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Chapter 329: Meeting

Translator: Yukidaruma Translations  Editor: Yukidaruma Translations

In a pitch-black mountain cave on the outskirts of Great Western City, about 30 kilometers away, over a hundred fire torches were lit up.


A level 29 Conferred Knight who was on the third tier amongst level 29 Conferred Knights, the man with the reputation of Sword Saint, was standing in the cave with a cold expression, looking at another three second transition Conferred Knights.

“Speak up. Why have you asked to meet me here for?” Sasa looked coldly at a fatty who had a height of over two meters, but whose weight was definitely over 500 jin.”Gargantuan G.o.d Gao Tu, you should have long died in jail.”

Gao Tu, who was being addressed as Gargantuan G.o.d, laughed and spoke as he gnawed on a chicken drumstick,”Hehe, Sasa, don’t you understand? A second transition character is still considered a treasure after all. So how could the people above let us die so easily? They can’t help but want to squeeze us completely dry.”

Sasa looked at him coldly and said,”Gargantuan G.o.d Gao Tu, Westerner, the number one expert in Gargantuan Spirit Sect. However, ten years ago, you rebelled against Gargantuan Spirit Sect and killed all 1,200 members of Gargantuan Spirit Sect. From then on, you became a murderer, killing over 10,000 people and having even killed three Conferred Knights. You were eventually arrested by the Knight a.s.sociation and given a death penalty.

“However, there were also rumors that you had been bought over by The School of Sword Arts. It turns out to be the truth.”

“As expected of the Sword Saint.” Gao Tu clapped his oily hands and said,”Since you know that I have been sent by The School of Sword Arts, then there shouldn’t be a need for me to explain too much, right? Since you were the one who had started this, then you’ll need to be the one to end this.”


Sasa’s eyes narrowed as if streams of sword light were gleaming in them. The other party clearly knew that he was the one who had sent someone to report to the a.s.sociation that the Rebirth Sword Technique had caused internal injuries to its pract.i.tioners. This meant that he was the one who had taken the first step, giving everyone else an excuse to set things in motion.

Sasa coldly replied,”I don’t understand what you mean.” He was, of course, willing to be the one to start the ball rolling, since it would help prevent Fang Xingjian from deciphering the dragon’s scale, thus allowing him to beat Fang Xingjian to solving the profound mysteries behind the dragon’s scale.

However, letting him be the one to bring closure to the case would mean that he would be going up against Great Western Region’s Governor Devitt, against Head of Department James, and against Sword Tower’s Hoppes all by himself. How could he be foolish enough to let himself end up as cannon fodder?

Right now, the people from the upper echelon had yet to send any powerful characters for this case. This were showing how sneaky they were. No one wanted to openly go against the three local influences.

After three whole generations of management by Governor Devitt and James who was the Governor from two terms back, the entire Great Western Region was built as strong as steel. Who would be willing to take them head-on?

Naturally, Sword Saint Sasa was unwilling as well.

However, Gao Tu let out a maniacal laugh and said,”Who do you think sent me? This order came from the Supreme Chief. If you were to refuse, then we’ll first leak the news that you were the one who submitted the report to the a.s.sociation. You’ll also become the enemy of The School of Sword Arts. Think through this carefully, Sword Saint.”

Gao Tu placed additional emphasis on the words ‘Sword Saint’, as if full of sarcasm and provocation.

Sasa looked at the fat pig before him, while doing his best to suppress his fury. Gao Tu was but a level 25 Conferred Knight and, theoretically, Sasa would be able to kill him with just a few slashes of his sword. However, he did not dare to do so. It was because of The School of Sword Arts, and because of the words ‘Supreme Chief’.

The second transition experts in The School of Sword Arts were split into several posts, starting with the lowest level Elder, then the Envoy, the Adviser, and ending with the Supreme Chief, who sat at the very top.


The School of Sword Arts’ Supreme Chief was the strongest swordsman in the entire school, and was also the one who held the greatest power over the school.

The current Supreme Chief of The School of Sword Arts was called Heng Tianxiao and was an individual at the pinnacle of the Empire in terms of sword arts. Although he was not at the Divine level, he was in the first tier amongst those of level 29. He was said to have somehow been able to manage to spar with the First Prince and he was known as the G.o.d of Sword Arts by the disciples of The School of Sword Arts.

Even Sasa did not dare to easily offend someone like that. Moreover, Heng Tianxiao was just a representative. Who knew who exactly Heng Tianxiao’s supporter was, and how many people were backing him up?

Sasa said calmly,”Devitt, James, and Hoppes. If the three of them attack together, it would be impossible for me to suppress Fang Xingjian and the Rebirth Sword Technique.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll just have to appear.” Gao Tu laughed and handed Sasa a letter.”This is Supreme Chief’s a.s.sessment of the Rebirth Sword Technique. You’ll need to bring it out during the arbitration.

“When the time comes, the people from the Myriad Stars Palace will also take action. Fang Xingjian has no hope.

“On the government’s side, the First Prince has already done the necessary preparations.”

Myriad Stars Palace? When Sasa heard these three words, his heart leaped. If ‘The School of Sword Arts’ was the peak in the sword arts domain, then Myriad Stars Palace was an even scarier influence with the existence of the Divine level expert, Astral Ancestor.

With The School of Sword Arts, Myriad Stars Palace, and the First Prince wanting to suppress Fang Xingjian, then even Devitt, James, and Hoppes would be unable to do anything.

Gao Tu continued,”You’re still hesitating? Hehe, after we’ve banned the Rebirth Sword Technique, the Myriad Stars Palace, The School of Sword Arts and the Ancient Path of h.e.l.l (Royal Sect) will work together to invent a new sword technique, specially provided for the three sects to cultivate. Do you wish to be one of the creators of this sword technique and to leave your name behind in history?”

When Sasa heard this, he was slightly taken aback. He felt disappointed in the plan the three major sects were plotting.

‘They are planning to first attack Fang Xingjian and the Rebirth Sword Technique, banning everyone from cultivating it, and then change the appearance of the Rebirth Sword Technique to be disseminated within their sects?


‘With that, not only would their businesses in imparting martial techniques not be affected, their sects would also be greatly powered up.

‘The gap in strength between those in the upper echelon and those in the lower echelon would increase, and the Royal family’s control over the lower echelon would be more stable as well.

‘As expected… They are more than ten times more cunning than me. They are truly very vicious.’

However, Sasa then immediately thought of how each sect would definitely send a representative to be one of those who had invented this ‘new sword technique’. If he could be included, with the effect of the Rebirth Sword Technique, he would be able to make a name for himself in history.

‘They are really keeping all the benefits for themselves. But… I like their way of doing things.’

Gao Tu impatiently asked,”So how is it? You can agree to it now, right?”

Sasa shrugged,”I don’t seem to have a choice, do I?” With the three great factions joining forces, Sasa really had no option to reject.

After handing the letter to Sasa and watching as the Sword Saint left, a thin man next to Gao Tu spoke up,”Boss Gao, this guy won’t try to go back on his word and give us the slip, right?”

“Do you think he would dare to do so?” Gao Tu laughed coldly and said,”The School of Sword Arts, Myriad Stars Palace, and the First Prince. If any of these influential people wished to crush him, it wouldn’t be any harder than killing a dog.

“With him taking the lead, if anything were to happen in the future, there’ll be someone who can act as the scapegoat.”

Not long after their discussion, the female a.s.sa.s.sin dashed into the cave, covered in blood, collapsing to the ground.

“What’s wrong, Rakshasi? Why have you been inflicted with such serious injuries?”

The female a.s.sa.s.sin called Rakshasi still had her mind filled by Fang Xingjian’s last sword attack on replay.”It’s impossible to fend off… There’s no way to fend off at all.”

[1] Nickname of the female a.s.sa.s.sin. A Rakshasa (Sanskrit: rākṣasa) is a mythological being in Hindu mythology, and a female rakshasa is known as a rakshasi. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rakshasa

Chapter 330: Pursue (Part I)

Translator: Yukidaruma Translations  Editor: Yukidaruma Translations

“You’re saying that even though you initiated an attack with that Heaven’s Support Kick of yours, you were no match for his sword slash, and even your foot was chopped off?”


Gao Tu frowned and looked at Rakshasi, asking,”Based on our information, Fang Xingjian is only level 22 at most. How is it possible that you weren’t even able to take on a sword attack of his?”

Rakshasi touched her regenerated foot which had skin that was like a baby’s. This showed the strong vitality of a level 25 Conferred Knight. Moreover, she had the specialty, High Speed Regeneration, which had allowed her to grow out her foot again.

However, she was unable to conceal the shock in her eyes.”I was truly unable to take on that attack. I stimulated all the specialty seeds in my body and even used the Heaven’s Support Kick to tap into the powers of the earth’s circulation. Even if a big building were to come crashing down… with this attack, I’d have the confidence of crushing the building into pieces.

“However, when Fang Xingjian’s sword attack came crashing down, it felt as if the skies were really crashing down. There was no power that could fend it off.”

Gao Tu frowned and said,”I heard that Fang Xingjian has a sword technique which allows him to absorb and make use of gravity. Could it be this move?”

Rakshasi shook her head.”No, I didn’t sense any changes to the gravity.”


Just then, the entire cave started tremoring furiously. It was as if many tremendous surging forces had descended from the sky, causing shattered rocks to fall down everywhere.

Rakshasi looked toward the outside of the cave while feeling great hatred.”He has really come chasing after me. Boss Gao, you guys must avenge me!”

