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Chapter 780: Take Him Out of Here

“Little Luoluo…”

Ghost was startled, too. She could hardly believe Xiao Luo had really come to the Dark Castle. Didn’t he finally dodge a bullet? Or did he arrive here simply by accident? Did he get lost?

Anyway, the only thing she could be sure of was that Xiao Luo was in great danger. She had no idea at all what she could do to save him.

“That is the friend you talked about?” Lester asked in a plain voice.

Ghost nodded. “Yes, Brother. Please don’t hurt him.” She grasped Lester’s wrist. “Please.”

Lester looked emotionless. “We Sucking Blood Clan have to suck human blood constantly to get stronger. We will not let go of even one human in our sights. It’s no one’s fault. He is just unlucky.”

“You are not any different from Louis!” Ghost snorted. She turned around, annoyed by her eldest brother.

“We Sucking Blood Clan cannot leave the Dark Forest. Every human who has intruded into the Dark Forest is precious to us.”

Looking down at Xiao Luo, Lester said, “It’s not just what Louis and I think. It’s what all clansmen of the Sucking Blood Clan think, except you.”

“I told you he is my friend,” Ghost argued.


Lester laughed. “It’s really weird for a hunter and his pretty to become friends. My dear sister, you are too naïve.”


Ghost hit the ceiling. “I don’t even want to argue with you. You are stubborn.”

Then she jumped off the wall directly and landed on the s.p.a.ce in front of the city gate like a feather.

“Little Luoluo, why are you here? Who sent you here?” Ghost shouted at Xiao Luo. She was extremely touched when the Silver Wing Mercenary Group had hooked her shoulder blade to that iron claw, and Xiao Luo, a weak Martial Master, had come forward to confront the much stronger enemy for her sake. She certainly would not allow her clansmen to hurt Xiao Luo.

Her pretty face was fair and as rosy as a cherry. Her skin had a tone like peaches and cream. She had a small mouth, a high nose bridge, and eyes as clear as two black gems. Her skin was as white as snow. Slim and graceful, that was the best description for girls like her.

Xiao Luo, who had looked indifferent, broke into a smile. He said in a gentle voice, “I’m here to take you to the sacred land of the Light Clan!”

To the sacred land of the Light Clan?

The elders of the Sucking Blood Clan were struck dumb on the city wall. The sacred land of the Light Clan? Those words were taboo for them.

Lester was still looking down at Xiao Luo and Ghost emotionlessly.

Ghost was stupefied. What nonsense was that guy talking about? Did he think an insignificant Martial Master like him was strong enough to take her away?

She blinked and came to her senses. She scolded him, “Are you a moron? Do you know you are risking your life here?”

“I’m here to fulfill my promise!” Xiao Luo said calmly.

“I didn’t ask you to fulfill any promise. You are just an insignificant Martial Master. Don’t pretend you are strong and powerful. I won’t be able to protect you here.”

Ghost’s almond-shaped eyes turned red. She wondered why there was a moron like him in this world. People would usually try their best to avoid such risks, but he came to their castle himself. What a moron! His brain must be damaged.

“Girl, there is a saying: Every dog has his day. This jerk is no longer what he was yesterday,” Duck Emperor said excitedly after jumping onto Xiao Luo’s shoulder. It just could not stand it anymore.

“Little Luoluo is a moron. Duckling, are you a moron, too?” Ghost complained grievously. Then an idea occurred to her. Duckling could fly very fast, couldn’t it? Thus, it would not be a problem for it to take Xiao Luo out of this place. She shouted immediately, “Duckling, take this moron out of here! The farther, the better!”

“Take him out of here?”

Duck Emperor shook its head as if it was a capable man. “Nope. Nope. We three will go together. This G.o.dd.a.m.n jerk said he would take you to a far place where you can boast about yourself. He will not go without you.”

“Do you even know what you are talking about?” Ghost replied with a bitter smile. She pointed at the elders on the city wall. “Have you seen them? They are elders of the Sucking Blood Clan. All of them are as strong as human Martial Gurus. Putting these elders aside, even my brothers can be compared to Martial Emperors. What on earth are you thinking about?”

Martial Guru?

Duck Emperor’s heart did a complete somersault. It asked Xiao Luo immediately, “G.o.dd.a.m.n jerk, those old b.a.s.t.a.r.ds seem to be tough. Are you sure you can do this?”

Xiao Luo ignored it. He said to Ghost, “Come over. I will take you out of here now. I will help you find your father.”


Ghost was totally dumbfounded. Nothing she had just said worked.

Louis burst out laughing wildly. “What a clear-headed pig you are! You will die very soon, but you are still daydreaming here. I happen to be thirsty. I will use your blood to quench my thirst!”

Then immediately, his eyes lit up with two bloodthirsty blue lights, and his two sharp teeth poked out like two tusks. Then he dashed towards Xiao Luo at high speed, with noises in his throat expressing his desire for blood.

“Louis, how dare you!”

Ghost acted simultaneously, showing her vampire look. She threw her palm over from the side towards Louis.

“Sister, you’ve overestimated yourself. You are still too weak to stop me!”

Louis showed a disdainful expression. He went on dashing towards Xiao Luo, ignoring Ghost’s attack. His eyes were fixed on Xiao Luo’s neck. “Pig, let me suck your blood up.”

However, at this moment, Xiao Luo, totally motionless, suddenly unsheathed his knife and brandished it down.

It was a fast and clean movement.


A five-foot-long ray of light of the knife whooshed across the sky and moved down like a lightning. A wild wind suddenly started to blow and thunders roared over that s.p.a.ce. Dust was scattered into the air.

The strength of that knife attack filled the sky over there with the rays of light given off by the knife.

That horrifying energy swept over the s.p.a.ce. An invisible pressure was surging like angry waves of the sea. Ghost, dashing towards Louis, was sent flying by the energy.


A shrilling scream came. An arm fell out of the dust that covered the sky. If it was not Louis’s arm, whose arm could it be? Blood was spurting from that broken arm. Louis covered the wound with his hand, kneeling on one knee. Next to him, there was a gap about 50 inches wide on the ground. It was created by that knife attack of Xiao Luo.


Still in shock, Louis gasped. His face was full of astonishment and fear.

The elders of the Sucking Blood Clan on the city wall all turned pale. That was a human Martial Master, but why was his knife attack so powerful and intimidating? He even cut Louis’s left arm off in one go.


Ghost opened her almond-shaped eyes widely, hardly able to believe what she had seen. Xiao Luo seemed to be stronger all of a sudden.

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