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Chapter 1172: Exploring the Ancient City!

Three people were left and they were petrified. They didn’t want to attack anymore. Lin Feng’s level nine thunder intent plus his halberd scared them to death. Their thunders didn’t even stop Lin Feng for a second. Lin Feng’s physical body was incredible.

“Sharp Celestial Thunders!” shouted the thunderbird, his drum turned into a body containing dazzling thunderous energies. Then it became a beam of light shooting towards Lin Feng like lightning.

Lin Feng attacked the air in front of him with the halberd filled with terrifying thunderous energies. The thunder energies broke apart when they hit the halberd and brushed past Lin Feng.

Lin Feng frowned. Those energies even made his Tian Ji Sword scared.

Thunderous energies continued to roll in the air. Lin Feng condensed all his thunder energies in his right hand and grabbed his halberd.

Halberd in hand, he moved towards the drum to attack it.

“Kaboom!” The thunderous energies dashed to the skies, now looking like a thunderous snakes. The three other people were incredulous, how terrifying. Both Lin Feng and the thunderbird were propelled backwards. Lin Feng immediately followed up by attacking with his Tian Ji Sword again.

The thunderbird rose up in the air and was quickly surrounded by thunderous energies. He looked like a thunder G.o.d despising the world.

“Wait until I can control abstruse energies, I’ll kill you then! Kaboom!” the thunderbird hit his drum again. Lightning struck the ground and Lin Feng’s Tian Ji Sword. The thunderbird opened his wings and flapped them furiously.

“Maybe I’ll be the one to kill you even after you understand abstruse energies.” said Lin Feng, watching the thunderbird disappear. Lin Feng had spent 200,000 gems to spy on the thunderbird. If the thunderbird found anymore incredible treasures, Lin Feng would definitely chase him.

Lin Feng turned around and looked at the three other people in a despising way.

“With the strength of the sixth Tian Qi layer, he managed to force the thunderbird to run away. What is his name? I hope he can teach us some things.”

“Brother Feng, you’re very strong. You’ll definitely have the opportunity to fight against him in the future.”

The three people, surprisingly, were smiling and talking in a positive way about Lin Feng. They were scared so they hoped Lin Feng would forgive them.

“Why fight another day? We have the opportunity now. Weren’t you just asking to learn things from me a moment ago?” said Lin Feng glancing at them. He was now holding his Tian Ji Sword and releasing Qi.

“Brother, there’s no rush. We are three people, together we don’t fear you.” said one of them coldly.

Lin Feng used his Xiao Yao agility technique, meanwhile his Tian Ji Sword swallowed thunderous energies. He threw himself at the enemies. That person raised his hand and condensed ice energies to protect himself.

Lin Feng’s sword streaked across the sky and Lin Feng shook his hand. Then his Tian Ji Sword fell from the sky, dazzling and surrounded by thunderous energies. That cultivator wanted to block the attack but suddenly that guy was immediately destroyed. As soon as he was struck by the thunder sword, his body exploded.

Even the thunderbird didn’t dare block Lin Feng’s Tian Ji Sword directly and those people were a lot weaker than the thunderbird.

“Die!” said Lin Feng. His Tian Ji Sword rose up in the air again and moved towards the second one. It fell down again and the sword struck him, cutting him into pieces.

The last one wanted to escape, but Lin Feng looked at him and said, “Curse!”

Cursing energies fell down

on that cultivator, he was so terrified that he didn’t even realize his soul had been cursed. Now he was confused and even started hallucinating. The Tian Ji Sword crashed onto his head and chopped it clean off.

Lin Feng wasn’t an a.s.sa.s.sin, that’s why he usually threatened people to steal their fate seeds, instead of killing them. He didn’t enjoy killing that much. However, if people threatened him, he had to kill them.

Lin Feng had seven blue-green fate seeds in his third eye. He had killed five people and obtained 700,000 gems from them.

Lin Feng sensed the energies from those fate seeds and put his Tian Ji Sword away. Then, he went to the shrine and spent another 200,000 gems to spy on someone else: Feng Xuan.

There were no tensions between him and Feng Xuan, so he wouldn’t steal from her if she obtained treasures, but observing another person wasn’t a bad idea. If she found the source of life, Lin Feng would go there too.

He left the shrine, now with eyes on: Meng Qing, Feng Xuan, Fu Hei, the strong young man and the thunderbird.

Lin Feng walked through the city. The five people he spied on before were all incredibly strong. Lin Feng was convinced that they would remain until the end, so if anything happened in Fortune City, Lin Feng would continue to learn by spying on them.

“Go!” said Lin Feng. His Tian Ji Sword appeared and streaked across the sky. Then it disappeared from his field of vision. As it traveled around, Lin Feng could see everything his sword was doing.

Lin Feng himself was walking around and came across a blue-green animal, with the shape of a bull. It had four extremely thick and solid trotters and blue-green wings. With each step it took, the ground broke and would even shake Lin Feng.

That beast had three blue-green fate seeds, 300,000 gems.

When the beast turned around, it looked at Lin Feng with a certain coldness.

Lin Feng released terrifying energies towards the beast.

“Bzzz, bzzz, bzzz…” the ground was buzzing and crackling. The beast charged and large holes were left in the ground behind it.

Lin Feng threw himself at the beast condensing the force of the Earth and sky.

“Die!” Lin Feng condensed thunderous energies in his fist and punched the beast head-on.

“Boom boom boom!” Lin Feng punched the beast, the ground cracked, and a canyon was created from their collision.

“Die, die, die…” shouted Lin Feng as he punched the bull three times, releasing thunder and fire intent together. The bull roared, causing the buildings around it and in the distance to shake. Finally, the bull’s muscles twitched and collapsed. Then, Lin Feng obtained its fate seeds.

Lin Feng looked at his own fist and smiled. He could now punch powerful beasts and crush them.

Lin Feng put a foot on the beast, looked around, then left. He wanted to go hunting and get more fate seeds.

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