Rakshasi was not an idiot. Of course, she knew that the reason Fang Xingjian had given chase was so that he could find her accomplices. However, she was more confident that with the help of her companions, she would definitely be able to turn the tables and teach Fang Xingjian a good lesson.

Gao Tu frowned slightly. He did not really wish to step out at this moment to catch Fang Xingjian. This was because they would be able to ban the Rebirth Sword Technique and thus reduce the number of pract.i.tioners for this sword technique only by letting Fang Xingjian appear at the arbitration and, subsequently, get crushed by those in power.

Rakshasi’s reckless actions had already made Gao Tu very dissatisfied. Moreover, he did not wish to deal with Fang Xingjian yet.

Therefore, he looked at the two other Conferred Knights next to him and asked,”Would he be able to enter here?”

That two Conferred Knights were each encompa.s.sed by a grey colored robe, looking very much like statues. When Gao Tu posed the question to them, they lifted their heads at the same time, revealing two identical faces. They were both bald and eyebrowless, and they had the same snake-shaped tattoo on the left side of their face.

The twins, Zhang Zuo and Zhang You,[1] were both level 24 Conferred Knights, but neither Gao Tu nor Rakshasi dared to underestimate them.

This was because the twins of them had been connected by their thoughts since young. It was said that they both used the same consciousness and would even be able to synthesize two skills which they had each cultivated separately. They also excelled in willpower impacts and related Killing techniques.

However, because they had failed the Heavenly Barrier when they tried for level 25, they were both a bit crazy. This was the greater reason why Rakshasi and Gao Tu were wary against them.


No one would be willing to fight against lunatics who were unafraid of death.

When they heard Gao Tu’s question, Zhang Zuo said,”We’ve channelled information into the gra.s.s, trees, and rocks outside to set up an illusionary formation. There’s no way that he’ll be able to get in.”

Rakshasi gritted her teeth and said,”Are we going to hide from him?” Although Fang Xingjian’s battle prowess was beyond her expectation, there were four Conferred Knights here. So, how could she possibly still be afraid of him?

“We can go out, subdue him, and bring him back to the headquarters. If he can’t attend the arbitration the day after, he’ll have lost without putting up a fight.”

“Idiot,” Gao Tu reprimanded,”Why do you think that the people from the higher management prepared so much? If capturing Fang Xingjian will work, they would have done so long ago. Our goal is to make it such that majority of the people will not cultivate or study the Rebirth Sword Technique.

“Just wait here, don’t take action. Don’t be anxious either. This genius won’t be spirited for long. Three days later, after the arbitration, his reputation is doomed to go down in ruins. By then, it wouldn’t matter if he heads to central or anywhere else. He’s destined to only be able to leave in darkness.”

As the few of them spoke, the entire world suddenly felt light. Gao Tu sensed his body floating and his expression changed.”Is this guy crazy?

“Let’s go!”

Gao Tu had studied Fang Xingjian’s records. The damaging prowess of that technique, which Fang Xingjian had gained from the legacy of the Pantheon Monument, was simply too great. It would not be easy even for Gao Tu to face it head on.

This was especially the case since they were currently in a cave and Fang Xingjian’s sword attack had brought about an earthquake. If they did not leave, they would end up being buried alive.

A few minutes ago at a different location, Heaven-Shaking Sword Potter looked at the several majestic figures who had descended from the skies, and he was shocked.

The person at the front of the group was the Deputy Governor who had previously been involved in the Regional Selection; it was Armstrong, whose face was filled with scars.


Armstrong threw a glance at Heaven-Shaking Sword Potter. Potter was just about to say something when Armstrong sent him a message,”Shut up.

“If you don’t wish to die, then shut up.”

It was this moment that Heaven-Shaking Sword Potter truly saw Armstrong’s gaze clearly and discovered it was filled with furious killing intent.

‘Deputy Governor Armstrong…’ As if a flash of lightning had struck Potter’s brain, he instantly understood.

‘Is this Armstrong also one of the people in the upper echelons? d.a.m.n, he is the Great Western Region’s Deputy Governor!

‘Or is it that there are also different consensus within the Second Prince’s revolutionary party?

‘That must be it. One of the advantages Conferred Knights have is that they can continue synthesizing martial techniques, allowing their Nurturing and Training techniques, as well as the tempering of their attributes to far surpa.s.s that of Knights and Knight apprentices.

‘However, the existence of the Rebirth Sword Technique would cause this gap to disappear.

‘Therefore, there must also be many Conferred Knights who feel uneasy about this sword technique. They wouldn’t like a sword technique which could reduce the gap between themselves and people below them.

‘Moreover, the First Prince is about to step into the Divine level. At this time, it’s apparent that there would be people under the Second Prince who would want to change their stance.’

Just as these thoughts flashed past Heaven-Shaking Sword Potter’s mind, a loud whistle rang out, and the arbitrator, Sally, rushed over as well. When she saw the collapsed house and the scattered ruins, she clenched his fists tightly.”What happened? Who attacked this place? Are the kids alright?”

“They’re fine. They’ve all been placed under protection,” Armstrong said cooly.

Sally frowned as shot a glare at him. She did not like the Great Western Region’s officials much.

Then she looked at Potter and asked,”What happened? Who attacked this place?”


“It’s…” Potter lifted his head and saw that behind Sally, Armstrong was throwing him a glance as if he were looking at a dead man. It was apparent that he was warning Potter.

‘d.a.m.n it!’ Potter clenched his fists tightly as a fierce struggle occurred in his mind.

‘If I were to speak the truth, I’ll probably be killed.

‘As expected, they wish to make use of Madam Sally?

‘After all, it’s someone of the northern descent. Then… how should I choose?’

In a great struggle over his decision, Potter still eventually let out a breath and said,”Madam, it was Fang…”

Then suddenly, he saw Baroque Sword Marcus, who had been dug out from the ruins behind them. Looking at the corpse lifted up onto the cart, Potter’s gaze flickered.

He let out a loud laugh and shouted suddenly,”Sally, it’s the people at the top…”

Before Potter had a chance to finish his sentence, Armstrong’s palm had already pressed down on his shoulder. An extremely strong willpower impact was sent into Potter’s mind, making him unable to speak a word nor even move a finger.

‘d.a.m.n it!

‘I can’t move!

‘I can’t say a word!

‘Argh!! Move!’

[1] The Chinese characters for Zuo and You are left and right respectively.

Chapter 331: Pursue (Part II)

Translator: Yukidaruma Translations  Editor: Yukidaruma Translations

Armstrong’s hand was quickly pushed away by Sally. However, Potter realized that not only could he not talk, but there was also a surge of power controlling his body.


Countless information flowed everywhere in his brain, constantly changing his brain signals and changing the control his brain had over his physical body.

‘What’s wrong?

‘What is this Killing technique?

‘Is he controlling my physical body?’

Armstrong gently rubbed his forehead as he controlled Potter’s body with great mastery. It was one of the most secretive techniques in the Ancient Path of h.e.l.l, a Killing technique which less than ten people knews of—Small Puppet Technique.

From Sally’s point of view, Potter only went into a daze for a short moment before he regained his senses and said,”Madam, it was Fang Xingjian. He started killing the moment he entered the house. His sword arts are too strong. Both of us weren’t able to stop him.


“Baroque Sword fought desperately to ensure that the three kids were not killed.”

Sally looked at Heaven-Shaking Sword in a daze.”Fang… Xing… Jian!”

Potter continued,”Madam, Fang Xingjian is too strong. We must request for a.s.sistance…”

When Potter was going through this scene, he was bellowing out furiously in his mind. However, he was not even able to control a single inch of his body.

‘Stop! Stop!

‘Return my body to me!

‘d.a.m.n it!!’

His entire consciousness seemed to be trembling, but he had no way of getting out of the control of the Small Puppet Technique.

Sally looked at Potter’s face and said suddenly,”Potter, you’re tearing up.”

Potter, who was under control, wiped off the tears on his face and said,”I’m fine. It’s just that dust had gotten into my eyes.”


However, the scene of Potter tearing up was deeply engraved into Sally’s mind. She turned toward Armstrong like a furious lion and bellowed,”Did you hear that? Your genius, your precious Fang Xingjian, a.s.saulted my subordinates. Not only has he ruthlessly killed one of my subordinates, he even a.s.saulted the victims! What are you guys still doing here? Go catch him!”

Armstrong smiled and said,”I apologize. I can’t arrest another Conferred Knight based on just the words of this person alone. Everything needs evidence.”

Sally glared into Armstrong’s eyes and said,”Great Western Region, you guys really deserve to die. Haven’t you thought of the consequences if this were to continue?”

Armstrong shrugged,”Sorry.”

“I will report this to the a.s.sociation after I return. As for Fang Xingjian, I’ll catch him myself.” Sally looked at the path of houses and streets Rakshasi and Fang Xingjian had destroyed, and her tone filled with anger as she said,”Those loud noises from earlier all came from that direction, right?”

With a slight tremble of her body, the clothes on her back were torn apart, and six wings made of light stretched out from the surface of her skin. These light wings seemed to have been formed by many beams of light. They were extremely dazzling and brilliant, as if they had no physical structure.

There were even hints of starlight which flashed as the light wings flapped.

With a light leap, Sally shot out, as if she were a shooting star, toward the direction in which Fang Xingjian had gone to chase Rakshasi.

The six light wings behind her were very unique. With each light flutter, Sally’s speed would not increase, but the wings would create tremors and caused the s.p.a.ce to warp, allowing her to dash through the natural gaps between s.p.a.ces.

s.p.a.ce was something which could not be shattered but could be compressed. The six light wings on Sally’s back had the ability to compress s.p.a.ce.

