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Chapter 791: Instant Comprehension State

Yu Xiuming could not help but feel startled, but he soon looked forward to what might happen next.

When he was fully immersed in smithing just now, he had forgotten about everything. Especially when the man successfully used his most brilliant technique and put it into practice, he was overwhelmed with the joy from the bottom of his heart.

Nonetheless, he immediately remembered something after Peng Yanbing’s reminder.

Before he displayed a skill that could only be grasped by Venerable Blacksmiths, Ou Yangming had already shown a more potent skill.

Flying carpets.

For generations, countless miracles and legends had taken place in the Spiritual Realm. Among them, there were similar cases as his, where Spiritualists grasped smithing skills for Venerable Blacksmiths due to talent, hard work, coincidence, and so on. They were not common, but related records could still be found.

Perhaps such a distinguished smithing genius was not born in a certain generation, a particular prefecture, or several prefectures. Even so, such records could be found from the whole Spiritual Realm and its histories regarding inheritances.

A G.o.d-given Attribute—when a Venerable Blacksmith communicated with Heaven and Earth, formed a unique standpoint, and drew the universe’s mighty power to channel it into a piece of equipment, an effect that was similar to G.o.d-given would be born.

Although a material could not carry such an attribute during equipment smithing, the involvement of the universe’s mighty power could greatly enhance a piece of equipment.

Nevertheless, while the smithing technique was magical, it was not one of a kind for blacksmiths that were not yet Venerable Ones.

On the other hand, before Ou Yangming’s presence, a Spiritualist that could refine flying carpets was unprecedented. In fact, even an unparalleled smithing genius like Master Kurong never refined one.

Smithing art was broad and profound, after all. n.o.body could master all of the branches, hence it was not strange that Master Kurong could not refine flying carpets.

However, Ou Yangming, who was only a Spiritualist, managed to refine flying carpets.

He was not only the Beast King Sect’s pride, but he could also be considered Danzhou’s pride.

Therefore, when Yu Xiuming recalled this, his compet.i.tiveness weakened. Instead, he hoped that Ou Yangming would refine a flying carpet on the spot so that he could observe the process. Even though he might not really grasp the mystery behind it, he would still be willing to seize the opportunity at all costs.

Ou Yangming furrowed his eyebrows. He fixed his gaze on the helmet as though he was considering something, so much so that he simply did not bother about Peng Yanbing’s suggestion.

It was not because he wanted to ignore Peng Yanbing, but he had invested all of his energy in something else.

‘A G.o.d-given Attribute—it’s unbelievable that he attached a G.o.d-given Attribute to a piece of equipment.’

After witnessing Yu Xiuming’s smithing technique, stormy waves had already surged in Ou Yangming’s heart, and he only had one thought at the moment. ‘I want to do it too!’ Apart from that, nothing else could be registered in his ears.

Old Craftsman looked quietly at Ou Yangming. Among everyone else, he was unquestionably the one that knew the young fellow the most.

When the old man saw how dazed the fellow was, he could already guess what was happening, so he could not help but shake his head helplessly. ‘Given the situation, this foolish young fella’s the only one that’ll cast everything aside to study a smithing skill.’

Despite that, perhaps this was the reason Ou Yangming gained his abilities and status in smithing art.

If not, no matter how high his starting point was, if he was uninterested in smithing art or was not willing to work hard to study it, his achievements would definitely be trivial.

“Master Ou, Master Ou…” Peng Yanbing called out to Ou Yangming twice but did not get a response. He looked at the young fellow in shock and noticed that something was off, so he could not help but hesitate.

All of a sudden, a solid voice was heard. “Don’t startle him.”

Peng Yanbing turned to look as he was surprised. He saw Master Kurong waving his dry and thin arm.

The sect elder instantly realized what was going on, thus he bowed at the master to express his grat.i.tude and backed away.

One could tell from Ou Yangming’s state that he was in an environment that was similar to instant comprehension. If he were to be wakened up at this time, as accomplished as he was, he would surely feel like killing someone out of anger.

The 10,000 Beasts Venerable One and the others were in admiration of how broad-minded Master Kurong was. Even when one of the compet.i.tors was the master’s last disciple, he did not want to ruin Ou Yangming’s chance. If the others were in his shoes instead, they might not be able to be so cool about it.

While Ou Yangming pondered quietly, he suddenly seemed to have fathomed something.

He took a few steps forward and reached out to draw part of the materials toward him, then he enveloped them with his Military Fire.

Master Kurong, Tiandao the Venerable One, and the others focused right away. They quickly guessed what Ou Yangming was planning to do. He was going to copy the steps mechanically by reproducing everything that Yu Xiuming did earlier.

