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Chapter 1020: Thoughts

The thunderclouds in the sky rumbled.

All of a sudden, the sky shook, and the thunderclouds split open from the middle. A faint red color could be seen. From a distance, it looked like a black fog giant with a ferocious face. It opened its b.l.o.o.d.y mouth and spat out countless white lightning bolts. They descended diagonally like a majestic rain.

Countless lightning bolts as thick as buckets crashed down from the sky, illuminating the s.p.a.ce within 333 meters. It was as bright as day.

Many small bubbles appeared around the lightning bolts and exploded. It was an indescribable scene that shocked one’s soul.

“The second part of the Heavenly Thunderbolt—lightning bolts falling like rain,” Ou Yangming muttered when he saw this scene. A strange look appeared in his eyes. He wondered if the lightning rain this time would change. He remembered that when the Multi-armed King Kong was undergoing the Heavenly Disaster, the second Heavenly Thunderbolt had a change. All the electric arcs suddenly gathered and turned into a small sun that bombarded over. What about He Jian’s?

Thinking of this, he immediately shifted his gaze to He Jian.

He Jian raised his withered right hand. His figure was thin and weak, and he was slightly hunchbacked.

Nonetheless, his spine would never bend, and his soul would never lower its head. His personality was just like the sword in his hand. He would only meet difficulties head-on, cut through thorns, and would never admit defeat. Even if it was the Heavenly Disaster blocking in front of him, he had nothing to fear.

He raised his right hand for a moment and pressed down hard on the formation boards that looked like the Yin-Yang Diagram in the sky.

Immediately, the Earthly Formation Boards shone brightly and suppressed the light from the thunderbolt. At the same time, they shrank toward the middle, becoming more solid. Even so, the two sides that were cut by the semi-circular arcs became even more distinct. The sides did not interfere with each other and even became black and white as if they corresponded to Yin and Tang.

“Crack, crack, crack…” Many lightning bolts struck the formation boards like a rapid and dense curtain of rain, falling majestically.

Just like the name of this Heavenly Thunderbolt, bolts of lightning fell like rain.

Tens of thousands of lightning bolts struck the formation boards. In just an instant, cracks appeared on the Earthly Formation Boards and spread out in all directions. Of course, this was also because He Jian’s Heavenly Thunderbolt was stronger than that encountered by the king kong. After he had restored his foundation, his combat power was no longer inferior to that of a Daoist disciple. The stronger one’s aura and spiritual power were when one triggered the Heavenly Disaster, the greater its power.

Nevertheless, this did not mean that the Heavenly Thunderbolts He Jian encountered would necessarily be more than that of Multi-armed King Kong. Although this had something to do with one’s combat power, it did not affect too much. The key was one’s good fortune and future potential.

For example, Ou Yangming’s Heavenly Disaster for him to break through the Spirit Grade to become a Venerable One would surely be beyond people’s imagination.

This was because his combat power was incredibly strong, and he already had the apt.i.tude to dominate a generation. Furthermore, his good fortune and potential were something that could not be found in the entire Spiritual Realm. Therefore, it was still unknown how many Heavenly Thunderbolts he could transcend, but it was certain that there would be no one like him in the past nor the future.

He Jian could feel that fine cracks had appeared on the Earthly Formation Boards.

A brilliant light flashed in his eyes, and his tyrannical mental power enveloped the formation map. He clasped his hands together and formed a mysterious hand gesture. He uttered in a low voice, “Break!”

At the same time, his domineering mental power drew out, and a violent and chaotic aura spread out from the formation boards. With an explosion, the tens of thousands of runes on the formation boards exploded like balloons filled with air. They collapsed at the same time as the Heavenly Thunderbolts in the sky.

The thunderclouds in the sky also quieted down, preparing for the next attack.

At this time, the world was silent, and everything was silent.

When Ou Yangming saw this, he secretly heaved a sigh of relief. He thought to himself, ‘Since there was no change in the thunderbolt, how many Heavenly Thunderbolts can He Jian overcome?’

He did not guess because heavenly secrets were hard to predict. The higher one’s cultivation, the greater the fear of karma. This was also the reason why he did not want to accept the inheritance of the Upper Tribulations when he was in the great tomb of Ultimate Sword Peak. It was because the young fellow knew this karma was too big, and he could not bear it.

Jiang Yingrong raised her head and looked at He Jian. A gentle smile appeared on the corners of her mouth as she said softly, “The second Heavenly Thunderbolt has pa.s.sed!”

Zang Jian glanced at Ou Yangming. His eyes seemed to contain 2 b.a.l.l.s of burning flames that were scorching.

This kind of fervent gaze made Ou Yangming somewhat unable to bear it. At the spur of the moment, a tiny black light spot appeared in his spiritual world. It gave him a familiar feeling as if he had seen it somewhere before.

He remained expressionless, and his expression did not change at all. Nevertheless, in reality, a wave of mental power that was difficult to detect had spread out.

After a second, a cold glint flashed past his eyes as he thought to himself, ‘Why are the poisonous bugs that I’ve encountered at the Black Fog Mountain here?’ Without the slightest hesitation, his mental power condensed into a corporeal form and surged like a huge wave.

He crushed them effortlessly.

“What’s wrong?” Jiang Yingrong turned her eyes and looked at him worriedly.

“Nothing,” Ou Yangming answered with a smile and did not explain anything else.

