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Chapter 458: The Myriad of Black Lotuses
Translated by: Notsaneinthebrain
Edited by: LikyLiky


Lin Feng and his group were still running at full speed, leaving only a cloud of dust in their wake. In the distance, there was a gigantic gate entered their vision. They were almost at Tianya Haige. 


“We are almost there.” Whispered Nuo Na. The journey had been extremely tiring yet enriching as well. Lin Feng’s battles had given her countless insights and advancements on her path of cultivation. The strongest cultivators that Nuo Na had ever encountered in the past were at the Ling Qi layer, including her father, but Lin Feng was fearlessly fighting against Xuan level fire wolves as they ran. 


It was no longer the ferocious beasts that were killing humans, it was Lin Feng who was killing ferocious beasts. On top of that, Lin Feng would absorb the fire crystals that acted as their core after each battle, Nuo Na had never thought things like absorbing an opponent’s Qi were possible.


Nuo Na sighed. Strong cultivators had many abilities and were able to do whatever they wished. If she had been extremely strong, she could also fight against those fire wolves and receive benefits.


Unfortunately, the strongest cultivators were from the city of Tianya Haige. Only if the wolf king chose to attack the city, would they emerge to fight, otherwise, they would not take action. They would let the tribes of the desert be devoured by the fire wolves. That was the cruel reality of the world, people were only able to protect themselves, they weren’t able to protect everyone. They were by no means saints and would not sacrifice themselves to save the desert tribes.


“Aawwooooo……. Aawwoooo……..” Wolves were howling from every direction which caused Lin Feng to frown and narrow his eyes. There was a cold light in his eyes. 


“It’s a wolf pack.” Whispered Lin Feng. This pack of fire wolves had gathered near Tianya Haige, they were waiting to enter the city and slaughter the people, therefore they began gathering outside the city. They were all staring at the city, waiting for their army to gather, then they would begin their siege.


“Awwwoooo…” The unceasing howls of the wolves were painful to people’s ears. It seemed like they were calling out for all the wolves to gather. Every wolf was howling together. When the people heard the howls, a chill invaded their hearts. Those wolves were all howling at the sky, it was terrifying.


“A wolf pack!” Nuo Na’s face turned deathly pale. Tianya Haige was surrounded by wolves… This wolf pack would be more like an army, there were no words to describe her fear. 


A wolf pack wasn’t the same as a few wolves, they would all work together and none of them feared death, just like the group from the Wolves of the Desert that fought against Lin Feng. Even if they knew that they would die by Lin Feng’s hands, they would still fearlessly lunge towards him as a pack. 


The more wolves there were, the more terrifying the pack became, as their numbers grew, so did their fearlessness. Besides, in each wolf pack, there was always a leader which was much stronger than the rest of the wolves. 


As Lin Feng and the others approached Tianya Haige, they noticed that the desert became flat, but because it was flat, Lin Feng’s group could clearly see the wolves that were gathering. A myriad of ominous eyes all looked hungrily towards their group. 


But Lin Feng continued to run forward, he didn’t stop even for an instance, he too was fearless, it was as if the wolves were invisible to him. 


“Meng Qing, take Nuo Na to the city! I will open a path!” Said Lin Feng. Meng Qing slightly nodded, they couldn’t afford to waste time. 


“Die!” Shouted Lin Feng while releasing a terrifying deadly energy. Lin Feng charged forward with an incredible speed, he looked like he had gone berserk. 


“Aaawwwooo…..” When that wolf pack saw a human charging towards them, they couldn’t help but grow even more ferocious. A countless amount of sharp claws made their way through the air as they slashed towards him. 


Suddenly, Lin Feng slammed his feet down and jumped into the air, leaving a large crater where his feet had been. 


Pure sun Qi was released as flames started to engulf his body. The sun was shining down onto his flaming figure as a dazzling light shone around him. 


“Lacerate!” Shouted Lin Feng in a deep voice. Inside that dazzling light, Lin Feng’s figure had disappeared, only his sword was in sight, a scorching sword.


