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Chapter 772: Let Go of Me

“Sis, when are you going to stop being so childish?”

Louis let out a sigh. “I know you want to save our father, but your way won’t work. Without great strength, we’ll live in the shadow of the sacred place of the Light Clan forever. Only when we are strong enough can we, the Sucking Blood Clan, be able to change our fate.”

Ghost did not respond. Clenching her teeth, she stared blankly into s.p.a.ce. Besides visiting her father, she also wanted to rescue him from the sacred land of the Light Clan. She had never seen her father since she was born, and it was a great misfortune for her.

“Forget about it. You will never understand, but eventually, you will realize I am right,” said Louis, frowning.

Waving his hand, he shouted at his subordinates, “Take them back to the castle.”


Ghost stopped them. She went up to Xiao Luo. “He is my friend. You can take the others back, except him. Let go of him!”

Louis glimpsed at Xiao Luo. He said with a sarcastic smile, “Sis, you are being naïve again. Do you know how difficult it is to get such a big walking blood bank? But you want me to release one of my preys? It’s impossible.”

“Will you release him or not?” shouted Ghost, staring at Louis with her almond-shaped eyes.

“No, I will not. If you dare speak for him again, I’ll suck up his blood right now!” said Louis with a stiff smile. There was still blood beside his mouth, and blood had tinged his teeth and tongue scarlet. He looked like an evil ghost.

“Fine, Louis. Let’s have a duel, then!”

Ghost’s eyes turned blue, and she exposed sharp fangs. Her pretty face was suddenly filled with cruelty and aggressiveness.

Louis was dumbstruck, and said, “Are you sure you want to have a duel with me? Over a human stranger? Do you know what a duel means to the Sucking Blood Clan? Even though you are my sister, I won’t show you any mercy.”

“Cut the c.r.a.p. Release him or let’s have a duel!” said Ghost, clenching her teeth.

Raising his eyebrow, Louis glanced at her casually and said, “Let’s have a duel, then.”


A sharp scream pierced across the air. The crops and trees around them shook from the effect of its sound wave. Ghost glided forward swiftly, leaving after images training behind her as she launched an attack against Louis.

Louis snorted. He steadied himself and twirled his arms in a circular motion, and tens of thousands of Shadow Palms from the movements of his hands, like a sea of angry waves.


Ghost’s whirling legs. .h.i.t his fist and palm. She took advantage of the momentum to channel all of her strength, and aimed another swift and fierce kick at her second brother, Louis.

“Sis, you are risking your life!”

Louis said as he flashed a sinister smile. Dashing forward fast, his body suddenly seemed unreal. His hands looked like they were mere shadows, but could be compared to the sickle of the G.o.d of Death in power. They cut through the air in a swift sweeping motion.

As she dashed forward, his vigorous defense shocked Ghost, and she immediately flipped into the air to steady herself. She continued to whirl in an offensive posture, but it was futile as there was nothing she could use as a fulcrum to leverage on. But she kept kicking her legs, creating thousands of shadows in front of herself. Her kicks seemed slow but were, in reality, quick and fierce. They slammed against Louis’ palms and fists in a thrilling display of her fighting prowess.

The members of the Silver Wing Mercenary Group were astonished by those gorgeous but ferocious movements. They had earlier hooked this teenage vampire’s shoulder blade with an iron claw, and her chest was badly injured and covered with blood. Yet, she exerted such tremendous force despite all her disadvantages. If their leader Silver Dragon had not been there, they knew they would not have been able to subdue such a frightening beast.

Xiao Luo was in a stupor. Ghost was risking her life for him, and as he watched her defend him, he felt like his soul stirred by her valor. He was very touched.


Their hands and feet collided repeatedly, and whenever Ghost attacked, she would shout.

It was fierce close combat action, and a ferocious female beast was the center of attention!

“Sis, stop messing around. Otherwise, I won’t be so kind to you anymore.” Louis had been patient with her and was restraining himself. But even a worm had its limits.

“Let go of him!” Ghost insisted without slowing her attack.

“Impossible. He is my prey. I will never let go of him!”

Louis looked unhappy. He suddenly leaped into the air and thrust his palm toward Ghost with a burst of energy, like a viper striking its prey.


The palm hit Ghost’s shoulder hard, and the force that urged through his palm burst in a torrent of energy.


Ghost spit up blood as he sent her body flying like a cannonball, smashing through several trees and breaking them cleanly.


The ground was littered with broken branches and tree trunks, and leaves flew around in the sky.

The sight of that blow made the members of the Silver Wing Mercenary Group and the Sucking Blood Clan cringe. They could almost feel the pain themselves and frowned, frozen in shock. However, just when everyone thought Ghost was dead, the teenage girl walked out of the heap of debris in deliberate steps. She was bruised and had scratches all over her body. Blood was flowing out of her nose and mouth and she looked extremely weak.

Louis narrowed his eyes. “Sis, why are you doing this? Is this worth it? You are doing all this because of that human?”

“He is my friend!”

Ghost growled in reply, clenching her fists and lowering her head. She staggered toward Louis. When she was close enough to him, she threw her tightly clenched fist at Louis’ face. As she was badly injured, her punch was slow, but she had given it everything she had and it still whistled like the wind.

Louis extended his palm and parried the fist attack without difficulty. “Friend? What are you talking about? How can a hunter and his prey become friends?!”

“I said, he is my friend!”

Ghost shouted, raising her head. She instantly leaped into the air and kicked ferociously at Louis’ face with her right leg.

Louis lifted his hand and parried it with ease once again.

Shaking his head, he said, “You are sick. You are very sick. You even think a human is your friend. Well, your second brother will help you get cured!” He glanced at Xiao Luo and exposed his fangs, emanating a bloodthirsty aura. “This guy looks clean and soft. His blood must be very delicious!”

Ghost’s pretty face turned pale, and she urgently shouted at Xiao Luo, “Lil’ Luoluo, run!”

As she shouted, she grasped Louis from behind so that he could not advance on Xiao Luo.


Louis sent a burst of powerful energy from his body and sent Ghost soaring like a kite on a broken string and spat out blood.

Louis turned his neck left and right, staring at Xiao Luo hungrily. But he found his right foot immobilized as he was going to dash over to Xiao Luo. He looked down and saw Ghost lying on the ground, clasping his right foot with what strength she had left.

This time, Louis was truly annoyed, and the corner of his mouth twitched. He shouted in a stern voice, “Let go of me!”

Ghost ignored him. Instead, she shouted to Xiao Luo, “Lil’ Luoluo, run. Otherwise, you’ll die.”

“Let go of me!”

Louis lost his head and stomped his left foot on Ghost’s back.


Ghost spat out blood, and her pretty face twisted in pain. Yet, she was still grasping on to Louis’s foot and would not let go of him.

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