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Chapter 1269

Chapter 1269: The Inheritor 

Many people raised their heads and saw two silhouettes rising in the air towards the demonic emperor.

Lin Feng was on Qiong Qi’s back and his heart was pounding. He had never been that high up in the sky before and in front of him, there was a great demon emperor.

“Boom!” A terrifying Qi was blowing and brushing against their bodies, it felt like, that at any moment, they could turn into demons.

Finally, they arrived just underneath the Netherworld Demon Emperor and they could see him clearly.

“Netherworld Demon Emperor, do you remember Yan Di from back in the days?” asked Qiong Qi to the Netherworld Demon Emperor using his G.o.dly awareness.

“Yan Di!” that voice resonated in Lin Feng and Yan Di’s brains. He lowered his head and looked at them. Lin Feng’s soul shook. It was like the Netherworld Demon Emperor was going to take control over his soul.

“Indeed, Yan Di.” said Qiong Qi. He used his G.o.dly awareness to converse with him, “Back then, you risked your life for Empress Xi and died, otherwise, who could have stopped you! Now, Empress Xi is coming back to life, but you have nothing besides a remainder of your soul left!”

“Empress Xi coming back to life!” the Netherworld Demon Emperor looked at them evilly. Those huge black clouds rolled in the sky

of Xue Yue.

“Indeed, inspect his soul and you’ll know everything!” said Yan Di to the Netherworld Demon Emperor. He lowered his head and looked at Lin Feng with his pitch-black eyes

“Boom!” the demon emperor inspected Lin Feng’s thoughts. Lin Feng’s soul shook violently, but he couldn’t do anything against that strength.

“Why?” whispered the Netherworld Demon Emperor. He could see everything Lin Feng knew, his entire life even.

“Right, Empress Xi is coming back to life, but your soul will disperse soon. I found an inheritor for you and I think the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song shouldn’t disappear. It’s great, right?” said Yan Di using telepathy.

“Are you not afraid that I could kill you?” asked the Netherworld Demon Emperor coldly.

“You won’t. Put your thoughts in him and fuse together with his body. Let your soul flow throughout his body. Then, you’ll be able to stay with Empress Xi for your entire life!” said Qiong Qi. The Netherworld Demon Emperor’s facial expression changed. Using Lin Feng’s body to stay with Empress Xi for the rest of his life?

He lowered his head, he looked so sad.

“Boom!” At that moment, Lin Feng sensed a gigantic hand grab his body. Then the demon emperor put him in the nine netherworlds water source.

“Nine songs, Nine Netherworlds Songs.” said the Netherworld Demon Emperor. Lin Feng sensed the evil water

water flow throughout his body, but it didn’t destroy his body, Instead, it turned into a beautiful melody resonating in his head.

Lin Feng was astonished. He now realized that Yan Di had succeeded. However, Lin Feng was also a bit angry, Yan Di had taken so many risks.

Lin Feng closed his eyes and sat down cross-legged in the evil water. The source of the Nine Netherworlds continued flowing throughout his body.

The crowd was astonished, what was going on? Why was Lin Feng sitting cross-legged in the nine netherworlds water?

Only Qiong Qi, Lin Feng and the demon emperor knew what they had talked about. At that moment, many people in Xue Yue raised their heads as well and saw Lin Feng, their king, sitting cross-legged in the sky, in the nine netherworlds source.

Qiong Qi was sweating, he had gambled and it had worked.

“You’re right, the Nine Netherworlds Song can’t be forgotten. However, even if Empress Xi comes back to life, she won’t be the same as before, so staying with her all the time would be pointless.” said the Nine Netherworlds Demon while looking at the beautiful girl in his arms.

“What’s the point in protecting her grave? She’s already dead.” said the Netherworld Demon Emperor looking at the gigantic grave.

Then, the Netherworld Demon Emperor looked at Lin Feng and said, “When you master the Nine

the Nine Netherworlds Demoniac Song, if you feel like it, help me and kill the Three Lives Demon.”

Then a soul penetrated into Lin Feng’s third eye and the Netherworld Demon Emperor disappeared.

“Even though you fell, I’ll stay with you because I still love you!” said a loud voice. Finally, the demonic energies dispersed and the evil water disappeared.

Lin Feng’s third eye now contained a terrifying demonic awareness as his eyes were pitch-black.

When the Netherworld Demon Emperor left, he had decided to leave a thread of awareness with Lin Feng.

“When you master the Nine Netherworlds Demonic Song, if you feel like it, help me by killing the Three Lives Demon Emperor.” whispered Lin Feng. Three lives great emperor, the Netherworld Demon Emperor, the demon sealing great emperor, Empress Xi, what were their relations? And that gravestone, who made it? The demon sealing great emperor had sealed the Netherworld Demon Emperor, but why did he want him to kill the three lives great emperor? And it also seemed than Yan Di had convinced the Netherworld Demon Emperor to stay with Empress Xi because of her dead body. Was it on purpose to make the demon sealing great emperor seal again?

“With the last thread of soul you have, what should you do?” said Lin Feng to the silhouette which had disappeared already.

“Boom, boom, boom…” loud sounds made Lin Feng come Lin Feng come back to his senses. He looked at the ground and saw the strong cultivators struggling. There were even more and more crack marks, they would probably break free soon.

“Break!” Emperor Peng looked like a demon at that moment. His Qi was dashing to the skies, he was surrounded by golden and demonic Qi.

The seven other emperors were struggling too, but they were about to succeed. The Netherworld Demon Emperor had been able to break free from the sealing energies which proved that they weren’t as strong as before.

“Boom!” Finally, the demonic marks were broken and the seals were broken with them.

“Who can stop me!” shouted the great oriental greenfinch roc. At that moment, he looked like a corrupted bird.

The other emperors broke free from the seals too, but they didn’t look as terrifying. Their faces were also deathly pale.

“d.a.m.n seals! Finally free!”

“Hahaha, finally, they broke!”

“Empress Xi is dead, the demon emperor is gone, who can stop me now!”

Qiong Qi and Lin Feng flew away as fast as they could.

Everybody was suddenly captivated by the grave.

Xue Yue was filled with dazzling lights and a gigantic palaces was emerging from the sealed area!

“Robbing tombs! No wonder Qiong Qi wanted to rob tombs, those are Empress Xi and the Netherworld Demon Emperor’s small worlds!” thought Lin Feng!

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