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Chapter 513: Blood Strength!


Everyone was staring at Feng Chen. They could clearly sense that his blood was boiling, it was insane.


“Kacha!” A subtle sound emerged that made the people’s pupils shrink. They only saw two black bones protrude out from Feng Chen’s shoulders. His Qi was also growing more and more terrifying. 


“Kacha… Boom!” Immediately after, two wings emerged from Feng Chen’s shoulders. He raised his head and looked up towards the sky. His facial expression was cold and his jet-black wings looked extremely evil. The edge of his wings were as sharp as swords and black lights flickered around the wings.


After his wings appeared, a black light floated around Feng Chen’s body. His entire body was dyed black. His Qi was frightening, he had the complexion of a black cloud. 


Between Feng Chen’s eyebrows, a pitch-black light was twinkling and penetrating his skin, finally, a word appeared. 


“Wind!” After the word appeared, his Qi became grew evil. The corner of his eyes also became sharp, just like the eyes of a beast. 


“The strength of his blood… As expected, it’s a blood spirit.” Thought the crowd while shaking. In ancient times, cultivators were much stronger. The people who founded the countries were extremely terrifying, they were usually cultivators of the Zun Qi layer. The ancestors of Tian Feng were Zun level cultivators who pa.s.sed their blood onto the next generations. Feng Chen was the same as the members of the Imperial Family of Xue Yue, they all had a powerful blood spirit.


Feng Chen was staring at the others, the crowd had the feeling that a beast was gazing threateningly at them. His eyes looked ferocious. 


Besides, in Feng Chen’s hand were terrifying flames, black flames! Flames were floating around his hand, they contained a deadly energy with incredible power. Then some light appeared inside the flame, thunder. It was thunderfire. 


In the past, the celestial wind beast could control wind, fire and thunder, Feng Chen had the power of the beast’s blood so he was also able to control  wind, fire and thunder.


His wings were flapping in the wind and controlling its movements. His hands could be used to control fire and thunder. Both of his hands were enveloped in a deadly light. 


“Feng Chen is terrifying.” Thought the crowd while shivering. At that moment, Feng Chen was giving them a dreadful impression, he looked b.e.s.t.i.a.l. 


It seemed like this battle was going to be very interesting. Both were incredible, they were rare geniuses. Besides, most of them knew that Lin Feng also had a strong blood spirit. However, it seemed like Lin Feng’s blood spirit wasn’t as strong as the one Feng Chen used. 


n.o.body could predict who was stronger. 


“He’s been hiding it quite well.” Thought Ruo Lan Shan stupefied while staring at Feng Chen. Feng Chen was hidden more deeply than what he had originally thought. He surprisingly looked like a beast, that usually ever-smiling young man looked extremely b.e.s.t.i.a.l now. 


Even though he had always known that Feng Chen wasn’t weak, he had never thought that he would be so strong. Besides, his blood spirit looked monstrously powerful. Geniuses like him were indeed extremely rare. No matter who died, it would be a pity. Raising geniuses such as Lin Feng and Feng Chen was extremely difficult. 


But things couldn’t be changed. Lin Feng and Feng Chen were going to spare no effort to kill one another, only one of them will live. He had allowed them to fight a battle to the death. 


Ruo Lan Shan glanced at Duan Wu Ya. Duan Wu Ya and Feng Chen were the same, both belonged to the Imperial Family of their respective countries and both had a blood spirit which had been pa.s.sed down by a Zun level cultivator since ancient times. Besides, they were both incredible geniuses. Ruo Lan Shan had never looked down on either of them. Even though Duan Wu Ya was only the fourth high-official of Xue Yue, he didn’t know what power Duan Wu Ya had in a real battle. 


Duan Wu Ya or Feng Chen were both very mysterious. It was said that Duan Wu Dao, the first high-official, was terrifying but Ruo Lan Shan had never seen him. Duan Wu Dao wasn’t giving him any face but it perfectly corresponded with Duan Wu Dao’s temperament. If someone didn’t annoy him, then he was good to them, if someone offended him, then he killed them. Duan Wu Dao thought was arrogant, violent and unruly.


Lin Feng was also staring at Feng Chen in an ice-cold way. That thunderfire was much more powerful than the second envoy’s thunder. Feng Chen had grown wings, extremely dangerous wings. He wouldn’t be easy to fight against.


