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Chapter 1363

Chapter 1363: The Demon Shrine

“An innate immortal body can be extremely powerful.” figured Lin Feng. Lin Feng was standing behind the envoy of the Demon Shrine, but n.o.body paid attention to him because everyone was staring at the young man on the ninth floor.

The Demon Shrine seemed suitable for that young man who was an expert at fighting since there wasn’t a battle shrine.

The young man looked calm and serene, his mouth twitched, making all the envoy nervous.

“I choose the Demon Shrine!” said the young man who had an immortal king-type body.

The Demon Shrine’s envoy looked at the young man with his pitch-black eyes and smiled indifferently. The other envoys seemed disappointed, especially the envoy of the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine. The young man had ended up there by crossing the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine and now he had chosen the Demon Shrine.

The young man then landed behind the Demon Shrine’s envoy and behind Lin Feng.

The Demon Shrine’s envoy turned around and was happy to see that n.o.body had left his shrine. Those who had gone through the Demon Shrine probably all studied demon cultivation.

The Demon Shrine didn’t lose anyone and they had won two people even. The envoy didn’t pay any attention to Lin Feng. His eyes were pitch-black which meant he was probably a demon cultivator.

“Congratulations and

welcome!” said the envoy smiling to Lin Feng and the young man, but he was really only looking at the young man.

“Alright, everybody can go back to their shrine!” said the Demon Shrine’s envoy indifferently. He was happy for the king-type body was extremely rare. The future of the Demon Shrine was going to be bright.

Needless to say, the other envoys were quite disappointed.

The Ice and Snow Shrine’s envoy glanced at Lin Feng now and then. Lin Feng also had a king-type body, the body of a warrior. He also had many special powers, demonic and sword powers mainly. He had tried to inspect Lin Feng’s memories, but he couldn’t because of the Fortune Shrine’s imprint in his brain.

He didn’t know exactly what special body Lin Feng had, but was it similar to the immortal king body?

He initially wanted to harm Lin Feng, but in the end he thought it wasn’t necessary. Yi Ren Lei was his girlfriend and had risked her life to protect him. If Yi Ren Lei stayed in the Ice and Snow Shrine, even if Lin Feng became a peerless cultivator, he would never harm the Ice and Snow Shrine.

“There was another reason for gathering here, we also wanted to see how strong the young cultivators were.” said the Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine’s envoy. The young cultivators there were incredibly strong,

strong, especially those on the eighth floor. If the young man with the immortal king body had joined them, it would have been perfect.

“He seems unhappy.” thought the other envoys. The young people they recruited now were going to determine the future of their shrines. They actually didn’t need to compare their strength now though.

“No need.” said the Demon Shrine’s envoy.

“Maybe we could just give a try, for example, we could choose a few people from the seventh floor.” said the Fire Shrine’s envoy smiling.

“I don’t mind choosing one person.” said the Ice and Snow Shrine’s envoy indifferently.

“Let’s go!” said the Demon Shrine’s envoy, turning around and ignoring the others. The Empty s.p.a.ce Shrine’s envoy was upset, but he smiled all the same.

Lin Feng nodded at Yi Ren Lei and said to her using telepathy, “See you in Ba Huang Province!”

Yi Ren Lei watched as Lin Feng left. The next time they’d see each other would be in Ba Huang and the hundred day period would be over!

There were fifteen people in the Demon Shrine, plus Lin Feng and the young man with the king body: eleven people on the seventh floor, three on the eighth and one on the ninth.

The Demon Shrine already closed, the other shrines closed as well.

“What floor were you before? Just go

Just go to the same floor. Those who are on the eighth floor can go to the seventh as they wish, those on the ninth floor can go to any floor.” said the Demon Shrine’s envoy, nodding at the young man with the king body. He was the only one who could go to the ninth floor. The envoy was about to bring him back to the real Demon Shrine, so he didn’t want to let him get away in the last few seconds.

He didn’t mind letting the young man go to the ninth floor, but not the others. He wanted to wait and see who was actually qualified to go to the real Demon Shrine. He needed to see who could pa.s.s his tests, then he could give them opportunities.

The other shrines were the same, they couldn’t let just anyone access their most precious treasures through talent alone.

They didn’t take risks except if they noticed if someone had a king-type body.

“I want to go to the eighth floor.” said someone, making the envoy turned around.

Lin Feng was the one had spoken up. He hadn’t said anything the whole time, he wasn’t even angry that the envoy had ignored him the whole time. But of course, Lin Feng still wanted to go and see the eighth floor though. He had come to the Demon Shrine, so he had so he had to benefit from it to the fullest, otherwise, he would have stayed in the Ice and Snow Shrine.

The envoy looked at Lin Feng and smiled, “Show me how good you are at demon cultivation!”

Lin Feng took a step, looked at the envoy, and then his eyes became even darker. He released demon intent through his eyes.

The envoy looked at Lin Feng and nodded, “Alright, I’ll create a path from the seventh to the eighth floor. If you pa.s.s the test, you’ll be able to go to the eighth floor.”

“I’ll also leave an imprint in your brains. That way, if you come back to the Demon Shrine, you can use that imprint to prove that you’re members of this shrine. Also, I’ll create teleportation portals on the seventh and eighth floor which you can use.” said the envoy. Then, he opened his third eye and transmitted imprints to those fifteen people’s third eyes. Only the young man with the king body didn’t receive it.

After that, the envoy waved. Then, Lin Feng was suddenly surrounded by a dark aura.

“With that aura, n.o.body will dare attack you. It proves you’re a member of the Demon Shrine.” said the envoy to Lin Feng.


n.o.body said anything, they simply just entered the shrine. Lin Feng followed and went into the central part of the seventh floor!

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