Both Fang Xingjian and Rakshasi dashed at high speed by relying on their physical abilities, which caused strong gales to blow and inflict great damage to the surroundings. They also left behind a large amount of trails for Sally to use and track them down. After all, each step they made created a large meteor crater. It was simply too easy to track them down.

Each time Sally fluttered her light wings lightly, she would fly a distance of over 1,000 meters. In less than half a minute, she had already arrived at the location of Gao Tu and the others. However, after looking around, she could not find any trace of Fang Xingjian.


‘Where is he? This Fang Xingjian… Where has he hidden himself?’

Sally looked around, and at the next moment, she suddenly felt her body grow lighter.

‘This is…? The technique Fang Xingjian learned from the Pantheon Monument?’

As an arbitrator, Sally naturally had read in detail about Fang Xingjian. Seeing that her body as well as the rocks and trees in the surroundings had lost their gravity, she immediately realized what was happening.

‘Is Fang Xingjian fighting with someone?’

In the next moment, four silhouettes crashed through the cliff walls, soaring up into the skies amidst the dust. Sally turned her head quickly and looked up at where those four figures were. Fang Xingjian was holding a rock sword up high. An extremely heavy energy was gathered around it, as if it would slash apart the entire earth with one slash in the next moment.

‘Who are those four people?’ Sally frowned, feeling very perplexed over this battle. However, the enemy of one’s enemy would be one’s friend. No matter what the reason was that Fang Xingjian was fighting those four, it would not change Sally’s decision to apprehend Fang Xingjian.

After Gao Tu and the others dashed out, they escaped in all directions as per Gao Tu’s instructions. Flames were thrown out from all over Gao Tu’s body, and he dashed toward the north like a fiery meteor.

The twins, Zhang Zuo and Zhang You, grasped onto each other’s arm and surges of power started to flow between their bodies. Although the two of them appeared as if they were moving very slowly, the had dashed over several hundred meters away in the blink of an eye.

Rakshasi let out a furious bellow which was filled with dissatisfaction, humiliation, and fury.”Fang Xingjian, treasure your final moments!”

She was the one who had it worst from Fang Xingjian, and she was also the one who was most unwilling to escape. This was especially the case when she felt that if the four of them were to join forces, they would have the advantage. Yet, they still had to escape. This made the flames of fury burn intensely in her heart.

However, since Gao Tu was unwilling to fight with Fang Xingjian, she could only follow his orders.

However, just as the four of them were escaping in different directions, a loud whistle rang out,”Don’t be afraid, I’ll hold him off. We can work together to capture him.”

Just as Sally spoke, she condensed a light sword in her hand. After the flickering of consecutive flashes, over 100 swords appeared and surrounded Fang Xingjian, thrusting out toward him.


Fang Xingjian held onto a rock sword which had been created from the level 40 Thunder Immuring Earth Sword and was condensed with the powers of Terra Ingurgitation. However, it would only be able to deal a single blow.

Therefore, when Fang Xingjian was suddenly confronted with Sally and her violent attacks, he put up his other hand to form sword fingers and tapped onto the tips of Sally’s swords. Fang Xingjian blocked all of the sword attacks with his fingers acting as a sword.

Sally was pushed back, and she laughed coldly, saying,”The Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor is truly powerful. However, to think that it has landed in the hands of a devil like yourself. Today, I’m going to rip this set of treasured armor off you.”

Fang Xingjian looked at the small charred mark on his finger and said coldly,”Who are you? Why are you stopping me?”

“Knight a.s.sociation, Arbitrator Sally.” Sally glared at Fang Xingjian and said,”You’ve already forgotten about the things you did in the Great Western City earlier?”

However, Fang Xingjian was more concerned about the four people who were escaping. Gao Tu and the others also seemed to be stunned by Sally’s sudden appearance. They all stopped their attempt to escape and gathered together.

Rakshasi said coldly,”Are we still going to escape in this situation? That idiotic woman has already chased him all the way here! We can kill her here and put the blame on Fang Xingjian.”

“That would be meaningless. It’ll be a waste of time to let the people up there send other people here. It’ll allow more time for the dissemination of the Rebirth Sword Technique. Hmph, and do you think that we can just kill this woman like that?” Gao Tu said calmly,”However, we can help her capture Fang Xingjian.” How could Gao Tu not be angry that he was being pressured by a junior to escape like that? Moreover, letting Sally capture Fang Xingjian would be great for their plan.

As they spoke, the four of them had already gradually surrounded Fang Xingjian.

“Arbitrator Sally, right?” Gao Tu let out a laugh and said,”Let us help you catch Fang Xingjian.”

Fang Xingjian glanced at the five people who had surrounded him and then said to Sally,”Have you misunderstood something? I’m considered to have saved your subordinate back in the Great Western City earlier.”

“Saved my subordinate?” As the scenes of the ruins, the wounded people, and Baroque Sword Marcus, who had died, flashed through Sally’s mind, she exploded with fury, and her light wings turned into a pure gold color.

“Do you think that I’m an idiot?” Sally’s gaze was covered by the pure golden glow.”Wait till I’ve broken all your limbs before we have a good talk.”

Fang Xingjian’s brows arched as he said,”Woman, did you eat sh*t? Scram this instant. Otherwise, I’ll kill you as well.”

Chapter 332: Surround And Attack

Translator: Yukidaruma Translations  Editor: Yukidaruma Translations

‘Is it as they said, that people of this lineage are easily enraged? She is so easy to control. The people up there have really sent the right person.’


Gao Tu looked at the enraged Sally with a cold gaze as he laughed inwardly in secret.

While the few of them were speaking, more and more rocks under their feet continued to fly into the sky. As Fang Xingjian had yet to unleash the Terra Ingurgitation attack, everything within two kilometers all continued to be in a non-gravitational state.

With a loud boom, slabs of earth which had an area of over 1,000 square meters broke and shattered, shooting up into the air. All the plants and rocks in the vicinity rose up, and even Gao Tu and the others flew up into the sky together with the mounds they were stepping on.

Within two kilometers, it was as if there were many new additions of floating mountains and islands.

However, Fang Xingjian lightly clenched the rock sword he was holding.’Terra Ingurgitation is reaching its limits soon. I must unleash it within a minute… However, this woman… arbitrator… is troublesome…’

Regardless, Sally was still the arbitrator sent by the a.s.sociation. Just as how he had dealt with Heaven-Shaking Sword and Baroque Sword earlier, he could suppress them but could not kill them. Otherwise, it would just bring him more trouble, and he would end up losing the arbitration.


However, this woman was much stronger than Heaven-Shaking Sword and Baroque Sword.

“Wait till I’ve broken all your limbs, then we’ll have a good talk.”

Just as Sally shouted that, the light wings on her back, as well as her eyes, shot out pure golden light, and she dashed out, creating a long stream of white smoke. The light sword she was holding had also become like a rain of light, shrouding Fang Xingjian’s body.

The Effulgence Weapon she held was called G.o.d’s Adjudication. It was an Effulgence Weapon which could stretch out to become 200 meters long or be as short as two centimeters. The weapon could expand and shrink freely, as well as slash out at high temperatures.

Right now, it had turned into a 200-meter-long light sword. It swept out as if a dense net of light had been cast out, slashing the floating islands below their feet into over a hundred pieces.

However, Fang Xingjian merely retreated slightly and managed to avoid most of the attacks from the light sword. The remaining impacts were blocked off with the help of the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor.

“You won’t be able to escape!”

A furious bellow rang out behind Fang Xingjian. The excited Rakshasi had appeared behind him in a flash. She lifted her leg up high, and at the next moment, a series of afterimages encompa.s.sed Fang Xingjian’s body.

Her kicks landed like a violent thunderstorm, each attack having the impact of the Killing technique, Comet Descent. From afar, it looked like there was a meteor shower.

With a stifled snort, Fang Xingjian retreated far away, following the flow of the attacks. Meanwhile, Rakshasi let out a horrified cry as her entire leg flew toward a small floating mound, covered in blood.


Halfway through Fang Xingjian’s leap, another scorching aura burst into the air. Gao Tu’s body, which was covered in flames, had changed once again. The Gargantuan Spirit Sect’s Killing technique—Molten Physique—was fully unleashed. Endless lava came surging out from the pores of his body. In that instant, he turned into a molten lava giant with a height of ten meters.

Molten Physique was a transformational Killing technique similar to Blood Rampage.

“How is it, Fang Xingjian? Do you regret coming over?”

As Gao Tu laughed out maniacally, his huge molten lava palm grabbed Fang Xingjian’s body. Gao Tu clamped down hard on Fang Xingjian with a force which could crush a tank and with a high temperature which could melt even rocks, swallowing Fang Xingjian’s entire body.

The molten lava palm merely paused for a moment. Then in the next instant, countless sword lights soared up, and the entire molten lava palm exploded. Fang Xingjian dashed forth and once again arrived on a floating boulder several hundred meters away.

However, before he had the time to catch his breath, Sally had already arrived before him, fluttering her six pure golden light wings. The light sword in her hand contracted and expanded furiously.

It was the Killing technique, Light of Judgement.

A white light cannon with a radius of two meters gushed forward, encompa.s.sing Fang Xingjian’s entire body completely while creating a long line of light in the air. Several kilometers of air was heated up. Even the air around Fang Xingjian was heated up to over 10,000 degrees celsius. The entire floating mound vaporized instantly, and Fang Xingjian rolled as he landed on the ground.

A loud bang rang out, and with the point of collision as the center, layers rippled outward. The violent burst of power created a big crater in the ground.

The moment Fang Xingjian gradually got up to his feet, the crater under his feet was already floating upward once again due to it having lost its gravity.

