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Chapter 2253: Shocking News, Part One

The blood-red light, purple robe, and the whirlpool flew at the Ancient Taboo at a shocking pace.

The Ancient Taboo shuddered and let out a deafening cry.

"What just happened?"

Cang's reincarnation has switched to the Ancient Taboo?"

"Then why was Empress Feiyue awakening memories of her past life?"

The authorities who were focusing on claiming the Orbs of the Heavenly Emperor were dumbfounded.

They were struggling to tell what was going on!

"Qin Nan, Cang has possessed the Ancient Taboo. He's in his weakest form, you should kill him at once!" Zhou Xundao yelled.

"Sky-Stride Blow!"

Qin Nan quickly reacted. He appeared above the Ancient Taboo and slashed at it.

"Fellow cultivators, Cang has possessed the Ancient Taboo. Attack it at once!"

Qin Nan transmitted his voice to Moxie, Progenitor Mingchu, and the others.


The eyes of Moxie and his men flickered with astonishment, but they quickly collected their thoughts and soared into the clouds with formidable auras.

Moxie's demonic will particularly stood out. He was the Third Immortal after all.

Even though his cultivation level was only in the peak Master Realm, his strength was comparable to a peak Ruler of Dao!

"Supreme Firmament Moon Art!"

Tang Qingshan immediately flew out of the barrier consisting of blood-red talismans and pointed his finger down.

A formidable power of Rules spread above the Ancient Taboo and expanded in the form of an illusionary purple moon.

Qin Nan's slash only resulted in a series of explosions.

However, Qin Nan could sense that Tang Qingshan's power had declined significantly.

It was obvious that Heaven Highness Wuw.a.n.g's will was worn out. He could not hold on for much longer.

"Something is strange!"

Eternal Night Heaven Highness, Ruler Huangyun, and the rest of the authorities came to their senses too.

They immediately changed their plan.

The former split into three clones. Two of them went after the Orbs of the Heavenly Emperor while the third flew at the Ancient Taboo.

The authorities of the w.a.n.g Clan and the Li Clan immediately split into two groups, so did the formidable factions.

The flames in the Ancient Taboo's had turned purple-golden.

A terrifying ancient aura burst out of him.

Cang had no trouble possessing his loyal subordinate.

However, just as Zhou Xundao mentioned, he was extremely weak.

Despite the strong presence he was emitting, he could only utilize the Ancient Taboo's strength unlike Heaven Highness Wuw.a.n.g who had the strength of a Heaven Highness when he possessed Tang Qingshan.

After all, he had joined hands with Ye Zhaoxian to allow him to return to the world like he had been reborn. He had to pay a huge price for it.

"I'm already in such a dangerous situation after I was reborn."

The Ancient Taboo looked at the scene before him. He mocked himself without any sign of pressure before looking at Qin Nan.

"You must be curious why Empress Feiyue is awakening the memories of her past life. I won't keep it a secret. Empress Feiyue is actually my daughter's reincarnation," Ancient Taboo said gently like a friendly old man.

"Empress Feiyue is the reincarnation of Cang's daughter?"

Many authorities were dumbfounded by the words.

"It's her?"

Moxie, Zhou Xundao, and Eternal Night Heaven Highness' eyes flickered with astonishment.

They had a strong impression of Cang's daughter. The talents she occasionally displayed unintentionally in the past had shocked them all.

Qin Nan's eyes widened.

He did not expect things to turn out like this!

"Speaking of which, fate is really a b.i.t.c.h sometimes. I didn't think my daughter's reincarnation would think so fondly of you after she finally made it so far."

Ancient Taboo shook its head and chuckled, "But then again, I don't think it's a bad thing. I wouldn't mind letting you marry my daughter if you change your att.i.tude towards me."

"Unfortunately, that's never going to happen. A woman isn't enough for you to change your mind."

Cang sounded like he was mocking himself.

Qin Nan's face remained calm, but the power in his body was rising and merging with the Heaven-Shattering Saber, causing it to buzz slightly.

"Don't be angry, I wasn't mocking you. It's normal for us to put our ambitions first. We can sacrifice everything to fulfill our ambitions."

Ancient Taboo laughed before facing the authorities and the threats posed to him, "Since I've just returned, please forgive me for not greeting every single one of you."

"I have plenty of time to visit you all later. Now, I shall excuse myself."

As soon as he finished the sentence, Tang Qingshan immediately performed a hand seal. One of the five Orbs of the Heavenly Emperor let out a strong glow and flew at them.

A great force burst out of the orb and absorbed them into it.


The authorities were startled. They were one step late in the end.

"You're not going anywhere!"

Moxie, Progenitor Mingchu, and the others went after the orb and unleashed strong attacks.

In the nick of time, an ancient symbol was fired at the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor from the ten moons in the sky. It combined with the orb with a shocking energy ripple.


The Orb of the Heavenly Emperor vanished into thin air.

Everyone immediately lost track of the Orb of the Heavenly Emperor. Its presence had already left the Thirty-Second Small Immortal Realm.

It was obvious that Cang had predicted the dangerous situation when he returned. He had long made the necessary preparations to escape safely.

"(Sigh), as I thought!" Zhou Xundao said.

He did not have much hope on catching Cang's reincarnation at first, not to mention Cang was being reborn rather than reincarnated.

The situation was worse than what he had imagined.

Cang was able to preserve most of his memories, more than what he would have if he was reincarnated, together with all the experience in the past.

The only shortcoming was he had to find a new flesh for himself, and after possessing the new body, his cultivation would decline significantly.

However, was it ever difficult for someone who used to be a Supreme Highness to improve their cultivation level? 

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