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Chapter 1019: The Tribulation to Becoming a Venerable One

The formation was emitting a faint halo.

Outside the formation, the fog was pervading, and the danger was inexplicable.

Inside the formation, the Heavenly Phoenix Fire was like snow under the sun, emitting a warm white light.

This light screen divided the entire world into 2 parts. One side was mysterious and unpredictable while the other side was quiet and distant with a faint warmth. These 2 completely different styles fused into one in a near-perfect state under Ou Yangming’s ingenious operation. Everyone who saw it felt amazed and incredulous.

In the s.p.a.ce of the formation, Ou Yangming’s hand movements slowed down. The Heavenly Phoenix Fire slowly dissipated, and the universe returned to calmness.

With a thought, golden mental power entered the armor. After a while, a look of surprise appeared in his eyes.

Ou Yangming found that the power contained in the armor was incredibly powerful, and this was only one of them. If he could form a magic tool suit, it could absorb the Heavenly Disaster’s power. Moreover, as long as one’s mental power was slightly activated, the equipment’s power would be released, and the red flowers on the armor would instantly light up, producing unimaginable power.

“He succeeded? He really succeeded?” Zang Jian and Jiang Yingrong exclaimed at the same time.

Nonetheless, they immediately covered their mouths, afraid that they would disturb Ou Yangming.

This was because they knew that Ou Yangming had only refined one piece, and what he wanted to refine was an equipment set.

Immediately after that, a helmet, greaves, a belt…

Every time Ou Yangming flipped his hand, a piece of equipment was successfully refined.

After half a day, a whole set of Thunderbolt-resistant Equipment was neatly arranged, and violent fluctuations spread out in all directions.

Jiang Yingrong and Zang Jian took a step forward at the same time. The former’s beautiful eyes moved, and she asked with a smile, “Brother Yu, have you finished refining them?”

“Yes, and I didn’t let you down.” Ou Yangming’s face was rosy. Refining a whole set of Thunderbolt-resistant Equipment was as easy as eating and drinking for him, and the consumption of his mental power was not big. Of course, this was also because after the head devoured the Bone Dragon, mental power was fed back to his body, allowing his mental power to take a qualitative leap.

Jiang Yingrong’s throat moved. She wanted to say something, but she hesitated.

Ou Yangming naturally understood her thought, but he did not say it out loud.

Some things would mean very differently if one took the initiative to say instead of waiting for someone else to bring it up.

Jiang Yingrong hesitated for a long time, but she still did not say anything. After all, she also wanted to see if this Thunderbolt-resistant Suit was really so magical.

Of course, it was not appropriate for her to bring it up too. Although she was the daughter of the Jiang family’s patriarch, she did not represent the Jiang family. Jiang Liuche would have to be the one to negotiate with Ou Yangming as his words would carry enough weight for them to show their sincerity. After all, a Thunderbolt-resistant Suit that could withstand 75% of the Heavenly Disaster’s power had too great a meaning to its existence. It was worth noting that every Venerable One stood at the top of the pyramid in the Spiritual Realm.

Zang Jian had the same thoughts, but he did not say a word. After all, he and Ou Yangming had not known each other for a long time.

Just as the 3 of them were talking, He Jian opened his eyes, and a faint sword cry resounded.

He Jian did not say anything and slightly nodded at Ou Yangming.

“Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh…”

The fog outside the formation surged. Ou Yangming spat out the cold air in his chest, and the light in his eyes grew brighter.

He turned to look at Jiang Yingrong and Zang Jian and said in a low voice, “Be careful. I’m going to start setting up the formation boards!”

Seeing that the distance was enough, Ou Yangming’s palm lit up. With a flash of thought, he swept out a powerful mental power, and the 1,008 Earthly Formation Boards that he had just refined flew up from the ground at the same time. They were like a long black dragon made of formation boards, and they connected from end to end as if they were a whole.

He pressed down with his right hand, and the void rumbled. Afterward, he flapped his long sleeves outward.

The Earthly Formation Boards were like countless streams of light, flowing out and spreading out like stars and light spots. They actually gave people a sense of magnificence.

They spread out to an area of 1 to 1.3 kilometers, and the runes engraved on the boards lit up. They were as dense as mountains.

He Jian felt this aura, and his eyes lit up. Just the Earthly Formation Boards that were set up gave him a mysterious feeling.

Ou Yangming looked at He Jian and said softly, “Senior He, when your mental power is poured into the formation board, you can control their power to resist the Heavenly Disaster.” As he said that, he waved his hand, and the Thunderbolt-resistant Suit fell to the elder’s side.

Seeing this, He Jian was shocked.

He thought to himself, ‘This is a Thunderbolt-resistant Suit. Can’t you be more careful?’ He knew the suit would not break easily, but he was still somewhat speechless.

Ou Yangming, Zang Jian, and Jiang Yingrong all retreated at the same time, arriving outside the range of the Heavenly Disaster.

He Jian put on the Thunderbolt-resistant Suit neatly and roared. A forceful sword intent burst out from his body, and a m.u.f.fled sound came from within his body. The aura was continuous and smooth as one. In his dantian, spiritual Qi kept exploding.

Under the influence of this forceful aura, the fog within 333 meters turned into 9 pillars of fog, which swept into the sky one circle after another and exploded in the sky. It was as if a sea of fog had appeared in the sky. From afar, the 9 pillars of fog looked like they were connected to 2 fog vortexes. They were like 9 majestic bridges, and each arc was shocking.

“Break through the Spirit Grade and become a Venerable One!” He Jian threw his head back and let out a long roar. The lid of the sword case on his back was opened at once.

