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Chapter 459: Flames!
Translated by: Notsaneinthebrain
Edited by: LikyLiky


Lin Feng was still killing his way through the group of fire wolves while Meng Qing and Nuo Na were rushing towards Tianya Haige.


But at that moment, the gate was closed and showed no signs of movement. Besides, at the top of the gate, there were a great number of people. They were all from Tianya Haige. Since the wolves had emerged, the strongest cultivators of the city would gather at the city walls in preparation to defend against the wolves.


There were also a number of talented young people on the walls. They were all particularly excited to show everyone their capabilities, at the same time, it would serve as vital battle experience for them.


When they saw Meng Qing and Nuo Na beneath the gate, they all looked at them with cold and detached gazes. They didn’t say a word, they just calmly watched the pair.


“Gentlemen, I am Nuo Na from the desert tribes, this is my friend, Meng Qing. I hope that you will allow us to enter the city.” Said Nuo Na to those people but they remained silent. They were still looking at them with the same cold and detached glares.


The atmosphere filled with an oppressive silence which made Nuo Na’s face grow pale. It seemed like she had guessed right, entering the city was impossible.


“I beg you to let us into the city.” Said Nuo Na pitifully. She started to kowtow when she saw that they were unmoved. She had started begging them.


“The people from the tribes are all weak, how would you possibly make it through that sea of wolves to reach the city?” Said one them in a cold tone. They didn’t believe that these two were human which made Nuo Na even more desperate.


“Gentlemen, please, you must believe us.” Said Nuo Na again, she was trying her best to convince them. Lin Feng was still fighting against the fire wolves, if they didn’t enter the city soon, they would be surrounded and killed by the wolves. No matter what, they had to enter the city.


“How could we believe such a thing?” Said someone in a mocking tone. Nuo Na turned her head and saw a young man leaning against a wall. In his hand, there was an arched saber. He was looking at Nuo Na and Meng Qing with an evil and ferocious gaze.


The two women looked very attractive, especially the one with the fine veil covering her face.


“Fire wolves can take the form of humans, but they are still beasts, you should take off all your clothes and show everybody that you are really human, that’s the only way for us to verify your humanity. Then we will open the gates for you.” Said the young man with an evil tone. In a flash, everybody started laughing.


“Sir Que Yue is right. Take off your clothes and we’ll be able to verify your humanity. If you are able to meet our requirements, we will open the gates to the city.” Added someone else.


“Indeed, we’re all watching, hurry up and remove your clothes.” Jeered one person after the other which stupefied Nuo Na. Besides, Meng Qing had already started releasing her ice energy.


The people of Tianya Haige were all extremely strong cultivators, and the weak were always the prey of the strong. Even on the streets, a murder could happen at any time. If someone didn’t have the power to protect themselves, no matter if it was for a precious item or a love interest, they would lose their life because of it. Nuo Na was well aware of that.


Tianya Haige was a desert city ruled by strong cultivators from the desert, it was a city where the laws of the jungle reigned supreme. The city was savage and lawless, the streets were filled with robbery and death. Those who didn’t have a powerful background, those who didn’t have enough strength, would be forced out of the city. Only the strong could survive inside this city.


The cultivators on the walls were shocked when they sensed Meng Qing’s ice energy.


“Hmm… That woman seems good, she looks tasty. I want to verify her ident.i.ty in my private chambers.” Said Sir Que Yue while standing up. As he spoke, everybody burst into laughter.


“Die!” A terrifying ice energy burst into the air. Meng Qing’s silhouette flickered and she shot towards the wall, she threw herself towards Sir Que Yue.


When Nuo Na saw that Meng Qing was attacking the people from Tianya Haige, her face turned even paler, there was no longer any chance of them entering the city.


Nuo Na turned her head and saw a group of wolves in the distance. There were countless sand clouds filling the air, Nuo Na noticed a silhouette in one of the sand clouds, it was Lin Feng.


