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Chapter 1150: Sattva Sword Technique

Translator: Yukidaruma Translations  Editor: Yukidaruma Translations

At the next instant, Yan Feibai launched a punch across s.p.a.ce. With the additional s.p.a.ce-collapsing effect, the fist that was moving at 50% of light speed struck the three martial art projections very quickly. It instantly caused the three martial art projections that each had the power of 90,000 martial will points to explode.

At their level, almost each time they attacked, the attack would surpa.s.s light speed. Their destructive prowess would also be sufficient to annihilate planets. It was almost too hard to defend or detect, and one could only dodge or put up resistance before the attack was launched.

The two of them engaged in a series of intense fights. With a nonchalant expression, Yan Feibai gripped onto the black hole with one hand and easily suppressed eight martial art projections with the other, occasionally crushing Fang Xingjian's martial art projections.

Seeing that half of the martial art projections were destroyed in the blink of an eye, Yan Feibai continued to act in a leisurely manner, appearing unscathed. Everyone present once again felt a strong feeling of helplessness.

“This is too terrifying. That Fang Xingjian is actually very amazing,” the Resurgent Divine General said. “We've pa.s.sed the wrong judgment. He alone is sufficient to go up against us, but that mysterious man is even more terrifying. Superluminal attacks, the ability to create black holes with his bare hands, and a physical body that is st.u.r.dier than s.p.a.ce… How on earth did he cultivate?”

The Ice River G.o.ddess shook her head. “This isn't the time to be talking about these. Although that Fang Xingjian is amazing, he isn't a match for the other guy. Right now, that person is able to suppress Fang Xingjian with just one hand while also keeping us confined. He is probably plotting something.”

Everyone's heart turned cold at the thought of this. It was far too terrifying to be targeted by such an extremely powerful existence. They did not even have the right to flee.

Heavenly Emperor Malediction also frowned deeply while his mind was in a whirl. He had thought of many solutions, but they were all overthrown by Yan Feibai's performance time and time again. The other party was like a high peak which he could not see, preventing him from seeing any hope at all.

Venerable Master Zhai Xing had been stunned since early on. He had not expected that when he finally managed to escape from Fang Xingjian's pursuit, he would end up encountering a character who was even more terrifying than Fang Xingjian. Now, he could not even escape.

The many high level magicians on the Doomsday Fortresses were already starting to despair. Even Marshal Edwards's gaze was filled with anxiety.

Given the level that Yan Feibai displayed by creating black holes with his bare hands, shattering s.p.a.ce with a punch, and having an indestructible body, he was no longer an opponent they could deal with.

He could only use communication magic to immediately notify the upper echelon in the empire, hoping that they could send reinforcements to save them.

Watching the changes that were taking place in the magic projection, Edwards sighed and said, “This person won't be able to hang on for long. Will it be us next?”

‘Lord, save us.'

However, just as everyone thought that Fang Xingjian's attacks were completely useless and that he was being suppressed by Yan Feibai, the information hidden in the attacks finally gathered together in Yan Feibai's body. An extremely mysterious aura that seemed to contain the universe's great Dao rose up.

The Heavenly Dao Order had exploded! The information contained within the many attacks arrived inside Yan Feibai's body and then grouped together again, turning into the profound secrets of the universe.

The countless great Dao and utmost truth that had erupted out from Yan Feibai's body caused his mind to enter a stagnant state. There seemed to be endless profoundness spinning in his eyes, and his consciousness got engrossed with probing of the universe's profoundness.

However, Fang Xingjian knew that given the strength that the other party displayed, it was impossible for the other party to completely lose himself within the Heavenly Dao Order. It would only stop his movements temporarily. Anyway, to begin with, Fang Xingjian had not intended to defeat him using this move.

“Next is… Sattva Sword Technique.”

The Royal Heavenly Great Art martial art projection tore out abruptly, and the void s.p.a.ce before him was ripped apart like a piece of canvas. Countless amounts of quantum foam bubbled and exploded. Huge areas of s.p.a.ce cracked before him, then a phantom image of Earth appeared before everyone.

Then this phantom image changed suddenly, as if one had zoomed in while viewing it. Many planet-capturing devices appeared in the depths of the South Pole's ice plains.

At the next instant, the scene changed again. Countless light spots formed a stretch of starry sky, appearing behind Fang Xingjian. This starry sky was formed from the ten billion people and their civilization planets that Fang Xingjian reigned over.

“Sattva Sword Technique…”

A low bellow rang out from the high-dimensional world and in the minds of everyone present.

Fang Xingjian understood very clearly how powerful Yan Feibai was. Therefore, the moment Fang Xingjian gained control over Yan Feibai, he did not hesitate to perform his strongest move–the Sattva Sword Technique that represented endless destructive prowess.

At the next instant, countless parallel universes—as well as the entropies that were a product of countless timelines being wiped out and born—appeared in the starry sky behind Fang Xingjian's back.

Entropies were a representation of the degree of disorder. They themselves could not be defied. So, when a universe reached its end, it would have reached the moment in which its entropy was at its highest value.

Right now, countless timelines were disappearing and countless more were being born from Fang Xingjian's operation. The entropies left behind by the timelines and parallel universes formed the Sattva Sword in Fang Xingjian's hand.

The mult.i.tude of entropies—which were remnants left behind by the universe—flowed out from the starry sky, dying the universe. Crimson red light gathered behind Fang Xingjian's back and once again condensed into a stream of sword light.

If Yan Feibai's actions earlier could be said to have brought everyone astonishment and despair…

Then the Sattva Sword Technique that Fang Xingjian displayed was already far surpa.s.sing everyone's imagination and understanding.

It gave off a feeling that was as if countless universes had been forcibly squeezed into this universe. Red light waves flowed around Fang Xingjian's body like viscous blood, and the degree of disorder contained within them made it hard for the people present to understand.

The thing that terrified the Ancient Heavenly Court and the number one magician empire even more was that as the Sattva Sword Technique was performed, the endless amount of entropies from the universes started to flow into this universe. As the physical ma.s.s' degree of disorder kept on increasing, everyone gradually noticed that they were unable to control their bodies any longer.

With the Sattva Sword Technique as the center and the external universes flowing in, this universe's regulations underwent a change. Before the other experts could even have a moment to adapt to the changes of these regulations, they had already lost control over their bodies.

Even the Doomsday Fortresses and Gate of Destinies seemed to have shut down.

“d.a.m.n it, why is it that I'm unable to move anymore?”

“The magical energy has gone out of control!”

It started from the energies in their bodies, but later on, even their physical bodies went out of control.

Edwards lay limply on the seat. The rampant magical energy in his body kept on exploding, and his body showed signs of burning up and melting.

“This person… Who on earth is he? Why does he possess a battle prowess that's even stronger than a Kryptian warrior? The universe's regulations are changing. How is this possible? Could it be that he is a demonic G.o.d's proxy? Or a clansman? Or a descendant?”

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