Tiandao the Venerable One turned to look at Master Kurong. As he moved his lips, a voice was delivered to the master.

‘Martial Uncle, do you think that Master Ou will succeed?’ The Venerable One sounded nervous, which was rare.

Ever since he became a Venerable One, he became concerned about much lesser things. Having said that, a lot was at stake in this compet.i.tion today. It was not only a fight between 2 Spiritualist Blacksmiths, but it was also an invisible contest between Mount Wuzhi and the Beast King Sect. Moreover, the winner would represent Danzhou in the Big Smithing Compet.i.tion against Zhangzhou, which would be an unequaled glory.

As such, even Tiandao the Venerable One could not ignore this matter.

Master Kurong pondered for a brief moment and shook his head. “10 years.”

“What?” Tiandao the Venerable One was confused.

The master explained in a deep voice, “Xiuming worked hard for 10 years to grasp this skill.”

After hearing his meaningful and heartfelt words, Tiandao the Venerable One was very much relieved.

Master Kurong made it very clear—it would not be easy to master the skill. After all, even a smithing genius like Yu Xiuming had to work hard for 10 years.

As much of a genius as Ou Yangming was, he never learned this skill and did not know how to grasp a special knack. In this case, his success rate of putting it into practice would be extremely low and close to 0.

This was the deduction of Danzhou’s greatest human blacksmith, so it sounded like the conclusion to anyone else.

Tiandao the Venerable One sighed a breath of relief, but he did not know how exactly he felt.

He naturally hoped that Yu Xiuming would emerge victorious but above that, he wanted to see the smithing master that would represent Danzhou to gain the final victory. This was everyone’s desire.

“Woosh, woosh, woosh…”

Ou Yangming’s Military Fire scorched and fully enveloped the materials, which were quickly transformed into another helmet.

As he took a deep breath, he suddenly lifted his hand with the Military Fire, then he closed it into a fist and began spinning it around the helmet.

Following his movement, the powerful Military Fire seemed to have been stimulated to become more violent and tenacious. In particular, new and peculiar flames began to rise and gush toward his hand in mid-air.


An intense sound of boiling flames was heard, then the blazing flames lingered in Ou Yangming’s hand.

Upon seeing this, even Master Kurong was surprised.

‘How fast!

‘Ou Yangming’s learning speed is actually so fast. This is his first attempt, and yet he achieved this already.’

That said, just as the crowd was astonished, the helmet inside the Military Fire softened as if it turned into mud. Without the fire as a base, the helmet might have turned into boiling liquid and flowed to the ground.

Ou Yangming failed.

For some reason, everyone including Peng Yanbing was relieved.

Even the people that were on Ou Yangming’s side could not help but sigh.

If Ou Yangming managed to replicate the process after only watching it once, it would be too appalling.

Fortunately, he failed. This proved that while he was a G.o.d-favored one and a rare smithing genius, at the end of the day, he was only a normal human.

Who knew, just as Lu Jinfeng subconsciously exhaled and wanted to step forward, he saw Ou Yangming frowning. The young fellow shook his hands and drew some more materials toward him, and they quickly turned into a helmet after being burned by his Military Fire.

Ou Yangming had entered a state where he forgot about everything else. He could not be bothered about the compet.i.tion anymore as he was fully immersed in studying the new smithing technique.

Lu Jinfeng was dumbfounded. He looked at the Venerable Ones as he felt troubled.

‘How should I judge this? This unusual change has long surpa.s.sed the range and power that I can cope with.’

Yuqi the Venerable One and the others looked at each other too. They also found it hard to say anything at this moment.

Master Kurong chuckled and said, “Since Master Ou has set his mind on this, let’s wait for a while.”

Tiandao the Venerable One mumbled, “How long are we going to wait…”

Everyone present had experienced cultivating in isolation, so they knew if one entered the state of instant comprehension, one would not be able to feel how time pa.s.sed. In fact, it would be normal for one to go on for 10 to 15 days.

Master Kurong glanced at him and responded, “Tiandao, even Xiuming’s more patient than you.”

Tiandao the Venerable One tensed up and quickly replied to him, “I was being too rash.”

The master nodded. “If Master Ou manages to achieve instant comprehension and perceives this G.o.d-given Skill, this compet.i.tion’s outcome will be set.”

Yu Xiuming said without any hesitation, “Yes, Master.”

Nonetheless, he did not believe that the skill, which he had spent 10 years to learn, could be mastered by someone in such a short time.

Even if the person was the Phoenixes’ messenger and a greater smithing genius, it would not be possible.

The only thing was when Yu Xiuming looked up at Ou Yangming, who was immersed in his own world, he was someone anxious.

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