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"This Evil G.o.d Tribe's warrior is too terrifying." Fang Xingchen had never seen the Black Mage King being pressured to this extent. Even when the Black Mage King brought out his black clone, he had still been unable to do anything to it.

Underground, the battle situation was worse than what Fang Xingchen had imagined.

Boom! With a single punch, the Black Mage King's head exploded. The soil within a range of one kilometer had also been vaporized.

Simultaneously, the Black Mage King's two fists and his black clone's two fists smashed forth like four steel pillars, lashing out directly at the Evil G.o.d Tribe's waist, back, and upper thigh. However, he was unable to make the Evil G.o.d Tribe's warrior back off even by half a step. Then he was once again hit in the chest by its elbow.

As if several hundred nuclear missiles had ignited concurrently in an instant, brilliant lights burst out into the sky. The Black Mage King also had half of his body destroyed by this elbow smash, and he once again sunk down toward the ground.

"Go on, retaliate!"

The Black Mage King smashed a punch onto the Evil G.o.d Tribe's warrior, but the warrior showed no reaction at all. Instead, it tore the Black Mage King's shoulder off and swallowed it.

"Didn't you want to eat me?"

Rumble. The pair of opposing fists met, and the Black Mage King's regenerated body was shattered into pieces once again. Meanwhile, the Evil G.o.d Tribe's warrior was unscathed as it continued to give chase.


With a rumble , the Evil G.o.d Tribe's warrior grabbed the Black Mage King's head and smashed it into the ground, creating a pa.s.sageway that ran for over ten kilometers.


Bang bang bang bang! The Evil G.o.d Warrior sat directly on the Black Mage King's face. His punches struck out time and time again like a myriad of meteors that flashed continuously on the Black Mage King's body.

"Why are you still not retaliating?!"

The Black Mage King's fist was twisted into dust. The Evil G.o.d Tribe's warrior grabbed the Black Mage King's head and threw him out, sending him smashing into the boulders with a tremendous force that broke open a path of several kilometers. The Black Mage King's body was left with a lot of cracks.

Throughout the entire process, the Black Mage King's black clone kept on circling around the Evil G.o.d Tribe's warrior, sending its fists, legs, fingers, palms, elbows, and knees smashing into it like many nuclear missiles. However, other than having the repercussive waves sending dust flying all about, there was no damage dealt to the Evil G.o.d Tribe's warrior.

The Evil G.o.d Tribe's warrior's Enraged Intent kept on expanding, and its body also became increasingly red, just like a pretty comet that seethed to and fro underground.

Once again having been punched by the Black Mage King's black clone, a series of white lights burst out from the eyes of the Evil G.o.d Tribe's warrior. Crimson Enraged Intent soared up into the skies, bringing along streams of light that were over 1,000 meters long.

"Why are you not retaliating?!

"I'm asking you! Why! Are! You! Not! Retaliating?!"

Each and every word contained its seething will that swept across s.p.a.ce, creating tremors which made countless experts bleed from their seven apertures and caused loud roars to ring through their minds.

Concurrently, the Evil G.o.d Tribe's warrior raised both its arms and then smashed them fiercely into the ground.

All microparticles were instantly repelled out, and with the Evil G.o.d Tribe's warrior as the center, a silent vacuum environment spread out in all directions.

Then amidst the silence, the earth started to get vaporized, and violent shock waves soared into the sky, destroying all of the ground that was several tens of kilometers above the Evil G.o.d Tribe's warrior. It was as if a beam of light pillar had pierced into the sky and wiped out everything material.

Millions and millions of tons of earth were instantly vaporized by the Evil G.o.d Tribe's warrior, and shock waves tore through the earth, soaring into the sky.

The countenances of Death-Revealing Heavenly Eyes and Darkness' Aberration changed. The earth beneath their feet was sent flying up into the sky under the layers and layers of powers. In the process, the earth continued to break down. By the next moment, the two of them would be encompa.s.sed by the shock waves as well.

Darkness' Aberration shot out a glare. Then immediately after, a large amount of dark matter appeared under his feet, covering the ground.

At the end, when the ground completely shattered, the dark matter had covered most parts of the s.p.a.ce, and the shock waves which came surging from underground were completely negated.

Consequently, two large slabs of dark matter were now hovering in the air—one setting up a block in front of them and the other under their feet. Several hundred experts like Yue Shan, Charlot, and the First Prince were all there. They looked at the enormous hole under their feet. The hole had a range of several tens of kilometers and a depth one could not see the end of. Seeing this, all of the experts wore astonished looks on their faces.

To be able to destroy such a ma.s.sive amount of ma.s.s within a single strike... How terrifying was this power? Moreover, this was only a result of the repercussive waves!

If this strike were aimed at Miracle World, it might just split the entire world into two.

The many people present gasped.

Yue Shan's countenance was extremely grim. "Thank goodness we aren't in Miracle World right now. If this battle were to happen in our world..."

Charlot shook his head, "Then probably 99% of the Empire's mankind would already be dead."

Yue Xianru's and Clyde's expression were also extremely grim as they looked at the glow that kept on lighting up underground. Their eyes were filled with terror.

The battle before them had far surpa.s.sed their imaginations.

The First Prince's countenance was the grimmest. No one would be able to stay calm after seeing their home being completely turned into dust.

'The Krieg royal family...'

Many of his family, friends, and even his teachers and schoolmates were all in the Imperial Capital. With this one attack, all of them would have died.

'Kill that monster. No matter what, kill it. Otherwise, all of humanity will be a goner.'

In the far distance, the Gold Mage King frowned. "This isn't good."

Beside him, Fang Xingchen appeared anxious. "Sir, should we go and help Master? If this goes on..."

"Let's wait and see." The Gold Mage King appeared a little hesitant. He did not wish to battle against a monster like that.

At that moment, an extremely excited bellow rang out, and a crimson red figure cut across the atmosphere. The movement created strong gales that blew away the sandstorm in the sky. The Red Mage King was like a red laser beam, piercing into the ground and striking the crimson monster's back.

"I'll eat you!"

With this attack from the Red Mage King, the body of the Evil G.o.d Tribe's warrior paused slightly. At the next moment, the Red Mage King hugged the Evil G.o.d Tribe's warrior tightly from the back. Then he opened his mouth and bit down on its neck.

Simultaneously, the Black Mage King had already regenerated once again with the black clone behind him. Violent powers tore through vacuum s.p.a.ce and struck the Red Mage King's body at the microscopic level.

World Annihilation Black Hole Wave!

Two burst of powers which were completely the same but exerted in different directions were unleashed explosively by both the Black Mage King and his clone in the microscopic world. The powers turned into a spinning suction force that drew in all the physical particles in the surroundings toward the center of the two powers.

Concurrently, the gravitational forces which came from the Evil G.o.d Tribe's warrior were distorted and reversed onto itself.

This was an ultimate martial art which took effect at the microscopic level. With a single strike, it could convert all the powers into astral powers and send them exploding out. It could even stimulate the astral powers within the target's body and from there instantly destroy the opponent's gravitational structure.

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