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Published at 6th of April 2020 10:00:13 PM
Chapter 1608: 1608

Chapter 1608 - Shocking Strength

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"He is taking the initiative to attack instead?"

Many cultivators straightened their figures .

They initially thought Qin Nan would avoid fighting his opponent directly to drag on the duel .


Meanwhile, Master Wuding and the Heaven Immortals sharply noticed that Qin Nan's move was somewhat strange .

They had never seen any Immortal Art like it .


Ding Tianqi yelled . An ancient seal appeared on his head like a mountain and resisted the sudden slash from Qin Nan .

His bones were covered in countless runes .

Whenever he was taken by surprise, the runes would activate on their own to defend him .

In other words, if anyone was trying to ambush or a.s.sa.s.sinate him, it was unlikely they would succeed without an overwhelming strength .

"Destruction Battle Fist!"

Qin Nan did not stop . It was as if he had gathered all his force at the tip of his fist as he punched forward with a destructive might .

A strong force surged in all directions like a tide .


At the same time, Ding Tianqi suddenly moved to dodge the punch . On top of that, a hundred and thirty-seven figures appeared scatteringly across the place too .

"Illusions? No, these are clones with a certain level of G.o.d force, allowing them to cast an Immortal Art . . . "

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Qin Nan inspected the figures with his golden eyes . However, before he could react, a shocking chill filled his heart . He immediately executed the Unstoppable Step without hesitation .

With his current strength, he would no longer leave his trailing image behind when using the art .

If the person looking at him did not have an impressive eye-technique or sharp senses, they would simply feel that Qin Nan had vanished into thin air .

"Such remarkable speed, it's almost comparable to mine! However, even having a faster speed won't make any difference!"

The eyes of every Ding Tianqi flickered as they yelled at the same time, "Immortal Quake Hammer!"

A few hundred blinding immortal glows immediately burst out from each of the figures, as a pair of powerful hammers with blurred outlines appeared in front of every Ding Tianqi .


The hammers slammed in the air . The impact was like the explosion of a few hundred shocking lightning strikes . The incredible force swept across the entire dueling ground .

The force had swept across every corner of the dueling ground . Even the strongest movement technique would struggle to find a safe spot .

"Sky-Desolating Saber!"

Qin Nan did not hesitate . He charged forward and tore through the force exerted by the hammers, making his way toward Ding Tianqi .

"Great Calamity Sky-Flipping Hand!"

It was like Ding Tianqi had been waiting for a long time . He executed a shocking Immortal Art, summoning two giant hands above Qin Nan and slamming down at him with incredible might .


The golden flames in Qin Nan's eyes grew as the outstanding eye-technique summoned two giant spears with golden glows puncturing the giant hands .


A rapid succession of explosions took place .

The two kept crashing into one another like an intense showdown between two peerless G.o.dly dragons .

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No one would doubt that if Master Wuding did not set up the barrier, the hall would most likely be razed to the ground .

"No wonder this Qin Nan was able to kill the Underworld Prince . His strength is rather shocking . "

A few cultivators in the hall exclaimed subconsciously .

Even a few of the Heaven Immortals were startled .

Even when Qin Nan's cultivation was inferior to Ding Tianqi's remarkable G.o.d force, he was only in a slightly disadvantageous position in the duel . It was nothing that an ordinary Peerless Genius could achieve .

However, they still shook their heads in the end .

Qin Nan would never be able to last for a thousand breaths . Ding Tianqi would eventually destroy his dantian, and bring great shame to his name .

"Six hundred breaths have pa.s.sed!"

Qiu Hong clenched his fists tightly .

"Death Upon the Area!"

Meanwhile, inside the barrier, Qin Nan rose into the air and shoved his hands downward .

Countless streams of saber intent surrounded Ding Tianqi's figure .

The runes in Ding Tianqi's body immediately unleashed their power to resist the attack .

"What kind of attack is that? Well, it won't be able to do any harm to me . . . "

Ding Tianqi looked surprise, but he quickly shook his head .

"Sky-Stride Blow!"

Qin Nan suddenly appeared behind Ding Tianqi and executed a powerful slash forward . It shattered the runes and landed on Ding Tianqi's back .

Ding Tianqi groaned in pain and staggered a few steps .

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"HAHAHA, very well! You managed to hurt me with a mere cultivation of the peak Earth G.o.d Realm!"

Ding Tianqi burst out laughing instead of being infuriated . He wiped the blood by the side of his lips and his gaze sharpened .

A terrifying aura rose within his body .

"It's time for me to go serious on you!"

Following it, two giant hammers with blinding immortal glows were hurled at Qin Nan from above .

"How quick!"

Qin Nan's eyes glittered as sweat burst out from his pores . He did not have time to react . He could only place his hands in front of his chest to brace for the impact .


He was struck by a terrifying blow . His bones shattered and his blood rolled . He went flying like an arrow being fired .

"Forbidden Taboo!"

Qin Nan groaned under the incredible pain . A mysterious force flowed across his body and instantly mended his wounds .  

However, his eyes widened immediately after .

Ding Tianqi was already dashing toward him as soon as he was sent flying . The man was like the G.o.d of Judgment, holding hammers and glancing down at him with an expressionless face .

"The Rumbling and Cracking of Mountains and Rivers!"

A great shadow of a hammer loomed forward and devoured Qin Nan's figure .

The inside of the barrier suddenly turned chaotic, as countless cracks appeared in the rift .

"Qin Nan has lost!"

Both Master Wuding, the Heaven Immortal Realm experts, and the rest of the crowd shared the same thought .

After taking the terrifying attack, Qin Nan would no longer be able to fight back despite having some way to treat his injuries .

However, they were not too surprised by the outcome . It was quite impressive that Qin Nan had managed to last for seven hundred breaths against Ding Tianqi .

"Brother Nan!"

Qiu Hong was stunned . Xu Xianzhi was biting her lips too .

"HAHAHA, Qin Nan, you deserved it!"

Little Peng Emperor Wan Xiao and Gao Yuanxian burst out laughing . They felt extremely pleasant .

Zhao Lijian was in a good mood too . It was the first time that he thought Ding Tianqi was not as much as an eyesore to him .

"It's a surprise how strong your flesh is, and its ability to recover quickly! However, this is the end!"

Ding Tianqi raised his hammers, summoning over ten thousand of shadows resembling hammers in the air and slamming down at Qin Nan fiercely .


Following a loud crash, Ding Tianqi's expression stiffened .

A hand covered in blood was grabbing his wrist . No matter how hard he tried, he was unable to push the hammer down .

"Is that so?"

Following a calm voice, a powerful aura rose into the sky .

The cultivators were utterly dumbfounded!

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