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Chapter 1241

Chapter 1241: Killing One By One

In the air, Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword was dazzling while the Earth and sky were falling apart.

Everybody raised their heads and looked at that sword, it make them shake violently, their souls felt like they were going to be kicked out of their bodies. What kind of sword was that?

Mister Wen and the others were also holding their swords.

“An emperor’s sword!” Mister Wen saw those sword energies and instantly recognized that as an emperor’s sword!

How could Lin Feng have such a sword?

The older Zun cultivators raised their heads and looked at that sword, such a sword could kill them and Lin Feng was the one who had unsheathed it.

The members of the Qi Clan weren’t laughing anymore. Their facial expressions changed drastically and their faces turned deathly pale.

“How’s that possible!” thought Qi Tian Sheng who was still healing. He was fixedly staring at that sword in the sky. He had sensed such energies only once in his life, when the emperor of his clan had released his own energies.

Qi Jiao Jiao’s mouth was wide open. She was dumbstruck.

The strong cultivators from Tian Long Divine Castle, the medium level a.s.sa.s.sin of the Zun Qi layer and Bai Qiu Luo raised their heads at the same time, their faces also turned deathly pale.

“Come back!” said Lin Feng. The dazzling sword moved towards Lin Feng’s hand and he grabbed


“He can control it!” The crowd was astonished. Lin Feng could control that sword!

“Maybe the emperors of Tiantai gave it to Lin Feng?” thought the crowd. How could the emperors of Tiantai give such a sword to Lin Feng?

“Jiange, Young master!” at that moment, someone recalled that Lin Feng was also Jiange’s Young master, however, how had he become Jiange’s Young master? Was it because of that sword?

That sword could possibly be Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword!

“Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword!” many people thought of the same thing at the same time. Five thousand years ago, such a sword had shown up: Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword!

Many people looked at the three medium level cultivators who were surrounding Lin Feng. The crowd was excited for he was going to kill all the cultivators who wanted to kill him.

As expected, Lin Feng smiled evilly. He looked at the medium-level Zun cultivators from the Qi Clan, “Medium level Zun cultivators, how majestic!”

“The strongest young man of your clan lost against me. Then you came out and said I wanted to die. You’re a cultivator of the fifth Zun Qi layer and you attacked me, a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer, how incredible!” said Lin Feng walking towards the Zun cultivator.

“If you offend the Qi Clan, you will regret it. You cannot imagine what an imperial clan is like!” said the Zun cultivator threatening Lin Feng. “Slash…” Lin Feng

Feng suddenly cut off that cultivator’s right hand and blood splashed. He didn’t even have time to react.

His face turned deathly pale.

“Offended the Qi clan? I thought I had offended it already since you attacked me a moment before. You sounded arrogant, but don’t you think you’re ridiculous?” said Lin Feng.

“Even with that sword, if you offend the Qi Clan, you’ll die in any case!” said that cultivator furiously. His voice rolled in waves and influenced Lin Feng’s determination.

“Slash!” Lin Feng replied with his sword and cut off the man’s other arm. Lin Feng knew that his enemy was trying to make him change his mind using his voice.

“Continue.” said Lin Feng fixedly staring at that strong cultivator. Lin Feng’s facial expression looked evil.

“Die!” shouted that strong cultivator furiously. He disappeared from where he was, and at the same time, Lin Feng moved again and released thunderous energies. That medium level Zun cultivator’s body immediately exploded and he was dead!

Lin Feng slowly turned around and looked at the strong cultivator of Tian Long Divine Castle. He pulled a long face.

“Long Teng and I had a normal fight, but you shameless got involved, since you dared attack me again, die!” said Lin Feng. He raised his sword again, that cultivator wanted to escape, but how could he be faster than Emperor Wu Tian Jian’s sword? The sword immediately lacerated him and he died.

“That sword is terrifying, it’s just a

just a game for him.”

Those Zun cultivators were astonished, especially Mister Chu, his mouth was twitching. If he had offended Lin Feng before, Lin Feng would have killed him easily!

What was a cultivator of the Tian Qi layer doing with an emperor’s sword? n.o.body understood.

“Bzzz!” A beam of light moved towards the other medium level Zun cultivator. He wanted to escape, but he couldn’t.

He was lacerated too and his corpse fell down from the sky.

Bai Qiu Luo was shaking, he was scared to death. He had tried to kill Lin Feng and Qiu Yue Xin, what could he do now?

Lin Feng turned around and looked at him.

“We gave you the opportunity to fight fairly, but you refused. Since it’s that way, let’s stop playing. Die!”

Bai Qiu Luo’s face turned deathly pale. Lin Feng said, “I know that you work with the Imperial a.s.sa.s.sin Union, but whether you’re with them or with the Sunset Pavilion, today, you’ll die!”

Sword lights moved towards Bai Qiu Luo and he collapsed!

Bai Qiu Luo, one of the ten strongest young cultivators of the province, had been killed by Lin Feng. Everybody knew that Lin Feng would amaze the whole province soon.

Lin Feng looked at Qi Tian Sheng and the others, their hearts were pounding. Lin Feng had killed Bai Qiu Luo, would he kill Qi Tian Sheng now?

In any case, the Qi Clan was now Lin Feng’s enemy, many Feng’s enemy, many cultivators from the Qi Clan would want to kill him in the future.

“Lin Feng, think about the consequences before acting.” another medium level Zun cultivator of the Qi Clan appeared next to Qi Tian Sheng.

“If I didn’t have that sword, I’d already be dead. What could be worse than that?” Lin Feng glanced at him coldly. He slowly walked towards Qi Tian Sheng and Qi Tian Sheng looked distressed.

“Mister Wen!” that strong cultivator looked at Mister Wen in the distance and called him. Only Mister Wen could stop Lin Feng.

“Mister, no need to talk about all that’s happened. Everybody knows that I defeated Qi Tian Sheng and that the Qi Clan protected him, they even tried to kill me. Medium level Zun cultivators attacked me, everybody saw that, n.o.body tried to prevent them from attacking me though.” said Lin Feng indifferently.

“When people sin, they can only blame themselves.”

Qi Tian Sheng could only blame himself, the strong cultivators of his clan had protected him, but he had made too many mistakes.

Mister Wen remained silent, he didn’t say anything. The strong cultivators of the Qi Clan were astonished.

“Lin Feng, Qi Tian Sheng is of the fifth generation of the Qi Clan, he’s really an emperor’s descendent. If you kill him, you’ll interrupt the imperial blood lineage, are you ready to bear such responsibility!” shouted a strong cultivator furiously.

Would Lin Feng dare interrupt an imperial lineage!?

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