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Chapter 505: The Stronger Cultivator


Lin Feng took a step forwards and disappeared from everyone’s sight. He had entered the illusion.


In the middle of the mist and fog, Lin Feng and Mu Qing could not be seen by other people. Many people were annoyed because they wanted to know what was going to happen inside the illusion.


In the illusion, Mu Qing was frowning intensely and running like a madman while looking for an exit.


But at that moment, he suddenly stopped running and was stupefied.


He then slowly turned around and saw a young man standing there. That young man was even younger than him and he looked extremely fierce.


“Lin Feng?” Asked Mu Qing in an ice-cold tone while frowning.


Lin Feng didn’t reply but looked at him coldly and said: “You’re looking for me?”


When Mu Qing heard Lin Feng he smiled and said: “Let’s get out of the illusion first. I heard that you were really strong, you humiliated my country so I want to challenge you to a battle.”



“Why would we need to get out of the illusion? We can stay in here.” Said Lin Feng indifferently. Mu Qing looked glum and said: “If we stay here, am I not in a disadvantageous position?”


“You think too highly of yourself. In order to defeat you, I don’t need an illusion.” Said Lin Feng in a cold and detached tone. He then immediately started running like the wind, and in a flash appeared in front of Mu Qing, he immediately punched the atmosphere in Mu Qing’s direction.


“Hmph!!!” When Mu Qing saw that Lin Feng attacked immediately, he groaned coldly. Lin Feng was really audacious. He had only broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer and was surprisingly punching him, he wasn’t even using pure Qi with his attack. He was definitely looking for death.


The strength of a cultivator of the third Xuan Qi layer was absolutely different from that of a cultivator of the fifth Xuan Qi layer, the difference was incomparable.


Very quickly, their fists collided producing a sharp snap.


When their two fists collided, Mu Qing looked stunned, a terrifying strength emerged from Lin Feng’s fist and penetrated into Mu Qing’s fist, spreading throughout his body and projected him backwards.


How strong! Lin Feng’s physical strength was terrifying! Lin Feng’s fist was harder than steel.


Lin Feng didn’t chase him, he was just staring at Mu Qing in an ice-cold way.


Mu Qing was also staring at Lin Feng. His fist felt numb. He condensed some pure Qi inside his fist to reduce the pain.


It seemed like he had underestimated Lin Feng.


“Another sc.u.m from Tian Feng.” Said Lin Feng indifferently. Immediately after, he started running again. Mu Qing was astonished. Sc.u.m? Lin Feng was insulting him, he was humiliating Tian Feng again!


A coa.r.s.e and wild light appeared from Mu Qing’s hand, it was faintly discernible, Mu Qing didn’t try to avoid Lin Feng, instead he immediately attacked again.


An elephant appeared around Mu Qing’s fist and it was moving straight towards Lin Feng. It contained the strength of a thousand elephants.


The elephant seemed like it had endless strength. This was the ten thousand elephant’s skill, it allowed the user to use the strength of up to ten thousand elephants with each blow.


“Boom boom boom!” The mist and fog rolled in waves. Lin Feng and Mu Qing’s fists had collided once again. This time, n.o.body was projected backwards, they were both standing steadily.


“What do you think? I just used the strength of a thousand elephants right now, but if I use the strength of ten thousand elephants, you will definitely die.” Said Mu Qing while staring at Lin Feng and smiling: “Some people from Xiangjiang Lake were looking for you, but it seems that they don’t need to anymore because I will kill you right now.”


“Now die!” Said Mu Qing. Immediately after, inside Lin Feng appeared a terrifying black light and a monstrous physical strength emerged from his body as it crashed against Mu Qing’s fist which made him shake from head to toe while being knocked backwards.


Mu Qing looked tense and nervous. He had been very careful but in the blink of an eye, Lin Feng had caused him to move back again. That was the second time. He was losing face.


“YOU WANT TO DIE!” Shouted Mu Qing furiously. His body started to emit whistling sounds, it seemed like ten thousand elephants were rampaging through his body.


“The ten thousand elephant’s skill has the strength of ten thousand elephants, they can trample and crush everything in their path, die!” Shouted Mu Qing. His entire body seemed like it was transforming into an elephant as he unleashed the strength of ten thousand elephants. He then threw himself towards Lin Feng.


The ten thousand elephant’s skill increased his strength, he was stomping across the ground like a herd of ten thousand elephants, as one can well imagine.


