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Chapter 1261

Chapter 1261: Going to the Yun Hai mountain range

“They left!” thought the crowd, both astonished and confused still.

“Dad!” said Lin Feng. Lin Hai came to him and smiled.

Lin Feng walked towards his dad and glanced at the two powerful groups coldly. They were all dumbstruck and shaking, they still couldn’t believe that they had become slaves.

“From now on, you will obey my father, understood?” said Lin Feng. Those people’s mouths twitched, but then they saw Lin Feng’s eyes filled with murder, so they immediately nodded one after the other, “We understand!”

“Dad, if any one of them disobeys, tell those two and they’ll kill them!” said Lin Feng to his father.

Lin Feng had never thought that someday, he’d have Zun cultivators as slaves!

“If there is anything you don’t understand about cultivation, you can also ask them anything.” said Lin Feng. Lin Hai smiled, indeed, they could learn a lot to learn from Zun cultivators. 

Lin Feng looked at Lin Qian and the Lin Clan. They didn’t belong to the same world anymore.

“p.i.s.s off!” shouted Lin Feng to Lin Qian.

Lin Feng then turned around and didn’t look at her again.

She should have been happy that Lin Feng didn’t kill them, but she was sad. Lin Feng looked

at her with despise each time he saw her. She had taken such great efforts to become stronger, and because of that she thought she’d be able to catch up with him at some point, but the difference was now too great.

She turned around, looking extremely depressed and left. The Lin Clan also looked at Lin Feng and left, depressed.

People from Yangzhou City also dispersed. They were unable to come back to their senses for a long time after that. There were problems in Yangzhou City, but their king came back and solved all their problems.

Lin Feng had a.s.signed two Zun cultivators to stay in the imperial palace of Xue Yue, that would be great for Lin Hai and the others. They had to take advantage of that opportunity. Lin Feng would have to leave town soon again and he’d continue becoming even stronger.

“Brother, you’re so strong!” said all the girls gathering around Lin Feng. Xiao Ya looked extremely excited, she had a huge smile and kept giggling.

“And you! You’re strong too! Brother and sister are both very accomplished!” said Lin Feng shrugging and smiling. The Chi Xie soldiers were surprised by his sudden gentle nature now, the would glance at each other and smiling.

“Unfortunately, General Liu will never see how strong you’ve become.” the

the Chi Xie soldiers saw Lin Feng grab Liu Fei’s hand and thought about their former general. General Liu was missing the best moments of his daughter’s life and of his soldiers.

“Let’s go to the general’s headquarters and share some drinks!” said someone. The others nodded and walked towards the palace. The remaining crowd also dispersed.

After that, Lin Feng played chess with his father, chatted with his mother, went to the Yue Clan to see his grandfather, Yue Qing Shan. Yue Qing Shan was extremely happy to hear everything Lin Feng was doing. He was proud to have a grandson who could now kill Zun cultivators!

Lin Feng gave his tear stain to his grandfather. Yue Qing Shan suddenly seemed to have gained back a few years. He could sense vitality flowing through his body again. Since Yue Qing Shan had only broken through to the Xuan Qi layer, the vitality water was extremely effective for him.

Lin Feng also spent some time with Xin Ye, Liu Fei and the other girls. He spent some days relaxing. And then, finally, Lin Feng left the imperial palace.

Many people accompanied him to the gate.

Lin Feng caressed Xin Ye’s cheeks, tickled Xiao Ya’s nose, smiled and said, “I’m only going to the Yun Hai mountain range. With my current speed, it

speed, it only takes me half an hour to get there. I can come back anytime, so you don’t need to accompany me to the gate!”

Even though Lin Feng said that, everybody was sad to see him leave once again. Was he going to leave for a few years again, like the last time?

“I’m off!” said Lin Feng. He was happy to have such a great family and such welcoming friends. His gigantic sword appeared, he jumped on it and streaked across the sky.

Lin Feng was riding his sword above the clouds. He sighed, even though he wasn’t far from Yangzhou City, he might not go back as he wished. Strong cultivators from the Ba Huang Province had gathered in the mountain range, so something incredible was probably going to happen.

In the past, Lin Feng needed ten day while riding a horse to go from Yangzhou City to the Yun Hai mountain range, but now he only needed half an hour. When he saw the Yun Hai mountain range again, he sighed sadly. It didn’t look like the Yun Hai mountain range anymore, there was only one mountain left.

Back when, there were people everywhere inside the Yun Hai mountain range and up to the Black Wind Mountain. Now, there were only people from the Ba Huang Province.

“What’s Province.

“What’s going on in the Yun Hai mountain range?” thought Lin Feng. On the ground, many people rose up in the air and blocked him, “You can’t go that way. It’s a sealed area.”

“Sealed?” asked Lin Feng. “Which group are you from?”

“Mind your own business, you have nothing to do here, especially given that you’re a trivial cultivator of the Tian Qi layer. Just p.i.s.s off!” said one of them coldly.

Lin Feng looked at them coldly and released some terrifying sword Qi, “Die!”

Dazzling sword lights appeared as well as thunders and the atmosphere started shaking.

“You’re Lin Feng!” said that person after recognizing his Tian Ji Sword. He punched the air but the Tian Ji Sword continued moving towards him.

“Be merciful!” said the others moving towards the Tian Ji Sword as well. The s.p.a.ce violently shook as they finally managed to block the Tian Ji Sword.

“Crrr… crrr…” the Tian Ji Sword finally stopped, but continued emitting whistling sounds.

“Since you’re Lin Feng, the area is, of course, not sealed for you. Please come in!” said that person. His facial expression had drastically changed as he moved aside.

“Come back!” said Lin Feng recalling his Tian Ji Sword. His gigantic sword continued emitting whistling sounds as he moved forwards again.

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