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Published at 4th of April 2020 10:00:07 PM
Chapter 1606: 1606

Chapter 1606 - A Familiar Saber

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"Ding Tianqi?"

Many people were astounded .

They were aware of what happened to Ding Tianqi .

Normally, he would not bother interacting with the others . Why did he know to give someone a birthday gift today?

"Has his intelligence been recovering slowly?"

Zhao Lijian frowned as the thought crossed his mind .

After Ding Tianqi's mind was damaged, the faction led by the South World Immortal Emperor had placed extra attention on him .

If the damage to his mind was starting to recover, it was definitely not a piece of good news for Zhao Lijian .

As he was about to say something to deny Ding Tianqi's attempt by playing with words, Master Wuding who was seated at the front said curiously, "Tianqi, what have you prepared for me?"

Not only him, many among the crowd was curious too .

They saw Ding Tianqi rose to his feet and went up to the front like a beast . He took out a pitch-black saber and said, "Elder Wuding, this black saber is pretty good . I'm giving it to you . "

He did not act courteously as he was presenting the black saber . He was giving it away indifferently like a little kid .

He did not even give any blessing .

Zhao Lijian was overjoyed inside, but his expression darkened as he snapped, "Ding Tianqi, hurry up and take back the saber, such an ordinary saber . . . "

Many among the crowd shook their heads too .

There was nothing special to the black saber's aura . It was made of fairly ordinary material too . It was not even worthy to be considered a G.o.d Weapon . It was mostly just an above-average Monarch Weapon .

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"That saber . . . "

Qin Nan's eyes widened .

"Hang on, there's something strange about this saber . "

Before Zhao Lijian could finish, Master Wuding suddenly spoke . He flickered his finger and unleashed a stream of immortal intent after observing the saber closely .


The black saber seemed to have come to life within an instant . A brilliant glow burst out of it as a saber glow with a shocking murderous intent swept across the hall and left a thin layer of frost on the ground .

"A soul has been merged into the saber, and it also contains an impressive intent . If it's refined again, it has a chance to become quite an impressive Immortal Weapon, not bad, not bad indeed . "

Master Wuding was quite satisfied .

Even though a powerful Immortal Weapon was not of any significance to him, it was surprising that Ding Tianqi could offer it as a birthday gift with his condition .

Zhao Lijian and the crowd fell silent when they learned there was more to the saber .

Their eyes glittered .

"Tianqi, go back to your seat, we'll continue . . . "

Master Wuding said .

"Senior Wuding, I have a favor to ask!"

A voice suddenly spoke .

Zhao Lijian and many of the cultivators frowned . Who dared to disrupt the flow of the birthday feast?

They were stunned when they turned around .

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The person that spoke was none other than Qin Nan .

"Brother Nan, you . . . "

Qiu Hong was confused, so was Xu Xianzhi in the distance .

"Who are you?"

Master Wuding did not show any expression .

He was displeased when the man interrupted his speech . He would have punished the person if they were not in the middle of his birthday feast, with thousands of cultivators present .

Zhao Lijian immediately transmitted his voice to Master Wuding and told him everything he knew about Qin Nan .

"So it's Cultivator Qin Nan, is there anything I can do for you? Just say it . "

Master Wuding's expression calmed slightly . He was a bit more patient after learning that Qin Nan was a Peerless Genius .

"Senior Wuding, I'm hoping that you can give the saber to me . "

Qin Nan adjusted his thoughts and said with a stern look, "This saber belongs to a close brother of mine . He always kept the saber with him, something must have happened to him now that the saber is here . "

"If senior is willing to give it to me, I'll repay your kindness by ten times in the future . "

When Ding Tianqi took out the saber, Qin Nan already knew it was the black saber that his Senior Brother, Tang Qingshan had .

It was Tang Qingshan's lover that had transformed into the saber .

As such, he had decided to step forward .

As for where did Ding Tianqi find the black saber, he would investigate it later .

"You want this saber?"

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Master Wuding's expression that had just calmed down turned cold again .

The cultivators exchanged glances with one another in silence .

"Qin Nan, who would have thought that even you will do something so stupid!"

Little Peng Emperor Wan Xiao and Gao Yuanxian were startled . Even Zhao Lijian's eyes glittered .

It was currently Master Wuding's birthday feast .

The black saber was the birthday gift that Ding Tianqi had presented to Master Wuding . How could anyone possibly be thinking of asking someone for their birthday gift?

Qin Nan had surely offended Master Wuding with his words .

On top of that, Master Wuding was no ordinary Heaven Immortal . He had mastered the Four Extremities, and become a Peerless Ruler after achieving the peak Heaven Immortal Realm .

In terms of status alone, he was several times higher than Qin Nan .

"Master Wuding, Brother Nan is just too concerned about the saber, he did not mean to disrespect you . I too hope Senior Wuding is willing to lend Brother Nan a hand . I greatly appreciate it . "

Qiu Hong rose without hesitation .

"Senior Wuding, even though it wasn't respectful, it simply shows how much Qin Nan cared for his brother . If Senior Wuding is willing to give the saber to him, you will be doing him a great act of kindness . It's surely going to be a pleasant story when made known to the public . "

Xu Xianzhi said softly with glittering eyes .

"Thanks . "

Qin Nan's heart was filled with warmth . He was well aware of how unfitting his decision was .

Yet, the two had decided to stand on his side still . It was the greatest support he could ever hope for .

"Three Peerless Geniuses!"

The crowd was intrigued by the sight .

They were eager to see the ending of the situation .

"Xianzhi is willing to help him even when it might offend Master Wuding!"

Little Peng Emperor Wan Xiao and Gao Yuanxian's expressions sank .

"Master, what shall we do?"

Zhao Lijian asked softly .

Master Wuding remained expressionless upon seeing this .

It went without saying that he did not feel comfortable about it, but in addition to Qin Nan, both Qiu Hong and Xu Xianzhi had voiced out for him too, thus it was not so great to reject it straight away .

It was necessary to give three Peerless Geniuses face .

Besides, it was only an ordinary saber .

Yet, if he actually agreed, what would the other cultivators think?

"Tianqi, you're the one giving the saber as a present, do you think I should give it to Qin Nan?"

Master Wuding said after coming up with an idea .

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