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Chapter 770: The Sucking Blood Clan

The Duck Emperor’s humming thoroughly annoyed the members of Silver Wing Mercenary Group. The song was quite provoking, and he continued to taunt them with his horrendous droning. The duck drew the ire of the mercenaries and they were determined to deal with Duck Emperor, to where they momentarily forgot about Xiao Luo.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A hail of arrows sailed across the sky and streaked toward the Duck Emperor. The attackers even threw their knives and spears at him.

The Duck Emperor was not afraid because he was fast enough to dodge the projectiles. He even continued to sing happily as he maneuvered through the air. “You cannot catch up to me, can you? I am just too strong. What can you do about it? La, la, la, la, la…”

Duck Emperor continued to mock the mercenaries with his inflammatory lyrics and even c.o.c.kily wiggled his tail to the tune.

“You d.a.m.ned duck! If I do not kill you, call me Lemac instead!” Camel snarled.

His bloodshot eyes bulged with rage and looked like they were about to explode. He leaped into the air, making several attempts to catch the Duck Emperor.

“d.a.m.n! I will cut your guts out as soon as I catch you and make a duck dish out of you!”

“You d.a.m.ned duck! We will make you cry. You wait and see!”

“Darn. F*ck it!”

Camel’s mercenaries were equally riled up, and one after another, they joined the effort to catch the Duck Emperor.

“You cannot catch me. You cannot catch me. Quack. Quack. Quack.” The duck continued mocking as he flew around in the air.

The Duck Emperor started playing tricks on the mercenaries since they could not fly and there was no way they could catch him. The Duck Emperor took to flying like a duck to water, and he could fly quick as well. The Duck Emperor taunted them by waiting in a spot, enticing them to pounce on him, then he would speed off in flight. He made the mercenaries run around in circles.

“Haha, haha… Duckling, you are so great!” Ghost cheered him on.

His pranks amused Ghost, and despite her severe injuries, it thrilled her to watch Duck Emperor toying with them. She urged him on, “Come on, Duckling!”

Duck Emperor’s antics bemused Xiao Luo as well. “Well, it’ll work…”

The annoying duck was not completely useless after all. His actions allowed Xiao Luo the opportunity to heal himself and regain his mobility. And as the two mercenaries watching Ghost were preoccupied with Duck Emperor’s antics, he would find a chance to release Ghost. Once Ghost was free, the Silver Wing Mercenary Group would be in real trouble.

“This duck is driving me mad!”

Camel could hardly get near enough to touch the Duck Emperor. He was so irritated that he kept hopping on the ground repeatedly to get at the duck.

He was not the only one. The Duck Emperor was also getting on the nerves of the other mercenaries. They wished they could dismember the Duck Emperor’s body and grind his bones into powder. But they couldn’t vent their frustrations on the duck as they could not catch him. The taunting angered them so much that they felt like spitting out blood.

“Come on. Come and catch me, you morons. Quack. Quack. Quack..” cried the Duck Emperor scornfully while flying around in the air.

“You d.a.m.ned duck. F*ck you! Come down here if you are so tough!” cursed Camel. His face turned livid with rage.

“That’s right. Come down here if you are so tough!”

“We’ll make mincemeat of you! One cut from each of us!”

“You d.a.m.ned duck. Shame on you. Come down here now!”

The other members of the Silver Wing Mercenary Group echoed the sentiment. The duck was exceedingly annoying.

“Hey, you want to irritate your Grandpa Duck Emperor?”

The Duck Emperor ignored their remarks. Instead, he gave them a middle finger. “Why don’t you come up here if you are tough? Your Grandpa Duck Emperor will peck your d*cks off.”

Did that duck say he wanted to peck their d*cks off?

Darn it!

The muscular mercenaries became even more furious.

“Come down here! All you know to do is to bluff!” shouted Camel.

“You come up here, morons!”

“You come down!”

“You come up!”

The fight turned into trash-talking between the Duck Emperor and Camel. The man and the duck kept raising their voices. Veins stood out on Camel’s forehead, and his face looked flushed. The duck’s feathers all stood on end, and his eyes were bloodshot.

“Haha, haha…”

Ghost could not stop laughing. “Duckling, you are so funny. I will kiss you as your prize.”

However, Xiao Luo did not find it so funny. He felt something was not right. Some mercenaries had gone missing. Where did they go? Were they hiding somewhere to capture the Duck Emperor, and Camel was merely distracting him?

Suddenly, with no warning, two mercenaries jumped out from the top of a dense tree canopy They held a giant net, which they threw over the duck.

The Duck Emperor was still trash-talking Camel and did not notice the approaching danger from above him. He was shouting confidently at Camel. “Come up if you are tough. A moron without an a.s.sh*le. Your Grandpa Duck Emperor will not even let you get a feather of mine!”

“Duckling, watch out overhead!” shouted Ghost.

Only then did the Duck Emperor realize his predicament. He looked up and saw a giant net falling on him. But it was already too late to dodge, and he was entangled in the net. Duck Emperor flapped his wings to fly away and carried off the two mercenaries with him.

The other mercenaries lurking in the tree responded quickly and leaped out one after another, grasping onto the net.

Two men. Four men. Six men.

More of them then jumped out to grab the net, and when ten of them latched on to the net, the Duck Emperor did not have the strength to fly anymore.

“Mother ducker! You piece of sh*t! This is cheating!”

Duck Emperor screamed but finally gave up struggling and went limp. Every one of them plunged to the ground. The Duck Emperor, already exhausted, was trapped in the net.

Camel grabbed the duck’s neck and yanked him out of the net. In a nasty voice, Camel growled, “Go on, then. Keep flying and singing. You thought I could not catch you? You are just a d.a.m.ned duck. How dare you trick me? Are you not afraid of death?”

As he spoke, he tightened his hold on the Duck Emperor. The duck was struggling painfully and was suffocating. His tongue stuck out, and his eyes rolled back. Only the white of his eyes was visible.


Ghost could not bear to see it. She wanted to help, but she could not. If she exerted her strength, the two mercenaries watching her would pull the chain of the claw tighter. It would pierce more deeply into her body and cause her unbearable pain.

When Xiao Luo saw the Duck Emperor almost being strangled to death by Camel, he suspended his healing process to rescue him.

At that moment, Xiao Luo heard the familiar sound of bats. The surroundings suddenly turned dark and spooky, and sinister energy pervaded the place.

“Shoot, that’s my brother!” Ghost turned pale immediately.

The vampire chick’s brother?

The mercenaries shivered when they heard her. They already had a hard time trying to subdue Ghost. If they met an adult member of the Sucking Blood Clan, they would not be a match for him. The sun had already set, and it was nightfall in the forest. The Sucking Blood Clan dominated the night.

Many torches lit the forest up, and they were suddenly all around the mercenaries.

When the torchbearers drew close, the mercenaries realized they were members of the Sucking Blood Clan. Their skins were as pale as ghosts, and they looked bloodless. Sharp fangs protruded from their mouths, and the moment they laid eyes on the men, the vampires salivated with a thirst for blood.

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