The atmosphere seemed like it was going to break apart under the strength of those ten thousand elephants.


“The strength of ten thousand elephants… A cultivator of the fifth Xuan Qi layer…” Thought Lin Feng. A strange and ominous light started to envelop his body; a black light flowed out from his body and started rotating around him. His fist was surrounded by a black light.


“Let’s see how powerful my Nine Heruka skill is when in rotation.” Thought Lin Feng. He wasn’t flinching at all. He took a step forwards and threw himself at Mu Qing.


That fist bombarded the atmosphere and it seemed like it was destroying s.p.a.ce itself. The fist seemed like it could crush G.o.ds and devils, it was a Heruka fist.


“Three thousand rotations of the Heruka!”


“Boom!” The ten thousand elephants and the Heruka collided furiously, the entire atmosphere became distorted. Between Mu Qing and Lin Feng, a terrifying vortex appeared.


“How’s that possible!! How’s that possible!” Mu Qing pulled a long face. His ten thousand elephant’s skill was the secret skill of his sect, the Wan Xiang Sect, it had a formidable power and its strength was incredible, it had the power to crush anything. He could even kill people at the same level easily by using that skill.


However, Lin Feng had only broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer and wasn’t even using a sword or a skill, if he had used a skill and was able to resist Mu Qing, that would have been understandable, but he hadn’t. He only used a single fist to block the strength of ten thousand elephants.


“Get lost.” Lin Feng stepped forwards, he only took a very small step. The black light circulated through his body, a terrifying physical strength then crashed onto Mu Qing’s arm, a cracking sound spread in the air and Mu Qing’s body was once again projected backwards.


He had lost. His ten thousand elephant’s skill wasn’t able to rival with Lin Feng’s Nine Herukas.


However, it wasn’t over yet. While Mu Qing was being projected backwards, he suddenly sensed a gust of wind arrive in front of him, Lin Feng had followed him and was releasing some deadly Qi which landed on his body. Mu Qing started shaking from head to toe.


“Die.” Said Lin Feng in a deep voice and punched him again.


“Ten thousand elephants.” said Mu Qing again while raising both his hands to block, but Lin Feng’s fist crashed onto his body and blood burst into the air.


Lin Feng’s physical strength was terrifying. Besides, he wasn’t doing the same things as Mu Qing, he didn’t need to condense his pure Qi to activate a skill before he attacked, instead Lin Feng’s fist only contained pure physical strength.






“Boom…..” Terrifying explosion sounds spread through the air and the mist of the illusion continued to churn. The people outside of the Yun Hai Sect were fixedly staring at the mist of the illusion, what was happening? Who was winning? Lin Feng or Mu Qing?


“Aaaahhhhhh……..! A horrible shriek of agony spread in the air. It was Mu Qing’s voice.


“Lin Feng is way too terrifying, as expected, Mu Qing can’t rival with Lin Feng. He came here to kill the members of the Yun Hai Sect which was the same as courting death.” Thought the crowd. Besides, at that moment, inside the illusion, Mu Qing’s face was covered with blood, all of his orifices were pouring with blood. Lin Feng didn’t stop punching him and Mu Qing was severely injured already. Lin Feng was like a madman.


Lin Feng looked like a warlord at that moment, he was fixedly staring at Mu Qing and was getting ready to attack him again.


“I don’t want to fight anymore!” Shouted Mu Qing furiously which surprised Lin Feng. He didn’t want to anymore?


“I came here to tell you that some people are looking for you, some people from Tian Feng, they want you to come to Xiangjiang Lake, will you dare to accept or not?” Said Mu Qing, he had stopped fighting.


Lin Feng looked like he found all of this amusing, he had a smile covering his face and said: “I will go, but first I will kill you.”


“I am only a messenger!” Said Mu Qing while looking extremely nervous, he looked terrified.


“A messenger? You said you wanted to kill the members of the Yun Hai Sect, and even said you came into the territory of the Yun Hai Sect to kill them, that is your message right?”


“What do you want?” Mu Qing was fixedly staring at Lin Feng.


“I want your life.” Said Lin Feng. His silhouette flickered, he moved like the wind and the strength of his three thousand Heruka rotations bombarded Mu Qing’s body. Blood splashed from every orifice of his body and his bones were crushed, then another light appeared, it was pure Qi that was as sharp as a sword.


Mu Qing’s head then flew through the air! He was dead!

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