Concurrently, the five Conferred Knights descended once again, landing around and surrounding Fang Xingjian.

Fang Xingjian rubbed his neck and stood up, as if he had not gotten hurt at all.


Gao Tu grinned.”So, this is the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor. It’s really an equipment that would make one jealous. It’s such a waste for you to be wearing it.”

Rakshasi glared at Fang Xingjian with a complacent expression,”Fang Xingjian, do you understand now? Your defeat is required for the current situation in this country. It’s all because your actions are making you an enemy of the entire world.”

Sally swept out with her light sword, and her cold tone contained great fury.”Surrender without resistance. Even the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor’s defence is not limitless.

“If you don’t wish to be beaten to death alive, then surrender. Although I detest your dirty soul, I’ll still give you a chance to be put through a fair trial.”

Fang Xingjian did not reply but looked coldly at the few Conferred Knights before him. He let out a breath and said,”What you guys said is very reasonable. If I just rely on my powers alone, I’ll probably have to pay a great price to defeat all of you.”

As Fang Xingjian said that, he squatted down. His skin trembled a little, and something seemed to be bulging up from inside.

“Therefore, I’ll let the two monsters in my body fight with you. It just so happens that I want to test their prowess as well.”

As he spoke, waves of tremors and transformations occurred on everywhere on his skin, dressing him in a set of black armor. The armor then went through a whole series of transformations, turning from the inconspicuous black armor into a faint golden armor which reflected a metallic glow.

The blaze-like glow continued to flicker on the surface of his skin. In void s.p.a.ce, countless energies like magnetism and heat fought to enter his body.

White lights appeared on his elbows, the bottom of his feet, knees, and other body parts, one after another. Those were battle support fields which allowed him to speed up, experience an increase in strength, adjust one’s accuracy, and many other things.

“Be careful! Don’t let him unleash the full prowess of the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor!”

Sally let out a huge bellow and stretched out the light wings on her back once again. They turned into several tens of light swords, lining up behind her and aiming at Fang Xingjian. In just an instant, each light sword swelled up into a light pillar which was four meters thick. The light swords then turned into many Lights of Judgement, enveloping Fang Xingjian.

Chapter 333: Horror

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Gao Tu also bellowed,”Suppress him! His level is too low, so he won’t be able to activate the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor for long!”


As Gao Tu spoke, the hands of the molten lava giant reached out and slapped Fang Xingjian fiercely from the left and right sides. The scorching currents, which were like puffs of high temperature steam, reached Fang Xingjian before the hands did, burning the places they pa.s.sed by.

Rakshasi exploded as well, and her leg, which had once again regenerated, swelled up. In the next moment, she kicked continuously to move the atmosphere, just striking the air. The extremely condensed power compressed the atmosphere, forming many atmospheric dragons which then turned into an air cannon. The air cannon launched toward Fang Xingjian with an impact which could blast over ten streets into the air.

The two twins, Zhang Zuo and Zhang You, who had been on standby, also attacked. Chaos, death, desperation… The information currents, which seemed as if they were from a lunatic’s diary, lunged out with an attack. Ignoring everything else, the information currents headed for where Fang Xingjian was standing.

Ordinary people would probably turn into lunatics if they were to receive the impacts from such information currents.

Even those at the Knight level might be unable to recover from the setback of such a mental impact. If the willpower of the Conferred Knights was not strong enough, their mental state could also collapse.

The series of horrifying attacks swept around, like over a hundred bombers were launching their attacks consecutively.


The floating island, which Fang Xingjian had just been standing on, was vaporized in an instant. Light and heat encompa.s.sed everything, and the movements of the ether particles also became extremely hectic, causing everyone to feel at a loss over what was happening.

“Even I would get hurt if I were to receive such attacks.” The molten lava giant Gao Tu had turned into was now quietly a.s.sessing the situation,”It should be over for him, right?”

Sally frowned, feeling extremely perturbed like never before. To think that she had felt a little bit of panic!

“What’s that? Something’s coming out.”

“This feeling is as if several hundred snakes are slithering on my body.”

“What on earth is happening?”

The light and heat gradually extinguished and Fang Xingjian’s voice rang out. Although it was still his original voice, his tone had more than ten times its usual coldness and ruthlessness.

“One second.

“You guys now have one second to think about your last words.”

Potential points started to deplete, and Boundaries Negation was activated.


100,000 potential points were depleted, and Heaven’s Volition Sword Intent was activated.

The Heaven’s Volition Sword Intent turned into an overwhelming aura, soaring into the sky. In an instant, it encompa.s.sed Fang Xingjian’s entire consciousness and then slowly extended outward while it filled up Fang Xingjian’s body.

Countless information, sword techniques, and experiences started to swell up within Fang Xingjian’s mind, accompanied with endless agony which caused his eyes to turn bloodshot.

Concurrently, a terrifying energy exploded within his body as if a balloon had inflated inside him. Heat, light, electricity, magnetism, and even ether particles were all robbed of their freedom and sapped of their energy by an absolute willpower.


A black silhouette appeared before Gao Tu, then the world reflected in Gao Tu’s eyes seemed to suddenly shatter.

An information current gushed into Gao Tu’s brain, and he could even see the hint of disdain in Fang Xingjian’s eyes within this information flow. Fang Xingjian’s voice was also ringing out in his consciousness.

“Take this attack from me. If you survive, I’ll spare your life.”

Terra Ingurgitation finally exploded with an overwhelming prowess. Countless violent energies plunged down with Fang Xingjian’s sword. Molten lava exploded, and over 10,000 tons of it splattered across the sky like a fireworks display.

The blood from Gao Tu’s body burst out, then he plunged down, colliding into the ground like a meteor.

Simultaneously, an electromagnetic wave, so brutal it could be seen by the naked eye, swept out. The level 30 Thunder Immuring Earth Sword was activated. Gao Tu felt as if the ground under his feet was suddenly pushing him up, while the floating islands in the sky plunged down due to having regained their gravitational forces. The floating islands formed a huge sword which was like a small mountain in midair, slashing down onto Gao Tu’s head.

With a mountain descending down on him while a grade 7 to 9 earthquake pushing him up from below, Gao Tu let out a loud bellow and sent fire out in all directions which exploded like fuel-air explosives. It was only with this that he barely managed to fend off the mountain plunging down onto him.


In that instant that he fended off the mountain, over half of the bones in his body cracked, and blood splattered out like a fountain. It was as if he was clamped down by two blocks of mountains, one on top and the other at the bottom, preventing him from budging.

As Fang Xingjian sent out this attack, Terra Ingurgitation was completed. Countless trees and mounds of varying sizes, as well as rocks and boulders, came crashing down.

Fang Xingjian merely spent 0.2 seconds to do all of this.

At 15 times that of supersonic speed of, all the rocks raining down seemed as if they were at a standstill. Taking a few steps forward, Fang Xingjian appeared behind Rakshasi in an instant, and his sword was as quick as lightning as it pierced toward the back of her waist.

However, in this world which was seemingly motionless, Rakshasi turned her head abruptly and swept out with her long leg, bringing about fierce rippling air currents.

Although her greatest speed might not be comparable to Fang Xingjian’s, it did not mean that she was unable to retaliate at all.

However, when Rakshasi turned back, she only managed to kick an afterimage.

Simultaneously, a stream of message flowed into her brain.

“Do you know how fast light is?”

In that instant, Rakshasi could only see six light spots magnify rapidly in her eyes, filling up her vision as if they were six suns.

The prowess of the level 40 Zenith Light Sword Formation was fully unleashed. With the additional enhancement from the Heaven’s Volition Sword Intent, its prowess was more than ten times stronger than when Fang Xingjian had performed it himself.

Countless light swords swept past Rakshasi’s body. They did not slash her but merely heated up, causing the water in Rakshasi’s body to vaporize instantly.

“Ahh!” A terrified cry escaped from Rakshasi’s throat. As she regenerated, she tried to dash over 100 meters away. However, no matter how much she tried to dash to escape and no matter how much she accelerated, she was unable to dodge the attacks from the light swords.

Her body continued to heat up; the water from her eyes broke down, and her blood turned into scorching steam. Her lungs and heart were all charred.


Amidst Rakshasi’s struggling and terrified cries, she gradually came to a stop. Only the slight fluctuation of her brain waves showed that she was still considered to be alive.

During this period when she was struggling, there was a flash, and Fang Xingjian once again appeared before Zhang Zuo and Zhang You. The twins grabbed onto Fang Xingjian, sending the garbage in their brains incessantly into Fang Xingjian’s consciousness like they were viruses.

Amidst the information flow, there were also their bellows,”Feel our agony!”

However, at the next moment, the Heaven’s Volition Sword Intent, which was located at the center of his consciousness, thumped like a heart. Then it suddenly unleashed a huge force, and it was like there were countless sharp swords slashing the information current into dust.

A stronger and more brutal martial will swept out,”Heresy, not worth a mention.”

Soft swoosh swoosh swoosh sounds radiated outward in the air. Over 100 streams of Ether Sword Ripples swept out, slashing the twins into big chunks in accordance to the flaws pointed out by the Unparalleled Sword Intent – Apex.

After seriously injuring Gao Tu and Rakshasi as well as instantly killing Zhang Zuo and Zhang You, only 0.7 seconds had pa.s.sed by.

Fang Xingjian turned to look toward Sally only to realize that she was charging toward him in infuriation. The pure golden light wings on her back were flaring up, bringing about hints of pale white flames.

Fang Xingjian only had the opportunity to sense his current situation in the time it took for Sally to charge toward him.

‘100% ether synchronization rate?

