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Chapter 703: Negotiation

It continued to pour, and the falling rain washed the leaves of the trees before dripping to nourish the ground below. Nature was drinking to its heart’s content.

Su Li stood staring blankly into the rain. Her wet clothes were sticking to her body, and her hair was in a mess with a few strands of wet hair clinging to her cheeks. Tears flowed down her cheeks, mixing with the rain. Her heart ached as she looked helplessly at Xiao Luo, who could barely stand. There was nothing she could do but silently sob.

King Kong’s eyes had turned red as well. Xiao Luo had been severely slashed all over his body and he was soaked in blood. Like a hero who had reached the end of the road, a sense of desolation overwhelmed him.

“Your majesty, kill him. Kill him now!”

Curisa urged Ming apprehensively. Xiao Luo terrified him and had become his worse nightmare. Curisa wanted Xiao Luo destroyed, for he did not wish to have anything to fear.

Ming looked at Xiao Luo with no emotion. Then he took a step forward and instantly teleported to where Xiao Luo stood.

“Why did you stand up? Can’t you just lie down?”

His voice was icy. Ming intended to walk away if Xiao Luo did not stand up. Even if Xiao Luo had been the feared arch-enemy that Granny Witch had predicted, he would still let him go. But Xiao Luo stubbornly stood up and challenged his kingly authority. Even if he had wanted to go easy on Xiao Luo, he could not do so now.

Xiao Luo’s consciousness completely recovered by now. He stared fearlessly at the white-robed man in front of him. After coughing a few mouthfuls of blood, he said, “Why… can’t you be the one lying down?”

“Are you saying that I should lie down?”

Ming frowned slightly and asked, “Are you still able to fight?”

“I think… I can!”

Xiao Luo roared the last words in a thundering voice. He could no longer move his arms and legs, so he used his head to smash ruthlessly into Ming.

However, Ming’s body was completely bathed in silver light, and he was unharmed by Xiao Luo’s attack. On the other hand, Xiao Luo suffered from that collision, and blood gushed out from the injury on his forehead. He staggered back shakily before he lost his balance and fell onto the rain-soaked ground.

Fatigue and pain seriously weakened Xiao Luo.

He laid motionless on the ground, unable to struggle or move for a while.

“You are indeed very strong. Unfortunately, the enemy you face is me.”

Ming walked across and stood over Xiao Luo. He stared down at him indifferently and said, “I’m stronger than you, yet you do not know how to retreat, so you will die today. Our Light Clan and your Xiao Clan have been enemies for a thousand years. I should have forced you to reveal the whereabouts of the other people from Xiao Clan, but I do not intend to do that. The person I intend to kill today is only you!”

Xiao Luo laughed coldly and said, “Then… should I… still thank you?”

Ming did not respond to that remark. Instead, he slowly drew his sword out of its sheath once again and directed his power to the tip of the sword. He intended to pierce that sword through Xiao Luo’s head, right through that s.p.a.ce between his eyebrows.


Su Li screamed mournfully, and suddenly, a strange phenomenon occurred. Divine-like energy emitted from her body and spread around her.

Curisa and King Kong stared in disbelief. Even the police officers who were watching from afar were astonished. A silvery glow enveloped her entire body, and her eyes turned purple. They were enchanting and beautiful, making her look like a G.o.ddess to be worshipped in the heavens.

“Your… Your Holy Highness…”

Curisa stuttered in shock, for he was puzzled. To his knowledge, his revered Holy Highness had not recovered her memory, and therefore, could not have invoked her Saint Energy. So, what was that aura that made him involuntarily bow to her in worship? Could it be possible to awaken the Saint Energy without regaining her memory?

Ming stopped and turned around to look at Su Li.

But the purple pupils and silvery light came fleetingly, and Su Li returned to her normal state once again. But now, the restraint on her body was broken, and she was free to move. She anxiously rushed toward Xiao Luo, but in her haste, she tripped and fell on the rain-soaked ground with a big splash. She ignored the pain and got up, then continued running toward Xiao Luo.

She knelt next to him, bent over, and raised Xiao Luo into her arms.

The usual aloof demeanor of Su Li was conspicuously absent, and in its place was a warm and loving woman, hugging the man she adored, distraught and crying her heart out. Even the Heavens would have taken pity on her.

Xiao Luo’s heart ached when he saw her cry. He raised his trembling hand with difficulty to wipe her tears away. But he realized that his hand was full of blood. Even the rain could not wash away the blood completely. He was afraid of dirtying her face, and he held his hand back hesitantly before he finally lowered it.

He smiled and tried to comfort her. “Honey, don’t… don’t cry. You won’t look good if you cry… I… I’m fine…” he moaned.

“It’s none of your business how I look! Sob, sob…”

Su Li chided him, then cried even louder. She was initially sobbing softly, but now, she was bawling.

Xiao Luo was taken aback, then he smiled and gazed at her lovingly.

King Kong wiped his tears. Even he, an uncouth and insensitive fellow, could not stand watching such a touching scene.

“Your Holy Highness, please move aside!”

Ming’s icy voice cut through the air. However, it was not an order but a request.

Gently putting Xiao Luo down, Su Li stood up and glared at Ming with hatred. She said, “You keep saying that I’m your Holy Highness. Fine, then I order you to let him go!”

Ming stared steadily at her for a while, then with a tone of indifference, he said, “I regret we cannot comply with your wish!”

“You would disobey my orders?”

Su Li hissed. “Then you will only bring my corpse back. If he dies, I will die by my own hands. You can’t watch over me 24 hours a day, and I can kill myself whenever I wish. I suggest you consider this matter carefully.”

Hearing that, Ming went into deep thought.

“Your Majesty, we can’t let that brat off. He’s the great demon king that Granny Witch foretold, and this is our best chance to get rid of him!” Curisa quickly said. He was afraid that Ming would let Xiao Luo go. With Xiao Luo alive, his nightmare would not end.

“Shut up!”

Su Li shouted at him sternly. “After I restore the name of Holy Highness, you will be the first person I kill. I’ll peel off your skin, pull out your tendons, and burn you alive with fire!”


Curisa shivered, and he felt a cold sweat breaking out. Although it was unlikely that Su Li would do that after she regained her memory, she would still punish him. It was evident Her Holy Highness cared a lot about the Xiao family.

After Su Li reprimanded Curisa, she turned back and glared at Ming coldly. “Have you considered it?”

Ming said nothing. He bowed slightly to her and nodded in greeting before he turned around to leave. He sheathed his long sword and let Xiao Luo go.

Su Li felt all her strength leave her body. She had bravely negotiated with the two men from the Light Clan. It relieved her that they had finally agreed. She felt like she had just walked through the gates of h.e.l.l. She was exhausted, but the outcome was worth the effort.

She bent down and kissed Xiao Luo lightly on his lips. Then, she whispered in his ear, “Live your life well and take good care of Su Xiaobei. Unless you have enough strength, don’t look for me. Promise me, okay?”

Xiao Luo shook his head as tears welled up in his eyes. “Honey, have you… have you forgotten? You promised me you would… go on a honeymoon with me…” he said.

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