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Chapter 511: A Fist!


The second envoy was stupefied as well. Not only did Lin Feng have a banner but he was also using a sword at the same time. That required an extremely strong soul!


“That’s a real genius.” Thought Ruo Lan Shan when he saw Lin Feng. Many people already had difficulty controlling one skill, those who had high natural abilities could master more skills, but it required practice to improve and control them.


Lin Feng was the kind of genius who could learn and master skills quickly.


Lin Feng didn’t stop, he immediately ran towards the second envoy. His deadly energy was sharp and cold, his deadly sword was moving straight, aiming for the second envoy’s life.


“Destroy!” The second envoy attacked with both hands shooting thunder which moved straight towards Lin Feng’s sword, but Lin Feng continued running towards him.


The second envoy narrowed his eyes, it was the first time that he met someone who was attempting to fight in close combat against a cultivator with a thunder spirit.


Thunder spirits had a monstrous explosive power. In close combat, the enemy would be destroyed by the thunder and lightning surrounding him. Very few people dared to fight a close combat battle, let alone when their opponent had a thunder spirit, however Lin Feng was one of the exceptions.








The second envoy waved his hands over and over again as thunder emerged and exploded towards Lin Feng.


“Huuuu….” Lin Feng moved his left hand which was holding the sun banner and attacked the thunder. The banner and the thunder were locked in a battle of power. Explosive booms rang out, but the thunder was starting to burn.


Thunder had the power to give birth to flames, usually fire would be weak against thunder but Lin Feng’s sun fire could even engulf the power of thunder, besides he was using a banner which was extremely powerful and couldn’t be damaged by thunder of this level.


Lin Feng continued to move closer to the second envoy.


“Does Lin Feng want to fight in close combat against the second envoy?” Thought the onlookers while staring at Lin Feng. They were extremely surprised. Lin Feng was surprisingly moving closer to the second envoy. Wasn’t he scared of thunder and lightning?


If the second envoy used the power of thunder with his fist, he would be able to bombard Lin Feng’s body using his spirit and physical body.


The second envoy smiled coldly. Lin Feng was approaching, he wasn’t scared and wanted to fight in close combat, he was giving an advantage to the second envoy.


“Ultraviolet Celestial Thunder!” The second envoy looked calm and solemn and started condensing thunder which were revolved around him. A dazzling purple light descended from the sky to envelop the second envoy’s body inside clouds of thunder. At that moment, he was bathing in a sea of thunder, he looked like the reincarnation of a thunder G.o.d.


Feng Chen was watching the battle from a distance and could see the dazzling purple light that surrounded the second envoy which made him smile coldly. Lin Feng wanted to fight in close combat, how would he resist the power of ultraviolet celestial thunder?


At that moment, the second envoy wasn’t even moving. He was waiting for Lin Feng to approach him.


Lin Feng’s eyes were growing darker and darker, as well as terrifying with each second. He looked gloomy and it was like he was staring through the second envoy.


Since the second envoy wasn’t attacking anymore and was just waiting. Lin Feng immediately retrieved his banner and only held his sword at that moment.


Lin Feng held his sword with both hands and allowed it to absorb a tremendous quant.i.ty of deadly energy. His opponent’s cultivation level was much higher than his. The thunder contained an incredible destructive power, if his sword didn’t contain intent, it would have been destroyed a long time ago.


“Lacerate!” Said Lin Feng in a sinister tone. The dark light of his sword was astonishing as it descended from the sky towards the second envoy.


The second envoy raised his head and saw the sword moving towards him, his facial expression was calm.


He raised his hands in the direction of Lin Feng’s sword. In the blink of an eye, an endless purple light emerged from his hands. His hands weren’t hands anymore, they looked like clouds of thunder and lightnings.


“Boom!” A m.u.f.fled explosion emerged in the air. The sword had landed on the second envoy’s thunder, but Lin Feng’s deadly sword was struggling to move forwards through the thunder.


“Die.” Shouted Lin Feng furiously. An incredibly brutal and violent deadly energy emerged as well as his pure Qi, Lin Feng’s deadly sword was growing more powerful. It started to lacerate the atmosphere ruthlessly.