“GGGGRRRR!” The wolves started to growl aggressively towards the sky. Many of them even threw themselves towards Lin Feng. They wanted to kill Lin Feng but under the pressure that was released from his body, the wolves felt like they were going to be ripped to shreds. Lin Feng’s sword and energy had frightened a number of the wolves. 


Lin Feng’s sword descended from the sky, it seemed like the entire sun had been condensed inside that sword which sliced through the wolves in its path. It seemed like the sun had fallen from the sky and was crashing down towards the wolves. 




“Awooooooooo…..” The howling from the wolves sounded like the wailing from ghosts. A myriad of wolves had been lacerated by Lin Feng’s sword and a crevice had been cut deep into the ground. The crevice was so wide and deep that a great number of the weaker wolves fell into the abyss. 


“Let’s go!” Said Lin Feng in a low voice. Meng Qing reacted very quickly and ran forward, she jumped through the air like a graceful G.o.ddess. Even in a situation where their lives were on the line, Meng Qing still had a graceful aura.


Lin Feng jumped through the air and appeared in front of Meng Qing. His sword condensed in his hand, and the wolves started to back away, which enabled Lin Feng to open a path to the city. Meng Qing dragged Nuo Na behind her as she ran from the wolves.


“Aaawwwoooooo…..!” Terrifying howls filled the air. The wolves wanted to chase them but Lin Feng quickly turned and stopped in the air with a dangerous light in his eyes. His eyes were ice-cold and emotionless as he glared at the wolf pack. 


Lin Feng started to release his grim fire, in front of Lin Feng a black lotus was forming. 


That black lotus was filled with powerful grim fire which was condensed into the form of a lotus, its power was terrifying. 


Those wolves could sense the power fluctuations coming from the black lotus as it formed. They quickly stopped chasing Meng Qing and Nuo Na, they were all watching Lin Feng and at his black lotus. 


Lin Feng was also looking at that wolf pack. Across the vast desert, he was able to see the flames coming from the gathered wolves, there were countless wolves gathered outside the city, each cl.u.s.ter had around a thousand wolves. Lin Feng’s eyes had turned black and he slowly closed his eyes. He then released a number of surplus souls which merged with his black lotus. 


It caused the black lotus grow much larger and more powerful with each soul. As the lotus grew, the powerful deadly energy started to run rampant and invade the atmosphere.


“Break!” Said Lin Feng. In a flash, the black lotus split apart and formed into a myriad of black lotuses. After the large black lotus split into the smaller lotuses, their power once again grew calm, if a single black lotus contained too much power, Lin Feng would have trouble controlling it. The lotuses then split again into small black lotuses. 


The sky was filled with countless small black lotuses, the power of a single black lotus was more powerful than these wolves.


Lin Feng’s eyes were still closed. His complexion looked pale and his brow had formed into a frown, however, his face looked more determined than ever. 


His lips trembled as Lin Feng started to speak. 


“Annihilation!” Shouted Lin Feng. His terrifying deadly energy filled the air, it seemed like the black lotuses were an army unleashing their battle cry, they immediately charged towards the wolves. 


The howls of the wolves were still unceasing. They threw themselves towards the black lotuses, some of them even tried to swallow a black lotus whole, but after swallowing them, a monstrous black fire would disintegrate their bodies. Very quickly, the red sea of howling fire wolves had turned into a black sea filled with shrieks of agony. 


Over a thousand fire wolves had been burnt to ashes, it seemed like the black flames wanted to burn the entire desert. Luckily, n.o.body noticed it, otherwise they would have been terrified. 


Lin Feng was deathly pale and sweat was dripping from his brow. He looked completely exhausted. 


Lin Feng gnashed his teeth, his senses were extremely acute to his surroundings.


“Show yourself!” Shouted Lin Feng evilly. Several black lotuses were floating around Lin Feng. Each of these lotuses contained more power than the smaller ones used a moment before.


“Go!” Shouted Lin Feng in a deep voice. The black lotuses condensed together and rushed through the air towards their target. 

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