“Lin Feng, what are you thinking of right now?” Asked Feng Chen with the thunderfire in hand while coldly staring at Lin Feng. A cold energy was emerging from his mouth as he spoke. 


“What I am thinking of?” Lin Feng was staring at Feng Chen and said: “You’re not the only one who has a blood spirit.”


Immediately after, Lin Feng’s heavenly dragon spirit roared and appeared behind him. It had seven heads, all of which were looking at the sky roaring. 


Purple lights were dancing around those heads, they looked like purple snakes. Lin Feng had released his purple spirit and his celestial fangs spirit at the same time as it danced to the dragon’s roar.


Astonishingly, in the middle of all those heads, there was a gloomy light. It was the shaman spirit which was swallowed by Lin Feng’s spirit when he had killed Wu Zhen. 


“Huh?” Feng Chen frowned and looked at Lin Feng coldly. Lin Feng surprisingly had a dual spirit and on top of that there was a gloomy face in the middle of all the dragon heads, it also looked like a spirit. 


“If you had the same cultivation level as me, I would be in a very critical situation indeed, but you have only broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer so your blood spirit is still weak. How could it be stronger than mine, when I have broken through to the sixth Xuan Qi layer.” Said Feng Chen arrogantly. As he stepped forwards, a black light twinkled from his wings and he disappeared from his initial position. 


Lin Feng had the feeling that he was fighting against a crow beast. Feng Chen’s terrifying deadly energy then immediately surrounded his entire body. Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered and he disappeared like the wind. 


“Boom!” A black thunderfire bombarded the atmosphere causing it to shake intensely as energy waves swept outwards in every direction. Unfortunately, Lin Feng had already escaped, he had moved back before the attack landed.


“You want to escape? Do you think you can?” Said Feng Chen while smiling coldly. His oppressive Qi invaded the atmosphere. Lin Feng’s eyes were pitch-black and his celestial spirit was empowering his eyes, it seemed like he could see through Feng Chen. 


Feng Chen was similar to Chu Zhan Peng, they both gained speed using the wings of their spirit, but Feng Chen had inherited it from a celestial wind beast, it was his blood spirit. His wings didn’t emit a sound when he moved, so he was much more agile than Chu Zhan Peng, besides Feng Chen’s wings were as sharp as blades, he could easily slice his enemies using his wings. 


The thunderfire was also terrifying. There was a chance that Lin Feng would die if it touched him. Even his deadly sword wouldn’t be able to block it. 


After all, there was a difference of three cultivation layers between Lin Feng and Feng Chen. Feng Chen had a monstrous strength, he was much stronger than ordinary cultivators of the sixth Xuan Qi layer. 


“If I use the strength of my three thousand rotations to punch through that thunderfire, my body will be destroyed…” Thought Lin Feng. The strength of his three thousand rotations was extremely powerful but it wasn’t enough, he would need six thousand rotations to be able to deal with the thunderfire while only relying on physical strength, he would only need a single punch to kill him. 


Unfortunately, Lin Feng’s physical strength could only complete three thousand rotations. 


Lin Feng’s celestial fangs spirit would try to swallow everything, ferocious beasts and spirits, however, his celestial fangs spirit was still too weak in comparison with the thunderfire. There was a difference of three cultivation layers between Lin Feng and Feng Chen. 


“In order to defeat him, I have only one solution. I can only use my grim fire to condense a black lotus. Besides, I need to put all my pure Qi into a single lotus. Otherwise, I will never have the power to kill him.” Thought Lin Feng while a.n.a.lysing the situation. Feng Chen was incredibly powerful and he had a blood spirit along with a difference of three cultivation layers between them. Feng Chen was several times stronger than the second envoy, so it would be much more difficult to fight against him. Lin Feng had no doubts about his own fighting abilities, but to fight a blood spirit with the difference of three cultivation layers… It wouldn’t be easy. Besides, he had to be extremely careful, never giving Feng Chen the opportunity to attack him. 


Lin Feng was thinking and moving at the same time. His heavenly dragon spirit was roaring and suddenly his purple spirit threw itself at Feng Chen. All the purple lights disappeared in the blink of an eye, they were destroyed by the thunderfire. Nothing of Lin Feng’s purple spirit was remaining which made Lin Feng grow even more cautious, but he was more determined than ever. Without his black lotus, he wouldn’t have a chance of fighting back against Feng Chen. 

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