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Chapter 697: Helping hand

“Mortal, you now know the difference between us. I’ve already told you before, if I wanted you dead, I would have just stepped on you. It’d be as easy as killing a c.o.c.kroach.”

Curisa slowly advanced toward Xiao Luo who lay sprawled on the ground and stared at him with a condescending look. He then looked at his shoulders before he turned back to Xiao Luo and said, “But you really ought to feel proud that you injured me to this extent!”


After hearing that, Xiao Luo was extremely furious. He gritted his teeth and glared back. Using all the strength he had left, he shouted, “Scr*w that G.o.dd*mn pride of yours!”

Curisa frowned and was not pleased with Xiao Luo’s words.

“I’ll give you one chance to take those words back, otherwise, I’m going to kill you!” he snarled.

“I’ll kill your grandma!”

A fierce roar issued from Xiao Luo’s throat, and he was in a rage. He slammed his left hand on the ground and used the force to leap off the ground. Xiao Luo rushed at Curisa like angry waves crashing into the sh.o.r.e and snapped his right leg in a kick toward Curisa’s temple.

Xiao Luo’s vicious kick flew at Curisa like the howling wind!

This kick was a powerful one and could easily derail a train from its track.

But Curisa raised his hand and grabbed Xiao Luo’s ankle with hardly any effort. The latent power behind the kick instantly dissipated and seemed to channel away in circular ripples away from its point of impact. There was a thunderous clap, and the redirected energy blew leaves and stirred up a dust cloud all over the place.

Curisa stared at Xiao Luo, and his purple eyes glowered. He wondered how a mere mortal could master such skills in this filthy world. It was unbelievable, for even in the Arcana Land, few could reach this level of mastery. If he had grown up in the Arcana Land since youth, then his skills now could probably be at a much higher level than his own.


Just thinking about it sent chills down his spine. Spiritual aura was abundant in Arcana Land. If this mortal could achieve such a level even in this place, then probably he would have already reached the level of “Majesty” in Arcana Land. As doubts formed in his mind, Curisa felt a little terrified and couldn’t help but glance at Ming, who was standing a short distance from him.

But he regained his senses quickly. Xiao Luo had been disrespectful to him. Curisa had tried every way to dissuade Xiao Luo from continuing to fight back, but his efforts had fallen on deaf ears. And now Curisa had finally lost his patience.

Glaring at Xiao Luo, he said, “If that’s the case, then I’ll break the other leg. You can’t blame me, you asked for it!”

As Curisa formed a knife-hand strike with his right hand to break Xiao Luo’s right leg, a silver light glowed on the surface of his hand. In his mind, Xiao Luo deserved to get his right leg broken.


A roar echoed across the park from afar, and then a beast-like figure charged toward Curisa like a gust of wind.

Curisa was wary of his opponent’s strength and immediately let go of Xiao Luo’s right leg, leaping backward about ten meters.

When the stranger who came charging finally stopped, Xiao Luo got a better look at who it was. He had short hair, slightly yellowish unblemished skin, a pair of bright eyes and an extremely fit body.

King Kong?

Xiao Luo looked stunned, and he didn’t know what King Kong was doing here, but he felt relieved all the same. He suddenly recalled Ji Siying mentioning that the NSA warriors were having dinner together tonight. And as there was such a tremendous commotion here, it was no surprise that King Kong was aware of what was going on here.

Then, Xiao Luo detected a waft of familiar fragrant, and he knew someone else was here as well.

She was smartly decked in a black blouse, slender and well-limbed, charming, and had a pair of enchanting eyes. One look and she would leave a lasting impression on any guy. It was none other than Lady Poison, Fu Yiren.

Fu Yiren knelt down and quickly raised Xiao Luo. Her angry eyes were filled with emotions and tears began rolling down her cheeks. “Mie, I’ll avenge you!”

“Fu Yiren, wake up! Even Mie isn’t powerful enough, there’s no way you can beat this guy. I’ll buy you some time, hurry and leave with Mie!”

King Kong turned around and shouted at Fu Yiren. This stranger was not a simple-minded brawler, and if he could injure Xiao Luo to this extent, that would mean he was exceedingly powerful. Avenge? It was just wishful thinking. Right now, staying alive was their top priority!

After saying that, he quickly unleashed his Vajra Body Defending Divine Skill and his skin changed into a golden hue. Like the eighteen disciples of buddha, his golden skin had become was thick and indestructible.

“King Kong, at your service!”

King Kong glared at Curisa with penetrating eyes and announced himself.

Curisa was a little stunned, but then laughed raucously. “What is with you fighters from this filthy world? When we were looking for you, no one appeared, but when one finally turns up, all of you suddenly appear out of nowhere. I’m pressed for time and I don’t have the time to play with you lot, but…” he said, then pointed at Xiao Luo, “I still have to break that right leg of his, so get lost!”

“He’s my comrade, if you want to break his leg, then you’ll have to get past me first! Grrr!”

King Kong roared as he stomped his foot on the ground and dashed at Curisa. A murderous aura emanated from King Kong as he sent a wave of internal energy bursting across the entire wetland park. He advanced steadily in small, quick steps at extreme speed. He launched himself at Curisa and channeled a great deal of power to his fists. He roared fiercely like a charging beast and brandished his iron fist to strike his opponent.

“Why are you so defiant?”

Curisa looked annoyed as he furrowed his eyebrows and casually raised his fist to counter the attack.


Both fists clashed in a deafening explosion and the air between them shimmered, almost like some kind of distortion, before the force of impact blasted outward like a raging tsunami.

Curisa barely moved, but King Kong flew back and the audible sound of cracking bones revealed he had been badly injured in the encounter.


After King Kong crashed in a heap, fresh blood began dripping down the side of his mouth. His right arm was numb, and it began shaking uncontrollably.

King Kong lifted his head and looked at Curisa in horror. This purple-eyed man was too powerful for him. He wanted to buy enough time for Fu Yiren to take Xiao Luo away, but he had been too optimistic. Just one punch and he had already lost.

Curisa ignored him and walked toward Xiao Luo with his arms behind his back. He intended to break Xiao Luo’s right leg before he left.

“I’ll remind you once more—I’m your opponent right now!”

King Kong roared and got up. Like a wild bull, he dashed toward Curisa again and used his shoulder to slam into his opponent.

The silver light around Curisa’s body brightened and Curisa appeared like a G.o.d as a dazzling light emanated from his body. Before King Kong could even touch him, he flew back like a train had hit him, and spat out blood. The harder King Kong slammed into him, the greater the force that repelled him. It was like running head-on into divine judgment.

After being thrown on the ground, King Kong spat out even more blood, and his golden skin reverted to its original form. His face quickly turned a sickly pale.

Curisa squinted his eyes and looked at him. “You stinking mortals, can’t you understand human language? Do you need me to break all your arms and legs before you give up?”

“How dare you beat up the man I adore! I’m going to send you to h.e.l.l!”

Fu Yiren turned into a black phantom and resembled a weightless vapor that swirled like a powerful storm as she rose upward. Her internal force had turned into a cloud of purplish poisonous gas that she discharged from her body.

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