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The sentence had taken Master Wuding out of the picture. He no longer had to decide whether he should give the saber away or not.

Qin Nan, Qiu Hong, Xu Xianzhi, and the rest of the crowd immediately focused their attention on Ding Tianqi, to see what decision he would make.

Ding Tianqi looked at Qin Nan with a pair of unfocused eyes and said, "It's a gift that I've prepared for Master Wuding, how can I give it to you? But..."

His tone suddenly switched in the middle of his speech, revealing a shocking battle intent.

"I was told that you're very strong, I can suppress my cultivation to the third-layer Heaven G.o.d Realm. If you can stay undefeated after a thousand breaths, I don't mind giving the saber to you!"

Little Peng Emperor, Gao Yuanxian, and many of the cultivators wore mocking looks, especially the former who was gloating over it.

Everyone knew that Ding Tianqi had probed the door of the Dao Realm. He was not far from becoming a legendary Exceptional Genius.

Little Peng Emperor Wan Xiao knew that Qin Nan too had probed the door of the Dao Realm. He might have even achieved the Minor Success Stage of the Dao Realm, considering how outstanding his cultivation was.

However, Ding Tianqi was only suppressing his cultivation to the third-layer Heaven G.o.d Realm.

How could Qin Nan who was only a peak Earth G.o.d possibly stand a chance against him?

On top of that, considering Ding Tianqi's weird fetish, if Qin Nan dared to accept the challenge, not only would he lose the fight, his dantian might be destroyed too.

Losing his dantian was not anything significant, as it was quite easy to recover.

However, how humiliating it would be to have his dantian being destroyed in front of the elders and experts of so many factions?

Master Wuding was not too pleased with Ding Tianqi's decision, yet he still turned to Qin Nan and asked, "You have heard it, it's up to you to decide."

Qiu Hong said with a started look, "Brother Nan..."

Xu Xianzhi too transmitted her voice, "Qin Nan, why don't we think of some other way?"

In their eyes, Qin Nan was in too much of a disadvantageous position if he was to fight Ding Tianqi now, thus it was unnecessary to accept the challenge.

"Before that, I would like to ask you, where did you get the black saber?"

Qin Nan remained collected.

"I bought it from someone else, are you going to fight me or not?"

Ding Tianqi seemed rather impatient. He was far from the patient kind.

"I accept it."

Qin Nan let out a relieved sigh in his heart and nodded without hesitation.

As long as it was not Tang Qingshan's death news, there was still hope that he was still alive.

As for the challenge, it was not really a problem for him either. He always liked to compete with talented people.

"He really accepted it?"

The crowd was astounded.

They all thought Qin Nan would never agree to the challenge.

"Qin Nan, let's see how you're going to take care of it this time!"

Little Peng Emperor Wan Xiao and Gao Yuanxian were gloating over it too.

They were confident that within five hundred breaths, Qin Nan would have his dantian destroyed, and would be humiliated in front of the crowd.

Qiu Hong was trying to say something, yet he fell silent when he saw the look on Qin Nan's face.

"Qin Nan is being too reckless, but perhaps he might even give me a surprise?"

Xu Xianzhi thought while looking at Qin Nan's face.

She could not help but admit that a man who was willing to risk his safety for his brother had a unique charm to him.

However, if he failed the challenge, the charm would be totally gone too.

"HAHA, Wuding, your birthday feast is getting interesting, what fun is it to just follow the same, old procedures?"

Elder Shenying burst out laughing.

Many of the Heaven Immortals and Earth Immortals nodded too.

It was quite exciting to watch a duel between two Peerless Geniuses.

Master Wuding nodded upon hearing the comment. He said smilingly, "Fine, I'll allow you two to fight here."

He flung his sleeves unleashing a strong immortal intent which formed an area with a strong immortal glow at the front of the hall.

"There's one condition, if any of you leaves the zone, you will be considered to have lost the duel."

It was still his birthday feast.

As such, he could not let the two go all out, especially to stop Ding Tianqi from killing Qin Nan when he was driven by his excitement.

"Qin Nan, come fight me!"

Ding Tianqi's eyes suddenly became focused as a magnificent G.o.d glow burst out from his figure. He went forward and entered the zone.

"As you wish!"

Qin Nan did not preserve his strength either. His eyes erupted in golden flames as he entered the zone with his figure encapsulated by saber intent.

However, his presence was obviously weaker when compared to Ding Tianqi's aura.

There existed a huge gap between the Earth G.o.d Realm and Heaven G.o.d Realm.

Besides, it was the difference between the peak Earth G.o.d Realm and the third-layer Heaven G.o.d Realm.


Ding Tianqi suddenly turned into a different person. He no longer looked sluggish as he was before. It felt like he had turned into an ancient warrior, throwing a punch at Qin Nan as the illusionary figures of over ten ancient beasts emerged from his back.

Not only was his G.o.d force outstanding, his flesh was incredibly strong too, it was equivalent to the eighth-layer Earth G.o.d Realm.

"Destruction Fist!"

When the incredible pressure loomed over Qin Nan, he immediately reacted by throwing a punch full of the Destruction Will forward without hesitation.


Strong wind blew in all directions. The immortal glow of the dueling ground shuddered.

The two geniuses fighting the duel halted in the air. Each of their bodies was undergoing a series of explosions.

Their first clash ended up in a draw.

"Such a powerful flesh, I'm even more interested in you now!"

Ding Tianqi seemed quite excited. He performed a series of hand seals to execute his killing blow.

"This Qin Nan has quite a strong flesh, securing him the upper hand. If he could control the situation, and with his impressive movement, he might be able to drag the fight until six hundred breaths..."

A Heaven Immortal Realm authority fondled his beard.

Master Wuding and a few other experts nodded.

From Qin Nan's current performance, it was still unlikely that he could last for a thousand breaths.

"Sky-Stride Blow!"

However, under the crowd's gaze, Qin Nan made a shocking decision. He decided to attack instead of defending. He rapidly appeared above Ding Tianqi and slashed at him using his hand as a saber.

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