Right away, the Meridian Sword, the Chronicle, and the Blood Helianthus circled around him and flew up and down, emitting clear rings.

The Heavenly Disaster seemed to have sensed this powerful aura. In just a moment, black clouds gathered from all directions. The sky completely darkened. Wind and thunder surged, and electric arcs flickered. From afar, it looked like a huge black pot was covering the sky. It was fine if the clouds were just as black as ink but most importantly, they actually flowed like water droplets. A terrifying pressure seeped down from the sky as if it could bend one’s spine and crush one”s bones.

All the fierce beasts within several kilometers prostrated, their heads buried in the soil, and they kept trembling.

The Heavenly Disaster—whether it was spirit beasts or ferocious beasts, they avoided it as they could, not daring to get involved in it in the slightest.

Ou Yangming’s gaze was solemn. This was the second time he had stood under the disaster. The more it was like this, the more he felt that he was insignificant. The universe’s magnanomosity was simply not something that human power could stop. At this time, he could not help but think of Xu Aoran. Given that he broke the tribulation with his bare hands, how powerful must he be? It was simply unimaginable.

Outside the fog vortex, a majestic pressure fell from the sky.

The member of the Dead Turbidity had a green light shone from its eyes. Its pupils suddenly shrank, and it said in shock, “This… Someone’s triggering the Heavenly Disaster? Who exactly is it? I can feel from the pressure that there are going to be at least 5 Heavenly Thunderbolts!”

Nevertheless, as soon as it finished, a mocking look appeared in its eyes.

It thought, ‘How dare someone try to overcome the disaster in the fog vortex. He’s simply courting death. To pa.s.s the tribulation in this place, the consumption of spiritual power will be at least several times that of the outside world. It’s impossible to succeed. Besides, this Heavenly Disaster is going to be extraordinary.’

Dong Chenyu’s expression was calm. His judgment was similar to that of Turbid. To trigger the Heavenly Disaster in such a place was undoubtedly courting death.

There was faint antic.i.p.ation in his heart. He hoped that the person who triggered the tribulation was He Jian. As long as he died under the disaster, the remaining people would not be a threat at all.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, this judgment would not be wrong, but they would never have thought that Ou Yangming himself was an existence that had broken their understanding. With the Earthly Formation Boards and the Thunderbolt-resistant Suit, all the impossibilities would become possible.

In the fog vortex, the black clouds rapidly expanded and kept pressing down.

Even the tiniest light in the sky seemed to have been absorbed by the black clouds. It was pitch-black.

Cold winds whistled, and whimpering sounds could be heard endlessly.

All of a sudden, a bolt of lightning flashed in the thunder clouds, becoming the only light within several kilometers. It tore the sky apart like a flash of lightning, stirring up a wave of interspatial fluctuations.

At the same time, a lightning as wide as a bucket struck before any sound was heard. It arrived almost instantly. The power of the Heavenly Disaster could not be evaded. There was no way to avoid it. It could only be met head-on. Furthermore, no one was allowed to interfere. Otherwise, it would become incomparably terrifying.

He Jian had long since made plans in his heart. He knew it was not appropriate to use too much spiritual power in the beginning.

With a flash of thought, his tyrannical mental power fused into the Earthly Formation. He shouted internally, ‘Defend!’ Before this thought was gone, the 1,008 scattered Earthly Formation Boards on the ground seemed to have come to life, emitting yellow halos. The yellow lights were dim, but they were changing every moment. They intersected with each other and turned into a huge circular formation. Like a Yin-Yang Fish, it hovered in mid-air, waiting for the Heavenly Thunderbolt to strike.

The Heavenly Thunderbolt connected with the formation boards, and a world-shaking explosion sounded in the air.

It was ear-splitting. As a violent wind swept in all directions, an airwave spread out. The entire s.p.a.ce was like a rippling lake, spreading out in circles.

The formation map changed rapidly. A curved arc that looked like 2 semicircles appeared within the formation board. From afar, the semicircle arcs divided the formation boards into 2 sides. One side was Yin, and the other was Yang. The 2 sides did not interfere with each other and were clearly separated.

This bolt of lightning and the Earthly Formation Boards were in a stalemate for a moment. Then, there was a sign that the lightning was about to collapse. Following an explosion, it completely collapsed.

Jiang Yingrong’s face lit up with joy, and her smile blossomed like a flower. She remarked, “Brother Yu, the formation boards you refined are indeed extraordinary!”

Zang Jian also clapped his hands lightly and praised, “That’s right. Even after blocking the first Heavenly Thunderbolt, they still didn’t suffer much damage. It seems that blocking the second one won’t be a problem.” Deep down, he felt that he had made the right decision, if he could exchange the full-strength attack against a Venerable One for Ou Yangming’s favor, would the Earthly Formation Boards and the Thunderbolt-resistant Suit be far away for him? No, of course not.

Ou Yangming waved his hand and smiled warmly. “You flatter me, you flatter me!”

The pressure from the sky became stronger, making people feel breathless. It was as if a mountain was pressing down on their hearts.

Ou Yangming shook his shoulders and thought to himself, ‘Back then, when the King Kong encountered the second Heavenly Thunderbolt, it underwent a change. I wonder if Senior He will go through the same thing?’

There was actually some antic.i.p.ation in his heart. He felt that while He Jian’s talent was average, his luck was great. The elder would be able to pa.s.s at least 5 Heavenly Thunderbolts.

The word “luck” was indeed difficult to understand. It was incomparably magical.

If Ou Yangming had not gotten the Heavenly Phoenix Fire, his life would not have gone through so many ups and downs.

Simply put, the Heavenly Phoenix Fire had completely changed Ou Yangming’s fate.

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