‘Such a strong ability to sense information…

‘There’s so much information.

‘I can see the gaps between s.p.a.ces.

‘I can see the future changes of skills.

‘I can sense… the flow of time.’

Chapter 334: Tear Apart

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In the last 0.2 seconds to the Heaven’s Volition Sword Intent, Sally had already dashed right up to Fang Xingjian. Under Heaven’s Perception, everything about Sally was displayed to Fang Xingjian. He could see her body structure, the secrets to her lineage, the light wings which she had been able to reform at level 25 thanks to her lineage, the burning fury in her mind, and even some of the scenes which Sally would experience in the future.


Layers of light swords turned into a net and came down, enveloping Fang Xingjian. However, Fang Xingjian’s right hand was like a sharp sword, piercing through the light net. It pa.s.sed through all the gaps in the light net and then grabbed onto Sally’s throat mercilessly.

Sally who had charged forward at full speed only felt that a tremendous strength was suppressing her neck and causing her entire body to instantly become motionless.

After moving a few centimeters, she came to a stop from over ten times that of supersonic speed. How great was the opposing force required to accomplish this? It had completely surpa.s.sed the level which Sally could handle. She felt that her entire body seemed like it had been knocked by a huge mountain.

The positions of her organs shifted a lot, and her blood vessels exploded like burst water pipes. The worst thing was that under the huge impact, her brain knocked against her skull, giving her a great concussion and driving her consciousness into disorder. She was completely unable to react to what was happening.

In the next moment, 12 streams of Ether Sword Ripples swept out, chopping off Sally’s four limbs. Blood gushed out from her wounds like flowing water, turning her surroundings into a pool of blood.

It was only at this moment that the explosion of the Heaven’s Volition Sword Intent slowly began to end. After dissipating, it then curled up once again and returned to the center of Fang Xingjian’s consciousness, surrounded by all the other skill seeds.


That earlier feeling of omniscience and being able to see through everything disappeared from Fang Xingjian’s body. The great disparity stimulated Fang Xingjian’s consciousness continuously.

‘Divine level?

‘No, it only allowed me to have a portion of a level 29 Conferred Knight’s powers.

‘But… it is really strong.

‘Teacher James, Sword Saint, First Prince… The powers that they have are this overwhelming—no, much more than this?’

Fang Xingjian swept a glance at the dizzy Sally and tossed her to the ground like she was some kind of rubbish.

Throwing a glance to the side, he noticed that Rakshasi, who was a distance away, was staring at him. When Rakshasi saw Fang Xingjian looking toward her, her expression turned into that of horror. However, she was suffering from heavy burns and could not move. She could not even escape, but her body continued to tremble non-stop.

Gao Tu continued to hold up the rock sword, which was like a small mountain and had dropped down on him from the skies. His eyes were tightly shut, like he was a statue. In actuality, at this moment, he was no longer breathing, having died from expending all of his strength.

Sally trembled as she lifted her head to look at Fang Xingjian. The backlash from earlier had caused all the blood vessels throughout her body to burst, and although they were now healing, fresh blood continued to flow out from her eye sockets, nose, mouth, and ears.

Putting in great effort take a look at the surrounding situation, Sally trembled as she opened her mouth to say,”What are you doing? What on earth have you done?! You’ve killed three Conferred Knights!”


Fang Xingjian looked at Sally, whose limbs had been cut off and were barely keeping up with the regeneration and healing. She was still suffering from a concussion, and it was to the extent that she was not even able to keep up her Waves and mental cultivation method. As Fang Xingjian looked down at her, he said nonchalantly,”I killed them because I wanted to. Woman, if it was not because of your ident.i.ty, you’d be dead as well. You’re quite strong. Your bones can be used to make a good set of armor.”

“Demon… Unforgivable!”

Sally shouted and opened her eyes wide, sending out two white high energy light beams which then encompa.s.sed Fang Xingjian’s head.

However, Fang Xingjian’s head was still protected by the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor’s helmet. He merely felt a slight warmth but did not receive any damage.

It was true that Sally was very powerful. She could move instantly between the gaps in s.p.a.ce. She also had various sword techniques using light speeds and high temperatures, as well as a pair of light wings which could absorb energy from ether particles endlessly.

After being shot, Fang Xingjian kicked Sally’s face, smashing it up while sending her flying over 100 meters away. Sally smashed through a huge boulder and rolled over ten rounds before she came to a stop.

Sally bellowed furiously,”Kill me! If you don’t, be it ten years or 100 years, I’ll definitely catch you!”

“Woman, didn’t anyone tell you that your character is very detestable?” Fang Xingjian stomped down on Sally’s back. While she was trying to stand up, he pushed her body back into the earth once again. She even took in large amount of soil and dust through her mouth.

“I saved your subordinate, chased away the a.s.sa.s.sin who had a.s.saulted the house, and yet you came to annoy me time and time again.

“Do you really think that I won’t kill an arbitrator?”

Fang Xingjian stretched out his hand, grabbed one of her light wings, and tugged it strongly toward the rear.

“Ahhh!” Sally, who had the expression and determination of a Predator[1], was trembling as she let out a terrifying cry when her wings were pulled. It was clear that her light wings were her weakness.


However, Fang Xingjian’s earlier words rang in her mind,’What is this? What rubbish is he talking about?’

Fang Xingjian tugged with great strength and the light wing became distorted. Tremendous pain rang out in Sally’s head continuously, causing her to cry out in agony endlessly. It was a pity that even her entire head was being pressed down into the earth, so even though she continued to struggle on, she could only let out m.u.f.fled sounds.

Fang Xingjian continued to say,”Arbitrator? You don’t even know anything. The Rebirth Sword Technique is a sword technique that will change the entire world, and you’re just a blade sent by those in the upper echelons who are afraid of changes, as well as decadents who have been blinded by their self-interests.

“If you want to know what the Rebirth Sword Technique is really like, won’t you know after practicing it for yourself?”

A soft chi sound rang out, and a crack appeared in Sally’s wings. Her expression immediately turned into a very hideous expression of extreme agony.

Under Fang Xingjian’s strong tugging, the entire light wing was torn off with a pfft sound. Sally trembled furiously, trying to struggle against him. For a moment, even Fang Xingjian was unable to suppress her. It was clear that this action was causing Sally extreme pain and agony.

Sally’s struggling finally came to a stop one minute later, but her breath suddenly became very weak.

Tossing the light wing on the ground, Fang Xingjian then headed in Rakshasi’s direction.”Arbitrator Sally, three days later, I’ll prove to you that there are no problems with the Rebirth Sword Technique. However, within this three days, if you were to do any more ridiculous things to disturb me…”

Fang Xingjian turned abruptly to meet the gaze of Sally who had lifted her head up. It was as if there was a clash in the air, making the air currents to be slightly turbulent.

Then Fang Xingjian continued,”If that’s the case, then the thing from earlier would be my final warning to you.”

With that, he continued to walk toward Rakshasi. Rakshasi slowly moved her body, saying weakly,”Don’t come over. Don’t get near me. Don’t come over…”

The scene of Fang Xingjian tearing off the light wing from earlier had clearly given her quite a shock.

Sally used great effort to raise up her palm. The bones there had just finished regenerating, and there were bits of muscles starting to grow out. She shouted out in a hoa.r.s.e voice,”Wait, don’t go. Make yourself clear.”

However, Fang Xingjian lifted up Rakshasi, hoisted her over his shoulder, and left. Sally could only watch Fang Xingjian’s back as he gradually disappeared.


“Fang! Xing! Jian! Don’t you leave!

“Come back here!”

Her palms, which just had its muscles regenerated, now clench down toward the earth furiously. As she left behind a big clawing mark in the earth, the blood vessels near the newly regenerated muscles exploded, causing a pool of fresh blood to gush out.

Suddenly, her eyes lit up. Fang Xingjian really did turn back.

She saw him walking up to Gao Tu, and he then took away the corpse of that Conferred Knight with him.

“I almost forgot. A level 25 Conferred Knight is worth a lot of money.”

[1] Reference taken from the film, Predator, a 1987 American science-fiction action horror film directed by John McTiernan. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Predator_(film)

Chapter 335: Letter Delivery

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Fang Xingjian headed back to the Regional Academy’s Sacred Land and saw that the Head of Department James was already standing at the entrance. When the latter saw Fang Xingjian, Rakshasi who was carried on Fang Xingjian’s shoulder, and Gao Tu who was held in Fang Xingjian’s arms, James asked,”Xingjian, what on earth is going on? Someone said that you had a.s.saulted the arbitration team?”


Fang Xingjian shared the story of what had happened that night. After hearing it, James said,”I see. They’ve already sent their people?” He glanced at Rakshasi who was on Fang Xingjian’s shoulder and said,”If you trust me, then let me handle this woman.”

Fang Xingjian had no knowledge about the arbitration to begin with and was still wondering how to make Rakshasi speak up. Upon hearing what James said, he said,”I want to listen from the side.”

Just then, Rakshasi started trembling.”Do you people think that I’ll say anything? Will I be able to say anything? From the moment that you’ve captured me, I’m already doomed to die!”

While she spoke, she started to turn into steam and disappear. James dashed up to them but was only able to grab a handful of powder. Rakshasi had instantly turned into scattered dust.

A level 24 Conferred Knight had died just like that. James then looked at Gao Tu who seemed to be starting to steam up too. James immediately slashed off Gao Tu’s upper body with his palm and then pressed his hand down on it. He seemed to have performed some secret arts and somehow managed to salvage half the body.

James said,”Seems like an expert left a martial will in his body. If the person realized that something is amiss, they would kill him. In the past, only people from the military would do this so that the enemy would not get their hands on Remains Divine Weapons. It’s a pity that only half of his body is left.”


