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Chapter 1281

Chapter 1281: A Demoniac Concerto!

“Not only is he an incredible black mage, but he’s also an incredible demon cultivator!” thought the Zun cultivators.

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the walls, he directly looked at some of the demonic patterns and then demonic intent penetrated into his eyes.

At the same time, Lin Feng’s demonic eyes released dazzling black lights which collided with the demon intent. Now, he could look at them with his own eyes without being injured. However, Lin Feng was still a bit cautious because he knew just how powerful they were.

His demonic eyes twinkled as he looked at more of the walls. Then turned around and looked at the Netherworld Demon Emperor’s silhouette.

He walked towards him and sat down cross-legged next to him. He sat down facing the Netherworld Demon Emperor and released his own demonic Qi. He stared at him and studied the demon emperor’s intent.

“What an incredible guy, he’s using the Netherworld Demon Emperor’s intent to study demon cultivation.”

The Netherworld Demon Emperor’s intent was incredibly powerful and aggressive. Those people weren’t demon cultivators, so they couldn’t understand demon intent. If they directly tried to understand any of it, they could get hurt.

Lin Feng’s robe was fluttering from the wailing energies and so did his long black hair. The demonic intent in his pitch-black eyes

were getting even more intense. Around his body, the demonic intent had turned into a vortex.

“Someday, he’ll be an incredible demon king!” thought the crowd They were also wondering, was he a high-level disciple of the DevMara Palace?

The DevMara Palace was a mysterious influential imperial group in the sanguinary part of Ba Huang. Even the Abyss of Sufferings couldn’t deal with the DevMara Palace, proving how powerful they were. However, it was extremely rare to see DevMara Palace’s disciples come out, many people didn’t even know how strong their younger disciples were.

Considering his way of practicing cultivation, that young man could only be from the DevMara Palace. He even knew the sorcerer’s arts!

“Eh?” at that moment, the palace shook slightly.

“The Demon Palace!” the Palace was shaking more and more.

“Bzzz!” At that moment, the myriad of demon emperor’s patterns on the walls started shining brightly. Demon intent started flooding the room. The crowd didn’t look at them, but they could still sense how terrifying the energies were.

“Boom!” The terrifying demon intent turned into a statue and penetrated into the demon emperor’s silhouette, making him became more distinct.

“Boom, boom, boom…” the Demon Palace continued shaking and the demon statue became even more dazzling. The demon emperor’s silhouette now contained millions of different sorts of intent which were making him appear more distinct, as

as if his real body had started appearing. His hair was pitch-black and fluttering with the energies.

“Fusion!” A long time ago, the demon emperor had turned into many threads of demonic intent and now his different types of intent were fusing together and turning back into the demon emperor’s body.

“Get him!” the crowd suddenly burst into an uproar. That was a real physical body, maybe it was the demon emperor. If so, then it probably contained a demon great emperor’s intent and memories.

A cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer jumped forwards and raised his hands, wanting to grab the body.

“Steal it!” everybody started running towards the demon emperor’s body, but at that moment, all the hands stopped. Some of their hands turned black, corroded by the demonic energies.

“Ah…” someone gave a horrible shriek. They got too close to the demon emperor so their body turned black from head to foot. Then, he turned into a demon.

“Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song!” the crowd recognized the technique. Then, they heard the song and realized that the soundwaves were moving towards them.

“He can create music even though he’s dead?” thought the crowd. Many people ran backwards and put their hands over their ears. However, they couldn’t prevent the soundwaves from piercing through their eardrums and resonating in their brains.

“The Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song

Demonic Song is a demon melody which allows the user to control people. Even though that demon emperor is dead, his physical body still wants to control us cultivators!”

“That thread of consciousness he left must have been created while he practiced the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song.”

“No…” someone else was corroded by the demonic soundwaves. He turned into a demon and stopped moving, like lifeless body or a zombie.

“That song is too terrifying!” A cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer was also slowly turning into a black body.

“We can only give up.” thought the cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer. He looked terribly unhappy as he turned around and left the palace hall. If he stayed in there any longer, he’d end up like the others, a demon slave.

When that cultivator at the top of the Zun Qi layer left, he glanced at Lin Feng who was still sitting there cross-legged. Demon energies were emanating from his body, so he was wondering if he was turning into a demon or not.

What he didn’t know was that the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song he had heard wasn’t solo, it was an orchestra.

Lin Feng was facing the Netherworld Demon Emperor as the celestial water from the nine netherworlds appeared in his pitch-black eyes. The Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song continued resonating in the air, in the air, fusing with the soundwaves.

A thread of demonic consciousness, a real body, a concerto of demonic songs.

Lin Feng couldn’t sing the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song, he had learnt it a short time before, but he hadn’t really tried to learn or practice it yet. However, he had the intent from the demon emperor in his body and he was using it to face the energies of the song and absorb them. Those songs in unison seemed to be teaching him how to sing the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song.

The soundwaves invaded the entire cave, all the people who hadn’t left all turned into demons, their bodies turned black and their strength turned into demon intent. Lin Feng was surrounded by demonic Qi as a demon silhouette appeared behind him. Lin Feng’s Qi rose up in the air and fused together with the energies from the songs.

“A demon body!” Lin Feng suddenly opened his eyes and a light out from his eyes into the demon emperor’s eyes. The demon emperor’s demonic lights which surging from his eyes also collided with Lin Feng’s. They seemed to be fusing together, and at the same time, they were surrounded by the energies from the demonic songs. Demonic Qi emerged from Lin Feng’s body and rolled in waves. The strength of his Qi had changed too, it was now at the ninth Tian Qi layer!

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