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Chapter 502: Three Thousand Rotations


Lin Feng laid on the ground. It was taking him an extremely long time to recover. At that moment, his eyes were still closed and a black energy was flowing through his veins.


Lin Feng just needed to think to be able to channel the energy of the Nine Herukas into his veins, which increased his potential and strength unceasingly.


The attacks from cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer were cla.s.sed from one thousand to nine thousand Heruka rotations. Those who had one thousand Heruka rotations couldn’t be injured by cultivators of the first Xuan Qi layer, those who had two thousand Heruka rotations couldn’t be hurt by those of the second Xuan Qi layer. If a cultivator had ten thousand Heruka rotations, he couldn’t be hurt by any cultivator of the Xuan Qi layer, his body couldn’t be harmed a cultivator below the Tian Qi layer. Besides, those who had a corporeal body with ten thousand Heruka rotations could kill cultivators at the peak of the Xuan Qi layer with a single punch.


The Nine Herukas skill enabled a cultivator to allow a wrathful energy to flow into their veins and form rotations, more precisely it was a circulation throughout the body. The strength of the Heruka would thus rotate around the cultivator’s body, unceasingly making their body stronger. Each full rotation enabled the body to grow much stronger allowing a cultivator to have a much greater defence and physical strength.


For cultivators of the Ling Qi layer, the strength could be increased with rotations counted in the hundreds, one hundred, two hundred etc. With each rotation that was achieved, the physical strength of the body was increased as well. Nine hundred rotations meant that they were stronger than any cultivator in the Ling Qi layer.


Besides, for cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer, it didn’t stop either. A thousand rotations was called a full cycle, a full cycle meant that the physical strength had increased to the next level. After nine cycles, or nine thousand rotations, a cultivator was also peerless amongst cultivators of the Xuan Qi layer.


Lin Feng had already broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer, but while practicing the Nine Herukas skill, he could only achieve two thousand rotations or two full cycles. After the initial cycles created from gaining the skill which had strengthened mortal body to this point, he could only achieve some small cycles beyond that. At that moment, Lin Feng already had the strength of two thousand Heruka rotations. Cultivators who had a strength inferior or equal to the second Xuan Qi layer couldn’t harm him, it was impossible, they could use their full strength against him but it would still be as if he hadn’t been attacked at all.


In comparison with before, even though Lin Feng could easily resist such cultivators using his full strength, he couldn’t do it with only the power of his body. If a cultivator of the Ling Qi layer had attacked him with a weapon when he wasn’t able to defend, they were able to injure him and even put his life in danger, let alone someone from the Xuan Qi Layer.


“My current Heruka strength can do two thousand rotations because my cultivation level is the third Xuan Qi layer, it seems that my mortal body has reached its limit, with the intent gained from the Heruka and the earth fusion, I can easily do two full cycles as well as two smaller cycles… So my rotations are still too slow.” Lin Feng could sense the speed at which the Heruka strength was rotating through his body. The strength of that terrifying body skill couldn’t rotate with full power immediately, otherwise the mortal body would become invincible in a flash.


The problem was that practicing the Nine Herukas skill made the mortal body become much stronger but it was also extremely dangerous at the same time, because if it was strengthened beyond the body’s limit, the flesh, veins and bones would be destroyed by the energy.


Lin Feng stopped practicing, but his eyes were twinkling, as a great deal of purity stones appeared around him. He then started using his cosmos-burning sun. In a flash, the purity stones were transformed into pure Qi which was absorbed into Lin Feng’s body. Lin Feng’s body was transformed into a terrifying vortex, craving for strength.


A light flashed and flames appeared around his body, the illusion was slowly being dispersed and Lin Feng’s surroundings became much clearer again.


“Huh?” Lin Feng was surprised and continued absorbing the Qi from the purity stones.


After a while, Lin Feng could feel that he had recovered a lot. He stood up and the terrifying flames which were burning all around his body rose up in the air. The flames transformed into a gigantic fire dragon which circled around the pa.s.sageway.


