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Chapter 516: The End of Tian Feng


The crowd remained motionless, looking at Feng Chen’s body being engulfed by flames inside the banner, n.o.body said anything but their hearts were pounding.


He was dead, the prince of Tian Feng had died. Soon, nothing would remain of him, his corporeal body was being engulfed in flames and his blood spirit was swallowed.


The other people from Tian Feng were astonished, their hearts were racing, their prince had died!


Almost all of the strongest cultivators brought from Tian Feng were dead… And they had all been killed by one person, Lin Feng.


After a short period, the screams stopped, Lin Feng recalled his spirit and the banner began to shrink until it disappeared. Lin Feng looked exhausted, he was completely drained of energy.


On the ground, the people from Tian Feng glanced at each other and immediately started moving back, they wanted to leave.


Their prince was dead, the second had envoy had died, even the third envoy had died… Their strongest cultivators had already lost their lives… They had no reason to stay anymore, it wasn’t worth it. They had to leave as soon as possible otherwise they might die too.


Lin Feng coldly glanced at them.


“Where are you going? Don’t you think that it’s a bit late to think of leaving?” Lin Feng immediately as he started running towards the people who were leaving. The Nine Heruka skill made three thousand rotations through his body, Lin Feng immediately struck one of the escaping cultivators.


It was the fourth envoy of Tian Feng. With his strength, he could have fought against Lin Feng in his exhausted state, but he didn’t feel like fighting after watching the previous battles, he just wanted to escape with his life, but Lin Feng immediately attacked him and crushed his skull, what a miserable death.


When the others saw that the fourth envoy had died, they had felt even more dispirited, they only wanted to escape. However, at that moment, many people who were hiding rushed out, as if everything was planned from the beginning. These people were all wearing black cloaks and holding spears in their hands. Their deadly energies were all extremely brutal. Without hesitation, they immediately attacked.


A terrifying Qi invaded the atmosphere, it was deadly Qi. Those cultivators in black cloaks were attacking together, very quickly, the people from Tian Feng all collapsed and the palace was filled with blood.


Lin Feng stopped moving. Since other people were attacking, he just let them do the work. All those people from Tian Feng would die there. Lin Feng glanced at Duan Wu Ya, he looked calm and serene. He was looking at the cultivators in the black cloaks as they fought. He didn’t prevent them from attacking and did nothing but watch.


Lin Feng obviously understood that those a.s.sa.s.sins were Duan Wu Ya’s servants. If Duan Wu Ya hadn’t given them the order, they wouldn’t have made a move. Duan Wu Ya wanted all the people from Tian Feng to die in Xue Yue.


The amba.s.sadors from the Dragon Mountain Empire also glanced at Duan Wu Ya in a deep and meaningful way. The second prince of Xue Yue was mysterious and cruel. When he saw that Feng Chen was dead, he just gave his faction the order to ma.s.sacre everyone from Tian Feng. He was extremely cruel. He didn’t want any of them to return to Tian Feng.


How miserable. Almost all of the geniuses from Tian Feng had come with the amba.s.sadors from the Dragon Mountain Empire, they hadn’t thought that they would all die in Xue Yue.


This time, the result was catastrophic for Tian Feng. The envoys were the most outstanding young cultivators of Tian Feng and six of the seven had died. The incredibly strong Prince Feng Chen had also died.


“Put their bodies away and clean everything, leave no trace. I don’t want the b.l.o.o.d.y landscape to affect Mister Ruo’s mood.”


After all the people from Tian Feng died, Duan Wu Ya gave his servants the order to clean and tidy the location. In a flash, the corpses disappeared and the ground was cleaned as if nothing had occurred.


After they disappeared, Duan Wu Ya looked at Ruo Lan Shan in a respectful way while smiling. Ruo Lan Shan remained silent, he didn’t say anything, instead he was looking at Lin Feng.


At that moment, Lin Feng’s eyes were closed. His chest was pounding and his Qi was fluctuating violently. It seemed like he was trying to recover his strength.


A moment before, he had used all his pure Qi to unleash his black lotus and final attacks. After that, he had had to use his spirits and his physical strength to kill Feng Chen, everything happened in a matter of moments. He had remained fearless while fighting, but he didn’t have the power to continue fighting if he did not succeed.


A moment after, Lin Feng’s Qi started to stabilize again and his breath grew steady. He then opened his eyes and looked around.


Duan Wu Ya walked towards Lin Feng, smiling in a warm and friendly way. He then asked: “Lin Feng, are you alright?”


