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Chapter 1173: The Source of Life

His sword continued to travel around. Typically, there was n.o.body around the sword, but sometimes, the sword would stop and glance around.

Many people wanted to take the sword, but the sword didn’t let them take it. If they tried to steal it by force, the sword would release thunderous energies and attack those people. Once the sword killed people, their fate seeds moved far off into the distance to its owner’s third eye.

Many people sighed after seeing that. The owner of the sword was probably an incredibly strong cultivator. The owner was far away, but his sword could could still kill people.

The Tian Ji Sword in the sky was one of the strangest things in the ancient city those days, but it was far from being the only strange thing.

For example, each time Fu Hei cheated people, he realized that the items he wanted disappeared as if they had never existed.

For example, each time Qi Tian Sheng fought someone, some abstruse tablets disappeared. He knew someone was acting in the darkness, but he couldn’t know who it was. Maybe that person had made a special request in the shrine.

Lin Feng continued killing beasts and stealing their fate seeds. After that, he went to the shrine and asked for a place to practice cultivation again.

Those days, Lin Feng was free and unrestrained. He was alone and could do whatever he wanted. After stealing all those fate seeds, he could sense his strength blossoming.

Lin Feng ate a few more abstruse tablets. He had used empty s.p.a.ce illusional technique to steal empty s.p.a.ce abstruse tablets from Qi Tian Sheng. He had also done the same to steal fire abstruse tablets from Fu Hei. With his Tian Ji Sword, he had even found some wind abstruse tablets.

In total, while other people had spent only thirty days in the ancient city, Lin Feng, by buying time in the shrine, had already spent over a year there. Lin Feng didn’t have too many fate seeds leftover, he only had four blue fate seeds. He still had a long way to go before obtaining purple fate seeds.

His thunder intent was already at the maxed, so the next step would be abstruse energy. His fire intent was now level nine, his sword intent was level nine, his wind intent level eight, and, without Lin Feng realizing it, he had swallowed those empty s.p.a.ce abstruse tablets and his empty s.p.a.ce intent was now level seven.

Lin Feng felt annoyed because of one thing, he had focused on abstruse energies and intent, but it hadn’t affected his cultivation level. It was as if he was stuck, but he had only reached the top of the sixth Tian Qi layer.

Imperial cultivation disciples and emperors’ descendants didn’t lack tools to practice cultivation. It was easy for them to obtain abstruse tablets. So, why did so many people from rich sects, clans and imperial families only study a few kinds of intent and not so many?

Lin Feng only knew that Emperor Wu Tian Jian, had raised his sword for ten years to instill several souls and several types of abstruse energies.

The seventh a.s.sa.s.sin was the same, he knew three types of intent. If he had continued living and leveled up, he would have only known three types of intent.

When Lin Feng left the calm s.p.a.ce, he looked at what the people he was spying on were doing. The thunderbird was practicing cultivation alone for he had swallowed a thunderbird. Lin Feng was speechless. Why did he swallow it? Of course, Lin Feng knew that the thunderbird hadn’t swallowed a real thunderbird, it was only a kind of strength, like the golden crow fire.

Unfortunately, Lin Feng was practicing cultivation when the thunderbird found that kind of thunder strength. After that, his strength would be even more terrifying.

Meng Qin

g, Feng Xuan, Qi Tian Sheng and Fu Hei had all acquired incredible treasures. Of course, Lin Feng had obtained a great many things too, and he still had plenty of abstruse tablets.

If he could, Lin Feng wouldn’t mind staying in the calm s.p.a.ce practicing cultivation all the time, then stealing fate seeds again and going back to practice cultivation.

Lin Feng left the shrine and continued hunting beasts. It was a lot faster for him to kill ferocious beasts now. Soon, Lin Feng already had seven blue fate seeds. An incredible strength was flowing throughout his body. What astonished Lin Feng the most was that he could also study and understand the vitality flowing throughout his body.

But on that day, the five elements dashed to the skies and surrounded the city.

Gold, wood, water, fire and earth, the strength of the ten thousand things of creation were rolling in waves across the ancient city. Mist appeared and scared some of the weaker cultivators. (editor’s note: shouldn’t gold be changed out for wind?)

“How cold!” Lin Feng had just killed a beast when he sensed the change in weather. He raised his head and saw the five elements in the sky. Then, Lin Feng realized that the map he had seen outside of the elemental area had appeared once again.

“The Earth and sky are changing.” whispered Lin Feng. His Tian Ji Sword came back to him.

Suddenly, a strong wind started blowing, raising dusts with it. People couldn’t see clearly anymore and it was painful, like sharp blades cutting at their skin.

Lin Feng was surprised, his physical body was incredible but those energies still felt like blades against his body. People who weren’t strong enough could die by that wind.

Very quickly, Lin Feng couldn’t even keep his eyes open anymore. The world was drastically changing.

It lasted for a long time and then, finally, Lin Feng opened his eyes and could see clearly. The landscape was becoming more distinct.

Lin Feng soon realized that he was another world.

The wind was blowing and could even pick up stones. Sounds were painfully piercing people’s eardrums.

“Is that the ancient battle?” thought Lin Feng.

He looked around and was surprised.

He saw a lofty mountain with a stream flowing slowly. That water looked pure, it was azure blue and seemed to contain the energy of life.

“Is that the source of life?”

Lin Feng’s mouth twitched. Then, he looked around and saw thunders, fire and other desolate landscapes. The map they had seen in the sky was now appearing in front of them!

“Where am I?” thought Lin Feng breathing deeply. He wasn’t the only one surprised.

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