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Chapter 1113: The Mysterious s.p.a.ce

Yellow sand filled the sky, and the ground was as quiet as death.

There were no signs of life on an extended mountain. Luo Yang looked at the red-clothed man on the mountaintop, and a look of fear flashed across his eyes.

It was this young man who had easily ma.s.sacred all the living beings on a mountain just now. Such a method made Luo Yang wonder who the real devil was.

Feng Xinxiao’s cold gaze swept across everyone. When he saw the people of the Golden Crows, a killing intent erupted.

“What trash!”

The situation of the Golden Crows was terrible. They were not dead, but there was not much difference between them and death.

Jin Hai had turned into a child. His body was weak, and he had no strength. He could not even survive in the heart of origins.

The few Rulers from the Golden Crows were in no better condition. Their bodies were old, and their steps were unsteady. It seemed that they had lost all of their life force.

Hearing Feng Xinxiao’s words, although the Golden Crows were resentful, they did not dare to show it. This phoenix powerhouse was not friendly toward them, to begin with. They did not dare to provoke him given their state.

“Brother Feng Xinxiao, what do you think we should do now?” Luo Yang forced a smile.

That fearsome figure was in the Shaman Tribe, hence they did not dare to go there again. The powerhouses from the Golden Crows were their best lesson.

Feng Xinxiao sneered and looked ahead, “Do you think that the illusory Ancestral Shaman will stay in the Shaman Tribe? After at most a month, he’ll disappear into the world. We only need to wait for a while, and we can easily destroy them.”

“I see.” Luo Yang let out a sigh of relief. If that terrifying fellow would always be in the Shaman Tribe, they would not have any chance at all. Going there was no different from courting their deaths.

“What if they run away?” Luo Yang was still a little worried.

“If they run away, they can’t disappear. The heart of origins is only this big. I’ve already left marks on the bodies of a few Ancient Shamans. No matter where they run to, they won’t be able to escape from me,” Feng Xinxiao said confidently.

After saying that, Feng Xinxiao glanced at Luo Yang and said in a deep voice, “What about the person I told you to find?”

Luo Yang’s heart skipped a beat, and he hurriedly answered, “I’ve sent my men to search for him with all their might. As long as there’s any news about that fella named Ou Yangming, I’ll inform you immediately.”

“I hope you’re not just giving me a perfunctory answer.” Feng Xinxiao looked at Luo Yang with a heavy look. This look that was filled with killing intent made Luo Yang’s scalp go numb.

Feng Xinxiao turned around and walked toward the few people from the Golden Crows. There was a dangerous glint in his eyes. These people were all Rulers. They had lost their strengths, but their charms still remained, where each of them was comparable to the mountainous living beings.

“There’s a Ruler left in the Golden Crows.” Feng Xinxiao took a glance at Jin Hai and licked his lips. To phoenixes, the golden crows were great tonic. Eating Jin Hai might even increase the level of his Heavenly Phoenix Fire. It could not be compared to devouring that human b*stard, but it could increase his strength. Feng Xinxiao was still unwilling to miss this opportunity.

“What do you want to do?” Jin Hai raised his head. His eyes were filled with terror. He had sensed the danger he was in.

“What do I want to do? The Phoenixes and the Golden Crows have been enemies since ancient times. Now that you’ve delivered yourselves to my doorstep. What do you think I want to do?” Feng Xinxiao’s lips curled into a cruel smile.

The law of slaughter blossomed from his body. Feng Xinxiao waved his hand gently, and the few old powerhouses from the Golden Crows vanished into thin air.

Feng Xinxiao transformed into his true form and suddenly inhaled. He actually swallowed Jin Hai alive into his stomach. This made Luo Yang turn pale.

“Sir, I didn’t see anything.” Luo Yang saw Feng Xinxiao turn around, so he hurriedly said.

“So what if you saw it and told the people of the Golden Crows? Do you think that I, Feng Xinxiao, will be afraid of them?”

Feng Xinxiao raised his head to look at the sky and laughed loudly. His smile looked like that of a madman, arrogant and ruthless.

At this moment, even Feng Tian would not believe that his son had undergone such a drastic change after coming to the heart of origins.

In the Shaman Tribe.

At this moment, the place was in tatters. The Ancestral Shaman stood proudly in the sky. He looked down and said in a deep voice, “I can only hold on for 20 days. All of you, take care of yourselves.”

After he finished, he looked at the vast and boundless world and sighed softly.

Even though he had condensed into an illusion, there were still many restrictions that prevented him from helping the Shaman Tribe from doing more things.

20 days—only 20 days.

It would be fine if the enemies had left but if they had not, 20 days would be just the blink of an eye, Du Xie walked towards the people beside him.

He asked softly, “Can the Big Mountain-guarding Formation be repaired?”

“Clan Master, the core of the formation has been destroyed. The technique has been lost so if we were to study it and set it up again, it’ll take at least a few years.” The person who spoke was the formation master of the tribe, and his voice was low.

