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Chapter 1114: Strange Fish

The cave was pitch-black and quiet. Compared to the lively world outside, this place was like a rotten underworld. The air was filled with the pungent smell of decay.

At this time, the little rat had long disappeared without a trace. It was unknown what kind of rat it was. Its speed was very fast, surpa.s.sing all the Venerable Ones Ou Yangming had seen. In the blink of an eye, it had vanished.

Fortunately, Ou Yangming reacted quickly and followed it to this place. After that, he could no longer find any traces of the rat, and he did not know where it had gone.

“What the h.e.l.l is this place? Even a rat has become a spirit…” Ou Yangming laughed bitterly. He was not discouraged. Since he could meet a spirit beast, he would be able to find others. Perhaps he would be able to meet one soon.

With this thought in mind, he walked forward.

The cave was pitch black, but this did not hinder Ou Yangming. At his level, night and day were not much different. It did not affect his vision at all.

Due to the surrounding environment that was cold and humid, it made his back feel cold.

Ou Yangming walked forward cautiously. He had a premonition that there might be some prehistoric beasts hidden inside. Although he had a wooden token that could teleport him out in an instant, he still had to be careful. After all, he was here to look for opportunities to break through to become a Ruler.


There was suddenly a sound under his feet.

Ou Yangming looked down and saw a white skull under his feet. It had been stepped into two halves. He gained another information. Someone had come to this place before, and it was probably a long time ago.

Skulls were the hardest thing, and the person who came here was certainly not an ordinary person. He did not use any strength just now but with a light step, the skull shattered. This meant that the skull had been here for a long time.

Ou Yangming continued to walk forward. Due to the sudden appearance of the skull, he was even more careful. After a turn, a small river appeared in front of him.

The river water was still, giving off a heavy feeling.

It was worth noting that the water was red and looked terrifying. What was even more frightening was the large pile of bone fragments on the river bank.

After carefully counting, those bones added up to at least dozens of people. The bones were connected and placed on the ground in a mess.

Ou Yangming stopped in his tracks. He looked at the river in front of him. Could it be that there was a ferocious beast inside?

“Let me probe first.” Ou Yangming stopped and took out a roast chicken from his Long Feather Band. This was the food he had prepared for Big Yellow, and it came in handy at this time.

The roast chicken drew a beautiful arc in the air. Just as it was about to land, 2 ferocious fish jumped out of the river. It was unknown what kind of species they were, but they were vicious. With a leap, they flew more than 10 meters high. The fangs in their mouths were very sharp. Each of them bit one side of the chicken and with a hiss, the roast chicken was split into two halves in the air.


The 2 fish entered the water again, but there was not a single splash on the surface of the water. Where they fell, there were a few ripples. More fierce fish had arrived.

A roast chicken had triggered a chaotic battle. In the end, after the smell of the roast chicken had disappeared, the surface of the water gradually calmed down.

Ou Yangming stared at the water with his mouth open. No wonder there were so many skeletons on the sh.o.r.e. It turned out that there were so many horrifying monsters in the water.

He was not clear of the power of those fish for the time being but judging from their speed, they were not something that ordinary spirit beasts could compare to. The creatures in the Rebirth Cave seemed to be very powerful. The grey-haired rat was like that, and so were the fish.

Ou Yangming did not act rashly. He took out another item. It was a huge sword that he had refined. This sword was a Low Grade Rank One magic weapon. Its attributes could only be considered average. The only advantage was that it was very st.u.r.dy.

Its st.u.r.diness was just right for use at this time. Ou Yangming did not hesitate and threw the huge sword over.

Just like the last time, when the huge sword was still in the air, a few strange fish jumped up from the water. There were a few more than the last time. These fish did not seem to be picky eaters. They liked to eat everything.

“This time, I’m sure it’ll break your big teeth.” Ou Yangming smiled coldly. Nonetheless, very quickly, his smile froze.

“Crack, crack…”

The giant sword was instantly bitten, and a few holes were made. It was crunched effortlessly. Other strange fish jumped out one after another. The magic weapon was eaten clean before it even fell into the water.

“This…” Ou Yangming was shocked. Piranhas? Ghost-eating fish? Compared to these ferocious fish, they were so weak.

‘These fella’s teeth are too strong. They can even eat magic weapons.’

Ou Yangming did not say anything and turned around to leave. Even if there was a gold mountain ahead, he did not care. No matter how tough his body was, it could not compare to a magic weapon. If he flew over, he would be reduced to a skeleton halfway through.

He finally understood why there were so many bones on the ground. It turned out that there were such scary creatures in the river.

Of course, Ou Yangming also knew that there must be something good on the other side of the river. That was why everyone desperately wanted to go over, even at the cost of their own lives.

What was it? Ou Yangming did not know, but the people who had died surely knew.

