looked surprised. 


Then she said something surprising, “b.a.s.t.a.r.d, some people are humiliating and beating your wife and you’re not doing anything!?” 


“Eehh….” Lin Feng was astonished. His wife?!

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