“A few years? We won’t be able to wait until then. We only have 20 days,” Du Xie said as he looked at the sky and sighed.

20 days? It would be impossible.

The Big Mountain-guarding Formation was the crystallization of their ancestors’ wisdom. Many of the core techniques had been lost. Even if they were given a few years, they might not be able to set it up. Given that they only had 20 days, it was just wishful thinking.

“It would be great if Senior Brother were here. Senior Brother’s academic skills are world-shaking, and he has a deep understanding of formations. It’s just a pity…”

Everyone understood who the clan master was referring to. It was the mysterious powerhouse who had used the Eight Trigrams to fend off the 2 clans from before. He was also the one who had summoned the soul fragment of the Ancestral Shaman in the sky.

Nonetheless, doing all of that had completely consumed his life force. He could not even retain his soul. As such, his soul dissipated, disappearing into the world forever.

“d.a.m.n Du E! It’s all that b*stard’s fault. If he hadn’t destroyed the formation, we wouldn’t have lost so many people.”

The people around were filled with righteous indignation. If the formation was broken by the outside world, they would have nothing to say. They did not expect that the formation was opened by their kind.

“Du Xie didn’t do it entirely out of a selfish motive. Besides, he’s already dead. Forget it…” Du Xie’s voice was soft as he looked at the few of them and said, “Continue to study the formation. Just do what you can.”

“Yes, Clan Master.”

The few of them cupped their hands and saluted.

Du Xie left and walked to the other side. Du Jian was discussing something with a few elders there.

“Du Jian, how’s the preparation going?” Du Xie asked.

Du Jian cupped his fists and saluted. “Clan Master, we’ve chosen a total of 7 people. They’re the smartest children in our tribe.”

“7 people is just right, and they won’t be a huge target either. It’s a pity that the pa.s.sage can only transport people below Venerable Ones, and there are many restrictions. Even if we use our entire tribe’s strength, there’s only so much we can do. We don’t know which corner of the Great Wide World will appear on the other side of the pa.s.sage, so we can only hope that they can survive and leave behind the last trace of the Shaman Tribe’s bloodline.”

“Clan Master, don’t worry. With Lingxuan around, there won’t be any problems. He’s smart and will surely lead the others to gain a foothold in the Great Wide World and live well,” Du Jian consoled him.

“That’s the only thing we can do now.” Du Xie picked up Du Lingxuan from the ground and kissed him on the forehead. This was the Shamans’ way of blessing someone else.

“Lingxuan, take care.”

Du Lingxuan’s face was no longer as pure as before. Instead, it was replaced by a determined look. He clenched his fists and gritted his teeth. “I won’t let you down.”

“Good child.”

Du Xie forced a smile on his face. He touched each of the children’s small faces and said, “Let them go.”

The children were then taken away by a few adult Ancient Shamans. They would go to an unfamiliar place, and a brand new world would greet them. Sending these people away was a wish that Du Xie wanted to fulfill. At least after 20 days, some of them would still be alive.

Du Xie raised his head and looked in the direction of the Rebirth Cave. He thought of his senior brother’s words and said firmly, “The Shamans won’t necessarily perish.”

He seemed to be talking to himself. No one could understand what he meant.

“What a big secret realm…”

After pa.s.sing through the long white pa.s.sage in the Rebirth Cave, Ou Yangming entered this place. It was a big mountain. Flowers, plants, and trees grew on the mountain, and the surrounding spiritual Qi was also very abundant.

‘Senior Du Xie said that there’s an opportunity to break through from a Venerable One here. I wonder what opportunity he was talking about,’ Ou Yangming wondered.

He was already a top-grade Venerable One and was only a hair’s breadth away from becoming a Ruler. Of course, it would not be so easy to break through, and it would be difficult to take the step.

If he took the step, his strength would increase rapidly. He could easily kill powerhouses like Long Xiao and Long Ting without using weapons.


Ou Yangming looked up and saw a grey rat gnawing at the roots of a tree on the ground. Its pointy little ears were carefully listening to the movements in all directions.

“There are living creatures here?”

Ou Yangming quietly walked over and grabbed the little thing. Perhaps he could get some information out of it. After all, he had no idea what was going on here.

When Ou Yangming took a step forward, the rat immediately became alert. It raised its head and met his gaze. Its round little eyes rolled as if it was curious about what kind of creature the young fellow was.

“This rat has never seen a human.” From the rat’s eyes, Ou Yangming could tell right away. He smiled slightly, intending to show a friendly smile to show that he was not hostile. Who knew, his smile immediately froze on his face.

The rat did not know what a kind smile was. It did not even want to talk to Ou Yangming. It even gave him the back of its head and darted out like a sharp arrow. Its speed was so fast that even Ou Yangming was shocked.

“Don’t run!”

It was not easy to meet a spirit beast, so how could Ou Yangming let it get away so easily? A gust of wind rose under his feet, and he quickly chased after it.

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