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Chapter 477: The Confrontation


The fifth envoy was stupefied, he began to stare fixedly at Lin Feng. It was the second time that Lin Feng was challenging him to a battle to the death.


Would he fight… Or not?


The fifth envoy was shaking. He had refused to fight the first time and had already lost a great deal of face. Lin Feng was challenging him again, could he refuse a second time? Especially now that the sixth envoy refused.


If he refused again, that would be a huge blow, not only to his reputation, but also to the other envoys and their reputation.


They would all be considered as cowards and weaklings, but the most important detail was that Lin Feng had only broken through to the third Xuan Qi layer.


If someone of a higher cultivation had challenged them and they refused, it would be very normal, but Lin Feng’s cultivation level was lower than theirs, he was challenging them and they were refusing, so when the rumour spread, they would seem like cowards and weaklings.


“If you’re scared to fight, just say so.” Said Lin Feng when he saw that the fifth envoy wasn’t replying. It didn’t matter either way to him.


“You must have a death wish.” Said the fifth envoy while looking at the fourth envoy to his side. Lin Feng was challenging them one after the other, so his opponents were also getting stronger as he continued, they thought that Lin Feng was definitely going to die if he continued his challenges.


“I refuse.” Said the fifth envoy finally which made Lin Feng smile radiantly.


“You refuse to fight, so stop talking s.h.i.t. You were so puffed up with pride a moment ago but now you’re running away like a coward. Anyway, you’re just another example of the trash amongst the seventh envoys.”


Lin Feng profoundly despised them after their actions. Then he continued and walked down the line to the fourth envoy.


“I, Lin Feng, can see that today each and every single one of the seventh envoys enjoys talking about their dignity and grandeur, as if the seven envoys are all incredibly amazing, but in the end its filled with weaklings and cowards.”


“I, Lin Feng from Xue Yue, challenge you, the fourth envoy, to a battle to the death.” Said Lin Feng. This was his third challenge.


Everybody remained silent. There was only Lin Feng’s voice resonating through the air. Lin Feng was challenging the fourth envoy this time, would he fight or would he back down?


If the fourth envoy didn’t fight, only the second and third envoy would remain.


Everybody was staring at the fourth envoy.


“It seems like he’s going to fight this time.”


Many people’s eyes were excited, Lin Feng was already challenging the fourth envoy, there was no reason for him to refuse.


“He won’t fight.” Said a clear voice at that moment but the fourth envoy wasn’t the one who spoke, it was Prince Feng Chen.


Feng Chen had taken the initiative to prevent the fourth envoy from accepting the challenge.


When the fourth envoy heard Feng Chen’s words, he immediately refused.


Lin Feng didn’t say anything. He didn’t need to say anything, his actions spoke louder than words. The fourth envoy had just refused, he was humiliating himself and the seven envoys.


None of the envoys dared to fight.


Lin Feng then calmly walked to the third envoy, he looked as calm and serene as before, he then said coldly: “I, Lin Feng from Xue Yue, challenge you to battle to the death.”


“Wheeewww…….” Everybody was absolutely astonished and they all involuntarily sucked in a deep breath. Lin Feng was surprisingly challenging the third envoy from Tian Feng, how aggressive and domineering!


The third envoy was ranked third but Lin Feng wasn’t scared at all, he was challenging him.


All the people from Tian Feng were stupefied. Lin Feng was being way too aggressive. He was going to get himself killed.


The third envoy had already broken through to the fifth Xuan Qi layer, they didn’t believe that Lin Feng, who was of the third Xuan Qi layer, could fight against somebody whose level was higher by two layers.


Lin Feng was courting death.


The third envoy remained silent and stood up, he then looked at Lin Feng coldly and said: “I accept your challenge.” When he finished talking, he released a deadly energy which rushed towards Lin Feng.


“After all those cowards, there’s finally someone who accepts.” Said Lin Feng while smiling indifferently. Lin Feng’s silhouette flickered and he appeared on the cultivation field outside of the pavilion, basking in the moonlight as his clothes fluttered in the cold wind.


The third envoy looked over then charged towards the cultivation field, facing Lin Feng. They were both staring at each other.


The wind was howling through the air and both fighters’ clothes were fluttering. The scariest part was that that wind seemed to contain sword energy.


The third envoy, just like Lin Feng, used swords.