James then patted Fang Xingjian’s shoulder and said,”Don’t worry. As long as we get through this arbitration, they can forget about dealing with you unless they decide to use force. However, which of them would dare to deploy forceful means in our Great Western Region?”

Simultaneously, a sense of pride flashed past James’ eyes.”As for this arbitration, we’ve already talked about this amongst ourselves. There’ll definitely be no problems.

“Right, how are you planning on dealing with this bone remains?”

Fang Xingjian shrugged with indifference.”You can sell it for me. I need money.”

In a hospital, Sally’s eyes occasionally swept by Heaven-Shaking Sword Potter who was on the bed. Her eyes were filled with confusion and hesitation.

After Heaven-Shaking Sword Potter arrived at the hospital, he’d entered into a state of unknown coma. Aside from the three kids whose internal organs had deteriorated, the other people that night had either died or entered a coma from serious injuries. Due to there being a lack of witnesses, the Great Western Region refused to put Fang Xingjian under arrest.

As for the few Conferred Knights whom Fang Xingjian had killed, Sally had also gotten some people to check on them. However, they did not seemed to be Conferred Knights listed in any of the records.

Additionally, the words which Fang Xingjian had said that day kept on lingering in her ears.

She touched her shoulders, and that intense pain seemed to strike once again, causing her body to shudder uncontrollably.

‘Was what he said the truth?’


Just as Sally was contemplating about the incident, someone suddenly walked in and handed her a doc.u.ment.”Madam, this is a doc.u.ment sent by the a.s.sociation.”

Sally opened the doc.u.ment and read it. Then her pupils suddenly contracted, as if there were burning flames in her eyes.

The doc.u.ment included the data of over 100 Knights and Knight apprentices. All of their internal organs had suffered from varying degrees of damages after they had cultivated the Rebirth Sword Technique.

The data in the doc.u.ment included the information of each and every cultivator, including their level, level of their techniques, age, physical attributes, as well as their dietary and living situation.

‘Is this the new data gathered by the a.s.sociation?’

Looking at this set of data, Sally clenched her fists tightly.’There’s definitely a problem with the Rebirth Sword Technique. With this doc.u.ment, Fang Xingjian will definitely lose the arbitration. You may not have been the one responsible for the a.s.sault yesterday, but the Rebirth Sword Technique really has a problem. I’ll definitely not allow a technique like this to be pa.s.sed down.’

Early the next morning, Fang Xingjian was still in the Sacred Land, cultivating his sword techniques. Although he had not gotten much information from the a.s.sault yesterday, he had gotten the chance to slash off the hand the opponent who had tried to reach out toward him. However, Fang Xingjian had yet to make a decision as to if he was going to look for an opportunity to study the situation of those three apprentices.

Just then, someone came to the Great Western Region Regional Academy.

In the living room, Fang Xingjian looked at Huang Lin with great surprise and asked,”Teacher, why have you come?”

“It’s all because the trouble you’ve created this time around is too big. I’ve come to help you.” Huang Lin took out a letter and said,”Have a look. This is the Guardian King’s reply.”

Fang Xingjian opened the letter to discover that it was blank. However, with his Heaven’s Perception, a large amount of information current surged out very quickly.

Many letters written by Conferred Knights tended to be written through channeling information into the letter.


After reading through the message, a voice seemed to enter Fang Xingjian’s mind,”Child, don’t worry. This time around, I’ll testify for you.”

Hearing that extremely benign voice which belonged to an elderly man, Fang Xingjian’s eyes opened wide. To think that the Holy Orison had personally left a martial will with a certain level of intelligence in this letter? It was alike to the information left behind in the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor or the Heaven’s Volition Sword Intent in the dragon’s scale, but this was more complete and the level of intelligence seemed to be higher too.

Fang Xingjian said,”To think that the Holy Orison himself is going to help me? And about this Martial Techniques Grading Plan… Master, do you understand it?”

“You must definitely take part in this plan. This is an extremely rare opportunity. How much wealth does the Church have? It’s immeasurable! And it’s only an influence as extravagant as them who would be able to come out with a plan like this which has no direct benefits but is able to benefit the future generations.

“This is the equivalent of paying money and giving you secret manuals for your cultivation. This is a great deal!”

Fang Xingjian nodded. The Martial Techniques Grading Plan would probably not start that soon, but the Holy Orison’s willingness to testify for him was something immediate. With this letter, Fang Xingjian naturally believed that he would definitely not lose the arbitration.

Huang Lin added,”Oh, right. The Guardian King has channeled a message into this letter, which means that it has his martial will. Although it’s not much, it’s a Divine level expert’s information after all and contains great power. In a crucial situation, it can help to save your life.”

With the issue of the arbitration settled, Fang Xingjian no longer paid any attention to it for the following three days. He continued to hide in the Sacred Land to cultivate his sword techniques as usual. Seeing that Fang Xingjian did not appear at the Sword Tower’s research room, Sword Saint Sasa was truly elated.

Sasa led the several tens of specialists to work overtime and continue their study. They almost had no time for rest. It was because he knew that after the arbitration three days later, James and Hoppes would probably no longer allow him to get close to the dragon’s scale.

After three days of effort with no sleep and rest, in addition to the hard work they had put in for over half a month previously, Sasa finally deciphered all the words on the dragon’s scale and started on the process of absorbing the sword intent.

Without the many troublesome trifles which had been present with the true Heaven’s Volition Sword Intent, Sasa got into the sword intent Fang Xingjian left behind in the dragon’s scale.

‘Marrying Maiden trends toward Innocence, Innocence trends toward Fellowship, and Fellowship trends toward Great Possession. Jia turns to Bing, Bing turns to Geng, Geng turns to Gui, Zi connects to Chou, Chen connects to Si, and Wu connects to Wei. The wind and thunder forms one variation, the mountains and rivers form one variation, and the fire and water forms one variation. Qian and Kun stimulates each other, Zhen and Dui stimulates each other, and Li and Xun stimulates each other. Three evolves into five, five evolves into nine…’

There was no power, no treasure, nor was there any physical stance. There was only a sword theory.

“Nine Swords of Dugu [1]? Breaks through all martial techniques in the world?” Sasa slowly started to comprehend the content. His gaze was occasionally that of delight and then doubt. Then at the next moment, it turned into that of distress. His entire consciousness sank deep into the sword intent.


Although he had deciphered the words on the dragon’s scale, he still did not know much about Chinese characters. Therefore, when he saw the mental cultivation method for the Nine Swords of Dugu, he was still in a state where he did not understand most of it.

If it were any other time, Sasa would not think much about the mental cultivation method for the Nine-Headed Dragon Sword Technique. However, as it was written in Chinese characters and was a mental cultivation method obtained from the dragon’s scale, he treated it as though it was a great treasure. Sasa plunged into it.

[1] A sword technique in the novel,’The Smiling, Proud Wanderer’ by Jin Yong. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dugu_Qiubai

Chapter 336: Synthesis and Beginning

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After three consecutive days of full focus in his cultivation, Fang Xingjian finally once again cultivated the Aquatic Sword Formation to the maximum level of 40, and his ether synchronization rate also reached 31%.


With the success rate of 31% in synthesis, Fang Xingjian was quite lucky this time around, and he finally managed to synthesize the Aquatic Sword Formation to the Thunder Immuring Earth Sword.

In his consciousness, the two skill seeds clashed furiously. A tremendous amount of information continued to merge and exchange, then the skill seeds eventually turned into a brand new skill seed.

Level 40 Phenomena Sword Formation: Every phenomena of nature were related to sword arts, changing the entire world, and causing the universe to be merged into the sword formation.

This sword formation could merge one’s sword intent into one’s vital energy and blood, using swords made of blood to set up the sword formation. One would be able to freely control lightning, mountains, and lakes which were within the perimeters of the sword formation. It could almost create most of the natural phenomenon in the world. This sword formation was also a protean sword technique which combined both attack and defence into one.

Looking at the Phenomena Sword Formation, Fang Xingjian nodded to himself. He now only needed to synthesize one more Lightless Sword to be able to complete the highest level of achievement in the Great Western Region Regional Academy’s Sword Arts Department, the Prodigious Demolition Sword. Usually, Conferred Knights who could attain the Prodigious Demolition Sword already had the rights to apply for graduation. Fang Xingjian would probably be able to complete the mastery of this sword technique in just over two months.

In fact, if it was not because no one had managed to come up with a cultivation method for the Prodigious Demolition Sword, which would then allow Fang Xingjian to cultivate it directly, he would have progressed even faster.


Although Fang Xingjian had still thought of making good use of time to cultivate and synthesize the Lightless Sword, it was the day of the arbitration. Fang Xingjian let out a sigh and headed out of the Sacred Land.

The moment he left the Sacred Land, he saw Zhou Xingwen looking at him anxiously, shouting,”What took you so long? It’s soon going to be an hour since the arbitration started. If you don’t go soon, you will be considered as having given up.”

Fang Xingjian said nonchalantly,”There’s no hurry. Even if they were to end it earlier, they would still have to come back to continue the trial. There’s no way that I’ll lose this arbitration.”

With the Holy Orison’s letter and testimonial, Fang Xingjian knew there was no way that he could lose.

Sally looked at the group of people from the Great Western Region Regional Academy, and her eyebrows furrowed even more.

The arbitration was being conducted at the office of the Great Western City’s munic.i.p.al government.

In the large hall, people from varying backgrounds were seated to observe the arbitration. There were aristocrats from the Great Western Region, experts from various factions, and many others. Of course, there were also over 100 commoners whom Sally had specially invited to bear witness to the result of this arbitration.