The illusion was becoming weaker, there were no more weapons whistling through the air, it was as if nothing had ever happened in the pa.s.sageway. It was very mysterious.


“Sun skill… Cosmic-burning sun….!” Lin Feng frowned and then smiled. It really deserved to be called a sun skill, Lin Feng hadn’t realized that his sun skill was also efficient against illusions, it had the power to burn through everything, just like the sun.


“It seems like the illusion itself has weakened in intensity.” Thought Lin Feng. A moment before, when he had broken the door and entered the pa.s.sageway, he was trapped the illusion and had used the fire of his black lotus, but the illusion hadn’t been affected, however, after visualising the Heruka, it seemed like the illusion had become much weaker. Now that Lin Feng practiced the Nine Herukas skill and started using his cosmos-burning sun, it was enough to destroy the illusion.


Lin Feng practiced his cosmos-burning sun for a while and continued to absorb pure Qi. In a flash, he could sense how powerful his physical strength was.


Sharp lights were flashing in his eyes and Lin Feng whispered: “I need three thousand rotations. I must achieve three thousand rotations.”


Lin Feng’s eyes turned pitch-black and the image of a Heruka emerged from his body and rose up in the air, the illusion was faintly discernible.


Lin Feng sat down cross-legged concentrated his soul and heart on the image of the Heruka. He was silently studying the Nine Herukas skill.


His bones were emitting cracking sounds and the strength of the Nine Herukas was circulating through his veins, Lin Feng’s skin colour started changing, but his face was deathly pale, he looked terrified.


It was extremely painful. The Nine Herukas skill would alter the molecular structure of the body, after each cycle, the mortal body would grow stronger but at the same time, the cultivator had to pay the price for it. The mortal body had to be destroyed and then reconstructed with each rotation, so practicing it was torture. So in order to become stronger, the cultivator had to suffer the pain of his body being destroyed thousands of times.


That was also the reason why the ancient body skills disappeared with time. If a cultivator could practice some extremely powerful attack skills without pain, why would they practice a body skill which was extremely painful and risked death?


But Lin Feng didn’t see things that way, the strength of the Heruka skill was incredibly powerful, if his mortal body became stronger, it could save his life.


Besides, if someone of the same cultivation layer as him attacked his body, there would be no damage at all, he would be invincible. Besides, with only one punch, he would be able to kill that person, without having to use any Qi or special technique, he could win the battle with brute force! So why wouldn’t he practice it?!


Lin Feng was immersed in his practice that he forgot about the pain and forgot about the time, in his mind, there was only one goal: become stronger. With such a monstrously powerful skill, it would never hurt to be diligent, that skill was incredible!


Lin Feng’s bones were shaking insanely, but at that moment, he was calmly enduring the pain, in his eyes, there was only the image of the Heruka. Lin Feng didn’t stop studying and a.n.a.lysing it, making the strength of the skill revolve faster and faster, thus making his body grow stronger faster.


A black light flashed across Lin Feng’s body and a subtle sound filled the air, all the light beams then disappeared and the image of the Heruka returned to his body. Lin Feng couldn’t visualise it anymore so he had to stop practicing.


He opened his eyes, they were twinkling with excitement. Lin Feng moved his hand and cracking sounds filled the air. It was astonishing.


“What a terrifying strength!”


Lin Feng had a smile on the corner of his mouth. At that moment, his Heruka Strength had rotated three thousand times giving his physical body the power of the third Xuan Qi Layer. With only one punch, he could kill a cultivator at the fourth Xuan Qi layer, besides, he didn’t need to use another skill, no technique was required, nothing, he only needed his fist to land on his enemy’s body.


Lin Feng would even be able to fight against cultivators of the fifth Xuan Qi layer in close combat, his mortal body was so strong that he didn’t need to be scared of being injured. Cultivators of the fifth Xuan Qi wouldn’t want to be punched by him, he would immediately kill them with a single blow.


Of course, that was only if he didn’t encounter anyone at the same level as him who had also practiced a powerful body skill, otherwise, Lin Feng was invincible at his level.

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