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Chapter 1359

Chapter 1359: Demonic Tragedy

“Kill!” yelled Yi Ren Lei. Her ice abstruse energies penetrated that cultivator’s body.

“Kaboom!” they exploded as the ice expanded inside him. Though, a gigantic ice-hand bombarded her chest and propelled her away. She crashed against Lin Feng, feeling she was going to freeze over. She couldn’t condense energies anymore.

Now there were only four people left. Three of whom were cultivators of the sixth Zun Qi layer, which were more than enough to kill her.

They had to kill that girl first. Even though she was beautiful, they couldn’t afford losing because of her.

Yi Ren Lei stretched out her slender white hands and touched Lin Feng’s cheeks, smiling, “I’m sure you can win. Don’t forget that you said I’d become the Ice and Snow G.o.ddess someday and that you’d make love to me then.”

Lin Feng came back to his senses and suddenly felt invigorated. Strength flew throughout his body again as his blood condensed again.

“To h.e.l.l with your bulls.h.i.t!” shouted a cultivator. Then, a gigantic ice-hand descended from the sky with the intention of killing Yi Ren Lei.

“Boom!” Ice began covering Yi Ren Lei.

“Die!” the gloomy cauldron appeared again and began vomiting ice energies in Yi Ren Lei’s direction.

Yi Ren Lei could barely block the attack, her bones broke under the pressure. However, it seemed like she didn’t feel the pain. Her arm was frozen, so she used it to block the attack. No matter what, she stood in front of Lin Feng and protected him.

Lin Feng looked at her, flames appearing inside his demonic eyes.

“My love, you can do it!” said Yi Ren Lei. She turned around. Lin Feng saw her deathly pale face, but she was still smiling.

“Boom boom boom!” Another person attacked, wanting to kill Yi Ren Lei. They had to kill her first and then they could join hands to kill Lin Feng. Whoever killed Yi Ren Lei wasn’t important, the most important thing would be, who killed Lin Feng?

“s.e.x, l.u.s.t, debauchery, depravation, heat, come!” Yi Ren Lei was suddenly bathing in the flames of l.u.s.t. Those energies contained ice cold energies, actually, ice and fire were fusing together. The four men looked at Yi Ren Lei with a throbbing pa.s.sion, a fire started burning inside them.

“Boom!” A

A terrifying hand bombarded Yi Ren Lei. Her six desires spell seemed like it was going to freeze over, but it didn’t, and she said, “Illusion!”

Those people were then taken in by her illusion.

“Kacha!” Yi Ren Lei was slowly freezing. She hid behind Lin Feng to avoid dying from the cold energies. Even with her six desires attack, she couldn’t do much.

“Kill!” shouted Yi Ren Lei. She suddenly rose up in the air, condensed ice in her hand, and punched on of them while they were still stuck in the illusion. He immediately died, but at the same time, someone else attacked her, throwing her into a wall violently. Her organs were gravely injured. Then, she softly fell down and crashed onto the ground. She looked like she was asleep, her hair was frozen.

She was on the ground, lying below Lin Feng’s feet. It seemed like she was looking up at him with smile, a smile that would never disappear from her face.

“My love, remember your promise!” said Yi Ren Lei with a weak voice

Flames appeared in Lin Feng’s eyes again. Then, he fused together with the Netherworld Demon Emperor’s consciousness.
Emperor’s consciousness.

Die? He couldn’t die, he still had Meng Qing. She had always stayed with him since the Black Wind Mountain, Xin Ye, Yue Xin, Liu Fei, Xiao Ya, his family members, he also had to find You You. He couldn’t let Yi Ren Lei die in front of him like that!

He suddenly looked like a real demon, like he was offering his soul to the devil.

Demonic intent overwhelmed his body.

“Boom!” The three cultivators threw themselves at Lin Feng now that n.o.body was blocking them anymore.

“Kaboom!” The gloomy cauldron moved towards Lin Feng, but a gigantic ice-hand appeared next to it.

“p.i.s.s off!” he shouted furiously. He punched the cauldron, making it fly away, and then he smiled ferociously. He was going to kill Lin Feng!

An icy-finger moved towards Lin Feng like a needle darting through the air. However, he started shaking once he saw Lin Feng’s eyes. Those eyes alone were affecting his determination. He suddenly stopped as the nine netherworlds song resonated in his brain. He was suddenly overwhelmed by demonic intent. Just as he was about to reach Lin Feng, he stopped and slowly turned around. Then, he around. Then, he threw himself at the person behind him.

“Your life is mine!” shouted the cultivator. He released a five-fingered attack which was as sharp as blades and killed the demon slave. Now, there was only Lin Feng.

“Ice-Cold G.o.dly Fingers, destroy!” shouted the last one. He wasn’t going to give Lin Feng any chances. He closed his eyes and attacked Lin Feng.

“Kill!” A demonic hissed. Lin Feng was starting to freeze, but the consciousness of the Netherworld Demon Emperor hadn’t disappeared from him yet.

“Bzzz!” The nine netherworlds demon consciousness broke apart and dispersed as it collided with the ice. Now, Lin Feng’s eyes didn’t contain the energy of the nine netherworlds anymore, they only contained his own demonic consciousness.

Lin Feng’s frozen body ran forwards, explosions sounded as he condensed energies and a demon appeared. The room was entirely filled with demonic energies once that demon appeared.

“He’s broken through to the second Zun Qi layer!” that person was dumbstruck. His face turned deathly pale as Lin Feng’s demonic intent became even stronger. He felt like he was facing a demon king, or even the devil, definitely not a demon cultivator!

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