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Chapter 792: Energy Control

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ou Yangming released his Military Fire quietly and let the materials take form inside it.

Smithing a helmet was simply as easy as eating or drinking for Ou Yangming at the moment. Even if he closed his eyes, he could complete the task effortlessly using his sense of touch.

Nonetheless, the difficulty of attaching something similar to a G.o.d-given Attribute to the equipment was beyond the imaginations of ordinary people.

Normally, blacksmiths would carefully select various materials because suitable materials would be needed if they wanted to smith pieces of equipment with notable attributes.

If the materials chosen did not have such attributes, how could the end product contain the corresponding attributes?

However, the presence of G.o.d-given Attributes broke that law.

G.o.d-given meant that certain energy was drawn from the s.p.a.ce of nothingness, and the energy would then be a.s.similated into a piece of equipment by coincidence. Only an attribute that was obtained fortuitously and not drawn from a particular material could be known as a G.o.d-given Attribute.

Ou Yangming was hoping for this kind of fortuitous attribute at the moment.

He kept replaying the scene where Yu Xiuming gathered the chill intents. Especially inside his spiritual word, every move that the man took and even the changes in surrounding airflow were reflected without any difference.

If someone else had tried, even for supreme powerhouses such as Master Kurong and the 10,000 Beasts Venerable One, they could not have arrived at this step.

They could at most replay the scene continuously, but it would be possible for them to perfectly reproduce it in their seas of consciousness.

On the other hand, Ou Yangming, who possessed the Phoenixes’ spiritual world, managed to do it painlessly. Moreover, by recalling and a.n.a.lyzing the scene in the spiritual world, he slowly understood Yu Xiuming’s controlling skill.

At this moment, what helped Ou Yangming with the a.n.a.lysis was not only his experiences. The various abilities and skills that were hidden in the Phoenixes’ spiritual world were also activated step by step while he observed and pondered carefully. They transferred related experiences and knowledge to him throughout this process, allowing him to gain the utmost perception of the skill’s origin and core.

Eventually, Ou Yangming’s eyes began to lit up, and he was filled with indescribable confidence.

While the crowd watched, he began to smith the seventh helmet.

Due to unexplainable reasons, the first 6 helmets had turned into nothing in Ou Yangming’s Military Fire. Even so, at this point, n.o.body dared to underestimate him nor lose confidence in him. In fact, Tiandao the Venerable One and Yu Xiuming, who knew very well the difficulty of producing a G.o.d-given Attribute were starting to waver too.

This was because though the first 6 helmets ended up melting during the smithing processes, each time they did, they seemed to be much better than the previous.

Through the 6 failures, everyone saw an irrefutable fact, which was that Ou Yangming’s smithing technique was constantly improving. He was moving up a step each time and was heading toward success unswerving.

Yuqi the Venerable One asked softly but with bright eyes, “Sect Elder Peng, can Master Ou succeed?”

He was a Venerable One of this era and had incredible experiences and vision, but he still believed Peng Yanbing’s judgment in smithing art.

Peng Yanbing took a deep breath, and he looked like he was deeply in admiration. “Venerable One, don’t worry, Master Ou…” He realized after some thought that he did not know how he should describe this anymore. “Master Ou will surely succeed.”

“Oh? You have strong confidence in him.” Yuqi the Venerable One could not help but laugh.

Peng Yanbing chuckled and explained, “Sir Venerable One, I’m sure you noticed that Master Ou’s closer to success every time he smiths. What’s harder to come by is that he’s always heading in the right direction and never once made a mistake. Hehe, I really don’t know how he’s doing this…’

They were conversing softly, but the people around them heard them well.

Therefore, they also began to wonder, ‘Yes, how is Ou Yangming always in the right direction and is moving toward success without making any mistake?’

Smithing art was a process where one had to keep acc.u.mulating experiences. It was worth noting that blacksmiths usually needed to make numerous attempts when they learned new smithing skills. The tougher the skill, the more difficult and complicated the process.

Besides, many blacksmiths had had similar experiences where no matter how hard they learned, they just could not grasp certain smithing arts.

Even if one was gifted in this aspect, there might still be hiccups in one’s learning process. Without acc.u.mulated experiences of over 100 times, one would not be able to master skills that were slightly more complicated.

Nevertheless, judging from Ou Yangming’s smithing process, the blacksmiths from the Beast King Sect particularly had strange feelings. ‘Can the G.o.d-given Skill be grasped so easily?’

