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Chapter 771: Louis

“Sis, how did you get captured by those humans? Why are you so badly injured?”

A chilly dark voice came through the forest. Then, a figure flew out of the Dark Forest and landed in front of Ghost.

He was a very handsome man with a long face, blond hair, and deep-set eyes. He was wearing a black vest which contrasted with his pale skin. He stood calmly with his hands behind his back and emitted an intimidating aura.

His appearance frightened the two mercenaries who were guarding Ghost so much that they instantly let go of the rope. Before they knew it, they were cautiously taking a few steps back.

Their survival instincts had kicked in, but the reality of life was cruel.

The handsome man moved toward them with no warning, and with incredible speed, he reached them in a flash. He grabbed their hair and forced their heads to the side to expose their necks. Then exposed his two sharp fangs, opened his mouth, and plunged them into their necks.


Two screams rang out, and blood started oozing out as the handsome man sucked their blood greedily. The distinct sound of his feeding was unmistakable in the silent night. Those two mercenaries were twitching uncontrollably with their eyes rolled up, and their faces slowly turned pale. They were in extreme pain.

The handsome man drained all their blood within a minute. The eyes of both men remained wide open. When he was done, he casually dumped their dead bodies to the ground as if they were garbage. Blood was still dripping from his mouth. His eyes turned blue from his feeding frenzy. Although he had retracted the two sharp fangs, he still looked scary.

He looked at the two bodies on the ground as if yearning for more blood. “It has been a long time since I sucked such fresh blood. It feels amazing.”

The handsome man looked satisfied and pleased, like a drug addict who had just taken his fix. He closed his eyes and stretched his arms out, looking intoxicated as he took in a deep breath of air.

The rest of the mercenaries went weak at their knees from fear. They were staring at a genuine vampire—an ancient, evil, and powerful creature who could drain a person’s blood in less than a minute. There was dead silence. The mercenaries broke out in a cold sweat, freaked out by the ghastly teeth marks on their deceased friends’ necks.

Xiao Luo did not dare to act recklessly, either. The male vampire could fly, which meant that he was at the Martial Emperor level. If that vampire shifted his attention to him, Xiao Luo could not imagine what would happen.

“Your Excellency, we are from the Silver Wing Mercenary Group. We are here to hunt exotic beasts in the Dark Forest. It is how we make our living. We never intended to offend the honorable Sucking Blood Clan. Please forgive us, Your Excellency!” After quickly taking stock of the situation, Camel promptly kneeled before the handsome man to beg for his mercy.

The Duck Emperor took advantage of the opportunity to break from his hold. Afraid that the handsome man would notice him and give him a bite as well, the duck wisely kept a low profile. He neither spoke nor did anything that could attract any attention to make himself noticeable to the vampire.

The other mercenaries from the Silver Wing Mercenary Group quickly kneeled as well, following their deputy leader’s lead.

The handsome man opened his eyes lethargically and glimpsed at them. Then he burst out in a mocking laugh. “You want me to forgive you? You are all muscular men. I could sense the flow of your warm blood in your bodies even from far away. That is something that excites me. I can feel all my pores opening, and I want to suck all of your blood. Haha, haha…”


Camel swallowed his saliva with difficulty and said, “Your Excellency. If you let us go, the Silver Wing Mercenary Group promises we will send you a live person every day so that you can feed on fresh blood daily.”

The handsome man did not take his words seriously. He replied, “You humans are cunning animals. You will do anything and say anything to survive. Your promise is worthless for me. Did you say you wish to send living humans to me every day? You are merely lying to avoid getting killed.”

“Your Excellency…”


The handsome man flew into a rage. He gave off a burst of powerful energy, directing an invisible force from palm directed at Camel.

The force lifted Camel off the ground and sent him flying back.

“Take all of them back to the castle. Kill anyone who dares to resist!” The handsome man gave the grisly order.

“Yes, Second Duke!”

His subordinates acted on his order immediately. They took away the mercenaries’ weapons first and then tied them up with ropes. They took Xiao Luo along as well. The Duck Emperor was a duck, so they did not pay any attention to him.

The handsome man turned around to relieve Ghost of the iron claw. He shook his head as he looked her over. Then with a sigh, he said, “Sis, look at you. How did you end up here like this?” He extended his hand and drew Silver Dragon’s dead body closer to him without even touching it. With a smile, he turned to Ghost and said, “This guy is dead. His blood is useless to him, anyway. Why don’t you feed? You only need two mouthfuls of blood to recover. And you will feel no more pain.”

“No, I will not. I want to prove to the entire world that the Sucking Blood Clan can live well without feeding on human blood,” Ghost cried.

The handsome man put his hand on Ghost’s shoulder. “Sis, you are too naïve and childish. If we do not feed on human blood, our life span will be the same as theirs, and our strength will never reach the Martial Emperor level. You should know that we differ from humans, and we cannot improve our strength through cultivation. If we wish to increase our strength, sucking human blood is our only choice.”

“Why would I need to increase my strength?”

Ghost brushed his hand off her shoulder. “Few people can rival me in strength. My strength is already good enough,” she said.

“Few people can rival you in strength?”

The handsome man laughed in a teasing manner. “Sis, that is why I said you are naïve and childish. There are loads of human masters outside of the Dark Forest. At most, you are a Martial Lord amongst them. Above the Martial Lord is the Martial Emperor, then Martial Guru, followed by the Martial Venerable, and finally, the legendary Martial Saint. There are few humans at these levels. But across the Arcana Land, those at these higher levels are still many. If you run into any of them, you will not have any chance to fight back.”

Ghost was dumbstruck and argued, “I am not their enemy. Why would they make things difficult for me?”

“Sis, as your second Brother, I know you very well. You have insisted not to feed on human blood because you know once you do that, you will activate the lifeblood restriction of the clan on yourself. Once that happens, you cannot leave the Dark Forest forever. If you cannot leave, you cannot travel to the Holy Land of the Light Clan to visit our father. Am I not right?” said the handsome man. A light flashed across his observant eyes.

Ghost was exasperated, knowing her brother had seen through her. She shouted at the handsome man, “Louis, do not think you know me very well. Besides, you had better mind your own business!”

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