‘I wonder if anyone has gone over there.’

Ou Yangming turned around and was about to leave. All of a sudden, his heart suddenly beat a few times.

He turned around and revealed a look of disbelief.

Ou Yangming realized that just as he was about to leave, something was calling out to him from the other side. It made his heart beat faster.

What exactly was it? He was also very curious. The thing over there must be very important. Perhaps it was the opportunity to become a Ruler, as mentioned by Senior Du Xie. Even so, the strange fish at the bottom of the river…

Ou Yangming was troubled. He thought for a while, but there was nothing he could do. He could fly here, but he had also seen what happened just now. Even if he stuck close to the rocks above, he would still be attacked by the fish unless he had the ability to teleport and quickly fly to the other side.

‘Blood Flight?’

An absurd idea arose in Ou Yangming’s mind, but he quickly shook his head. ‘That thing can’t be controlled. What if I fall into the water…’

Ou Yangming felt a chill down his spine. The thought of those strange fish biting him one after another made him shake his head and cast the thought away.

“It’s fine if you want to call out to me, but why do you have to create these obstructions?” Ou Yangming laughed bitterly. Nevertheless, he did not think that if these fish did not exist, would he have gotten the chance to get the treasure?

After thinking for a while, Ou Yangming still could not come up with a solution. It was mainly because this was the first time he had seen such creatures.

“Lil’ Red and the Wutong Tree are experienced and knowledgeable. Maybe they can think of a solution.”

Ou Yangming slapped his forehead and almost forgot about this. Other than the strange fish, there did not seem to be any other dangers here. As such, he released his mental conception into the poisonous pill’s world.

“Lil’ Ming, why are you here?”

Lil’ Red and Big Yellow were lying on the ground in warmth. They were not strong enough, so it was very dangerous for them to follow Ou Yangming. They could only stay here.

Ou Yangming told them about the situation he had encountered.

The branches on the Wutong Tree body shook slightly. After hearing what Ou Yangming said, he noted in a deep voice, “Master, there must be something very useful for you there.”

“Of course, I know that, but how should I get rid of those strange fish?” Ou Yangming asked helplessly.

“That’s a problem. Let’s brainstorm together. There must be a way.” The Wutong Tree also began to ponder.

The eyes of Big Yellow and Lil’ Red also turned wild.

“Master, I have an idea.” Fat Antelope was somewhat nervous. He glanced at Lil’ Red and the others. After all, none of the big bosses could think of a way. If he solved the problem, would that not seem like he was being arrogant?

Ou Yangming’s eyes lit up, and he said anxiously, “Fat Antelope, tell me quickly. If your suggestion is useful, I promise not to touch your wool for a year.”

“Master, here’s the thing…” Fat Antelope said slowly, “It was that strange sir who invented this method. He used this to kill thousands of aquatic spirit beasts in the East Sea.”

“Are you sure that those aquatic spirit beasts were stuffed to death?” Ou Yangming asked. Lil’ Red and Big Yellow were also dumbfounded.

“I can’t say that they were stuffed to death, but they were so full that they couldn’t move. After that, they were easily killed by that sir one by one,” Fat Antelope responded.

“That’s almost the same as being stuffed to death. What happened to that sir after that?” Ou Yangming did not expect the Antelopes to have such a smart member.

“That sir was killed by a furious aquatic Venerable One.” Fat Antelope’s voice was a little soft. After all, that person was the pride of the Antelopes, yet his ending was so miserable.

This was normal.

Any Venerable One would go crazy after losing thousands of spirit beasts under their command. No one knew how the Aquatics provoked that person and suffered heavy losses out of the blue.

“You have the prescription, right?”

Ou Yangming wanted to confirm it.

Fat Antelope nodded and said confidently, “Of course, I do. Before that sir had a premonition that he was going to die, he had announced the method to the public. Almost all the Antelopes knew about it.”

Ou Yangming was speechless. That sir of the Antelopes must have had a grudge against the Aquatics for killing his father. If the method were to be pa.s.sed down, the spirit beasts of the Aquatics would probably be afraid for a long time.

Fat Antelope wrote out the prescription. Fortunately, the poisonous pill’s world had everything. Since everyone had some useful materials in their inventory as well, they did not lack anything.

Soon, the thing was made. It was a black thing that looked like a lump of mud.

“Is this thing really effective?”

Ou Yangming was not very confident. No one knew what the difference was between the strange fish and the Aquatics. Whether it was effective or not, they would only know after giving it a try.

With that, Ou Yangming returned to the cave and brought out Lil’ Red and Big Yellow, who wanted to watch the show. Looking at the red river in front of them, the 3 of them grabbed the mud ball that they had just made and threw it over.

The river water stirred, causing waves to be formed. The calm river instantly became lively.

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