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Chapter 1282

Chapter 1282: Demon Determination Rising to the Skies

“The nine netherworld are resonating in unison!” The source of the nine netherworlds had appeared in Lin Feng’s pitch-black pupils. He smiled in a resplendent way.

“Rise!” said Lin Feng. In a flash, the demon body slowly stood up, its demonic intent was rising to the skies, its pitch-black pupils looked ice-cold, and he looked emotionless.

“Nine netherworlds energies, you’re mine!” thought Lin Feng smiling with satisfaction. He turned around and looked at the strong cultivators surrounded by demonic energies. The Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song had taken control of their bodies.

“Kneel down!” said Lin Fen. His voice resonated in the room as all the demon slaves knelt down.

“Stand up!” said Lin Feng glancing at them. Not only could he use the energies from the demon songs, but he could also control those who had turned into demon slaves.

Everybody stood up after his command.

“Imperial scriptures are incredible, even though I only have the strength of the ninth Tian Qi layer, those energies completely purified my demonic strength. I can now pollute low level Zun cultivators’ pure Qi. I can also use even more powerful skills now.” thought Lin Feng. Now, even if he used his cosmos-burning sun technique, which came from Tian level scriptures, it would never be as powerful as his demonic intent.

“My cosmos-burning sun technique is not powerful enough. I need to find some scriptures to replace it.”

thought Lin Feng.

Lin Feng glanced around, apart from the marks and the demonic patterns, that place had nothing of interest. That was just a place where the Netherworld Demon Emperor came to practice cultivation. The Netherworld Demon Emperor wouldn’t bring his treasures to that room. Lin Feng was probably right, that the Netherworld Demon Emperor and Empress Xi had their treasures with them, or maybe on Empress Xi’s body which the Netherworld Demon Emperor had taken with him when he left.

There were some other marks inside the palace hall, but they weren’t useful for Lin Feng because he couldn’t understand them. To understand all the marks written by great emperors, he had to at least have the strength of a cultivation emperor.

“Boom boom boom!” At that moment, the demon palace shook violently, as if a mountain was collapsing. Lin Feng raised his head.

“They couldn’t stay in here so they want to destroy the palace!” whispered Lin Feng. Those people who had left were attacking the palace. Since they couldn’t defeat Lin Feng and since they couldn’t do anything interesting in the palace, they wanted to destroy it while Lin Feng was still inside.

Lin Feng raised his hands and broke a gigantic piece of wall which was falling above his head. The demon palace was already starting to collapse.

“Boom!” Terrifying explosions sounded and Lin Feng could sense the terrifyingly oppressive energies all around him. Then, he saw a silhouette enter

enter the palace hall, it was Qing Meng Xin. Why hadn’t she left already?

“Come here!” said Lin Feng to Qing Meng Xin. Her silhouette flickered and she arrived next to Lin Feng. Lin Feng controlled the demon slaves around them to hold up the walls of the hall.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at the thread of consciousness left by Netherworld Demon Emperor, then he shouted, “Come in!”

The emperor’s thread of consciousness turned into a light which penetrated into Lin Feng’s G.o.dly awareness.

“Boom boom boom!” Finally, the hall collapsed. Lin Feng could already see many people above him, a bunch of Zun cultivators. Many of them had been in the demon palace before and had left upset.

“Are you dead or alive!” shouted the crowd when they saw the demon slaves in the middle of the ruins. The Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song had influenced so many people and it had killed just as many.

“Are you blind?” asked Lin Feng glancing at those people.

“How conceited. You think that because you killed a few low level Zun cultivators, you’re stronger than everyone else? What treasure did you find that made you break through to the ninth Tian Qi layer?” said that cultivator. He was a cultivator of the fourth Zun Qi layer.

“The Netherworld Demon Emperor’s imperial treasures, if you want them, come and get them!” said Lin Feng releasing terrifying demonic intent. His demonic energies also contained cursing energies.
cursing energies.

“You’re acting recklessly, since it’s that way, you’ll have to die!” said that cultivator. He turned into a whirlwind and descended from the sky towards Lin Feng. His grey whirlwind turned into a gigantic blade which moved towards Lin Feng.

He was using wind abstruse energies and his wind abstruse energies were level four.

“Die!” said Lin Feng. His demonic Qi rose to the skies, his eyes were pitch-black, ice-cold, filled with murder. Then, he threw himself at the enemy. The opponent was surprised. Lin Feng’s demonic energies had corroded his fighting determination.

“Wind Wounds, Lacerate!” shouted that cultivator furiously. Sharp winds moved towards Lin Feng, lacerating the s.p.a.ce around them on their way. Qing Meng Xin raised her head, she looked terrified.

“Kacha!” the ground cracked. It was difficult to look at his attacks, however, Lin Feng wasn’t affected. He dodged the attack which then landed a few millimeters away from him. At the same time, the cultivator of the fourth Zun Qi layer also landed in front of Lin Feng.

“Can you take my life?” asked Lin Feng jumping towards him. Demonic lights emerged from his eyes. His opponent was caught off-guard, Lin Feng’s demonic intent was affecting his determination. It seemed to be losing his sight. However, even though he could barely stand it, he didn’t close his eyes. Blood dripped from his eyes from the struggle.

“Curse!” said Lin Feng. The ground shook as more cracks appeared. Cursing energies emerged Cursing energies emerged from his eyes and fused together with his enemy’s soul.

“Kneel down!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He could sense that his enemy’s soul was affected and that he was going to kneel down.

“No…” shouted the cultivator furiously. Surprisingly, a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer was making him kneel down.

“Kneel down!” shouted Lin Feng again.

That Zun cultivator started trembling, he didn’t feel like fighting anymore. Even a cultivator of the fourth Zun Qi layer couldn’t resist Lin Feng’s cursing and demonic energies together.

“Die!” said Lin Feng. He stopped playing with his opponent, his demonic and cursing energies were strong, but he couldn’t completely control a cultivator of the fourth Zun Qi layer. He could damage their determination.

Lin Feng punched his opponent square in the face. A cultivator of the ninth Tian Qi layer could easily destroy a cultivator of the fourth Zun Qi layer?

“There’s a new beast in the Ba Huang Province. With the strength of the Tian Qi layer, he can defeat Zun cultivators. He could probably be considered one of the ten strongest young cultivators in the Ba Huang Province. A black mage has appeared in this small world.. Imagine if he fought against Lin Feng, who would be stronger?” thought many people.

Even though Lin Feng knew some demonic spells, he didn’t have those demonic eyes. Besides, Lin Feng was a sword cultivator, that cultivator used magic and demon intent!

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