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Putting aside the reaction from the audiences sitting in front of their televisions... After the three guests had said their piece, Fang Xingjian said calmly, "I can demonstrate and explain superpowers on the spot."

"Oh?" The female host's eyes lit up. This would clearly be a highlight of the show. She was already thinking of the kinds of sneers and attacks Fang Xingjian would receive after his superpowers fail. This was also something which many viewers enjoyed.

Although she had been pulled in at the last minute to host this show and did not know of Fang Xingjian, she still continued with the show based on her own habits and rhythms.

The female host said, "Then how is Mister Fang going to prove it?"

"It's very simple." Fang Xingjian did not continue to drag out this topic. He merely lifted his hands, and instantly, all the audiences present were lifted up.

In almost an instant, everyone present seemed to have lost their gravity and were floating one meter in the air.

"Ahhh!" There were screams and curses like 'F*ck!' filling up the place. With just a simple action, everyone present, with the exception of Catherine, had lost their cool.

The Secretary of Defense, Edward, slammed his hand onto the desk and said furiously, "What are they doing? Notify ABC to stop the show's broadcast immediately!

"And who is this extraordinary human? Why is he on television?"

ABC's chairman, Robert Iger, was sitting in the office as he watched the show. His secretary dashed in and said, "Boss, there's a call from the Pentagon."

Robert Iger glanced helplessly toward the sofa at the side where Jack was lying down. At the thought of the terrifying abilities which Jack had displayed, Robert said helplessly, "Say that I'm not in."

Concurrently, as everyone in the studio floated up, the show's ratings started to increase.

In an apartment in New York, a middle-aged man who was eating french fries while watching television commented in surprise, "To think that even a television show would use such good special effects?"

Outside a farm in Texas, a man who was watching the video on his cellphone said, "This magic isn't bad."

In a villa in California, a housewife had just started to watch this channel. When she saw the guests flying around, she laughed, "What show is this? It's so interesting."

Right now, the studio was in a total chaos.

The female host exclaimed, "Lord, am I dreaming?"

"What have you guys done?" Kris shouted loudly. "Am I hanging on wires? There wasn't any mention of such scenes previously."

Professor Barun was completely stunned as he started to touch around his body. "How on earth did you people do this? Is this the latest autostereoscopic technology for viewing 3D images?"

Magician Andy looked around and said, "Everyone, don't panic. This should be some kind of magic trick. Check around you to see if there are any mechanisms."

A fat man who was in front of the television laughed, "These people are acting really well."

In a university's hostel, a girl was watching the show on a computer. She said curiously, "Is this some movie trailer?"

Fang Xingjian continued to speak up indifferently in the studio, "Like I said, this is my superpower. And this ability can be learned."

As he spoke, many pieces of equipment, tables, chairs, and light fixtures all flew up. Fang Xingjian's voice was not just transmitted through the air, but it also rang out in their minds.

For the people present, this scene occurring before them completely destroyed the values they had built up from a young age.

"No, this is impossible. What on earth did you do? Have I been hypnotized? Or has there been a problem with this studio right from the very beginning?" Barun still could not believe what was happening. As a well-known scientist, everything that was happening right now went against his common sense.

Fang Xingjian said indifferently, "Do you think that there's a problem with the studio? Then what about this?"

As he spoke, the surrounding walls of the studio started to break down. Then the walls from the many offices started to fly around. In the end, even the walls of the building flew out, exposing the studio to the moonlight.

Professor Barun fell completely silent upon seeing the streets.


Magician Andy's mind had gone completely blank as well. Actress Kris exclaimed, "Oh Lord!"

Fang Xingjian then continued, "Superpowers can be cultivated. And following this, I'll share the method to cultivate it."

More and more people started to watch this show on their television.

"What is this? What amazing special effects."

"Is this one of ABC's new television dramas? I'm so going to be watching it."

"These few guests are quite good at acting too. It looks so realistic."

"Who is that Asian? Is he the main lead?"

Ordinary mortals still were not taking the sight before their eyes seriously, and there were not many people who were really starting to take note of the cultivation method Fang Xingjian was sharing with them. However, in the world of extraordinary powers, it was as if a tempest had just swept through.

In a hotel in Los Angeles, Tang Song who had the celestial system was now covered in a bath robe as he stared at the television. "This guy really has guts.

"However he's also really foolish. The United States' Law-Enforcing Department won't let him off. And how many ordinary humans would believe in his words?

"But why does he want to disseminate this set of sword technique? Could it be due to the requirements of his system...?"

In a small mart, Tom had taken on an intangible form and was hiding behind a sales a.s.sistant. His eyes were fixed on the scene being shown on television without even blinking.

"Fool, he's really courting death."

In the Dark Knight's underground base in New York.

The Dark Knight was also watching Fang Xingjian on the television. He frowned and asked, "Nicola, have you found this person's information?"

"No. I've gone through all files on inhabitants as well as criminal records. There is nothing on him. He's probably not a citizen of the United States, nor is he an extraordinary human listed on our records."

"A new extraordinary human from another country?" The Dark Knight said, stroking his chin. "There's no need to bother with him then. The Law-Enforcing Department won't let him off either. We'll leave the controversy control to the government."

At present, the Dark Knight had too many things to do. He had just saved and treated Son of G.o.d, Caesar, and was still on the search for extraterrestrial life forms. The adjustments for his latest h.e.l.l Armor had yet to be completed either. He had no time to be bothered with a new extraordinary human.

However, footsteps rang out at this moment, and the Dark Knight turned his head. It was Caesar, whom he had saved from the geosynchronous...o...b..t.

Looking at Caesar, the Dark Knight's eyes gleamed. "Caesar, you're awake?"

Caesar's eyes were fixed on the screen, as if he had seen something unbelievable.

The Dark Knight frowned and asked, "What's the matter?"

Caesar said abruptly, "It's him!

"He's the one who attacked me on the sun!"

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