“I just used a lot of energy, it’s nothing serious.” Said Lin Feng in a low and deep voice while nodding.


“Go to Xin Ye’s and have a good rest there. Tonight, we will eat at my palace.” Said Duan Wu Ya with a particular smile.


Lin Feng’s eyes flashed and he immediately nodded: “Alright, I am going to Xin Ye’s.”


Lin Feng needed time to rest. He had too many enemies in the city and had no more pure Qi remaining to fight them. He was weak and only had his bodily strength, so he couldn’t go outside, coming across his enemies would be a catastrophe for him. He needed to recover so going to Xin Ye’s was a perfect idea.


“Alright.” Said Duan Wu Ya while smiling and nodding.


Lin Feng turned around and said to Ruo Lan Shan: “Please excuse me, Mister Ruo.”


“Go, young man, have a good rest. I will be waiting for you to recover.” Replied Ruo Lan Shan while smiling at Lin Feng in a respectful way. It wasn’t just that he needed Lin Feng to partic.i.p.ate in the Great Compet.i.tion of Xue Yu, he could see a great future ahead. If Lin Feng didn’t die, he would surpa.s.s Ruo Lan Shan and would become a shining star. He had to keep walking down the path of cultivation and become stronger.


Ruo Lan Shan was from Dragon Mountain, he had lots of things on mind. When he attached importance to a genius, he was never wrong. In his life, Ruo Lan Shan had seen many geniuses who eventually surpa.s.sed him, he respected those geniuses who could soar past him. In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, it was very normal to be surpa.s.sed by others.


In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, people didn’t necessarily respect elders, what they respected were strong cultivators.


After that, Lin Feng left and went to Duan Xin Ye’s residence.


She was playing the zither and when she saw Lin Feng arrive, she was extremely happy. She immediately put her zither aside and ran towards Lin Feng, but quickly noticed that he looked deathly pale and tired, she frowned with worry.


“Lin Feng, what’s wrong? What happened?” Asked Duan Xin Ye while grabbing Lin Feng’s hand. She was very worried.


“Nothing. I just killed Feng Chen and used too much energy to do so.” Said Lin Feng while smiling and shaking his head. He then started caressing Duan Xin Ye’s cheeks which made a certain warmth invade his body, it felt very pleasant.


In the Continent of the Nine Clouds, because women were cultivators, their skin was magnificent and pure. Women in the previous world were far from being able to compete with female cultivators who had purified their body with Qi. They looked exquisite and delicate. It was actually the case for all cultivators, even men, but particularly women. Duan Xin Ye looked delicate and beautiful. Lin Feng, while caressing Duan Xin Ye’s cheeks, couldn’t help but pinch her cheek which made her lower her head timidly. She remained silent.


When Lin Feng saw that Duan Xin Ye looked timid, he smiled in an even more magnificent way. Duan Xin Ye’s beautiful eyes and smile were more resplendent than the sun. She could easily calm Lin Feng. Not only was her beauty out of the ordinary but her heart was pure too, she was extremely enchanting, bewitching and fascinating.


“You killed the prince of Tian Feng, Feng Chen??” Suddenly asked Duan Xin Ye while raising her head, she was just realizing what Lin Feng had just said.


“Indeed, he sent people to kill me so I couldn’t let him off.”


“What did my brother and the people from Dragon Mountain say?”


“Your brother killed the others and the people from Dragon Mountain didn’t say anything.” Said Lin Feng while smiling which relieved Duan Xin Ye. When she saw that Lin Feng was covered with sweat and that his clothes were dirty, she couldn’t help but say: “Lin Feng, go to my private hot spring and have a bath. You need to rest.”


“Alright.” Said Lin Feng whose eyes were twinkling. He was looking directly at Duan Xin Ye which made her lower her head again, she didn’t dare meet his eyes.


That hot spring was the place where she bathed daily. She was a woman, it was an unwritten rule that women and men would not share bathing areas, but she was telling Lin Feng to bathe there, it meant that she felt closer to Lin Feng than before.


But Duan Xin Ye’s heart was Lin Feng’s already, she didn’t mind, even if she was shy. For Lin Feng, she was ready to give up her status of a princess.


She grabbed Lin Feng’s arm and snuggled up to him. Duan Xin Ye was caressing Lin Feng’s arm, at that moment, the dignified princess Duan Xin Ye was acting like a little bird, she looked cute and helpless, and her smile was resplendent!

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