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Chapter 508: To the Imperial Palace


“You want to escape?” Lin Feng smiled coldly as he rushed forwards, his banner fluttered and horrible shrieks filled the air. Two more had been caught in the banner and their pure Qi was being absorbed.


The leader of the group gnashed his teeth and blood splashed out from his mouth. He started to flee with all of his power, he wanted to escape at all costs.


But at that moment, a cold wind appeared next to him which caused him to shiver. He suddenly looked glum, the banner was flying towards him with a ferocious wind.


“How dangerous.” The middle-aged man was deathly pale. Immediately after, he noticed a silhouette had appeared in front of him, it was Lin Feng.


“Even if the others don’t die, you have to die.” Said Lin Feng. These people had come here to kill him and someone had to bear the responsibility of their actions. The middle-aged man in the fire-red chang pao was the leader of the group, so he of course had to bear the responsibility. Feng Chen would also be held responsible.


They came here with orders to kill Lin Feng, if they were strong enough, they would have taken Lin Feng’s life without mercy.


They deserved their deaths.


“I was forced to come, why be so cruel as to kill me?”


That middle-aged man was pulling a long face and his voice was trembling. He was still hoping that he still had a chance to live.


“No matter if you were forced or not, you attempted to kill me. If you were stronger than me, you would have already killed me even if you were forced to do it.” Said Lin Feng in an ice-cold way. That was his basic principles; if someone wanted to kill him, he would kill them, that was the only reason he needed.


It was just like the Hao Yue Sect, the Ice and Snow Mountain Village, the Holy Courtyard of Xue Yue and everyone who destroyed the Yun Hai Sect, once Lin Feng was strong enough, he exterminated them for attempting to take his life. Everyone would be held responsible for the actions they took, even if they were forced.


The middle-aged man remained silent and didn’t push the issue, he understood Lin Feng would definitely kill him. If the situation was reversed, he wouldn’t let anyone escape and would kill all of his attackers.


If someone attempted to kill a person, but that person was stronger and allowed their enemies to live. They would be called a very kind-hearted individual and also, extremely stupid.


Some pure Qi emerged from the middle-aged man’s hand, he groaned coldly and a huge fire started burning violently around him.


“Hmph!” Lin Feng groaned coldly. Without saying anything, he immediately took a step forwards and his sun banner moved to envelop his opponent.


“Burn!” Shouted the middle-aged man furiously. Flames emerged from his hand, unceasingly.


“Break!” The wind was whistling as the banner rushed through the atmosphere, the banner was approaching and the middle-aged man’s fire that was bombarding the banner only to be absorbed inside. He could release as much fire as he wished, but the banner would only consume it as if it was a rare delicacy.


The middle-aged pulled a long face and grew more pale. He knew that it was possible to burn the banner, even though it was a sun banner.


However, it seemed like his strength wasn’t able to bring any harm to the banner. His fire was only being absorbed. The flames in the banner were much stronger than his own fire.


“I should finish it now.” Said Lin Feng, his body rushed forward and his sun banner completely engulfed his opponent after absorbing all of the fire he released.


The sound of a rampaging inferno filled the air. The middle-aged man was engulfed in flames inside the banner, his soul was being refined by the banner. All of his power was slowly being absorbed by the banner.


The sun banner was surrounded by terrifying flames, the flames were growing more powerful with each pa.s.sing moment, while the sun pattern on the banner started to fill up with the fire Qi from his enemies. The banner had absorbed this power from all the enemies it burned alive.


But Lin Feng didn’t absorb that fire Qi himself, instead, he returned it to the sun banner. He needed the enemies’ fire Qi to be purified since it was different from his own, absorbing such an impure fire would make his cultivation become unstable.


If Lin Feng’s cultivation became unstable, that would be a catastrophe for him. It wasn’t a result that he desired.


Lin Feng would never allow his cultivation to grow unstable for gaining a small amount of power. However, leaving the enemies’ fire inside his sun banner wasn’t a problem.


At that moment, only Lin Feng remained. The others had escaped and were probably fleeing for their lives. Those who hadn’t managed to escape were already dead, they had been absorbed into Lin Feng’s banner.


Lin Feng quickly retrieved his banner as an ice-cold light flashed through his eyes.


“Qiong Qi!” Shouted Lin Feng in a deep voice. The winged tiger’s silhouette flickered, and beat its wings and immediately arrived next to Lin Feng, it then positioned itself to allow Lin Feng onto its back.


The winged tiger was an ancient ferocious beast, even though it was extremely cruel and bloodthirsty, it always obeyed Lin Feng, regardless of its temperament.


Lin Feng jumped onto its back and they flew away. The sight of someone riding an ancient ferocious beast was incredibly majestic.


“To the Imperial Palace!” Said Lin Feng. Prince Feng Chen of Tian Feng thought that he could do whatever he wanted, even if it was killing Lin Feng?


He sent Mu Qing to kill him and then the people from the Xie Huo School! They were all sent by Feng Chen with the sole purpose of killing Lin Feng.


Since he wanted to kill Lin Feng, Lin Feng would find an opportunity to repay Feng Chen and everyone from Tian Feng.


Qiong Qi beat its wings and shot through the sky. They pa.s.sed by the lofty and tall buildings of the capital, Lin Feng was looking down at the buildings on the ground, they were all particularly beautiful and some were almost tall enough to reach the clouds.


At that moment, inside the Imperial City in a beautiful palace, Prince Duan Wu Ya of Xue Yue and Prince Feng Chen of Tian Feng were walking next to the people of the Dragon Mountain Empire, Ruo Lan Shan, Jian Chen and Yao Tian Shu.


Feng Chen felt like there was someone glaring at him and sensed a cold wind blow onto him. It sent chills down on him.


That cold wind had made him shiver. He then raised his head and gazed into the distance, he was trying to see through the clouds to see who was releasing such a cold glare.

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