On the seventh time, a helmet quickly took form inside Ou Yangming’s Military Fire.

Ou Yangming slowly lifted his hand. At a certain height, a part of the blazing Military Fire was split out, and it spun on his palm as though it had transformed into a tornado.

Everyone immediately stared at the helmet nervously. At this time, even they could not tell if they wanted Ou Yangming to succeed or if they wanted to see him look upset from failing again.

Despite that, Ou Yangming did not care about what other people were thinking. He swayed his wrist slightly and allowing with the queer frequency, the others suddenly realized that the temperature around them seemed to be rising.

The faces of the Venerable Ones and Yu Xiuming changed, and they exclaimed internally.


‘Local energy control!’

This was definitely not something that could be achieved by a Spiritualist.

It was beyond a Spiritualist’s range to control certain special energy in a fixed area.; it was within a Venerable One’s boundary.

This was an obvious trait that was unique to Venerable Ones.

Having said that, in this ma.s.sive square in the Beast King Sect today, 2 Spiritualists had used the power one after another.

The Power attribute that they displayed were different, where one was ice-mastery energy while the other was fire-mastery energy, but the theory behind it was the same.

“How can this…” Yu Xiuming’s expression became extremely wonderful as he mumbled. He suddenly turned to look at Master Kurong as if he wanted to find something from the master’s dry and thin face.

He could achieve what he did because of his natural gift, which allowed him to communicate with ice-mastery power more easily. Other than that, there were also 2 other important conditions, and one of them was Master Kurong’s meticulous training.

When he first started to study the skill, Master Kurong allowed him to enter the area for isolated cultivation, where he could sense the various features of area control at a close range.

Apart from someone like Master Kurong, n.o.body—not even Tiandao the Venerable One—was willing to do that for him.

Furthermore, Yu Xiuming was also wearing a treasure from Mount Wuzhi. It was a marvelous ice bead with a notable auxiliary effect, and it was also the reason he could communicate with Heaven and Earth to achieve the miraculous effect that was only possible for Venerable Ones.

‘How is Ou Yangming able to do this? Does he have a similar treasure with him?’

Yu Xiuming suddenly felt a bitter taste in his mouth because he thought about Ou Yangming’s other ident.i.ty.

The Phoenixes’ messenger!

As such, the young fellow possessed the greatest divine fire in the world. It was the Heavenly Phoenix Fire.

In comparison, perhaps the fire was the one that could be considered G.o.d-given divine power.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh…”

The sound of intense flames dancing filled the air, and Ou Yangming was surrounded by strong flames. Being coerced by the magnanimous flame powers, other than the Venerable Ones and the formidable top-grade Spiritualists, the others could not help but take a few steps back.

Even though they knew Ou Yangming would not attack them, they still made the subconscious choice.

Master Kurong and the others had grave looks on their faces, and they were somewhat looking forward to the outcome.

By now, n.o.body was paying attention to the result of the compet.i.tion anymore. They were only looking forward to one thing, which was whether Ou Yangming could finish the equipment or not.


At the spur of the moment, Ou Yangming pressed his palm down. The endless flames with explosive energy seemed to have found an outlet, thus they turned into a menacing fire dragon and gushed toward the bottom of the helmet.

The ferocious fire looked like it was going to turn the helmet into ashes in an instant.

That said, the second the fire dragon charged toward the helmet, the helmet lit up. Amidst the endless light, it seemed to have transformed into an unpredictable bottomless hole that devoured the fire dragon.

It took only a brief moment for the fire dragon to disappear just like that. As for the light on the helmet, it slowly faded away. With that, a magical piece of equipment with a flame and light dragon’s veined path could be seen.

Ou Yangming exhaled deeply and looked like he had regained focus. He seemed to be exhausted, but his mind was still excited.

The only thing was that he was slightly startled when he looked up at the people around him.

Those people were scattered far away, and they cast odd and respectful looks at him. It was as though he had become as fearsome as the Venerable Ones at this moment.

Ou Yangming frowned and curbed his thought, then he looked at Lu Jinfeng.

Lu Jinfeng understood him at once. He forced himself to suppress his shock and quickly went forward to take Ou Yangming’s helmet from him with respect.

He had regarded Ou Yangming to be the same as the Venerable Ones.

As he suddenly released his Appraisal Light, the helmet dazzled.

After a brief moment, Lu Jinsheng lifted the helmet high and announced loudly, “High Grade magic tool, G.o.d-given Attribute, Fire-resistant 12%…

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