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Chapter 1176: Surrounded By Hot Girls

“This will be the last challenge in Fortune City. After that, I’ll tell you about your destiny!” said the old man. Then, he gradually disappeared.

“Ten bridges connecting to ten incredible areas: the source of life, the long rivers, the illusion, the mountains and rivers… where do you want to go?” asked Yuan Fei. The places where the bridges led would influence their cultivation and understanding of abstruse energies.

“Each bridge leads to another place, but in fact, the places are interconnected too. Even if people are separated into ten groups now, they will ultimately meet again.” said Lin Feng. He had already stood up. The five elements were the basic elements const.i.tuting the ten thousand things of creation. No matter which bridge they chose, they were going to learn something.

Apart from the five elements, there were some thunders too. The second half of the bridges seemed like they were covered by the thunders in the sky.

“I choose the source of life one.” said Lin Feng pointing in the distance. For him, it was something important that he still needed to explore. If he managed to obtain a source of life, his friends, family members or even Lin Feng himself would be able to heal faster.

Before reaching the top, nothing was certain for anyone. Therefore, Lin Feng was interested in the source of life, it would be a good way to protect himself and his friends in the future.

Meng Qing didn’t say anything, she would follow Lin Feng no matter where he went.

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“Alright, I’ll come with you because I’m not interested in the others.” said Yuan Fei nodding. “Jun Mo Xi, Huang Fu Long, stay with us. If we need to get to something, it’ll be easier for us as a group. Many of those people will also stay in groups.”

It was important to remember that the ten strongest cultivators of Ba Huang were there with them. There were also cultivators like the thunderbird. Everything was possible, they could even fail at this juncture.

“Alright.” said Jun Mo Xi nodding. They decided to stay together.

Many silhouettes flickered and people quickly appeared on the bridges.

Lin Feng and his friends went to the life bridge. He looked at the other bridges, looking for people he knew.

“Where’s that b.a.s.t.a.r.d?” wondered Lin Feng. He couldn’t see Qiong Qi, but he was convinced that Qiong Qi had made it this far. Lin Feng hoped that Qiong Qi and Fu Hei would end up on the same bridge, that would be fun.

Very quickly, Lin Feng and the others arrived at the foot of the life bridge. The bridge was made of pure energies and could accommodate many people.

A pale breeze containing pure energies brushed against their bodies and it was a very pleasant feeling. Lin Feng also noticed Yi Ren Lei.

Yi Ren Lei had chosen the same bridge as them.

“What a coincidence!” said Yi Ren Lei smiling. People thought she was talking to herself while smiling fatuously.

“How strong, a single smile can make people lose their mind. That must be abstruse energy.” thought Lin Feng.

“Sister, why didn’t you go to the illusional bridge? Why here?” asked Xiao Die smiling. They seemed close and at the same time there was a distance between them.

“We are women, so we won’t be beautiful forever. If I choose the source of life, I can remain young for longer. I also plan to learn some new things here.” said Yi Ren Lei indifferently.

“But you’re so strong alre

ady!” said Xiao Die. Every woman dreamt of staying young forever.

In the distance, some other people noticed that Yi Ren Lei had chosen that bridge.

“Yi Ren Lei is one of the strongest cultivators and she’s extremely beautiful. Staying with her should be a safe choice, and at the same time we could enjoy looking at her.”

“Absolutely. There’s also the snow girl, she’s hot like a G.o.ddess. If men are more attracted by Yi Ren Lei, it’s only because Yi Ren Lei practices particular skills and techniques.”

“Feng Xuan is there, eh, and Xue Bi Yao, and who’s that one?” the crowd frowned. Three of the four most beautiful girls of Ba Huang were there and the crowd could also see Meng Qing. After looking at her, some of them completely forgot about Qi Jiao Jiao.

“Yi Ren Lei is very strong and Xue Bi Yao has a celestial body. Feng Xuan has a phoenix-body, and Yuan Fei has an explosive power. That bridge will be the best one.”

More people continued to come to that bridge, including some other strong cultivators. Of course, the two bridges next to this one had some very strong cultivators too. Qi Tian Sheng, his sister Qi Jiao Jiao, Wu Yan and some other strong cultivators. They chose the empty s.p.a.ce bridge which would help them cast even more powerful deployment spells.

On the other side was the great oriental greenfinch roc, Mo Peng. He had a long purple robe, his hair was fluttering in the wind. He looked even more incredible than the thunderbird.

Speaking of, behind him was the thunderbird, Mang Niu from Mang Niu Mountain and other very strong animals which also had a human form. There was also Long Teng from Tian Long Divine Castle and other strong cultivators.

The crowd also noticed that there was one of the ten strongest cultivators of Ba Huang Province on each of the bridges. They sort of became the leaders of the groups. They didn’t have to do that, but it was better for them not to get into a large battle.

Lin Feng was extremely excited. The Diviner had triggered the last step of the event. Everybody would have to prove how strong they were now. Only those who were brave and strong could become emperors, while those who enjoyed bullying weaker cultivators were doomed.

Feng Xuan and Xue Bi Yao soon arrived, they couldn’t help but glance at Lin Feng. Yuan Fei laughed, that guy certainly attracted girls!

“Sister, isn’t it the guy who likes you? How come he’s now with that girl who is as beautiful as you?” said Feng Ling.

Lin Feng rolled his eyes… When did he say he liked Feng Xuan?

“Stop talking, Ling Ling!” said Feng Xuan embarra.s.sed. She looked at Lin Feng and Lin Feng smiled wryly.

“By the way, sister, I heard that a guy who bullied out sister,  Xue Bi Yao, was called Lin Feng. Could it be the same person?” asked Feng Ling giggling.

“Cough, cough…” Lin Feng, Feng Xuan and Xue Bi Yao all remained speechless.

“You’re really lucky.” said Yi Ren Lei smiling at Lin Feng. Many young men around were looking at Lin Feng enviously. That b.a.s.t.a.r.d! He was hanging around with four amazingly beautiful girls!

Meng Qing looked at Lin Feng and rolled her eyes while saying, “What did you do!”

Then she laughed. Lin Feng knew Meng Qing wouldn’t get angry because of such things. He said indifferently, “Shouldn’t we go up?”

Then, everybody started walking. Yi Ren Lei smiled at everybody and said, “He’s right, let’s go up!”

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