Outside the fog vortex, Dong Chenyu rubbed the s.p.a.ce between his eyebrows with his fingers, and his eyes revealed a thoughtful look. He sneered and said, “You still have some ability. In the fog vortex, one’s spiritual Qi is constantly absorbed by the fog, and yet you still pa.s.sed the second Heavenly Thunderbolt? Who exactly is the one who pa.s.sed it? Are they the ones?” He shook his head as he did not dare to be certain.

At this moment, a rustling sound was heard in the air.

Looking over, where the sound came from, many poisonous insects slowly flew out from the ground. 1, 2… Numerous poisonous insects turned into a ray of dark light and slowly condensed. The vines that were full of purple flowers kept going deep into the ground, plundering vitality from the soil.

Even though Dong Chenyu had seen this scene many times, he still felt disgusted.

He coldly glanced at Turbid and asked in a low voice, “How is it? Is it really them?”

Turbid slightly shrank his neck. Its voice was like 2 rusty copper plates rubbing together as if it could pierce through people’s eardrums as it replied, “The fog can block mental power outside. Before my clone could get close, it was crushed by a powerhouse’s mental power. That said, I’m 30% sure that it’s those detestable humans.” It sounded confident.

“30%?” Dong Chenyu carefully wondered.

After a long while, he looked at Turbid and asked, “How much chance do you think this person has to survive the Heavenly Disaster?”

“He has a slim chance of survival.” Its eyes seemed to have lost their focus. The green light was like a burning ghost fire. No matter how one looked at it, it was a little terrifying.

“Really?” Dong Chenyu’s gaze became a little more serious.

“Yes.” Turbid had a look of certainty on his face.

As soon as it finished, it saw that the Venerable One still had a trace of doubt on his face, so it continued to explain, “Since ancient times, the tribulation of breaking through the Spirit Grade and becoming a Venerable One has been like a mortal wanting to climb over a steep mountain peak. It has blocked many talented people, and the probability of failing the Heavenly Disaster is very high. Besides, in this special environment, the fog would absorb the spiritual Qi in one’s body at all times, making it even more difficult. Taking a step back, so what if he luckily pa.s.sed the Heavenly Disaster? Having just pa.s.sed the disaster, he must be very weak, so what combat power does he have? How much benefit will one get from devouring the Bloodline Power of a Venerable One?”

What it said was clear.

It did not matter if this person was from Ou Yangming’s group or not, they would give it a try anyway.

Having just pa.s.sed the Heavenly Disaster, one would not even have a tenth of one’s strength left. The Bloodline Power in the person’s body would be too enticing to the foregin races. This could be said to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Of course, if this person failed to pa.s.s the Heavenly Disaster, there would be no need for them to enter. They only needed to guard the exit.

Dong Chenyu thought carefully for a moment. These words were indeed reasonable.

However, they never thought that there would be such “heaven-defying” items such as the Earthly Formation Boards and the Thunderbolt-resistant Suit. Additionally, the Heavenly Disaster’s suppression on the foreign races was too strong. This was because the foreign races were originally from the Beasts. They had evolved after devouring a trace of the Dragons and Phoenixes’ Bloodline Powers. Therefore, under the Heavenly Disaster, the Venerable One from the foreign race did not dare to act rashly. The Thunderbolt Powers were majestic and were the nemesis of all evil things. It was the power of the universe, and it was not to be desecrated. Besides, the foreign races had evolved by devouring the Bloodline Powers of the human race.

These 2 points were only 1 point, but they were extremely fatal.

Dong Chenyu fit both statements, so how would he dare to act rashly?

“Boom…” There was another loud sound, and the thunderclouds seemed to have been torn open by a pair of invisible hands. Lightning flashed brilliantly as it descended from the sky.

When Dong Chenyu heard this sound, he lifted his chin slightly and looked into the vortex. He said softly, “The third one…” As he felt the pressure pressing down on his shoulder, he began to worry about his gains and losses. He hoped that the Thunderbolt Powers would be stronger, so that it would be easier for him to devour the Venerable One’s Bloodline Power later. Despite that, what if the Heavenly Thunderbolt killed the person? He would not be able to get the Bloodline Power then. It was a complicated situation for him.

As for who was the hunter and who was the prey, he had not considered it at all. After all, would that not be nonsense? A newly advanced Venerable One who had just pa.s.sed the Heavenly Disaster and had his dantian turned into a lake would be on the verge of death, so how could he be a hunter? Dong Chengyu would not believe it even if he was beaten to his death.

His arms were sometimes tense and sometimes relaxed. He looked at the black clouds above the fog vortex with a complicated expression.

The remaining Blood Horned Dragons were pale, and their hearts almost rose to their throats. If it was not for their king’s fierce might that had entered their hearts, they would have long run away. It was not that they were timid, but the power of the Heavenly Disaster was simply too terrifying.

Having said that, with their king watching over them, no matter how afraid they were, they would not dare to turn around and run. Otherwise, before they could escape, they would be torn to pieces by the King.

After an hour, Dong Chenyu’s body started to tremble. He was shocked, and he sighed. ‘The last Heavenly Thunderbolt should’ve pa.s.sed?’ He had never thought that he would meet a Venerable One who had overcome 6 Heavenly Thunderbolts. What more, he had the chance to devour the person’s Bloodline Power. What a great opportunity!

Dong Chenyu took 2 deep breaths of cold air and ordered in a deep voice, “Boys, follow me and charge in!”

As soon as he finished, a b.l.o.o.d.y mist spread out from his skin and enveloped his surroundings. He turned into a blood light and sped away.

That said, he had never thought that this was not a fortuitous encounter. From the moment he took this step, he had walked into a dead end.

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