This time around, majority of the commoners, apprentices, and Knights, might not have known about the incident regarding the Rebirth Sword Technique due to the playing down of the incident by the government. The most that they could get out of this was the end result of whether the Rebirth Sword Technique could be cultivated.

However, the people with true strength and the ability to influence were all able to sense the storm occurring under the cover of the calm appearance.

Right now, Governor Devitt and the Great Western Region’s Regional Chief were both seated in the first row of the spectator stands. Arbitrator Sally and the new officer sent by the Knight a.s.sociation to provide support were seated on the platform.


Beside them, there were also six sword arts masters who had been invited by the a.s.sociation. Their six votes and Sally’s single vote would determine the result of this arbitration.

Currently, there was an intense debate in the arbitration.

“Based on what was mentioned, there are no problems with the Rebirth Sword Technique. All nine of us from the Sword Arts Department have cultivated the technique, and other than the progressions of the physical body, there aren’t any signs of deterioration to our internal organs. I personally have cultivated the Rebirth Sword Technique to level 5. There are no side effects at all.”

The head of the Sword Arts Team then clapped his hands, and his disciple, Leon, delivered copies of the report.”These are the various data we recorded after cultivating the Rebirth Sword Technique. There are no abnormalities, and it can even be said that we experienced improvements in various aspects.”

When she saw the teachers from the Sword Arts Department testify that there were no problems with the Rebirth Sword Technique, Sally’s frown continued to deepen.

It was not because she felt that there were no flaws with the opposition’s side but rather because she felt a tremendous pressure. There were a total of nine Conferred Knights on the opposition’s side, including Hoppes who was the head of the Sword Arts Team, and Head of Department James who was a level 29 old man. They could easily kill her several hundred times over, and such tremendous pressure was not something which ordinary people could ever understand.

Each gaze and movement they displayed, as well as each word they said, was like a huge mountain crashing down on her. They were creating a feeling of suppression purely with their aura. Even if they did not really attack Sally, they still caused her face to turn pale and made her feel faint.

Hoppes was a tier two level 29 expert, while James, as the Governor from two generations back, was one of the top experts on the second tier. Additionally, he was extremely close to being in the top tier.

These two would usually keep their aura and information flows in check when they were within the school grounds, and before Fang Xingjian, they would appear as harmless as ordinary old men.

However, right now, they displayed their aura fully, and just the exchange of information between their bodies and the external ether particles was sufficient to strike terror in one’s heart.

However, Sally continued to hang on. Although she looked pale and her fists were clenched so tightly that they too had turned pale, there was still no fear reflected in her eyes. She knew of the situation before she had arrived in the Great Western Region, and she knew that Fang Xingjian, whom she was going against, represented the strongest influence in Great Western Region. However, Sally had insisted on coming.

She watched as the Conferred Knights took turns to give their testimonials and then said calmly,”I’ve heard about the sword theories you have mentioned. However, even though there are no problems with the technique in terms of sword theory, it doesn’t mean that the Rebirth Sword Technique itself has no problems.


“You are neither Divine level experts nor true G.o.ds. As long as you are human, there will definitely be mistakes and weaknesses. If there really are no problems with the Rebirth Sword Technique, then why would Mike and the others start suffering from a deterioration of their internal organs right after picking up the sword technique?”

One of the teachers could not help but stand up and say,”There’s a problem with the three of them.”

“Oh? What’s the problem? Mike and the others have already iterated what had happened to them. In which part do you think is there a problem?” Sally asked.

“We’ll need to further observe and study their conditions before we can answer that. Moreover, the Rebirth Sword Technique has been released for such a long period of time and yet only the three of them have met with a mishap. Doesn’t this prove that there’s a problem with them?”

Sally laughed as if she had long antic.i.p.ated them to pose this question. She ordered someone to pa.s.s out the doc.u.ments she had readied earlier.”According to the latest information from the a.s.sociation, aside from Mike and the other two, there are five from the Northern Ice Region, seven from the Southern Flame Region, 12 from the Eastern Sand Region… There are a total of 40 Knights and 64 apprentices whose internal organs have suffered from varying degrees of deterioration after they picked up the Rebirth Sword Technique.

“Do you have an explanation for this?” With that, she waved her hand and let her subordinate hand out the collated materials.


“There’s a total of 104 people?”

“There really is a problem with this Rebirth Sword Technique. Thank goodness I told my son to refuse when his school asked him to pick it up.”

After Sally announced this astonishing news, a commotion broke out amongst the spectators. Everyone was astonished by the number of casualties Sally had brought up.

Chapter 337: Situation

Translator: Yukidaruma Translations  Editor: Yukidaruma Translations

The Rebirth Sword Technique was just a sword technique in the experimental phase. There had not been a person of influence who had purchased and implemented it on a large-scale basis. Despite that, to think that over 100 people had been affected! How astonishing was this?


Looking at the changes to the situation, both Head of Department James and Head of the Sword Arts Team Hoppes frowned.

Sighing, James said in a low voice,”They are truly vicious. 104 people… They are planning on completely suppressing the Rebirth Sword Technique.”

In the spectator stands, Lilia could not help but frown. Ferdinand a.s.sured her,”It’s fine, Lilia. The three strongest people in the Great Western Region have joined forces. Moreover, the Second Prince hasn’t taken any action yet. Xingjian will be fine.”

However, Ferdinand himself was not feeling particularly confident when he said that. 104 people had met with mishaps while cultivating the Rebirth Sword Technique… How much time and effort would be required to prove that the mishaps these 104 had met with were not related to the Rebirth Sword Technique?

James looked at the letter in his hand. It was the testimony from the Northern Ice Region’s Rehlings. However, at this stage, there was already no point in bringing this out. He looked at the many people in the audience, who were now very agitated, and knew that there was no use to be bringing up anymore sword theories.

All the commoners, apprentices, Knights… and the people whose mastery of sword arts was still insufficient… they would only remember that 104 people had met with mishaps while cultivating the Rebirth Sword Technique. As for the sword arts theory and of how the Rebirth Sword Technique was… how could these weaklings show them any concern? They were not at the level to be concerned about these.


However, Sally was not satisfied with this. She wanted to bring down the Rebirth Sword Technique completely this time around.

Therefore, she said again,”These 104 lives brings about the issue of the Rebirth Sword Technique. Although all of you are saying that there are no theoretical problems with the Rebirth Sword Technique, I have two witnesses here who beg to differ.”

Amidst everyone’s astonished gazes, Sword Saint Sasa walked out slowly. James glared viciously at Sasa and said,”Sasa! Do you know what you’re doing?!”

Sasa was wearing a confident smile. He had absorbed the fake sword intent in the dragon’s scale and felt that he had gained the hope to attain the Divine level. Additionally, right now, The School of Sword Arts, Myriad Stars Palace, and the First Prince had an advantage against the Great Western Region. So, how could Sasa not feel confident?

‘After I finish this show, I’ll leave the Great Western Region and look for a place to a.n.a.lyze the Heaven’s Volition Sword Intent.

‘Those people from The School of Sword Arts think that they can use me as a blade, but they are not aware that I’ve got my hands on the Heaven’s Volition Sword Intent. As long as I put all my effort into a.n.a.lyzing the profoundness behind it… With time, I’ll be another Heavenly Sovereign of the Blood Sea. By then, putting The School of Sword Arts aside, even the entire Empire could quite possibly be in my hands.’

Sasa walked up to the platform, and Sally said to him,”Mister Sasa, please share with us your views on the Rebirth Sword Technique.”

“The Rebirth Sword Technique has a fatal flaw. The reason it can cause an irreversible damage to the internal organs lies in the way it circulates the vital energy and blood. It is the result of forcefully merging several tens of fierce sword techniques.

“There’s clearly a problem with such a vulgar method. We all know that the blood vessels and nerves in the human body are very weak. Therefore, since ancient times, all methods of circulating vital energy and blood require extreme caution. And even with that, each technique for circulating the vital energy and blood would still need to be put through a large number of trials before it can truly be put to use. Based on what I know, Fang Xingjian’s Rebirth Sword Technique has not been put through any human experiments before.”

Sasa threw a glance at the people from the Great Western Region Regional Academy and said coldly,”However, under such a circ.u.mstance, this sword technique was submitted to the Knight a.s.sociation and praised to the skies. There are people who even think that this is a sword technique that will change the society. The ones who did this are clearly devoid of all conscience.”


One of the teachers could not help but stand up and shout furiously,”Sasa, you b*stard! You’re going to tell a blatant lie?!”

“Which part of what I said was wrong? Has Fang Xingjian put this technique through any human experiments?”

“There’s no need for it at all. The Rebirth Sword Technique is a Nurturing sword technique that nurtures the body and acc.u.mulates potential points. Its method of circulating vital energy and blood follows the natural flow of the human body. If your blood is constantly flowing in your body, would you show symptoms of internal bleeding and deterioration of the internal organs?”

However, it was clear that many people present did not agree with this. Both the Sword Saint’s reputation and his rationale, which was easy to understand, had convinced them.

“It hasn’t been put through a single test?”

“Hmph, all that talk about how there’s no problem with the sword theories… To think that they haven’t tested it even once! I think Fang Xingjian himself might not have picked up the Rebirth Sword Technique.”

“It seems that for the sake of glorifying their disciple, these people from the Regional Academy really don’t care about anything else.”

There were not many sword arts experts in the audience. So, since they did not understand the theories, they could only listen to the words others whom they thought made sense.

