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Chapter 1292

Chapter 1292: Peeling Off A Page

“Emperor, what’s wrong with my special body and spirit?” asked Lin Feng. Qiong Qi, just like the diviner, probably knew something about Lin Feng’s special body, and his celestial book spirit also seemed particular.

“What’s wrong? There’s nothing wrong, you’re very strong. Your special body and your spirit are closely interconnected, your spirit determines your special body actually!” said Qiong Qi like it was a fact. Lin Feng also knew that was common, he had noticed that a few times, for example: Si Kong Xiao’s spirit was the Celestial Vision, and his special body was characterized by his celestial eyes.

“Alright, we have some things to do right now.” said Qiong Qi even though Lin Feng still had questions.

“Lin Feng, you can’t release that spirit in front of other people, otherwise they’ll kill you. Also, don’t show everyone everything you can do when you fight. If you use several types of abstruse energies, plus your sword skills and techniques, plus your demon and cursing skills and techniques, some stronger cultivators will be able to guess what kind of spirit you have.” said Qiong Qi looking at the sky. 

“By the way, you’ve been hiding who you are and it’s perfect that way. From now on, you and the black mage are two different people. Don’t let anyone find out that you’re

the black mage. Of course, it’s also difficult to completely hide who you are, so you can show a little, for example that you know several sorts of abstruse energies!”

“Several sorts of abstruse energies!” whispered Lin Feng. Qiong Qi nodded and said, “Even though it’s quite complicated, some geniuses can manage to learn up to ten sorts of abstruse energies. Ba Huang Province is too small and you haven’t seen much of the world yet. For example, even though the celestial dragon body is a special body, it’s an extremely bad one.”

“Believe me, people who can become great emperors all have a special body, a very, very powerful one. Even if emperors have a special body, understanding several sorts of abstruse energies is still important.” explained Yan Di. Lin Feng’s mouth twitched, “What you mean to say is that my special body is better than understanding ten different types of abstruse energies and that I can’t let people know about it?”

“You come from a tiny country, Xue Yue, you should be an insignificant insect, but you have amazed the whole province of Ba Huang, but you’re still too weak. You’re slowly becoming stronger, but you still need to understand more things. We’ll have to continue traveling around the continent.” said Qiong Qi. 

“I think that if you find the three lives scriptures, you should definitely study them,

them, it would be a great decision.” whispered Qiong Qi. If Lin Feng found the three lives scriptures, he would then have three bodies in one and he would be able to practice lots of different skills and techniques. He would also be able to hide, n.o.body would need to know that the two other people were Lin Feng.

Qiong Qi looked at Lin Feng’s spirit and said, “The third page of your spirit is a black fire, but the fire from the nine netherworlds demon lotus needs to be mine. Turn to the fourth page and use it for the nine netherworlds demon lotus.”

“Invoke the fourth page?” said Lin Feng stupefied. 

“You moron, have you never tried?” said Qiong Qi rolling his eyes. What an idiot, he didn’t even know how to use his spirit properly.

“If you have a book spirit, you can invoke pages, otherwise, what would be the point?” said Qiong Qi grinding his teeth. Lin Feng laughed, he had never tried.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the dazzling book floating in the air.

“Appear!” shouted Lin Feng. The fourth page from his book started shaking violently and a desolate world of darkness appeared.

“It worked!” Lin Feng was staring at the celestial book spirit.

Lin Feng began using his celestial book spirit to absorb the lights around him.

around him. His desolate, dark world wasn’t dark anymore, it was suddenly filled with colors. The fourth page shook and shook and finally, it tore away from book and appeared in the sky.

Lin Feng could sense that the connection between the golden page and him was very strong. The connection between the soul and the body was made through the spirit. Just like the celestial eyes or the silver wings, his celestial book spirit could also be evoked.

“If you were my disciple, I would slap you!” said Qiong Qi annoyed. Surprisingly, Lin Feng had never tried to invoke his spirit!

Lin Feng smiled wryly.

“So now, you understand what you have to do, right?” Qiong Qi rasied his head and looked at the demon lotus and the black flames.

“The cultivators at the top of the Zun Qi layer from the Qi Clan couldn’t take it, are you sure I can with just one page?” asked Lin Feng in a low voice.

“What is on that page?” asked Qiong Qi. Lin Feng nodded, the golden page became bigger. It didn’t look like a golden page anymore, it looked like a desolate field with strange marks on the ground. He had copied those marks from the palace in Tiantai. Lin Feng only now realized that they had turned into marks in that desolate world.

Rumbling sounds appeared as sounds appeared as demonic energies rose up and blotted out the sky. The desolate world moved towards the nine netherworlds demon lotus. As if the demon lotus sensed something, it started shaking and created an even more intense demon-fire. Many people looked in that direction again.

“Bzzz!” the nine netherworlds demon lotus rose up in the air and Lin Feng shouted, “Take!”

Rumbling sounds appeared as the gigantic desolate world moved towards the nine netherworlds demon lotus and enveloped it. Whistling sounds went far and wide.

At that moment, many people looked at the lotus which was now moving into an empty s.p.a.ce!

They were astonished as they saw a desolate world seemingly enveloping the lotus. It looked like a vast field and a book at the same time.

“Bzzz!” The desolate field enveloped the demon fire and then the field moved back into the darkness.

“Someone is using a precious treasure to steal the demon fire!” thought the crowd. Surprisingly, someone had managed to steal the demon fire after they all ran away. The desolate area they saw had to be a treasure.

“Boom!” Some silhouettes rose up in the air and moved back in that direction. Someone had taken it already, so that was even better. Now, they would just have to kill the one who had obtained it and they might get an imperial weapon with it!

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