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Chapter 1116: Bloodthirsty Insects

When the flame giant regained his senses, Ou Yangming, who was a tiny human to him, had flown in front of him. The spear covered with flames was aimed at the middle of his head.

“How could it be!”

The flame giant seemed to be still in a dream. He swore that he did not intend to hold back just now. Ou Yangming’s outburst had caught him off guard.

It was time!

The law of time—the young fellow had also grasped the law of time. Although it was just a tiny bit and was so little that it could be ignored, it was still very terrifying.

Time was king, and s.p.a.ce was sovereign. This was the rule of the Great Wide World, and they were the 2 most powerful laws in the entire universe. Time and s.p.a.ce were taboos for Rulers. They were domains that only supreme powerhouses like the masters of ancient times could touch.

Nonetheless, what did the flame giant see at this moment? A young fellow, who was only a Venerable One, had grasped this fearsome ability.

The law of time, the law of Yin and Yang, and the purple Heavenly Phoenix Fire.

At this time, the flame giant could not tell if this was a dream or reality. How could there be such a heaven-defying person in this world?

“What’s wrong with you?”

Ou Yangming withdrew the long spear in his hand and landed on the ground. He did not sense any dangerous aura from the giant. In other words, the giant never had the intention of killing him at all.

Lil’ Red also quickly flew to Ou Yangming’s shoulder. Flapping his wings, he looked at the flame giant and said proudly, “Big guy, now you know whether Lil’ Ming is qualified or not, right?”

This pulled the flame giant out of his fantasy and back into reality. He looked at Ou Yangming and Lil’ Red and was shocked beyond words.

Ou Yangming also raised his head and asked, “Senior, what do you think of me?”

The flame giant calmed himself down and took a serious look at Ou Yangming, then he said, “You defeated me and pa.s.sed, but there is still one more stage after me. You need to pa.s.s another stage to get the treasure left behind by Master.”

“Even 8 or 10 stages wouldn’t be a problem, let alone 1.” Lil’ Red’s confidence was off the charts. Of course, the most important thing he wanted to do was to give the big guy a blow. Who asked him to look down on him and Lil’ Ming just now?

The flame giant laughed bitterly. He did not expect the little phoenix to hold a grudge against him. He reminded them, “Don’t be careless. That stage won’t be easy to pa.s.s. You still need to be careful.”

“Senior, did your master ask you to deliver these pieces of information?” Ou Yangming asked.

“No.” The flame giant shook his head and said, “Master didn’t ask me to give any reminders to the challengers.”

“Then…?” Ou Yangming asked.

The flame giant smiled and explained, “You’re the most talented one among all the people I’ve seen. I’ll only be at ease if I hand over Master’s inheritance to you.”

“Thank you, senior.” Ou Yangming bowed deeply.

“There’s no need to go through so much trouble. Why don’t you just take the treasure and give it to Lil’ Ming?” Lil’ Red grumbled unhappily.

The flames in front of them had dispersed. Ou Yangming turned around and said, “Lil’ Red, let’s go.”

Lil’ Red hurriedly flew onto his shoulders, and the 2 of them disappeared from the flame zone.

The flame giant looked in the direction where the 2 of them had disappeared. There was a kind smile on his face as he said, “Interesting little fellas. I hope that everything will go smoothly for you.”

Afterward, the flame giant looked forward. His body gradually disappeared, and the flame zone returned to peace once again.

“Lil’ Ming, what kind of danger will there be here?”

After leaving the flame zone, the 2 of them came to a place that looked like a valley. There were strange rocks here, and black rocks were everywhere.

Ou Yangming looked around, shook his head, and answered, “I don’t know either. I just sense danger.”

The flame giant had warned him that this stage would not be simple. This was why Ou Yangming dared not be careless.

It was not easy for him to pa.s.s 2 rounds. After pa.s.sing this round, he would be able to obtain the mysterious treasure. If he were to fail this round, would all his previous efforts not be wasted?

Who knew what that treasure was and who the flame giant’s master was? The giant was so powerful, so his master must be formidable.

Ou Yangming pondered as he carefully looked around.


“What’s that sound!” Ou Yangming’s expression changed slightly as he looked to the side.

It was an insect. There was a beetle-like monster on the ground. It was not big and was only half the height of a human. The antennae on its body were like that of spiders. What attracted one’s attention were its steel-like and black arms that looked like bent blades. They were like the scythe of the grim reaper.

“How could there be such a thing?” Seeing the insect, Lil’ Red was shocked. He hurriedly reminded, “Lil’ Ming, be careful. This is an ancient Bloodthirsty Insect.”

Ou Yangming had never heard of the Bloodthirsty Insects, but the word “ancient” immediately made it sound more remarkable.

At this moment, the Bloodthirsty Insect on the ground suddenly pounced over. The bend blades in its hands flashed with cold lights as it hacked at Ou Yangming and Lil’ Red.

Its power was not the slightest bit inferior to that of the Venerable Ones in the outside world.