“You will not have a chance.” Said the second envoy coldly. His body was glowing with the purple light which emerged from his hands. It was his ultraviolet celestial thunder. He had started condensing it within his hands again. The thunder was unceasingly following Lin Feng’s deadly sword and blocking its blade. It was extremely quick, Lin Feng’s body was slowly being surrounded by the thunder.


“It’s over for Lin Feng.” Thought many people who were watching. At that moment, Lin Feng’s sword, filled with intent, was surrounded by dazzling purple thunder, but his sword wasn’t able to lacerate the thunder at all which gave the second envoy every opportunity to attack. If Lin Feng was touched by the thunder, he would be severely injured.


However, Lin Feng looked expressionless, even though the ultraviolet celestial thunder could block his deadly sword and surrounded him with thunder, he wasn’t planning on escaping!


“Is Lin Feng giving up? Is he submitting to death?” Many people didn’t understand what Lin Feng was doing, he wasn’t escaping? Didn’t he care about being surrounded by the thunder?


They obviously didn’t notice that Lin Feng’s body, at that moment, was filled with incredible strength, it was moving through his body and bones to focus on his right hand.


“Crrrr… Crrr….” Lin Feng’s right sleeve was suddenly torn apart to expose his entire right arm. The crowd was shocked.


It was over for him, Lin Feng was doomed. The purple light had already torn apart his right arm. But surprisingly, he was still holding his sword!


The second envoy had a tyrannical smile on his face. Lin Feng had given up and was simply committing suicide. The thunder only needed a few more moments before it would start tearing apart Lin Feng’s body. Even if Lin Feng didn’t die after being bombarded by the thunder, he would definitely be severely injured.


However, Ruo Lan Shan was stupefied and fixedly stared at Lin Feng’s arm, he could see that something black was flowing inside his veins, it looked like a terrifying physical strength was suddenly emerging from Lin Feng’s body. However, it was difficult for him to see it clearly due to the thunder and deadly energy surrounding the two fighters.


Finally, the thunder had almost destroyed the condensed sword and at the moment when the crowd thought that Lin Feng was going to be exterminated by the thunder, he released the sword and disappeared. His body brushed past the thunder, but it didn’t seem to stop him. It didn’t influence Lin Feng at all.


At the same time Lin Feng moved with the wind and moved a few steps to the side. It was a short distance, but it was perfect, he had pa.s.sed through the thunder and moved to the second envoy’s side.


The second envoy was stupefied, Lin Feng’s speed was incredible, and on top of that he was using the opportunity to attack with his fist.


“Thunder!” A terrifying thunder was released from the second envoy’s body, but Lin Feng’s fist quickly broke through the cloud of thunder. A terrifying thunder energy attacked his hand, but it didn’t have any effect, it couldn’t stop Lin Feng’s attack.


“Three thousand rotations strength! Maximum power!”


“Boom!” Lin Feng’s fist immediately crashed into the second envoy’s head. It wasn’t a surprise, with the strength of the three thousand rotations, the second envoy’s head exploded on impact into small chunks of flesh and bone.


The purple thunder was still surrounding the second envoy’s body but the thunder was joined by a mist of blood.


Everyone was speechless.


He was dead?


Lin Feng didn’t even bother destroying the thunder, instead, he received the thunder with his body and used his fist to crush the second envoy’s head!


That astonishing move made everyone speechless, there was no reaction for a few seconds, they felt like they were all seeing things, it was unimaginable. In an extremely dangerous situation, Lin Feng surprisingly accepted the attack with his body to attack his opponent. He had made the second envoy focus on the sword and then used his powerful fist when the envoy was focused on the sword.


That fist was terrifying, Lin Feng ignored the attacks from the thunder and punched straight through.


“What an incredible physical strength.” Thought the crowd, they were gasping in astonishment. Lin Feng had planned that attack from the beginning. He used his sword as a distraction, he only wanted to get close to the second envoy and attack him by using his physical strength.


All the people from Tian Feng were devastated, they were fixedly staring at the headless corpse which now laid on the ground, the body was giving its last life throes.


He was dead. The second envoy who was at the sixth Xuan Qi layer had died, Lin Feng punched his head into a pulp, how powerful.


Ruo Lan Shan was smiling indifferently. That boy had many hidden tricks, and all of them were exceptional!

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