“I will tell you something, if they refused to fight against you, it’s not because they are weak or cowards, it’s because they wanted you to die spectacularly under my sword.” Said the third envoy. He had a sword on his back, which he immediately unsheathed. It released a cold energy and then started dancing on the wind.


His sword was dazzling, it looked like it was dancing with the wind, it was magnificent.


However, when Lin Feng saw that magnificent sword, he smiled in an evil way.


“Wind.” His silhouette flickered and he moved like the wind. His speed was miraculous, it was as if he was a fierce gale in the atmosphere. There was no whistling sound, no sound at all, nothing.


Lin Feng’s body seemed to be weightless, he looked like he was drifting on the wind, just like a falling leaf, except his speed was incredible. In a flash, he arrived in front of the third envoy.


Lin Feng slightly rose his hand and a single finger pierced towards the third envoy. A whistling sword energy emerged from his finger and it diffused a terrifying sword energy. The sword Qi was extremely sharp.


“Huh?” The third envoy was stupefied, Lin Feng’s speed was out of this world. In a flash, he had immediately appeared in front of him.


That finger was filled with a sharp and powerful sword energy. Even though it wasn’t monstrously powerful, if it reached the third envoy’s chest, it was more than enough to kill him.


“Retreat.” The third envoy immediately moved back. His sword wasn’t dancing anymore, it had stopped in midair.


“Psssshhh…..” A subtle sound spread in the air. Lin Feng’s finger reached the third envoy and pierced his clothes and left a b.l.o.o.d.y mark across his chest. He was only struck by the fingertip from the finger attack and it almost killed him.


The third envoy moved his sword back, he was fixedly staring at Lin Feng. How dangerous… He had been careless for less than a second and had been injured by Lin Feng.


“Swords aren’t used to create spectacles.” Joked Lin Feng which stupefied the third envoy. He was surprisingly humiliating his ability to use a sword, saying that it wasn’t used to create a performance!


“I will show you the depths of my sword skills.” Said the third envoy. His sword created a silver flash in the air.


“Star Sword!” Shouted the third envoy in a deep voice. Multiple lights appeared, they looked like stars in the night, that attack looked magnificent.


Lin Feng released a terrifying deadly energy then bombarded the atmosphere with it, the ground and the air started to shake under the pressure. The deadly energy was crashing through the air, it was terrifying.


Sword intent, that deadly sword energy was filled with sword intent.


The crowd was watching the battle. The third envoy was using his star sword which transformed into a constellation of stars, it was dazzling and resplendent. However, Lin Feng’s attack was the total opposite, there was only a terrifying deadly energy.


Lin Feng’s cultivation wasn’t as high as that of the third envoy but his deadly energy made his Qi and force much more powerful. Deadly Qi was rolling all around him and merging with his deadly force.


“Boom!” The third envoy’s sword arrived in front of Lin Feng, but all the stars in the third envoy’s attack started to explode and were devoured by the deadly energy.


Lin Feng took a step forward and another explosion spread through the air. His black deadly energy swallowed the stars until only blackness remained.


Then, Lin Feng’s deadly energy formed into a black sword. Lin Feng’s attacks were becoming more and more terrifying.


“Infinite Constellation!” Shouted the third envoy. His sword streaked across the sky. What seemed like a rain of silver asteroids started to fall from the sky.


“Boom!” Lin Feng dashed forward, his black energy was crashing against the silver lights, annihilating everything in his path.


“Lacerate!” Shouted Lin Feng furiously. His black sword collided with the asteroids of the third envoy’s attack as a storm of deadly energy invaded the atmosphere.


“Nine-Star Annihilation!” Shouted the third envoy. Nine stars formed and shot forward in rapid succession. It was dazzling, the lights illuminated everything. They seemed like they held the destructive power of a supernova.


“Lacerate!” in Feng’s black sword shone again. A rumbling sound spread through the air and a strong wind filled with deadly energy rushed forward. The third envoy continued to close in on Lin Feng with each attack. He had to kill Lin Feng, but the force of his nine-star annihilation was growing weaker and weaker.


However, at that moment, in the middle of the black deadly energy, Lin Feng slowly raised his left hand, revealing a black lotus. It looked calm and tranquil.


That black lotus followed Lin Feng’s movements and moved towards the third envoy. The monstrous deadly energy created a storm as the lotus drifted through the air.

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