Sasa was clearly a master in this. He did not bring up the theories behind the Rebirth Sword Technique and instead merely brought up the point that Fang Xingjian had not put the sword technique through large-scale human testing.

However, this was not the end of it. Sasa took out a letter and said,”This is a letter which the Supreme Chief of The School of Sword Arts, Heng Tianxiao, wrote to me. He penned down in detail his a.s.sessment of the Rebirth Sword Technique.”

When Sally saw this scene, her brows arched up a little. She and the six sword arts masters looked in Sasa’s direction. In the letter, Heng Tianxiao had pointed out the huge flaw in the method of circulating vital energy and blood which the Rebirth Sword Technique used.

Although the six sword arts masters still had doubts, they could not say anything as a reb.u.t.tal.


There was nothing they could do about it. The School of Sword Arts and Heng Tianxiao represented the highest authority in sword arts in the Empire. How could they say anything against it?

Sally read out Heng Tianxiao’s letter, and a huge commotion once again broke out.

Sally said coldly,”Alright, I believe that everyone has come to their own conclusion about this case. I have another letter here from Myriad Stars Palace’s Master Laurence.”

James closed his eyes. Laurence was Hoult’s master and the disciple to the Divine level expert, Astral Ancestor. Laurence’s interference would meant that Astral Ancestor had stepped in.

Hoppes also let out a breath. At level 29, Hoppes and James were already standing on the peak of being Conferred Knights. However, when compared with Divine level experts, there was no way they could win.

Although Laurence was not a Divine level expert, he was the disciple of one. This ident.i.ty meant that that his words carried ten times more weight.

Even if they did not end up losing the arbitration, as long as Laurence’s words were to spread, how many Knights would still dare to cultivate the Rebirth Sword Technique?

Sally read out Laurence’s letter slowly,”The Rebirth Sword Technique is truly a groundbreaking sword technique. However, due to the limits of the creator’s mastery in sword arts, he hasn’t truly completed this sword technique. As a result, the sword technique has a huge flaw and will cause a strong repercussion to one’s internal organs.

“However, his creativity still holds a great referential value. Myriad Stars Palace already has the plans to work together with The School of Sword Arts and Ancient Path of h.e.l.l to create a brand new sword technique using the creativity of the Rebirth Sword Technique in combining several tens of Nurturing sword techniques…”

Chapter 338: Grim

Translator: Yukidaruma Translations  Editor: Yukidaruma Translations

In the spectator stands, Hoult, who had personally handed the letter to Sally, let out a sigh and closed his eyes. Beside him, Norman, who had been with him all this time, smiled and said,”Fang Xingjian is done for.”


Hoult shook his head.”That’s right, he’s done for.” In his tone, there was a hint of indescribable disappointment.

After reading the letter, Sally looked at James and the others, and said,”What else do you guys have to say?” She spoke with great authority, looking down on James, Hoppes, and the others as if she was the stronger one.

James and Hoppes frowned but did not manage to think of any solution.

However, Governor Devitt remained calm, as if he did not mind the scene he was seeing.

When the Regional Chief saw the way Governor Devitt was behaving, he could not help but ask,”You’re just going to watch on like this?”

Devitt waved his hand and said,”It’s fine, it’s fine.” A hint of a smile appeared on the corners of his lips.”Everything is under control.”


A trace of doubt flashed past the Regional Chief’s eyes. However, he immediately recalled the Second Prince’s power to handle information. Then he thought to himself that since Devitt said this, it might be because he had something to rely on. The Regional Chief watched curiously to see how they were going to turn the situation around.

“d.a.m.n that Fang Xingjian! He released a sword technique like this for everyone to learn?!”

“To think that it has fatal side effects! His status as a Conferred Knight should be revoked!”

“And there’s also the Pantheon Monument and the Killing Techniques Palace… He must have cheated as well.”

Almost everyone was feeling fury and disgust at the Rebirth Sword Technique and Fang Xingjian.

Lilia and Ferdinand looked around at the agitated crowd. Their expressions gradually turned grim, and their eyes filled with panic. If this case were to really end like this, then Fang Xingjian would undoubtedly be listed on the wall of shame in historical records, his name left behind in infamy.

James’ face trembled a little as he stood up abruptly. His violent martial will swept across the area as if it was something physical, instantly suppressing all the cursing.

Sally looked at Head of Department James coldly and said in an arrogant tone,”Senior James, I know that you’re very strong. At the second transition and level 29, there’s probably no one here who is a match for you. However, even if you can kill everyone present today, you won’t be able to change the way the entire world thinks.

“There’s no room for doubt in regards to the Rebirth Sword Technique’s problem. If you have no way to prove otherwise, then let Fang Xingjian come forward. Let the creator of the Rebirth Sword Technique answer our questions.

“If he can’t answer our questions either, I’ll utilize the authority the a.s.sociation has given me and apply for the ban on the dissemination of the Rebirth Sword Technique, as well as on every related experiment on the sword technique being conducted in the country.”


James let out a sigh and finally understood the opposing party’s plan. They could prove time and time again that there was no problem with the Rebirth Sword Technique and state the number of people who had cultivated it successfully.

However, even if they could bring out 10,000 or even 100,000 people, they would not be able to cover over the fact that 100 people had failed in cultivating it and were even on the verge of death.

‘These people really deserve to die.’

As James thought about all these things, he then looked at the empty s.p.a.ce which was left for Fang Xingjian, feeling that it was good Fang Xingjian had not come.

Sally slapped the table and bellowed,”Fang Xingjian! Is he scared? Is he feeling guilty? For his own selfish reasons, he has gotten so many youths, so many people who represented the Empire’s future, to suffer the consequences. He is a leech that sticks himself onto the Empire’s body. A person like this doesn’t deserve to be a Conferred Knight.”

As Sally said this, she seemed to feel a faint throbbing pain in her shoulders. She shouted out,”I’m asking one more time! Where is Fang Xingjian? If he still doesn’t show up, then based on the regulations, I’ll deem it that he has given up on this arbitration.”

When Sword Saint Sasa heard this, the corners of his lips curled up slightly.’Fang Xingjian is done for.’

Many people from the spectator stands also stood up and shouted,”Revoke Fang Xingjian’s status as a Conferred Knight!”

“Arrest him! Put him on trial!”

“All forms of dissemination of the Rebirth Sword Technique must be banned!”

Sally nodded in agreement. However, just as she was about to speak again, the door opened.,


A few minutes ago, Fang Xingjian and Zhou Xingwen walked together into the munic.i.p.al government’s hall. As they walked through the wide and s.p.a.cious corridors, their footsteps rang out continuously. Then as they proceeded, a tall figure suddenly appeared to stop them in their tracks.

Armstrong, whose face was covered in scars, stood there smiling. Although his face was covered in scars, he still gave off a very soft and gentle feeling.

“Lord Armstrong!” Zhou Xingwen greeted him respectfully.”Why have you come out here?”

“Obviously to wait for you guys.” Armstrong spoke in a stern voice,”Xingjian, why have you arrived so late? The situation inside has turned very grim.”

“Oh? Is the arbitration team on the advantage?”

Armstrong pat Fang Xingjian on the shoulders and asked,”Do you have any confidence? If you don’t, then you should leave now.”

‘What?!’ Zhou Xingwen was astonished. Was the situation in the arbitration already so grim?

Fang Xingjian smiled and said,”There’s no way that I’ll lose.”

Seeing how confident Fang Xingjian was, Armstrong said in a light voice,”Is that the case?” Suddenly, an extremely eerie and vicious information flow containing an extremely malicious intent flowed from Armstrong’s palms and into Fang Xingjian’s head.

As a level 29 Conferred Knight, Armstrong had personally activated the Killing technique—Small Puppet Technique. Its attack was extremely secretive, and even the Heavenly Abyss Annihilation Armor was unable to detect it, nor did it show any reactions.

‘The Small Puppet Technique is one of the most secretive techniques in the Ancient Path of h.e.l.l. Those who know of it call it the most vicious Killing technique in history.’ Armstrong looked at Fang Xingjian, who was showing no reactions, and a hint of contempt flashed in his eyes.

As one of the First Prince’s most secretive clones, he controlled the power which represented the soul in the 36 h.e.l.l’s Maps. It was also one of the 36 powers in h.e.l.l.

When coupled together with the Small Puppet Technique, even a level 29 Conferred Knight could be affected by it slightly, let alone Fang Xingjian. It was just like how Heaven-Shaking Sword Potter had been controlled and was now unable to even choose between life and death. Currently, Potter was still lying on a hospital bed in a comatose state.

Of course, this Killing technique would only be effective if it was performed consecutively and the distance must not exceed 10 meters. Most importantly, the technique could only be used to control the physical body and was incapable of controlling the person’s heart and memories. Therefore, it could not be used to help the First Prince obtain the signatures for the h.e.l.l’s Maps.


Armstrong looked at Fang Xingjian and asked,”Oh? Where are you getting the confidence from? Why don’t you share it with me so that I can provide some advice?”

“There’s no need for that. You’ll know after I enter the hall and say it out loud.”

Fang Xingjian took one step forward and was about to pa.s.s by Armstrong’s body when the latter slapped down on his shoulder, activating the Small Puppet Technique. As the technique worked together with the lurking information flow from earlier, an extremely malicious information current headed for Fang Xingjian’s consciousness.

“I think it’s better if you were to say it now.”

A strange gleam flashed in Armstrong’s eyes, and his words had a mysterious allure to it.

However, Fang Xingjian merely blinked as if he was looking at an idiot. Simultaneously, the letter placed close to his chest suddenly glowed brightly.

Armstrong’s expression turned grim, and he decided to retreat. However, he realized then that he was unable to move.

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