When Nuo Na saw Lin Feng, she started to regain her confidence, she had an absolute faith in Lin Feng.


“Huh?” The crowd suddenly noticed a powerful Qi moving towards them. They raised their heads and looked into the distance. Immediately, they saw Lin Feng who had a cloud of sand trailing behind him.




A sand cloud rose into the air as Lin Feng jumped into the air, shooting directly towards Sir Que Yue.


“Stop!” A figure shot into the air, that person was attempting to stop Lin Feng.


At that moment, a terrifying deadly energy filled the sky. It was astonishing.


The person who had just jumped into the air was confronted by the terrifying deadly energy, he quickly regretted his decision. He wished he had never gotten involved.


“Die!” The deadly energy whistled through the air, the person looked terrified and his eyes filled with endless regret. His body was enveloped by the deadly energy which made his heart leap from his chest. A powerful sword Qi rapidly shot through the air, the people on the walls were terrified, the sword was so fast that none of them felt they were able to stop it.


“Pssssshhh…” At that moment, the person’s body was sliced in two halves as blood rained down from the sky.


Who was that young man?! How brutal, how violent! He didn’t understand the meaning of mercy.


In Tianya Haige, there was no law, the weak could only suffer at the hands of the strong. Everybody in the city enjoyed picking on those weaker than themselves and the weakest of them could only suffer the abuse in silence. When Meng Qing and Nuo Na arrived, Nuo Na had begged which amused the people on the walls. They mocked them, and they disregarded them as weak. However, when Lin Feng arrived, he didn’t waste any words before ruthlessly killing, which left them speechless. n.o.body was making jokes anymore, they were terrified.


This was the cruel law of the jungle where strength and ruthlessness were king.


“Boom!” A gigantic collision sound spread through the air. Meng Qing and Sir Que Yue’s power collided and they were both propelled backwards, however, Lin Feng immediately caught Meng Qing and placed her onto the ground.


“Are you alright?” Asked Lin Feng to Meng Qing. Meng Qing nodded, but she still looked ice-cold.


“Leave it to me.” Said Lin Feng indifferently. He turned his head and looked at the people on the walls. He rose into the air and released a terrifying deadly energy.


When the crowd saw Lin Feng’s eyes, they all felt a shiver run down their spine. Those eyes were so cold, these were the eyes of a killer.


It seemed like the girl they had just humiliated was his woman.


Lin Feng turned his head and looked towards Sir Que Yue which left him stupefied. He also stared at Lin Feng.


Lin Feng condensed a sword in his hand, the edges of the sword were engulfed by a terrifying black flame.


Lin Feng’s entire body was covered in terrifying black flames. His grim fire seemed like it was able to burn the world to ashes.


Sir Que Yue looked respectful when facing Lin Feng. He unsheathed his arched saber which diffused a desolate light, it looked like a crescent moon which could illuminate the earth.


Lin Feng charged forward without a word, his deadly energy would do the talking.


His energy was growing more powerful with each movement and his sword grew more dazzling. The crowd was hypnotized by the terrifying black flames which surrounded his body. As the sun shone upon Lin Feng’s body, it surprisingly increased Lin Feng’s power.


Lin Feng rushed forward, he had condensed all of his energy into grim fire, there were only the black flames remaining.


“BOOM!” Lin Feng’s black flames grew wilder as they increased in power. Everybody’s heart was on edge.


“What happened?!”


“He just broke through to the next layer!”


Everyone was speechless. Lin Feng’s had turned all of his energy into grim fire which engulfed his body in flames, the sun that was shining on his body transformed into Qi which caused his flames to continuously grow stronger, but he unexpectedly used this to break through the barrier into the next Xuan Qi layer.


“How terrifying!”


“He broke through to the next cultivation layer while fighting!”


Lin Feng had to fight so many intense battles that he didn’t have time to quietly cultivate to the next Xuan Qi layer. So he broke through in the middle of a fight, causing his strength to surge! The situation was becoming extremely dangerous for Sir Que Yue!

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