The powers of Venerable Ones were no longer much of a threat to Ou Yangming. He held the Blood Spear Dragon Slayer in his hand and with a sudden thrust, the ancient Bloodthirsty Insect was pushed far away. What was surprising was that the insect’s sh.e.l.l was notably st.u.r.dy. Even the Dragon Slayer did not harm it, only leaving a faint white mark on it.

‘What a horrifying insect!’

Ou Yangming cried out internally. The insect’s attack power was only the same as a Venerable One, but its defensive ability was not any weaker than that of a Ruler.

Such an insect was very difficult to deal with, but this should not be considered dangerous.

The Bloodthirsty Insect pounced over again, but it was still easily sent flying by Ou Yangming.

At this moment, Lil’ Red’s voice could be heard. “Lil’ Ming, let’s leave this place quickly. The Bloodthirsty Insects of ancient times can’t be alone. Once they appear, they’re surely in a swarm!”

“Rustle, rustle…”

Crawling sounds could be heard coming from afar again.

Ou Yangming raised his head and saw 3 Bloodthirsty Insects running over from afar. Not only that, but the rustles also became more frequent. The ear-piercing sounds caused one’s scalp to go numb.


Ou Yangming chose to leave temporarily. If this continued, the 2 of them would be heavily surrounded. The lethality of a single insect was not too great but was also very difficult to deal with. If one was surrounded by a swarm of them, even a Ruler would be in great danger.

With that, Ou Yangming flashed quickly and was as fast as lightning, leaving behind a series of afterimages. The Bloodthirsty Insect that was knocked to the ground by him saw that its prey was about to run, so it immediately rolled up from the ground. Its antennae vibrated with a strange sound, and it quickly pursued the young fellow.

Ou Yangming ran in front and was followed by a series of black shadows. The insects were very fast, and they followed tightly behind him. The valley was ma.s.sive. During the chase, there were constantly new Bloodthirsty Insects joining in. They were pitch black, and it made one’s scalp go numb.

“Lil’ Ming, what should we do?” Lil’ Red looked back and was shocked. There were too many Bloodthirsty Insects.

‘Didn’t the Bloodthirsty Insects disappear in ancient times?’

Ou Yangming ran with all his might and said, “How would I know? If this doesn’t work, we can go to the poisonous pill’s world and hide for a while.”

He had the wooden token in his hand and could go out but once he went out, it was equivalent to wasting all his previous efforts. Furthermore, he had to put Lil’ Red back before going out. Otherwise, would he not be harming the little red bird?

Ou Yangming did not have such thoughts for the time being. Nothing was difficult in this world. Since he had reached this step, the price of retreating was too great.

“Let’s find a higher place first.”

There were more Bloodthirsty Insects around them. There were swarms of tens of thousands of them.

Each of them was very difficult to deal with. Tens of thousands of them together were densely packed. Just thinking about it made one feel terrified.

After running for a long time, they finally found a higher spot. Ou Yangming flew up and said, “Let’s go.”

The 2 of them disappeared into thin air. The Bloodthirsty Insects also quickly climbed up, but they did not discover them.

They had low intelligence, so they did not know where their targets had gone. A red Bloodthirsty Insect, though, looked at the sky with a cold glint in its eyes.

The red Bloodthirsty Insect let out a strange cry. With that, the surrounding insects seemed to have heard an order and surrounded the place where Ou Yangming and Lil’ Red had disappeared. Those insects that wanted to leave were also called back, and all of them were ready.

Ou Yangming did not know that after they left, the insects did leave. Instead, they arranged themselves in a formation and waited for him to return.

After arriving at the poisonous pill’s world, he and Lil’ Red heaved a sigh of relief.

Lying on the ground, Big Yellow looked at their dusty faces and asked, “Lil’ Ming, What’s wrong? Did this little bird cause trouble for you again?”

“B*stard, you still dare to talk about me!” Lil’ Red was furious. When had this arrogant phoenix ever been chased so miserably? Besides, it was a swarm of insects that were like local tyrants.


A ball of flame burned toward Big Yellow’s tail. The big yellow dog reacted fast. Ge hurriedly jumped up and hid to the side.

Big Yellow shook his tail and looked at Ou Yangming and asked in surprise, “Lil’ Ming, did he eat gunpowder today?”

“Master, did you encounter any trouble?” The Wutong Tree opened his eyes.

“We’ve encountered ancient Bloodthirsty Insects,” Ou Yangming said helplessly.

“Ancient Bloodthirsty Insects? What are they?” Big Yellow was clueless.

Lil’ Red looked at him contemptuously and snorted. “Dog, you’re really uncultured!”

“It’s not like I’m the only one who doesn’t know!” Big Yellow turned around and glanced at Fat Antelope, the leopard, and the others. All of them shook their heads. They had never heard of that type of insect.

“It’s normal that you don’t know. The bugs existed a very long time ago,” the Wutong Tree said slowly.

“Wutong Tree, you know about them?” Ou Yangming was not surprised. The Wutong Tree had existed for countless years. Only G.o.d knew what he had experienced before.

The Wutong Tree nodded and said, “Yes, Master. Aren’t they extinct? You’ve seen them.”

Ou Yangming nodded. “Yes, they’re right outside. Wutong Tree, do you know how to deal with them?”

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